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Hasbro Game Night FIGHT! - DLC Season 2


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Cobra Commander


There's currently a tie in the poll


Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
DAY 54
Putting a warp on the final character tiebreaker, we have our results! Honestly, a very exciting way to close off the base roster, I'm very much glad it happened!
In any case: Thank you to those who voted! The winner of this tiebreaker is, by a singular vote...
Screenshot 2023-02-02 121713.png
Congratulations to Megadoomer Megadoomer , and to anyone else crossing their fingers for this, as Colonel Mustard of the Cluedo Universe is making his debut as HGNF's final fighter!
I will be making edits to a couple posts soon to include him; For reference, his default outfit is the yellow one seen in this picture!
Also, for those worried, I talked with the original 3rd place winner KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99 , and they're perfectly fine with this final outcome. Thank you to all involved in this final vote!

Gonna give this a day to marinate, but a final Roster discussion will happen this weekend after these final jobs close up. Speaking of which...
Job: Nominate a stage directly linked to a character!
Same job as yesterday; submit a home stage for any character on the roster! Just to briefly list off characters that do not have a stage or nomination under this umbrella:
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Jace Beleren
  • Drizzt Do'Urden
  • Raindow Dash
  • Rom
  • Stretch Armstrong
  • Lilian Vess
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Jennifer Scotts
  • Action Man
And of course any previous character can still get a submission!
I might resubmit The Dark Nebula if nobody else is willing to, though I do hope some other characters get their respective stage nominations!

Job: Nominate up to 2 Alternate Costumes!
I have decided to keep this job going for one more day!
Saturday will be dedicated to closing off both of these jobs.

Job: Submit a variant for the Beyblade stage!
I did say this would happen!
Now, the premise of the Beyblade World Stadiums stage is dedicated to having different variants based on different Arenas featured in the series in toyline. I have decided we will have a maximum of 8, though we don't necessarily have to reach that number.
Any ideas you have for a Beyblade stadium, either based off the anime or a toy, are allowed, and each will be included into the stage after voting.

The image above is the original Bey Arena from the Tyson Granger anime; That will be my submission.

And with that, carry on!
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Torgo the Bear

Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2019
Somewhere, lost inside her own mind
Switch FC
Soundwave Moveset
(It's about time!)

General Playstyle
Soundwave is a stance change fighter who functions rather like a hybrid between Rosalina & Luma and Duck Hunt.

While you will exclusively control Soundwave himself, he'll always have one of his Decepticon Mini-Cassette buddies alongside him in battle. By default, this Cassette will stay at Soundwave's side, even sticking with him as he is launched. However, each individual Cassette provides a certain selection of unique attacks (each with its own strengths and weaknesses) and will have a unique function when separated from Soundwave! So... let's meet the three Cassettes we'll be playing with...


The bird who practically never fails! Laserbeak generally provides an upgrade to Soundwave's upward-angled attacks, and is the best Cassette for anti-air techniques.


The cat who loves to pounce! Ravage is generally Soundwave's best option for powerful forward-facing attacks.


And the powerful piledriver! Rumble is Soundwave's best method for strong downward-angled attacks, including a share of Spikes! (not to be confused with the Autobots' human friend)

Make proper use of the three Cassettes, and Soundwave can always have a good option for any situation!

Attack Name
Jab (Gentlemen's and Rapid)
Soundwave swings a single punch. For Rapid, he performs two punches and then a kick.​
Dash Attack
Soundwave performs a shoulder check.​
Side Tilt
Soundwave briefly summons Frenzy to perform a burst of sonic waves in directly forward. Has a bit of a laggy startup, but strong for a side tilt.​
Up Tilt
Soundwave briefly summons Ratbat to fly in a quick loop-de-loop above his head.​
Down Tilt
Soundwave briefly summons Buzzsaw to fly forward a short distance and fire lasers at the ground as he goes. Only the lasers have a hitbox.​
Getup Attack
Soundwave performs a sweeping kick as he rises.​
Ledge Attack
When Soundwave hangs from a ledge, his active Cassette sticks with him. Laserbeak simply perches on Soundwave's head, Ravage clings to Soundwave's legs, and Rumble grabs onto his back.

