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HD: Remix Results!! Full results up!


Smash Lord
Feb 21, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Thanks to all those that came to the tournament. I hope you had a wonderful time! Thanks to Hylian for helping me out TO. You did amazing <3. Thanks to Future for helping me as well even though he didn't need to. Thanks to Darkatma for helping out with seeding and housing as well. Thanks to all those housed and helped out, such as Nuris, Lixivium, Book, and Toga. We had an amazing turnout and an abundance of set-ups.

76 Entrants

Pot = $760 + $200 bonus pot


1: Kels - $461
2: Dekuschrub - $211
3: MattR - $134
4: Stocking(IHSB) - $77
5: TomR - $38
5: Crimson Tiger(Dart) - $38
7: Cosmo
7: Tink
9: Quaz
9: JBM_falcon08
9: AnDaLe
9: Darkkrain(Darkatma)
13: Gamerbee(Dmac)
13: 18Spikes
13: Davidcue
13: Rat
17: Jace08
17: Scud
17: Zinth
17: Geno
17: Tomacawk
17: Vro
17: Tyser
17: Jay
25: Lavender Lion (captain pr0n)
25: Panty(Bunbun)
25: Lixivium
25: Hondafoo
25: Massive
25: ORLY?!
25: Sapphire Jaguar(Ripple)
25: PEEF!
33: Lookshkn
33: Emerald Puma (GooeyBanana)
33: Cookie Monster
33: Phatgamer
33: Gambit
33: Sync
33: GawdI'mFoxy
33: Legan
33: Book
33: Hylian
33: Akuma
33: Smeesh
33: Irish Guy
33: Yawara
33: SInister
33: Blitzbolt

Pool Results:

1: Kels
1: Tink
1: MattR
1: TomR
1: Darkkrain
1: AnDaLe
1: Rat
1: Cosmo
1: Stocking
1: Crimson Tiger
11: Hondafoo
11: Tomacawk
11: Sapphire Jaguar
11: Blitzbolt
11: JBM_falcon08
11: Jace08
11: Dekuschrub
11: Phatgamer
11: Quaz
11: 18Spikes
21: Massive
21: PEEF!
21: Panty
21: Zinth
21: ORLY?!
21: Gamerbee
21: Davidcue
21: Smeesh
21: Tyser
21: Gambit
31: Lixivium
31: SInister
31: Yawara
31: Cookie Monster
31: Akuma
31: Geno
31: Scud
31: Jay
31: Book
31: Vro
41: tdk_Samurai
41: Lavender Lion
41: Irish Guy
41: Lookshkn
41: Blue Satellite
41: GawdI'mFoxy
41: Hylian
41: Emerald-Puma
41: Sync
41: Legan
51: Bolun
51: Sam
51: Ex-Dove
51: Radar
51: Snow
51: Crawl
51: Reneblade
51: Toga
51: Dual Cats
51: Headly
61: Youngling
61: Leumas
61: Drew Hogen
61: Shawn
61: Domo
61: DJB
61: Jordan
61: Marf
61: TForce
61: Solidus
71: Johnny
71: Tmacc
71: Prodigy
71: Flagon
71: Nuris
71: Daniel The Seraph


