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Having fun using Peach / Help


Smash Apprentice
Feb 18, 2016
(This post wasn't made to say Peach is bad or not fun in any way!!)

I started playing Peach half a year ago and I feel kinda stuck.
Learning how to use Bidou properly, learning to use Peach and her inpossible inputs like JCFF N-Air without the attack stick is so hard!
It feels like she would lock me up in Training Mode...

I can do her D-Throw to B-/Up-Air and I sometimes manage to pull off a few Downtilt combos like D-Tilt > 2x Dair > Up-B or D-Tilt > N-Air.

It still feels like i can't aproach, I often simply get Rushed down when fighting any kinda aggressive player, even if he's kinda predictable.

Also her air speed and jumps feel a bit slow compared to other characters.

Any tips how you have or had fun with her without beeing able to go to tournaments?


Smash Journeyman
Apr 19, 2015
Side 3
I personally really didnt have any success at all with peach until i totally mastered my tech skill, but thats just me. I also dont use bidou so i dont know what advice to give you there. She is definetly a training room character.
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