For the ledge attack, the Cassette in play will leap (or fly) to the stage and perform a brief peck/headbutt/punch as Soundwave climbs back up.

If the Cassette is currently away from Soundwave, he won't have a ledge attack.​

Attack Name
Neutral Air
Soundwave has a sex kick.​
Forward Air
Soundwave temporarily summons Slugfest the stegosaurus, who uses his power of flight to stay beside Soundwave as he lifts his tail and swings it straight down in front of him. This is a good 'ol Fair Spike.​
Back Air
Soundwave temporarily summons Overkill the T-rex, who uses his power of flight to say beside Shockwave as he performs a strong (but slow) biting attack directly behind him.​
Up Air
Soundwave performs a backflip kick.​
Down Air
Soundwave transforms into his tape deck mode and gains a hitbox as he falls.​

Attack Name
Forward Kill Move
Kill Moves are performed by Soundwave's currently active Cassette. Each of the three Cassettes has a different one of the three Kill Moves they are best for.

Ravage has the best Forward Kill Move. He pounces forward and performs a strong biting attack.
Laserbeak performs a brief loop-de-loop in front of Soundwave.
Rumble fires a laser gun, which serves as a low-power projectile.​
Up Kill Move
Laserbeak has the best Up Kill Move. He flies over Soundwave's head in a figure-8 pattern, potentially dealing multiple hits, before he fires a laser projectile directly upward.
Ravage jumps up and swipes at the air short distance in front of Soundwave.
Rumble turns his arms into his shakers, but creates a hitbox by lifting them.​
Down Kill Move
Rumble has the best Down Kill Move. He turns his hands into their shaker modes and uses them to pound the ground on both sides of his body. This can spike.
Laserbeak quickly flies in a low circle around Soundwave.
Ravage performs a backwards kick, striking enemies behind Soundwave, before he swipes at the ground in front.​

Special Move Name
Neutral: Shoulder Cannon​
Soundwave fires a strong projectile from the cannon on his shoulder. This can be slightly angled up or down.​
Side: Deploy!
Soundwave orders his currently active Cassette to leave his side and perform their special action on their own. This leaves Soundwave unable to perform Kill Moves or the ledge attack until the Cassette is called back via Down Special. Cassettes may be attacked while they are active, and may be launched off stage and defeated. This automatically makes Soundwave call out his next Cassette, and the defeated one is unavailable for about six seconds.

Laserbeak will begin flying freely around a single platform. Whenever an opponent comes near, he will begin to fire on them with weak lasers. Each laser deals 1% of damage and no flinching, but Laserbeak can pile on a lot of those in one burst. He is vulnerable to attack and may only target one opponent, but he can shoot them from anywhere in his sights.

Ravage will transform back into his Cassette tape form and rest on the ground. He is now a sort of proximity mine, as whenever anyone comes too close, Ravage will transform back into a cat and pounce on the intruder! Ravage will deal some damage while also pinning the opponent to the floor, leaving them open for Soundwave to come in for a follow up! Try recalling Ravage and using a Kill Move to predict where the opponent will try to go after they are free to move...

Rumble will stay in place and begin rapidly pounding the ground with his shaker arms. This effectively just creates Donkey Kong's Down Special from Smash as a stationary trap! Rumble can be attacked and defeated though.​
Up: Fly!​
Soundwave uses his power of flight to launch into the air. He has a hitbox on his fists as he goes. If a Cassette is with him, they'll also provide a second hitbox that lags behind Soundwave a short distance.​
Down: Cassette Switch​
This is how you swap who's active. It always follows the same pattern: Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, repeat.​
Super Move Name
Level 1: All Cassettes! Deploy!​
Soundwave releases all of his Cassettes at once:
Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Ratbat, Buzzsaw, Slugfest and Overkill.
The stage is now filled with robots performing their attacks from throughout the moveset. But they only linger together for a short time.​
Level 2: Destructive Harmony
Soundwave triggers the destructive Harmony. This creates an extra powerful sound wave attack that fires directly from his chest! Think of it like Samus's Zero Laser in Smash.

