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Heroes of Smash Melee and P:M Results Thread

Discussion in 'Rankings & Results' started by Game Over, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Game Over

    Game Over
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    Smash Rookie

    Jan 14, 2014
    Burlington, NC
    Great tournament guys. A little cramped in the beginning, but it turned out to be really fun and efficient.


    1: Dr.peepee ($94.50)
    2: Sky ($27.00)
    3: Waylin ($13.50)
    4: MrBeenReady
    5: iLove
    5: JWilli
    7: Todd
    7: Brickman
    9: toms
    9: GrayGhost
    9: EpixArua
    9: Smith
    13: waldorf
    13: joe
    13: C-Mac
    13: Rat King
    17: Sharpchedder
    17: Zirk
    17: Yeroc
    17: CT
    17: Sheep
    17: RaphaelRobo
    17: V4 Extreme
    17: mars
    25: Just mike
    25: Pinesol
    25: Kram
    25: Murdok
    Melee Singles bracket.png
    1: Noobs of the North (ppmd sky) ($42.00)
    2: Black And Yellow (Black Chris weilin) ($12.00)
    3: Lab (Brickman and YEROC) ($6.00)
    4: Running of the Pirates (murdok toms)
    5: The Troof
    5: Team Alphas of Horny Immortality
    7: Apples of Speed

    1: dr.peepee ($112.00)
    2: Smith ($32.00)
    3: Waldorf ($16.00)
    4: EpixAro
    5: Sharkz
    5: Archer (JD)
    7: Kai
    7: Mr Been Ready
    9: KBF
    9: Chuckles
    9: Dr.Yogi
    9: ilove
    13: ****
    13: Zirk
    13: CT
    13: Murdok
    17: Hue
    17: Mars
    17: Killinator
    17: Gohgor
    17: Jons
    17: toms
    17: Sharpchedder
    17: Todd
    25: Kram
    25: Pinesol
    25: Bullet-Tooth
    25: Koozy
    25: Just Mike
    25: Jafar
    25: Sheep

    1: Reflex Dont Nerf Spacies (PPmd & Smith) ($59.50)
    2: Team Cheats (sharkz teamonk) ($17.00)
    3: Stick and Kia ($8.50)
    4: All Of This Blood (Mars Zirk)
    5: Swiggidy Swag (hue chuckles)
    5: Dr.Kill (killinator&yogi)
    7: The Terribles
    7: Running of the Pirates (murdok and toms)
    9: Zirkness
    9: Taybenz

    1: Archer ($66.00)
    2: Kai ($27.50)
    3: Ilove ($16.50)
    4: Chi
    5: Waldorf
    5: Stockfield
    7: GQ
    7: 313
    9: CT
    9: Gambit
    9: KBF
    9: Koozy
    13: Sam
    13: Killanator
    13: Epizaura
    13: bLU
    17: Venom
    17: Mr. 87
    17: Skywalker
    17: Randy
    17: MuK
    17: Lupo

    1: Snake and Marth Forever (PPMD & 313) ($36.00)
    2: Chi + Waldorf (clowsui & waldorf) ($15.00)
    3: Kai & Stockfield (Kai/Stockfield) ($9.00)
    4: Jiraiya & Naurato (Archer and GQ)
    5: Pimps of Amazing Boredom (Chris & I love)
    5: Team 87 (Dylan&Malik)

    Thanks for coming out everyone! Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!
    #1 Game Over, Feb 16, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
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  2. Sinz

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    The only true DR vet.

    • Premium
    Aug 31, 2005
    Are there any videos for PM?
  3. SuperSej

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    Smash Rookie

    May 22, 2012
    Greensboro, North Carolina
    Thanks to everyone who helped run this incredible first tournament. Hoping to make this a series, with hopefully an even bigger space to utilize. God I love smash.

    Shoutouts to me almost pissing my pants at the lack of space when everyone first got there. I have no idea how we pulled that off.

