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Help on DK vs pikachu


Smash Journeyman
Jan 26, 2013
So in melee, DK had a bad matchup against pikachu because his recovery sucked, but I was also wondering what else DK has against pikachu. Crouch cancelling and d-tilting is good, but I am not sure what else to do in the neutral since pikachu is faster than DK.

Brass Monkey

Smash Rookie
Jul 16, 2014
Sorry but pikachu being faster than DK is simply not true. They both have an equal value for their dash speed at 1.8 and I'm fairly certain that DK has a faster air speed. DK curb stomps the little rat if your neutral game is on point. Shffled Nairs and spaced back airs keep it away relatively easily. Not to mention that 3.5 gave DK the ability to jump cargo up-throw to double jump punch the rat anywhere from 50-80 and kill it on all but the largest of stages (at the lower end percents). Just be wary of your spacing and don't be afraid to shield that incoming quick attack cancel to nair and retaliate with a nair OOS of your own.

Jake The Preacher

The Amateur Preacher
Jan 8, 2014
Tuscaloosa Alabama
Also Pikachu seems to be kinda combo weight so up airs and Nairs can tack on fast percent, just avoid the neutral B's and do some dashdance stuff and bait potential approaches into a grab
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