As a funny little easter egg, if an opponent actually survives the Harmony, they'll have an "animation error" applied to them. This may temporarily switch them to an alternate costume, change their size, or (rarely) even turn them into a different character!
(And yes, there is a genuine lore reason for that being a feature)​

Cassette Time​
Soundwave transforms into his tape deck mode for a moment before changing back. This actually can low-profile some attacks.​
Cybertronian Mode
Soundwave transforms into a lamp post. No, I'm not joking.​
Diss Track​
"Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior!"​

Entrance animation: Soundwave appears on the stage in tape deck mode already. He transforms into robot mode and releases whichever Cassette he is starting with (this may be chosen on the Character Select screen)

Idle Animation 1: Soundwave presses a button on his chest. It doesn't seem to do anything.
Idle Animation 2: Soundwave either...
  • Lets Laserbeak rest on his arm for a moment
  • Pets Ravage
  • Looks at Rumble, and the two nod at each other


Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Job: Character Stage
The area of the universe where the Dire Wraiths, Rom's arch-enemies, resides. This would take place in the space station of "The Keep", which acts as a guard to the system's Black Sun. Wraithworld, the Dire Wraith homeworld, can be seen in the background; For various instances in the stage, an foggy, black cloud would cover part of the battleground, making it difficult for players to be seen.
Resubmitting this.

Pepsi Convoy
Time Traveler Twilight Sparkle
Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash
White Ranger Tommy Oliver


Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
As of yesterday, our 35 Character Base Game roster has been completed.
(Visual Coming Soon)​
Additionally, our last stage vote will be held today. With that said, I feel it fitting to start with the jobs first this time around.

Open Discussion: How do you feel about the final roster?
Simply put: State your opinion on our roster thus far. How do you feel about the characters chosen? The amount of series represented? Any characters you feel missed out? Any characters you're glad made it in? Any changes you would make to the roster personally?
Whatever the case, any thoughts you have can be shared!

Roster Statistics
A total of 18 different series are represented on the roster! Going in order of most characters to least:
Transformers: 6
Power Rangers: 5
My Little Pony: 4
Hasbro Gaming: 4
  • Monopoly (1)
  • Candyland (1)
  • Cranium (1)
  • Cluedo (1)
G.I. Joe: 3
Dungeons & Dragons: 3
Magic: The Gathering: 2
Potato Head: 1
Beyblade: 1
Play-Doh: 1
ROM: Space Knight: 1
Jem & The Holograms: 1
Stretch Armstrong: 1
Action Man: 1
Peppa Pig: 1
Not including the customizable D&D Avatar, approximately 30% of the roster are women!
16 Characters were first place winners in the votes!

Uh. I ran out of ideas for statistics. Moving on!
And here we are, at the final stage vote! Honestly we got plenty of great submissions all around, enough to fill out the remainder of our stage count! So, without further ado, our nominees are:
Just to briefly showcase what the Cranium Board looks like:
And with that, these are our final base game nomination stages. Totally nothing more after that. Nope.
In any case, this is a pretty great line-up of representative stages; I was hoping to see perhaps The Clock Tower, Savage Land, or Menzoberranzon, but we already have plenty of stages for those series so that definitely makes sense. This means there's a high chance that these final stages will all represent new series!
And with that underway, vote for your Top 4. The 4 stages at the top will make it into the game and fill out the stagelist for good, atleast until DLC rolls around.

I have opted to leave the Costume votes for another day just to leave some room for this vote to breath. Otherwise, that's all I have for today!
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Deleted member

1. Dark Nebula
2. Star Stage
3. Windy Hill
4. Play-Doh Island


Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
1. Dark Nebula
2. Cranium Board
3. Doh-Doh Island
4. Windy Hill

All great nominations for stages.