29 entrants

Pot = $580


1: MW guardians (Kels/Tink) ($319.00)
2: Goldy Mustard (Tomacawk/Andale) ($174.00)
3: Team Bojackson (MattR/TomR) ($87.00)
4: Falcons Fly High (Vro/ORLY)
5: Darkkrain/Blitzbolt
5: Phatgamer/Jace08 (Phatgamer/Jace08)
7: The lipstick lesbians (18spikes/Cosmo)
7: We don't want to make things up (Smeesh/Tyser)
9: Gamerbee Fanclub (Gamerbee/stocking)
9: The newlyweds REDUX (Dart/HondaFoo)
9: Alley Cat Blues (Geno/Hylian)
9: Washing Powder Money (Jay/PEEF!)
13: DumpTruck (ErrolDactyl/Deku)
13: DeathonWings (Yawara/Scud)
13: Crimson and ****s (Solidus/Zinth)
13: Total Cuteness (Gambit/TDKSamurai)
17: IrishCats (TheIrishDude/DualCats)
17: Get your **** wet (JBM/DavidCue)
17: Thundercats (Ripple/GooeyBanana)
17: *** n******* (Toga/Legan)
17: thinkofsomethinglater (Lixivium/Nuris)
17: Team Kon (CookieMonster/Marf)
17: Panty/Massive
17: Furry Hazards (Sync/Quaz)
25: Pokerface (Tforce/Prodigy)
25: Foxy Ladys (GawdI'mfoxy/Reneblade)
25: God vs Evil or Evil vs God all of that. (Jordan/Johnny)
25: Shes ready (Leumas/Akuma)
25: SSB:M Players (Youngling/NickFly)


(Please post on the thread if you recorded and are planning to upload)



Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
glad i came to this bc melee players are chill...

for the most part at least lol when we were making brackets there was like 31287489 annoying people lol


Smash Master
Dec 5, 2005
Neenah, WI
glad i came to this bc melee players are chill...

for the most part at least lol when we were making brackets there was like 31287489 annoying people lol
that will happen when the bracket hasnt started by 8pm :denzel:

i loved the 5th seed second chance pool idea but it would have been more fair, waaay easier, better seeded, and probably faster to have had 16 4-5 person pools with top 4 getting out into a full 64 man bracket


Smash Journeyman
Jul 6, 2007
West Frankfort, IL
Time for shout-outs.

Reneblade: thanks for teaming with me sir. Next time you won't SD or backhand me lol. :p you're too good.

Andale: good friendlies! I'm glad someone still treats friendlies the way they should be treated. :p pro status!

Hylian: I had some of my best matches of the day with you. Not so much the first one, but I just got lucky. Excellent tournament, too. Just wish I could've stayed longer.

Ice Climbers players that can win without wobbling: I respect you.

Everyone else I played in friendlies: thanks for the experience. I love the smash community so much.


Smash Hero
Apr 16, 2009

maybe i wont look at the wrong marth and walk off the stage like an idiot.

yeah idk whats up. i've tried uploading 2 different vids, 2 seperate times. youtube is not cooperating right now. ill try again later tonight.


Dec 12, 2001
I had a good time, though I wish I did better in bracket, maybe next time

Dart we have to team again sometime, I can't help feeling like we have unfinished business and untapped potential
AnDaLe & Tomacawk I was rooting for you guys so hard in GF, some of those rests were just unreal, more friendlies next time!
Kels never played you before this but glad I did
Darkatma still no friendlies... :(
Davidcue super intense bracket matches man, until next time!
Geno I've never hated this game more than during our Peach dittos, we play the exact same style, it was weird
Vro & ORLY?! I'm going to get my revenge on double Falcon next time
Bunbun I wish your double Kirby team would've done better, you and Massive need to give it another shot
Lixivium good pools matches, though if you would've went Luigi I have no doubt I would've lost to you
Legan good matches in bracket, your Link is so solid
Book good friendlies!
Solidus good Peach dittos! Hope my advice helped, and I'm looking forward to Intimikill 3
tdk_Samurai good pools matches and solid Pika, I think if you implemented more fair->grab and uair combos you'd do tons better
Bolun you keep getting better man! Study those videos and also try to use more tilts, especially under platforms
Youngling good pools matches, keep going to tournaments and getting experience and you'll continue to improve!

