HERB **Hardcore Extreme Rage Beatdown Results**

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Sep 29, 2008
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Bro Love presents:


Melee doubles

1: Get me to a barber! (Tope + Cyrain) ($252.00)
2: Nc Catfish (Dr. Pee Pee + LoZr) ($126.00)
3: M2K and Savedge (Savedge + M2K) ($42.00)
4: haaaaaaaave you met Scar? (Wife + Scar)
5: For the REST of your life (Fullmetal + Soft)
5: Groom Blue (Azen + chillindude)
7: Pakman on Crack (PB&J + Pakman)
7: Chad and Wes Awesome team Great JOB!!!1!!111 (Chad + Wes)
9: Team Toasty (Polcat + Speedyoshi)
9: Ali and Ptown (Ali + ptown)
9: Bride Red (ChuDat + Chinesah)
9: Stack it up! (Pacstrife + stacks)
13: Powerranked in NC (Foxy + Rawfuls)
13: Black ***** and Half blacks ***** (Yahzz)
13: Pitabread spagetti Sause (Mask + CJ love)
13: Broceratops (Behr + Jim)
17: CREAM (BossNasty + Travis)
17: Corn **** (Mars + Brownguy)
17: WUHA HA HA HA! (Ace + Mohr)
17: Lord Darkfish (Lord Karn + Darksyde)
17: O-beast-ity (Vilt + Plur)

Melee Singles
1: M2K ($378.00)
2: Scar ($126.00)
3: Tope ($63.00)
4: chillindude ($31.50)
5: Chu Dat ($15.75)
5: Dr. Pee Pee ($15.75)
7: Soft
7: Wife
9: Chaddd
9: Savedge
9: LozR
9: SSJ6gogetasephiroth666
13: Lord Karn
13: Ace
13: Ali
13: pakman
17: Mask
17: TC
17: Full Metal
17: ISRA
17: C
17: PB&J
17: Pol Cat
17: HAT
25: Pyrostormer
25: Travis
25: Mohr
25: Speed Yoshi
25: BossNasty
25: Rawfuls
25: Seven
25: Red the Ghost
33: David
33: Hockey007
33: Behr
33: BerserkDreamer
33: Slasher_King
33: Chinesahh
33: Ja
49: Zero_Gamer

1: Super Monkey Ball (M2K + DK) ($228.00)
2: Groom Blue! (Chillin + Chu Dat) ($114.00)
3: Bride Red! (Azen + chineesah) ($38.00)
4: Up biotch! (Pyronic~star + Boss)
5: NC-Lozr (Nc-Echo + Lozr)
5: personally, I prefer you rmom. (Reflex + Kissmint2)
7: Turbo wears hat (Turbo + hat)
7: Brolocaust (Flamingo + Killer)
9: ****it (ph00t + Stingers)
9: Dominating Noobs (Behr + Dusk/ex)
9: Holy hell (Mits + Duo)
9: Marshmallows of Secrecy (DRPP + Karn)
13: O-beast-ity (Vilt + Plur)
13: Team Karl (Seth + Rohan)
13: TH (Howie + Trey)
13: Internet Predators (Ragnar0k + dub)
17: Beauty and the beast. (Blacka + Pie)
17: PK *******s (Town + willie)
17: JIMP (Kuja + 5L)

1: Dr. BadBoon (MK) ($387.00)
2: Reflex (Wario , PT , Lucas) ($129.00)
3: pyronic star ( Olimar ) ($64.50)
4: Chu Dat (Kirby ) ($32.25)
5: kismet2 (Falco ) ($16.13)
5: chillindude (Snake, Falco)($16.13)
7: Azen (Marth , MK )
7: Dr. Pee Pee (Marth)
9: Boss(Luigi)
9: Ragnar0k(DK)
9: HAT (Snake , Kirby, DDD)
9: NC-Echo (Olimar)
13: KillerSOS (Olimar)
13: Lord Karn (ROB , Marth)
13: Stingers (ROB)
13: Chinesahh (Falco , Pit??)
17: Rohan
17: Duo55 (Fox, Kirby)
17: sailD (Toon Link)
17: Flamingo777 (MK)
17: Zero_Gamer (Lucario , MK)
17: DUB (Diddy)
17: Umby (Sonic)
17: Seth (Wario)
25: Kuja
25: Willy (MK)
25: 5L
25: KarateFF2
25: Bimz
25: Howie
25: ph00tbag (ZSS)
33: Vilt
33: IcyDeath
33: Powuh of Pie (Zelda)
33: Mits (MK)
33: Town bine
33: Dusk (Olimar)
33: Rupee
33: Behr
33: L@teo
33: Gerald
33: Nathan