Personally, I feel our roster is pretty good. We have a lot of Hasbro IPs represented, a good chunk of fighters being female and as I would expect, Transformers, Power Rangers and My Little Pony have a good amount of fighters given they are the biggest Hasbro IPs out there as of today. I also love the fact we have obscure IPs like R.O.M., Action Man and Cranium that got fighters as well. I do feel we could have squeezed in one more big 80s Hasbro brand like M.A.S.K. or Pound Puppies with a fighter but DLC is there for us to use it. I can't really complain about the roster as I think we did a good job making it for sure.

I do not know if the Beyblade Stadium variants job is open still but...

Beyblade Stadium Variant:

Lion's Lair Stadium



Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
DAY 56
Coming in a little bit late but that's okay! As of now, the final stage vote has officially wrapped, and, wow, it was extremely eventful!
Since I had you rank your top 4, the top place got 4 points, and going down it went 3, 2, 1 point for each placement. Going with this, the points really piled up for certain stages. Our winners are...

In first place, at a whopping 21 points is...
Hey that's not right; Let me zoom in a little...
The Dark Nebula is the first of the last stages! I believe this actually came second place the last time it was in a vote, so it's very fitting it wins first place this time. ROM is a very big get for me on this roster so having a home stage for the series is absolutely perfect!

Now, in second place, at 14 Points is...
Doh-Doh Island, the home stage of our playable Play-Doh cup, as nominated by AlteredBeast AlteredBeast !
Play-Doh lends itself very well to stage so I'm a but surprise it took this long to get one! Regardless, it's here now, and honestly this is a very unique stage so I'm glad to have it!

In 3rd place, with a last minute vote by tonygameman tonygameman bringing it to 12 points, is...
Star Stage, representing the popstar Jem, nominated by @Darkonedagger! Another huge point of representation for our stage line-up, so again, awesome for this to happen!
I think visually a Jem stage would just be fantastic. There also plenty of opportunities to incorporate tropes from the show into this, making it a really good way to represent Jem location-wise.

Now, if you notice, both 2nd and 3rd place were very close in votes. For our very final stage, and, this is a bit unbelievable, but they got really close in the votes with a tie!
Windy Hill/Castle
Cranium Board
Now... normally I would hold a tie breaker vote, but both of these stages winning actually ties into something I want to do today. So, at 10 points each, both Windy Hill (representing Peppa Pig) and Cranium Board (representing the Cranium gang) will be included! Congratulations to Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP !

Unfortunately, Vyrn didn't quite make it, with only 3 points. It looks like a fantastic locale, so perhaps for DLC!
As promised, the costume votes are happening today! I'm going to go over this just briefly and provide links a bit later, but just to let you all know, this will be a Yes or No styled vote, so you know the drill.
More Costume jobs for the base game will happen, so don't fret if you didn't get a costume in yet.
  • Black-Tint Pink Ranger (Jen Scotts)
  • Silver Pennybags
  • Transformers: Animated Bumblebee
  • Netflix Stretch Armstrong
  • 2015 Movie Jem
  • Silver Speeder Driver Action Man
  • Mrs. Potato Head
  • 1985 Movie Colonel Mustard
  • 2017 Movie Rita Repulsa
  • Classic Hood Cobra Commander
  • Pepsi Convoy Optimus Prime
  • Time Traveler Twilight Sparkle
  • Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash
  • White Ranger Tommy Oliver
Yeah um... I realize this is a lot of names for ah uh. For a Y/N vote. So scratch what I said, we're doing a Strawpoll!
If this poll gets no, then I'll hold a specific vote for which costumes won't be included tomorrow. Going forward I will only be allowing 1-2 submission per Costume Job, so hopefully that will help make the nominations more thin.
On another note, Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP , when you said G1 Pinkie Pie, I will note that Pinkie Pie does not actually exist in G1. So, to clarify, did you mean the G1 Pony she was inspired by, Surprise, as an alt, or the G3 Pinkie Pie design?
(Speaking of Surprise...)
Surprise, f*cker!

Base Game BONUS Job: Nominate any Guest Character!
Remember when I said earlier that the 2 tied stages would tie-in later with a job I had planned for today?
Well... here it is! As a massive thanks to Smashboards, and, nore specifically all of you, for making this thread bigger than I possibly could've hoped, and for continuing to participate through every job, I am having one bonus character join this roster, Piranha-Plant style! And, to fill out a popular, popular request since Day 1 of this thread, that bonus character is of course, a GUEST character!

