He's like Batman, except he's evil and has an 18-Pack! Black Shadow for Smash!

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Aug 14, 2018

Black Shadow: Pilot of #30 Black Bull, and also evildoer who likes to cause mayhem and destruction

It's no secret F-Zero has been a bit ignored in the fighter department of the Smash Bros series. Captain Falcon's rival Samurai Goroh is an Assist Trophy for the third time in Ultimate and Cap is still all alone. Who better to give Captain Falcon some company than the series' main villain, Black Shadow? Black Shadow, who bears a striking resemblance to Batman, but he is nothing like the cape crusader otherwise. He's an evil psycho whose goal is to murder Captain Falcon in a fiery crash in front of all of his fans. That's pretty messed up. (Was surprised he didn't have a thread yet honestly, pic from Brawl mod btw)

Why should Black Shadow be in Ultimate?

The main reason being, F-Zero could really use another character. Samurai Goroh has already been since to the glass prison of the Assist Trophy, so that leaves Black Shadow as the next obvious choice. Pico, Dr. Stewart, and Jody Summer could also be considered, but Black Shadow is the most obvious choice. Black Shadow could sport his own moveset, but luckily for the supervillain, he could be an easy Echo character that not much effort would be needed to create. His body size may or may not be too different from Captain Falcon to be an echo, but I could still see it. Alternatively, Black Shadow could be an Echo of Ganondorf, or even obtain his Sm4sh moveset. Adding Black Shadow would also add another villain for the "Heroes and Villains" theme from the King K.Rool trailer. Additionally, F-Zero is one of the two series represented in Smash Bros 64 that does not have a second fighter. (Yoshi is the other) Seriously, look how afraid Mr. F-Zero is of him! Look how much fear he could strike in opponents in Smash!

What's stopping Black Shadow from being in Smash?

Unfortunately, F-Zero is sort of... dormant... if not... dead. The last F-Zero game was released almost fifteen years ago, and the last console, mainline, F-Zero game, GX, was released fifteen years ago this past July. Nintendo has not shown much interest in making a new one. Miyamoto was not even aware fans still wanted another game in an interview a few years ago.

Despite that, Black Shadow for Smash!


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