Nebraska good seeing you dudes as always, get another KS-NE smashfest going!
Peoria your crew is getting so formidable
Kansas needs more ice in veins


Smash Champion
Nov 1, 2007
Crystal Lake, IL
why is the greatness that is the andale puff not being discussed in here?

also does anyone know if my match vs tom was recorded?

its mostly so tink/kels can study it lol or they can watch what deku does


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Great tourney guys! Was probably one of my favorite tourneys yet ^_^!!! One thing I do have to bring up is my placing, though. Was something wrong with the brackets? Reason I bring it up is because I won my first bracket match against Sync(who placed the same as me AKA 33rd although it looks like he won none of his matches?) and then lost to Kels, whereas LavenderLion lost his first match then won his losers bracket match, so we should have been in the same situation bracket-wise because neither of us had byes. Well, my next losers bracket match was against Dmac, and the winner of that match had to play LL...o_O? Kind of confused on how I won a bracket match and still got tied for last rofl. (PS, this is EmeraldPuma =P)

Anyways, shoutouts!

Rauleen - Good job running a fun tourney and thanks a TON for the baked goods. If I wasn't becoming some like anorexic weirdo out of nowhere, I would've tried out more of the stuff but I was set after like a couple rice crispies >_<

Hylian - Also a great job on running the tourney, and our death pool match was funny =P I was playing mad salty, but I'll give you the W for now xD

Darkatma - Thanks a ton for the housing! Mad props for that, and we never got friendlies in omg!

Ripple - It was fun seeing ya again and teaming with ya! I think my new doubles rule will be to not team with someone that uses a sword from now on ;P Phenomenal job ****** your pool bro!

Tink - Enjoy the $1 loser ;P Sacajawea coin johns.

Kels - Good job winning the tourney man! Loved our bracket set, first match was really close =D I suck against Sheik though, so darn that second match >_< Will be looking forward to playing you again.

Andale and Tomacawk - Good job on the dubz performance, and good job in brackets too guys.

Dart - Nice 5th placing, looking mad fancy =) Thanks for driving!!

LavenderLion/CaptainPr0n/Legion/Adam - Somehow you outplaced me even though we played the same exact amount of bracket matches...I'm counting it as a tie tbh.

Peef - It was cool actually chatting with ya for more than like a couple minutes for once. Your IC's are getting pretty good man!

Jay - Man what happened!? Like the night before, I was able to beat you, but then come tourney time you 2-0 me xP Wtf m8!? Good job in tourney bro!

Collin - I don't think we played, but nonetheless you're doing a good job from what I observed. Cool guy!

Lixivium - Blahhhhhh, Ice Climbers are sooooo silly! I swear, I'd like kill Nana and then you'd be there to smack me with a Dsmash to edgeguard lol. Nonetheless, you earned the win, no suicide johns this time =)

GawdI'mFoxy - Fun deathpools matches. Sorry I camped your Fox with Sheik on Stadium. I need to work on my campy Sheik if I ever want to use her in tourney, so I decided last stock that it was a good idea to do so =/ I mean, I guess it's what you're gonna have to expect when you play people that play to win though? Nonetheless, sorry about that and good job making it into brackets!

Cookiemonster/BlueSatellite/Marf - Fun pools matches. For your 1st/2nd tournament, you guys are showing some potential =)!

Reneblade/ORLY - It's great hearing words of encouragement from my Falcon brothasssss =) Neither of you guys played friendlies with me though D=! Nice to see you guys though ^_^

Dmac - Good job beating me in brackets man. I swear, I need to work on that Ganon MU...

Sync - GG's in brackets

Cosmo - Banning FoD against you and then CP'ing there was too good. Why can I never beat your Zelda xD?

Phatgamer - Chill dude, it was fun playing your Sheik, and I appreciate the compliment. One of these days I'll learn that matchup and **** her balls off.

Toga/Nuris - Fun pools matches!

Looshkin - Funny times chit chatting with ya while my food got cold xP

My bad if I missed any shoutouts, too many to remember >_< Learned a lot of things and now I know at least some stuff that I need to work on and incorporate into my game(buffering mainly). Was a great tournament, and well worth calling off work to attend!