I will put all the characters I remember. I will need everyone to help me out :)

I don't know the Melee characters at all.


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Oct 21, 2006
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hat used DDD and kirby on me

his DDD is way better then his kirby though so there you go

sailD used Toon Link
NC Echo went Dedede as well
Umby was Sonic
Seth was Wario
Dusk is Olimar

Dr Peepee

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Sep 29, 2007
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Alright broooos, it's time for shoutouts and stuff.

Vilt and BEHR and chic with pink hair that wanted Jim SO badly: Thanks for hosting this tournament. So many good times.

Reflex: Dang dude you're chill as all. I hate it that we didn't get to friendly; it could've been such a good learning experience for me lol. Anyway, great job in teams and singles bro (PT beating M2K's MK wut da hayul!?!?!?!?) and I really hope I'll have at least one more chance at playing you in the near future.

Kismet: Your Falco is really good, and you did a great job vs Karn and I in teams. Keep beastin man.

GA Wes: Dang son America all dai. You got that Falcon back for sure bro. Can't wait to play you again man.

Cornel: We got to play a few matches, and they were tech-heavy and silly as always lol. I love our matches dude, too good.

PB&J: I owe ya for teaching me about ICs. Thanks for the interview and being so cool to me man. Good luck with your Fox/ICs.

Soft: Looks like you're starting to expand into all of the floaties now. Playing you will get interesting soon. Great job in teams bro. Keep it up.

Fullmetal: Bro, why don't we ever money match? Oh yeah, because I'm a cheap campy Falco lol. Seriously though, props to your Marth for really stepping it up vs Falco lately. I'm so impressed by how much you've improved in that matchup. Great teams matches also man. Hopefully we can play again soon.

Chaddd: Dang son Ganon is so scary for me lol. Why can't you just go Fox and make it fair? XD Intense matches man, you're too good. Hopefully we can play more than some tense tourney set really soon.

Azen: Dude I'm sorry to hear about the gayness that happened in Melee singles for you man. I hope you still had a good time and will want to come back because you're too good man.

Chu Dat: I still have yet to play you in singles in Melee and I really wanna play you in Brawl too. I still liked the teams matches we had a whole lot and I was glad to lend you that controller so you could break it in for me. XD

Chillin: We didn't get to MM in Melee dang, but good job in it anyway man. Also good shiz in our Brawl match. We should get some friendlies in for real next time.

Tope: Your beard is so ****. Good job beatin me in Melee. I want a rematch realllll soon though. =p

Cyrain: It's so much fun talkin to you man. Good shiz being good at this game. Let's play and talk more aight?

Chinessah: Good matches in both games man. That Brawl set was close as all, but I guess I just swung my sword one lucky time too many lol. Hopefully we'll get to play much more in both games soon man.

Savedge: Omg dude I'm talking to you on AIM lol. Anyway, our matches were sick, but now everyone knows how to play my Falco and that just sucks lol. You just wait til I can combo better. =p For real though gj in teams man and it was fun hangin with you. We need to play more.

Boss: Dang dude I couldn't figure you out but I'm pretty sure you're cool as all. I wish I could've played you in Melee because you were doing so dang well vs LoZR and you're, well, Boss lol. Goooood stuff in our Brawl match man. I didn't really understand how your Luigi was doing so well but now I think I have a better idea. Oh yeah nice jab up-B shenanigans bro, that was really interesting. Keep it up man.

