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Help with some lucas mechanics?


Smash Rookie
Jul 21, 2014
Hello everyone this is my first time asking for some help in awhile. Ive played lucas for about like 4 months now and i enjoy him alot but im thinking of giving up on him and learning a lower mechanic heavy character. When i play i kinda of do just nair, fair, djc uair, dair, upsmash etc and try to mix it up with the magnet. However recently i have been losing some of my games cuz people tell me to learn how to wave land and wave shine and wavelands. Now i just recently started practicing wavedashing but with exams and all i havent had that much time to practice. I like lucas alot his ability to just be so fast and so quick to put in damage. Its came to a point that i cant beat players or cpus i play against a level 9 fox and get my ass kicked do to all his laser pressure and i cant avoid everything cuz they read everything. Any help is suggested.


Smash Rookie
Jul 6, 2014
A major reason why you may be losing is that your movement might be too predictable which is why those people are saying you should learn how to wavedash. Learning how to do it doesn't really take too much time out of your day. You can just spend 5-15 minutes a day practicing wavedashing and wavelanding and within a couple of days or weeks, you'll be able to do both pretty consistently. From there, you can incorporate it into your combos and neutral game to become less predictable.


Smash Apprentice
May 21, 2014
I found that a close range pkfreeze>ropesnake is a great way to get in, but very predictable.
I think Wavelands are much easer than Wavedashs.
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