We did discuss a while back what type of guests character would be allowed, but I can't say we reached a definitive conclusion. So... what better way to nail this down than a no-holds barred guest character job, which, depending on the most popular votes, will determine the outcome of what type of guest jobs will be held in the future! This guest character will also get their own stage, rounding out our stage count to 42, so that will be held later next week.

Only 1 rule for Guests I will allow; They have to fit into one of the following categories:
  • From another Toy company​
  • From an IP Hasbro has licensed (Yes, this will include the NBA)​
  • A character that has crossed over with Hasbro or Tomy​
  • An 80's/90's multimedia franchise that rivals Hasbro/Tomy IPs​
As long as the character fits on of these criteria, now matter how narrow or obscure, they are allowed!

And with that, let the chaos commence...

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Wario Wario Wario

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Sep 3, 2017
Heffer for NASB 2
Generally Mattel does most of this character's toys AFAIK, but there have been a few Hasbro and Tomy-made models and Hasbro toys appear in his movies - plus I think he falls under criteria #4 anyway

Calling Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!

This is the toy Buzz, not the TV cartoon or real world/live action movie (it's ambigious) Buzz. One of the most iconic toys ever imagined (even if he's infamously known to be tricky to adapt in full to the medium), he'd use his Karate Chop Action, blink everyone to death with his scary laser, and - of course - fall with style. Perhaps we could even fit in his Spanish dancing.

Can't help but wonder what he'd think of the much friendlier Hasbro-canon Mr. Potato Head...

I'll try to submit a Peppa moveset eventually, I'll have to look into the moveset style first
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Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Generally Mattel does most of this character's toys AFAIK, but there have been a few Hasbro and Tomy-made models and Hasbro toys appear in his movies - plus I think he falls under criteria #4 anyway

Calling Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!

This is the toy Buzz, not the TV cartoon or real world/live action movie (it's ambigious) Buzz. One of the most iconic toys ever imagined (even if he's infamously known to be tricky to adapt in full to the medium), he'd use his Karate Chop Action, blink everyone to death with his scary laser, and - of course - fall with style. Perhaps we could even fit in his Spanish dancing.

I'll try to submit a Peppa moveset eventually, I'll have to look into the moveset style first
This reminds me, I was considering submitting M3gan from the recent movie as a joke. Maybe I still should. Damn.

In any case this counts so you're good!
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Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC


I probably know even less about Mattel than what I know about Hasbro, but while I could nominate He-Man, I'm going to nominate his arch-nemesis (and the guy whose voice you hear when you think of Papyrus from Undertale talking), Skeletor. The lord of Snake Mountain (not Castle Grayskull, despite the name), an evil sorcerer, and a weirdly buff guy with a human skull for a face, Skeletor wants nothing less than to conquer the universe!

Also, he's Frank Langella's favourite role, probably because he gets to overact like crazy and nobody can stop him.



Smash Champion
Jan 26, 2021
Wherever good books are sold.
Hmmm... guest characters...

"A character that has crossed over with Hasbro or Tomy"

...nope, don't even need to think about this one.

Red (Angry Birds)

Angry Birds was a worldwide phenomenon in the early 2010s, and even if its popularity has waned since, it still has a dedicated following of loyal fans. More relevantly to this thread, though, Angry Birds crossed over with the world of Transformers in Angry Birds Transformers, a game which still sees updates to this very day. Plus, Hasbro produced the line of Telepod toys relased for AB Transformers, Star Wars II, Go, and Stella. Clearly, Rovio and Hasbro have had a pretty good relationship over the years.

In battle, Red could call on the other members of his flock, abilities from spinoffs such as Angry Birds Epic, and do what he does best - Smash through enemy defenses! Since this is a Hasbro thread, we could even lean a little into Angry Birds Transformers a bit for extra content.

Angry Birds isn't a very toy-centric franchise, but I'd love to have Red join the roster.


Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
Alright...I thought about this for a little while.

It's time to submit a character who has had history with Tomy as well as the fact, he is now owned by Mattel.

Introducing without further ado...

The little locomotive with his color so blue.

Next Stop Coming Up:

Thomas the Tank Engine!


Given this is going to be the "Pirahna Plant" bonus character, I thought I would go with a joke pick as well as a way to represent PBS Kids: Brawltime! in this game. But...none the less, Thomas is the perfect bonus joke character.

Believe it or not, Thomas kind of started off as a toy as his creator, Wilbert Awdry made a toy of Thomas in 1945 from a wooden broomstick and scraps of wood for his son Christopher during World War II. Since then, this lead to the creation of The Railway Series and even a television series. Thomas has had toys made by Tomy as well as buy Mattel since they bought out HiT Entertainment in 2012/2013. He's technically a former TOMY licensed rep and a Mattel rep as well, best of both worlds!

Thomas can have a funny moveset referencing various railway duties he performs from shuting trucks, pulling coaches, etc. We can reference the Classic Series, Railway Series...even the (dare I say) reboot being All Engines Go! He can even have a resource management gimmick with coal and water for him to be able to fight like how steam engines need coal and water. He probably would not have a jump but we can use Cranky the Crane as his Up Special as a reference to the episode, Creaky Cranky. Simply put it, Thomas would be a funny joke and bonus character given he has a lot of history in the toy industry as well as being a rival to Optimus Prime. He's the really useful engine we adore.

Plus, if we could, if Thomas gets in, I wonder if we can add some of the Tomy/Plarail Thomas toys to the Tomica/Plarail stage. Overall, a very funny joke pick representing a character from a franchise who's toy heavy and has history with both TOMY and Mattel.

Deleted member


Darth Vader
I know Vader is kind of an overdone guest character. But Star Wars toys are iconic and Hasbro has made several. SW has crossed over with the likes of Transformers and Mr. Potato Head. Also the idea of Vader fighting a My Little Pony is funny
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Writing Team
May 17, 2020
Ice Paradise
Super Combination Robot

Knockoff toys have always been pretty widespread in the realm of Transformers, and I think it would be really funny to call back to that with one of the most popular off-brand autobots. Or decepticons. Or whatever the hell this thing is trying to be. He's actually made of parts from, according to this YouTube video (possible spoiler warning as I haven't watched all of it), "Omega Supreme from Transformers, the Vehicle Voltron, the Lion Voltron, and a figure called Eagle & Robo released by a company called Yonezawa."

As for his moveset...I think he could do like, anything? Just look at this guy. Buzzsaw shield, big ol' sword, who knows what else. He can also turn into a fighter jet with wheels, which is pretty slick.
Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 16-42-36 BlueBraixen Reviews - Episode 2 Super Combination Robot B_O ...png


Smash Lord
Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
So, here's the thing. Toys have a lot of potential to cover, so much ground in fact that it's difficult to picture specific toys that have gone on to fundamentally shift the very way in which the toy industry has moved forward. I think, looking back, there's a very small number of toys that could have had such a prominent effect - maybe the Rubik's Cube, possibly Barbie, arguably the He-Man line - but one springs to mind that we might not get another chance to promote simply for not being notable enough in the modern climate to make sense as a DLC pick. Of course, I'm stretching the definition of a "toy" a little here, but...

Character Name: Mametchi
Character Origin: Tamagotchi (1996)


Think of a controversial thing that caused worldwide moral panics in the 1990s. No, not Pokemon. No, not Mortal Kombat either. No, not America's questionable milit- IT'S TAMAGOTCHI, OKAY?

Tamagotchi took the world by storm upon its inception and worldwide release in 1996, essentially singlehandedly birthing the "digital pet" genre of video game as well as introducing for perhaps the first time the prominence of trends in toy sales. That latter point would go on to be very notable (source: those Crazybandz things from the mid 2000s that some random corporate shill is trying to make a thing again on TikTok and also has NFTs because of course they do), and essentially defined the movement of toys in the modern era to be less... toyetic, and more "trendy." Tamagotchi was the original "item as a fashion statement", in a sense - evolving the more traditional conception of "fashionable items" to include things that you might not expect - and it sort of unintentionally kicked off the dominance of the iPhone, too, so there's that.