Smash Master
Sep 10, 2007
Central IL
why is the greatness that is the andale puff not being discussed in here?

also does anyone know if my match vs tom was recorded?

its mostly so tink/kels can study it lol or they can watch what deku does
his puff is truly something else. It isn't like he's a one trick pony either; anthony has a lot of great characters
andale best teams player in midwest

I think wayne is, but anthony is up there too.
thanks to darkkkkatma for housing

andale fcuking sucks
what do you know tom? you're a big meany and backfist people in the face

1: Kels - $461-good job you won again >.>. I promised I wouldn't talk **** to you in finals; I'm pretty sure I didn't. I don't remember to be honest, I may have even left before finals happened haha. Either way ggs in doubles, you guys better watch your backs
2: Dekuschrub - $211-nice Alex. You're soooooooooooooooooo good even though you don't care. Also you're probably the funniest person to play against ever--distraction johns reign supreme for all of our matches
3: MattR - $134-fun set Matt. I'm a little surprised at how close I was to beating you; I thought there was a bigger skill gap in between us, especially considering how good I think you are and how bad I think I am O.o
5: TomR - $38-didn't play you in singles at all I don't think. Too bad, I always want falcon practice. GGs in teams
5: Crimson Tiger(Dart) - $38-5th? you suck. why aren't you the best player in the world yet? Watching you and Honda in teams was fun, you guys were pretty sick to watch. Had some real chemistry despite being new to each other
7: Tink-I have a new respect for how good you are. Despite as much **** as I talk, you are imo the smartest player in the midwest. I don't know how you beat who you beat (especially considering how wacky your play is), but you do it over and over again so I guess you've got it figured out. You should try harder next tournament so you aren't falsely placing 7th ******! throwing your life away son
9: Quaz-how did you get 9th? Excellent quaz! I never watched you play; I guess I should have.
9: AnDaLe-little surprised you only got 9th, but you're among great names and you did real nice regardless. As always, awesome teaming with you. We will take it to the next level soon enough my friend
9: Darkkrain(Darkatma)-nice job binyan. Never really saw you play either. Perhaps I subconsciously ignore games with peach in them because I think she's boring at times lol
13: Davidcue-great set. I wish I could have that SD back, but no shame in losing to you. You're a competitor, and you have some serious skills. I feel that you really pushed my thinking to the limit and the threat was all-around exhilarating. Apparently you're pretty new to the game, too? Scary. I apologize is my post game words were perceived as johns; they were certainly border-line john status and it was hard to deal with losing at that point when I felt I had so much momentum.
13: Rat-nice job man. We'll have to actually play each other next time we meet!
17: Jace08-your falcon is amazing. You had me really bothered in teams, falcons like yours who are so devastatingly aggressive make me feel that he's the best character in the game. I just have to play him to remember how secretly bad he is. Let's get alot of games in next time; I am disappointed we didn't get to play any serious singles matches
17: Geno-nice job geno. from what I saw you were playing peach--are you maining her now? Or are you forever mainless?
17: Tomacawk-above the influence. Yo Falcon, cool moves and I'mma let you finish, but fox was one of the best characters of all time
17: Vro-Cary :( I wish you would win everything. Our games were very fun even if at times you were ****** me so hard I just wanted to sandbag to lose faster lol
17: Tyser-never played you (if I can remember), but we talked. You seemed really nice, let's play next time we make it to the same place!
25: Lavender Lion-Adam, right? You **** man. It's really funny that your FD map choice scared into picking marth because I didn't want to play ness vs fox LOL.
25: Panty(Bunbun)-you are improving every time we play. your kirby blows my mind. I don't know how you can do so well with such a garbage character. I may start practicing him a little bit
25: Lixivium-great job. IIRC I saw some mario, who were you using?
25: Hondafoo-surprised to see you at 25th!
25: Massive-fun set. You play one of the most heterosexual puffs I have ever played, usually I come out of sets with puff hating the other person but I felt no inner nerd-rage at all
25: ORLY?!-CHRIS! Why am I outplacing you?
25: Sapphire Jaguar(Ripple)-blake blake blake blake blake. why have you forsaken roy? you can do better than 25th!
25: PEEF!-+rep for not wobbling, although as I told you at the tourney, haters gunna hate, if it's legal do it and have no regrets. I know you are focusing when we play but it's a lot more fun when we can talk during the match and shoot the **** a little bit. Friendlies are perfect for that. I definitely understand trying to be serious and skill up though.
33: Gambit-nice job getting out of pools. I'm still convinced you're better than this, and I can't understand your false sense of humility (although I respect your ego control). It was great seeing you.
33: Book-sucks we had to play in brackets. I think I played my best of the tournament against you--I think I waveshined you oos 3 times and combod at least 2 of the 3. You did well as always, and I'm surprised to see you at 33rd as well.
Thanks for the housing. It was a blast, you're one of my favorite smashers in-and-outside of the game. Book's house is where the party's at!
33: Hylian-epic tournament. Thanks for hosting, organizing, blah blah blah. (Rauleen I'm assuming you're reading this and all the words go equally to you [if not more; I don' tknow who did what. I just know you both rock. Also, cookies were AMAZING])
33: SInister-still have no idea who you are--never heard of you, never seen you in results before, nada. You are a real solid sheik though. You could have tapped me if you would have analyzed the fights you were winning and tried to manipulate me into those positions--as I told you, you won every platform confrontation and your wavelands were sooooo sick. I was seriously worried. Also, your shiek was a ton of fun to play because you never chaingrabbed at all.