    Matt, for shoveling the entrance to the parking lot and helping take registration. You're the man. Mega props to you dude.

    Kevin Nanney, for sucking at smash

    GrayGhost, for being GrayGhost, lol. 9th place son!

    EpixAura for beating a lot of people in 3 events

    MrBeenReady, you need to commentate every match ever. Lol

    Jaurice, for asking me about crews every 5 minutes, even though we didn't have one complete crew at the tournament except for Greensboro, lol

    Chi, Chris, Jacob, you guys are awesome for helping out with everything. Couldn't have done this without you guys.

    Sky, I so convinced you to join melee singles. So I deserve some of that cut. Get boppppped. But good stuff dude!

    JD, Smith, Kevin, thanks for seeding despite the chaos.

    Sensei for hosting for us and showing an interest in expanding our community.

    Great tournament guys. Let's do this again.
    #3 SuperSej, Feb 16, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
  4. Black Mantis

    Black Mantis
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    Smash Hero

    Jun 5, 2008
    Writing my own road...................
    lol I was mostly hyped about doubles.

    My bad for pestering you about crews (this tournament was heavily advertised for cress though)

    This was fun and I'm not giving a great deal of shoutouts except to:

    Killanator:Cool to see you coming back to smash and still being dominant in Injustice and x Tekken. If you want to work on the Snake vs Yoshi matchup in brawl let me know.

    Dr.Yogi:Why do you struggle against Marth? >__> Congrats on beating Smith too.

    Lupo:Don't stress yourself out too much.

    PP:We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm, glad I contributed to making your wallet bigger this weekend lol. Now if only I could get you to like Lil B.

    Ben:I'm bad against Falco. Use lasers more and space me.

    Clowsui:I may mm you in the future like you want......
  5. Shwag

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    Smash Cadet

    Feb 6, 2011
    East Carolina
    Had a really fun time at this tournament. Really wish brackets would stop lining me up against Jake. Played with him weekly for 2 years and High Seas is the only tournament I've ever entered where he hasn't knocked me out.

    Jaris - GGs in the MM. I played really bad game 1 and didn't really know what was going on. I should have won game 2 though. I'll MM you again in the future if you want.

    GQ - I love you dude, just wish I didn't have to play you so often in bracket :(

    Epix - Gooood **** Isaac. Making ECU look good in PM even though we never play it here.

    Archer - GGs. Played really bad against you game 1, and game 2 was a lot closer but I just can't hang with you.

    Chi - Thanks for the Flaco help. I just need to learn some things and practice on my own. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    bLU - Good stuff running the tournament. I know you had a lot on your plate. GGs in friendlies.

    PeePee - You suck at Puzzle League.

    CT - Nice to meet you dude, good games in tourney. Your Fox is solid and I was really scared game 1.

    Lupo - Always nice to see you man. Looking forward to whenever the RTT2 is. I'll def try to make it.

    ECU - For having fun

    Zack's for only taking cash, forcing us to leave and go to Waffle House.

    Waffle House waiter for being awesome and knowing more about comics than me and Kooz combined.

    Hella fun tourney - next one in the series needs to be called:
    Game Over Presents: NO SHOES ON THE DOJO MAT
    Like fo real.
    #5 Shwag, Feb 16, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
    SuperSej likes this.
  6. DtJ SmithZzz

    DtJ SmithZzz
    Expand Collapse
    Happy Birthday Kjell

    Oct 4, 2009
    Raleigh, NC
    no unfortunately. This venue was a new venue & it was a little clustered so it would've been too hard to record this time. The owner of the comic store mentioned a bigger venue next time. It was a great tournament nonetheless.

    shout outs to HPU crew, shout outs to Yogi for beating me (the salt levels tho) and shout outs to P:M teams, that ****'s cool, let's do it more often.

    not a fan of listing shout outs anymore but i love you all
  7. GrayGhost

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    Smash Rookie

    Jan 21, 2014
    Raleigh, NC
    Great tournament, I had lots of fun! I was a little down on myself after losing my first singles match but luckily I managed to hang around in losers' for a few rounds.

