Help with fighting Sonic?


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Mar 26, 2011
The matchup against Sonic has been one of the tougher ones for me...does anyone have any tips for fighting Sonic as the falcon?


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May 23, 2007
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Well, we'll rarely CONVENTIONALLY gimp Sonic because of his incredible recovery and tendency to recover high. Immediately that says two things. Firstly, we'll often have to blast zone him. Second, we don't chase him off stage UNLESS we can kill him from there.

So, in general play good neutral, convert damage with BnBs, know your kill percents/ set-ups, and understand his recovery.

Talking about the opening COMBO GAME (since you don't really see anything else in these threads, I'll note some stuff here...) At 0%, fish for a grab.
- D-throw, SH nair, f-tilt -- 29% You don't need a lot of space for this combo, it's easy, and it puts Sonic at the right % for a kill set-up (i'll mention it later).
- D-throw, SS FF nair, instant dash attack, FH uair -- 40% If you have more space, this does more damage and puts Falcon at advantage directly under Sonic. You'll likely get another uair follow up here, but it's not a true combo.
- D-throw, SH FF nair x2, RAR SH bair... --40% The only reason you'd use this instead of the previous combo is to set up a regrab, tech chase, or jab lock > kill.

-Raptor Boost-
NOTE: nair2 will combo into Raptor Boost.
- RB, FH nair, falling uair, <land> FH uair, FF uair, <land> FH uair, FH uair, DJ uair -- 80% Bruh...

This opening gambit makes Falcon seem pretty good, but all this requires godlike execution. After 0%, just keep in mind d-throw/ raptor boost > uair work til high percents. Make the confirms and don't leave damage on the table.


For raw KILL OPTIONS, f-smash and knee both kill at ~70%, Falcon Kick1 at 105%, bair kills at 120% and upB kills at 125%. If you ever shield break, push the opponent to the ledge and use turn around Falcon Punch (kills at 15%). All of these values are without rage.

KILL SET-UPS are you're best case scenario options, and if successful can kill as early as 20%. These involve jab locks and true combos alike.
- At 105% and up... nair 1 > FH upB -- Pretty conventional, best option at high percents.
- At 60-100%... nair1 > knee -- Lower % SH, higher % FH.
- At 55%... SH FF dair > SH knee/ f-smash -- Depending on the weight of the opponent, either knee or f-smash can work. Both hit vs Sonic.
- At 40%... Nair1, SH FF uair, FH knee -- True combo, moderate confirm, kills very early.
--Jab Locks--
(>> denotes the escapable point)

- At 30%... SH FF dair > f-tilt (angle down) >> dash jab x2, SH FF dair > SH knee -- This is the first jab lock set-up. If the opponent techs, this will not work. But considering how early it kills, it's worth going for.
- At 20%... SH FF nair1 > SH FF dair > f-tilt (angle down) >> dash jab x2 > SH FF dair > f-smash -- Jab lock set-up. If the opponent techs, this will not work. Post jab lock, you can choose to switch sides with SH FF dair before your f-smash to position the opponent closer to the blast zone.


Regarding Sonic's RECOVERY, as "not a Sonic player", I feel he should recover high. But if he recovers low, simply stand at the ledge and tap A. When rapid jabs begin, hold the button down. When the jabs hit Sonic, release. This knocks him away without his jump. Then just fall on him with nair2 offstage to take the stock.

Dats all I got.


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Jan 7, 2019
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The matchup against Sonic has been one of the tougher ones for me...does anyone have any tips for fighting Sonic as the falcon?
One thing that changed in this game is that Sonic can't spin dash through your shield. That change single-handedly made him a worse character. Try shielding his spindash and then punishing it with something quick like a jab or a tilt. Do it enough and it'll condition the player to stop doing dumb spindashes into shield.
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