people who can't swim:
brett-never got to see you play besides in doubles. I told you there but I'll tell you again, you need to disguise your intentions better. Pika's usmash ***** and everyone knows it; they expect you to use it. throw out some aerials before you try to bring it home, otherwise people are too prepared for it and you'll never hit

winiblade-i know it's hard not to be disappointed, but you gotta stick with it. you play a character that the entire game is good against, and it's almost everybody's best matchup. falco is ESPECIALLY hard. you have to have massive composure and the ability to out think your opponents; these are things you're capable of, but they take time to reach maturation.

phil-what happened? never saw you play either (hell, seemed like I hardly saw you at the venue besides upon arrival)

people I didn't see in results but know were there-
Deku's teammate--errodactyl, right? you are the edwardsville nignug who's number I got (no homo), right? Fun talking to you. Look forward to seeing you during break/whenever you're around town

shmooeybonanza-didn't see you play at all but you're improving constantly. i expect you to be beating me soon

Thanks everybody for rooting for me. It really helps. My love for this game stems from my love for the players.


Smash Master
Jul 20, 2004
Salem, WI (West of Kenosha)
gooey banana was that one puma dude in brackets.


Book - thanks for housing and ggs in pools. I had to really clutch it that first match
Andale - I usually hate watching puff but gosh those rests you do are SOO amazing to watch.
dmac - after losing the first match I didnt think I was gonna win at all. Im gonna start reading one piece more you've motivated me to start again =).
Dart - I really wanted to play you but I guess we just didn't have the time, I'll get you next time.
Deku - yeah I didnt MM you either lol oops. I got to play you in tourney though that was good enough for me.
Tom - I do gotta agree that you dont have the best handle against peach. I should give you more practice whenever I see you at Chris's house again if you're up to fighting against her.. lol <.<
Sync - you'll do better in the future Im sure! This tourney has done nothing but whip you into shape. In no time our team will become dominant Im sure.
Stalking balls - I wanna MM you next time I see you to get that extra samus experience in. Man was that a whip out for me fighting you lol.
Tink - I always enjoy MMing you and I can't wait to do it some more, are you going to WI next month?
Chris - I dont think you deserve to be way down in 25th.. but brackets do that to us sometimes =\

everyone else I played - ggs


Smash Lord
Feb 21, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Blerg....sorry Gooey. I think it's because of the Byes in the first round of losers. I should have made it a 64 bracket because TiO was trying to even it out or something and gave out a lot byes to make it that kind of bracket. I just couldn't see the bigger picture of it. Dmac and 18spikes may have been trying to prevent something like that but I was too focus on trying to get the brackets done and couldn't comprehend it clearly. So I apologize to anyone who had the same thing happen to them. Clearly I still have a lot to learn and if I ever do host a third tournament, I will have improved and things will be as fair as possible.