Despite the Tamagotchi series being on a bit of a downturn in recent years here in the West, it's continued to exist as a multimedia franchise ever since its inception, and still has some residual recognisability from simply how much of a tour de force it was in its glory years. It maintains a particularly high degree of popularity in Eastern markets, mostly due to the series' Japanese origin and sensibilities, though even today the name has some recognition behind it. In terms of moveset and character choice, I went with Mametchi mostly because they're the series' main icon (to the point of even appearing in Mario Kart Arcade GP at one point!) Their moveset would mostly include aspects from throughout the Tamagotchi series - basic interpretations of care and affection reinterpreted as attacks, as well as references to plenty of Tamagotchi minigames - but including elements of Mametchi's own mischevious side.

As for where it fits in:
  • From another Toy company - Check! Tamagotchi was developed by Bandai, who are best-known for their toy output - as well as their merger with Namco, of course, but they still produce toys to this very day.
  • From an IP Hasbro has licensed (Yes, this will include the NBA) - Cross. From my (admittedly limited) research, this hasn't happened yet. (But if they get in - it will! In our minds and hearts, at least!)
  • A character that has crossed over with Hasbro or Tomy - Cross, unfortunately. From what I can tell, Mametchi hasn't crossed over with Hasbro or Tomy itself in any official capacity, but a quick Google search indicates that Tomy has and is distributing them (even though they're Bandai-owned.) Whilst Mametchi themselves haven't met up with Twilight Sparkle or Optimus Prime yet, I think they're in a good spot.
  • An 80's/90's multimedia franchise that rivals Hasbro/Tomy IPs - Check!... sort of. Whilst the Tamagotchi series never directly rivaled Hasbro or Tomy's own output (as in like, He-Man vs Transformers or something), its existence as a 90s multimedia franchise does technically fulfil this category.
So, yeah! Bit of a weirder submission all around, but I think Mametchi has a lot of potential for this category and role specifically, and feels like a natural (and fun!) guest character to toss in for some flavour. Hope you like!
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Smash Lord
Sep 12, 2012
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Mainly as a callback to Dream Mix TV Fighters, which also had Transformers and Beyblade. It would be even more incongruous here, with Potato Heads and Ponies running around. Which is exactly why I’d want him in! Plus he does fit pretty well with GI Joe, at least.


Smash Lord
Sep 26, 2021
Before i submit a character,i'll put a song

Yes,it's him,the biggest iconic superhero and my favorite superhero!



Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) is a marvel superhero, he is a teenager that gained spider powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider,also Peter lost his uncle and he learned about having responsiblity and he turned a superhero. Spider-Man is the most iconic Marvel superhero, having various cartoons,movies,video games,toys,novels and comics.

Why Spider-Man in Hasbro's Game Night Fight?
Like i said,Spider-Man have various types of media,incluing toys,Spider-Man is kinda the Marvel's mascot and Marvel and Hasbros have history of their collabs. some examples are: Transformers and GI Joe have comics published by Marvel,Super Hero Squad was started as toyline and the collection Marvel Legends.

Infinity Sorcerer

Smash Champion
Sep 24, 2020
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Gonna throw my idea...

I was near to submit either Gundam or Kamen Rider because I think the Gundam vs Transformers and Power Rangers vs Kamen Rider matchs are very cool but I think the best thing is going for an actual toy...and between the most popular toys there are the Legos!

I loooove Lego, I was raised by those bricks and kinda builded (heh) the person that I am. But bias asides they are definitively a very iconic toy that has decades in the market and would have a very cool moveset with the theme of construction. I'm honestly thinking in or go with a general Lego theme or try to focus in either Lego City or going with Ninjago (thought I think if I was submitting Ninjago I should write this post different) but anyway, Legos are cool!


