Highlights of Kirby in SSBU


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I once Kirbycided with Ryu and ended up winning XD (I had like 75% damage and he had like 25%)

I also managed to (much more casual, had final smash) miss four of my final smashes, getting caught in a final smash with Bowser Jr., survived and managed to beat him by kirbyciding yet again.

What are your highlights of the puffball?


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Feb 18, 2019
Comboing a fair/dair into a charge shot stolen from the opponent feels amazing. And of course, Kirby's edge guards are simply outstanding and feel good every time to land whether it's a dair or an up b to the ledge. One time, I was facing a wario cpu and he stage spiked me... well as I crawled back I didn't have enough space to make it back BUT I did have enough space to up b his naive self with me into oblivion since he was playing the "whee I'm gonna bounce around below the ledge" game.
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