Smash Master
Jan 12, 2008
50 Terranite? Really?
Short and few shoutouts this time.

Nuris: Thanks for housing us Friday night. You guys are hella chill.
Radium + Hylian: Great tournament guys!
Matt: Too much fun playing you. Spitting GW under dreamland made me feel all dirty inside.
Tomacawk: Lol, you totally should. The pink fscker is so much fun. Good matches.
ORLY: Kirby takes 8 stocks in ironman? lol? Your falcon takes 10? double lol?
Massive: Herp-Derp, we are awesome. **** Mario.
Phat: <3 you bro. Brinstar Depths is the jankiest of jank.

Region shoutouts:
KC: I don't even need to say anything. Eternal bros. E52-3 please
NE: Mad fun playing with you guys. Especially doubles the night before the tourney.
Chicago: You kids be johnin up a storm. It was good to see you guys again. Kelly and Wayne are like an old married couple now.
Champaign + Matt: Stop letting Deku win matches. It makes him think he's decent.
Peoria: Heh, this crew is stepping it up bigtime. <3
Evansville: I think I like Kirby vs IC's now.

Oh and one last one:

To that Peach main that took me to Mute City and laughed in my face, only to get 3 stocked by my Kirby ON MUTE CITY: L2Counterpick


Smash Apprentice
Aug 10, 2010
First off, thanks to everyone who made my first tournament ever ****ing awesome. Secondly, more specific shoutouts

Andale-Thanks for teaching me how to laser on friday. That should help me a ton. I was really hoping you guys would take that doubles.

Dart- Your marth is too good. Thanks for ****** me before we left Saturday haha and sorry for getting impatient with having you follow me to atmas saturday :(

Gooey- Its a shame we never played! good job playing the right color falcon, and it was nice to chill with you at atmas

Darkatma- Thanks for housing us and nice job in the tourney. Your dorm is suuuuuuper nice. Hope you get all that weird chemistry stuff done.

BunBun- You may not remember me, but it was fun chilling at the computer during that "money match"

IHSB- Thanks for the money match, your samus is just too cute. Too bad you couldn't CP Kels with the Keenan :(

Hylian- Thanks for running a mad cool tournament. The sweets were just too clutch. Nice job against Cosmo too, keep showing them melee players what it takes to be good!

Peef and Jaynal- BLAM! that is all

Thats all I got for now. Thanks for all the pointers everyone I played. I am going to get better at this game I swear.


Smash Champion
Jan 1, 2010
BILL, Wyoming
Lazy shoutouts: GGs everyone who I played and met. The Melee community is so chill. ♥ you guys.

Special thanks to IHSB and Rat for being Samus mains and doing business.

Radium and Hylian for hosting the tourney. Singles was kinda weird but overall you ran it really well.
The banana bread was amazing also so super special thanks for that.

Nuris for housing Nebraska. Thanks a lot for that man

TomR and Darkatma for destroying me in the bracket. You guys put me in my place in the hardest and brutalest of ways and I can appreciate that :') Good matches fellas.

KC for being my dudes. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did.

BunBun and IHSB (again) for being chill mofos and housing at the same place as us. Had some fun games.

Illinois, stop being so good at Melee :'P

Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
The bracket actually ended up the way it did because i suggested to radium to cut it down to 48 people bc i thought TIO would make a 48 man bracket. I didnt know it jumps straight from 32-64.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 6, 2007
West Frankfort, IL
Gooey, your Sheik is legit! You made it really tempting to go over there and grab your ledge. :p but I didn't want to mess it up. I think you were the only one I lost to, but good games all around. To everyone else there too. Lots of good competition. :)
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