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Aug 11, 2019
I'm very new to smash and have relatively little video game experience although Im good at a few games. I am trying to pick up smash and I just want to be decent.

But I find it very hard to do the inputs for some of these moves.... specifically any move where I have to use the left stick, the right stick and press A or B or X or Y at essentially the same do you do that? My right thumb is on the right stick so how do I then use it to hit B simultaneously?

Also I've been playing with inkling because one of the games I do play is Splatoon. Is inkling okay for a complete beginner? There are certain moves that I cannot even perform let alone use in a match (generally the ones that have complicated input patterns that have to be done very quickly). I guess that would be the same with any character though.

What's the best mode to play to improve?


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May 28, 2019
Play some regular Smash against low level CPUs, and level them up as you progress or feel more confident in your playstyle. Once you can defeat level 9 CPU with little to no problem, go do some online. I recommend you the Battle Arenas.


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Feb 24, 2019
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You don't need to use the right stick for anything. It's completely and totally optional.

Flick the left stick quickly + A button for a smash attack. Move it slowly + A button for a tilt attack. If it's moving at all when you press B (special) or A in the air, you'll get directional specials and aerials, like Inkling's Roller. The right stick can be used to perform smashes or tilts without having to press the A button, depending on how you have it set. I personally don't use it at all. Just the left stick and the buttons. At no point are you expected to use all three at once.
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