Hindsight in 2020. How far we've come.

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Mar 12, 2007
Emerald City
Don't be surprised if this is one of the very few threads I create. I should have been around more often to make them.

At any point if you fell short in a tournament or in life what are the skills you needed to get on top. You could take the stance that getting first isn't everything. Whatever your philosophy what is the upper limit of your abilities that can be useful. This is asking you the player about that and not the game design.

Human abilities you need to win over arguing for/against the existence of game strength or character tiers.


And many more. Not to have too many in excess or not enough. That is


Between all the proper abilities. Any game or life situation can feel like a push over or impossible to complete. If you're lacking too many human qualities as a human then you might not get far minus sheer luck.

My weakness is the bravery to enter more tournaments and taking the time to attend.
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