    Shoutouts to:

    CT, for being my ride. You're really chill and we should definitely do this again sometime.

    Lupo, sorry we didn't do better in doubles. I made multiple costly mistakes, and realized I'm really inexperienced when it comes to supporting a teammate and doubles strategies in general. But that charged up smash you pulled off after my nair was amazing! Really good stuff!

    Toms and Todd for beating me in the singles bracket. You guys were both too much for me! I know it's easy to forget victories but if you guys remember any of my weaknesses that you were able to exploit I'd love to hear them.

    Everyone I played in friendlies, especially the ones who would always beat me (and therefore didn't have as much to gain from playing me). iLove was one of them, but I didn't catch the others' names.

    And to Jes, Chi and Sensei(?), everyone who helped run the tournament. It was really fun and I had a great time. Hope to see everyone again soon!
  8. DtJ SmithZzz

    DtJ SmithZzz
    Expand Collapse
    Happy Birthday Kjell

    Oct 4, 2009
    Raleigh, NC
    also P:M Bracket??
  9. SuperSej

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Rookie

    May 22, 2012
    Greensboro, North Carolina
    It won't let me upload more than one image for some reason. Don't really get it.
  10. RaphaelRobo

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Champion

    Oct 24, 2011
    Shoutouts to Nooches. Jigglypuff's Little Hop Nooch is so good. Thanks to Kevin for telling me that Mahone uses it a bunch. It's so good.

    Brickman - So that banana was yours, huh?

    Corey - You were a great Dylan. Also, friendlies with you were a lot of fun. I feel like I picked up some more puff stuff. If you ever want more puff practice, let me know. I know my Puff still sucks, but it's improving (I think)/

    Waldorf - You entered everything. I bet it was you that held up all the brackets, not Kevin. Thanks for the ride, by the way.

    Locke - Go double Ganon with me next tournament. I promise I'll actually practice my Ganon. Maybe. Okay, I probably won't.

    Boney - I really enjoyed our game in tournament. I tried really hard in it, and that was probably the best I've ever played. Hopefully you were able to enjoy it too.

    iLove - My Puff vs your Kirby MM next tournament. Let's go. Loser has to buy the winner a hotdog with ice cream on it.

    Shoutouts to dojo mats for being awesome.

    Too lazy to write more. Nap time.
    #10 RaphaelRobo, Feb 17, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2014
  11. DtJ SmithZzz

    DtJ SmithZzz
    Expand Collapse
    Happy Birthday Kjell

    Oct 4, 2009
    Raleigh, NC
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st dr.peepee $96.00 64 Dr Peepee Dr Peepee
    2nd Smith $48.00 56 DtJ SmithZzz DtJ SmithZzz
    3rd Waldorf $16.00 48
    4th EpixAro 40 EpixAura EpixAura
    5th Sharkz 32 Sharkz Sharkz
    5th Archer 32 archer. archer.
    7th Kai 23
    7th Mr Been Ready 23 Juno McGrath Juno McGrath
    9th Chuckles 15
    9th KBF 15
    9th ilove 15
    9th Dr.Yogi 15
    13th Zirk 10 Invader_Zirk Invader_Zirk
    13th **** 10
    13th Murdok 10 Slaymaster Slaymaster
    13th CT 10 *CT* *CT*
    17th Killinator 5
    17th Gohgor 5
    17th Hue 5
    17th Mars 5
    17th Sharpcheddar 5
    17th Todd 5 Todd Bonney Todd Bonney
    17th Jons 5
    17th toms 5
    25th Bullet-Tooth 2
    25th RYAN HURLEY 2
    25th Kram 2
    25th Pinesol 2
    25th Jafar 2
    25th Sheep 2
    25th Koozy 2
    25th Just Mike 2

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