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Heavy in Smash?! FeliciaFan Explores the Possibility!

Greatly underappreciated Smash content creator FeliciaFan recently released his thoughts and ideas concerning a playable Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Many Smashtubers out there spend hours making videos about possible characters coming to Smash and create elaborate movesets that really keep true to the topic's origins. FeliciaFan is one such content creator whose newcomer videos are extremely well done and full of content. His videos suit all sorts of wants - from platformers to action and hack-and-slash to shooters and really anything else in between. His particular expertise lies in franchises that don't suit Smash in terms of visuals or content, but he still manages to make them fit regardless.

A video that FeliciaFan recently released looks at the character Heavy from Team Fortress 2. For those not in the know, Team Fortress 2 is a team-based shooter from 2007 that’s still getting TLC from the modding community. Heavy is one of the classes from said game and one of the more popular characters in the game. In particular, his love of his favorite meal, the Sandvich, is quite iconic.

In the video, FeliciaFan breaks down how each attack would work in conjunction with his gimmick including the Specials. What draws me to FeliciaFan as opposed to other content creators in Smash speculation is that his content goes in-depth with info on damage percentage and even frame data (he really gives it the ol’ Sakurai treatment). He also explains in-depth on how each Special works along with appropriate video footage as demonstration. In regards to Heavy, he can cycle through various melee weapons which creates a new playstyle for the character. Tired of slowly slugging it out? Pick a speed oriented melee weapon like the Gloves of Running Urgently and go to town. And of course, Heavy wouldn’t be Heavy without his trademark machine gun (which Heavy refers to as Sasha) that would act as his neutral special.

On top of this, FeliciaFan also provides taunts, victory screens, and victory themes for Heavy with the one ending in a Final Smash being unique. He closes out the video in typical fashion with a segment on alternate colors and costumes. For Heavy, he chose the controversial yet popular option of including hats for Heavy on top of the standard red and blue colors. It's amazing just how much content and work that went into a video that looks professionally produced. Now if you aren’t a fan of Heavy and TF2, FeliciaFan has more videos on hand. Below are links to a handful of notable ones. He’s constantly cranking out content and will often tease the next video. Show him your support by giving his videos a watch and let him know what you think!

List of selected videos:

Dante from Devil May Cry
Ori from Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear
Captain Toad from Treasure Tracker
Monster Hunter from Monster Hunter
Doomslayer from Doom Infinite
Morrigan from Darkstalkers
Eevee from Pokemon
Master Chief from Halo
Candyman from Lethal League
Kiryu Kazuma from Yakuza

Author’s Note: While I’ve never played TF2, I’m down to get Heavy. That being said, I love the other videos that FeliciaFan puts out.
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