Pyronic Star: First off, you have an odd tag lol. Anyway, your Oli is too good and I beat you when we sandbagged equally in that srs business tournament at the hotel room. =p For real though, you're too good and it was fun hangin with a dude who rapes with that weird Wiimote stuff lol. Keep it up man.

DK Smasher: We didn't get to play, but you're good. GJ in teams with M2K bro.

Hat: You're good dude. It was cool talkin to ya man and I hope we actually get to play more in the near future. See ya around man.

Pakman: You're a cool dude, but we didn't get to talk or anything. Our teams matches were good man. Keep reppin that Luigi bro.

Scar: No johns, you beat me. I want a rematch asap though. =p Good job against Tope in singles and our matches in teams were too good man. I'm glad I could finally put a face with the popular name.

Wife: Woooooow OG smashers all dai. It was cool talkin to you for those few minutes in the lobby and watching those Peach skills. Hopefully we can get lots of friendlies soon.

M2K: Daaaaang you're really good bro. We need to play some more in both games man because it's such a good learning experience playing you. See ya around man.

Dark Hart: Where are you at????

Slasher King: Heyyy man, I hope you learned a good bit here and will continue to improve.

7: I'm sorry I didn't see your matches but I'm sure you're getting better bro.

Choconilla: Dude good luck in Melee man. You've got so many good players around you, I know you can do it.

TC: Dude don't get discouraged man. You just need to capitalize on the openings you create so well bro. I promise you'd see such awesome improvement.


Knorr: Right here in my heart.

Malk: I'm so glad you came for teams man. You're awesome as always.

Karn: Thanks for teaming with me bro, despite my miraculous squanderssss.

Billbillbill: You're getting really good bro, our matches might start turning around soon if I don't start changing my game up. Keep up the good work dudeman. Oh yeah, let's play soon.

Smith: Power Rings yehs.

Mitsurugi: You're still cool, as I expected.

Duo: Thanks for the help in my matches man. I also really appreciate the ride offers for Chu's bi-weeklies. I'll hit you up on those soon.

Raggy: Wooooooooooooooooo

Dub: Good stuff vs PS man. Keep beastin bro.

Seth: Good stuff in our matches bro. MK....yeah. =p

Zero: So I see you're sticking with Lucario. That's cool. Good stuff in the room last night. Don't worry, I won't tell if you won't.

Killer: I heard you won an Olimar ditto. Yay......lol nah gj man.

Flamingo: MK dittos with M2K? Riiiiiight...

Ace: Stop being so dang good and sh*t. Ganons these days....

Mohr: Uh oh, we might have a NC Sheik in the making. Do it for the gayness broooooo!!!

Mask: I'm so glad you came to this and had a good time man. Please remember NC smash or I'll find you and have Matt force you to remember in unpleasant ways. XD

Foxy: I saw you once this tourney. Oh and quoting yourself is so effin dumb you nub. =p

Twig: Stack it up. I know you ***** at poker, I'm not even gonna ask.

Ali: Stay for Brawl so we can do gay teams stuff lol.

Peter: Play more Melee with me so you can do things I don't understand lol.

Everlasting Yayuhz: You're NC as far as I care. XD You're too funny bro, thanks for livening things up mang. Our matches were so goofy but that's what makes the game fun lol.

Jim: Dude your Ganon is getting good. Oh and do more Chaddd stuff with Ganon. That works pretty well on me lol.

Stingers: It was fun man but I'm sorry I shafted you in teams. Hopefully those AMAZING Adult Mad Libs made up for that lol. Have fun playing MvC2 or whatever for the next month and a half XD.

LoZmuthaf*ckinR: What a freakin beast. Thanks for teaming with me man. You're too chill. Don't beat me up. =p

Gah so many people.

It was a fun tournament bros! Hope to see every single person there again for HERB 2!


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Oct 21, 2006
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they basically just forgot to add him.

yeah gay as **** i know. at least he got into brawl free the next day. :/

HERB2 will be bigger and better though :D
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