Helicopter Kick DI Mix Up


Smash Rookie
Jul 5, 2014
Minneapolis, MN
I think this is known to an extent, but you can change the knock back angle you send the opponent at by holding the control stick in a certain direction--mainly forward and backward.
If you hold forward, the opponent will be sent horizontally.
If you hold backward, the opponent will be sent vertically.

Below are some of the knock back angles. What's really interesting though, is you can hold forward and back throughout the move to mix up your opponent's DI potentially snagging a kill earlier.

Vertical Angle (No DI)

Vertical Angle (DI in)
If the opponent holds in, it will send them more vertically and KO earlier.

Horizontal Angle (No DI)

Horizontal Angle (DI out)
If the opponent holds away, it will send them out at a sharper angle and KO earlier.
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