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Aug 10, 2007

Source Gaming is a website that I started a year ago, and has grown incredibly within that timeframe. The site acts as a hub of information about the development, design and history of Nintendo games, but mainly Smash. We have translated tons of interviews from Sakurai...some over a decade over, and for the first time are available in English. We have compiled and fact-checked information, leading to a more accurate picture of how everyone's favorite game came to light. We are active in the community, and have recently launched a bi-weekly podcast. All of this work has been done, completely--for no profit and for the purpose of improving the community. As of right now there are over 15 members working on Source Gaming through translations, research, articles, art, video and sound. It's a big production and everything is done for the enjoyment of the community.

If you've enjoyed Source Gaming, and the work we've done, then help us help you.

I maintain a patreon for Source Gaming.

My goals with the patreon are as follows:

1. Cover the costs of hosting.
2. Invest any extra money back into the site, to improve the user experience.
3. Invest money into equipment/ software to build better content.
4. Hold contests/ giveaways for fans.

As of right now, I can offer the following rewards to patreons:

1. A look at the content that is incoming.
2. The ability to suggest articles/ translations.
3. A sneak preview of SourceCast after they are recorded.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests for me or the Source Gaming team please let us know in the comments. If you are interested and able to donate, then please click the oversize patreon logo below.

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