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Aug 4, 2022
Job: Guest Character
Before I move on into today's jobs, I did want to submit a character I an very passionate about. A very obvious one, and famous in the toy world; Yes, you know exactly who I'm talking about, and honestly, it is mind-boggling to me this character was never nominated up until now.

I will be nominating:

He-Man... 's sister She-Ra!
Franchise: Masters of the Universe

Yeah, uh. I'm serious I ain't submitting He-Man.
Anyway, SHE-RA is a character I very much want in this roster and given how MOTU is practically the biggest rival toy franchise to Hasbro's line-up (barring Lego), it's justified (and likely to get) multiple characters included at some point. But if we're talking wants right now, She-Ra is mine, and honestly given that she's a protagonist of MOTU her inclusion would fit quite quite well in my opinion.

So quick refresher for those who don't know: She-Ra was a sister series to He-Man, quite literally centered around his sister, Princess Adora, and her alter-ego She-Ra, on the planet of Etheria (different from Eternia, He-Man's home planet). Originally being brainwashed into the Evil Horde, He-Man met her and gave her the Sword of Protection, which magically transformed Adora into the hero she would be known as from then forth; This was the primary entry point for Mattel's female centric characters in the MOTU, uh, universe. Unfortunately it did somewhat die out as a brand, until the Netflix reboot which brought her back into mainstream popularity.

Though just as an FYI, the HGNF She-Ra would likely be more based on the classic 1985 rendition, just taking aspects from Netflix as well. In either case she has a ton of abilities at her disposal - firstly, she is a transformation character, so she can switch from Adora to She-Ra with the power of her sword, much like He-Man can become Adam and vice versa. Additionally, as She-Ra, she has multiple different abilities to use in battle:
  • Transforming her sword into other weapons (Shields, Boomerangs, Lassos, etc.)
  • Superbreath
  • Self-healing
  • Aura Generation
  • Telepathy
  • Can summon and ride a talking pegasus faster than the speed of light

You know, fairly ordinary stuff all things considered.
I was going to do a full moveset but I do wanna actually get the new day started for y'all, so this is about all I can do, unfortunately.
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Aug 4, 2022
DAY 57
Before I start, here are the results of the costume poll:
Screenshot 2023-02-07 120127.png
All of the previously nominated costumes will be included! Not too much of a surprise since they're all pretty warranted costume submissions. I may as well hold another one today whilst the vote is going on, as well. In any case, I will be adding all of these costumes to the official Costume Archive... later. Also, Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP , please let me know which Pinkie Pie costume you wanted to include.

Also, I did forget previously but as for the Beyblade Stadiums, both of the previously nominated Arenas are being included. Since nobody else submitted any, I'll be filling the rest up by default, which shouldn't be too hard.

With that out of the way...
I ended up counting all of our guest nominations, and holy SH*T, we ended with a total of 14, the same amount as our highest participated character job, that being the very first Hasbro job. Thank you all so much!
And as for the variety of submissions, well, take a look for yourself:
What a line-up. Of course there are a couple of glaring omissions but I'm interested in seeing how things play out this way.
Okay, so since the Top 4 ranking worked out with the stages, I'm going to be allowing a Top 4 here as well, but keep in mind only 1 fighter will be joining. Go ahead and start cashing in the votes!
Normally this would be a Sunday job, which is a reflection day. I had to postpone this by 2 days, so uh, sorry. BUT, it's not like we had important sh*t to go over anyway, since practically all of the content is done, so that's fine.

Open Discussion: How is the final stage line-up?
I feel like the stages are as equally important to talk about as the characters. Well, maybe not, but it's a huge thing and we did just wrap-up the stage vote, minus the bonus stage. We ended with a whopping 41 stages, so I figure it's a good time to look back on the stages so far and convey your thoughts. Any stages you feel are missing? Any you want to see in DLC? Did we pick the wrong stage for a certain series? etc. etc.

Job: Write a Release Date Trailer
I wanted to do a little special thing for the next trailer write-up job; I don't believe we have an official release date of any kind, so a dedicated trailer for it is definitely in the cards. The date can be fake or real, in any case it doesn't really matter; Hell you can just write "Release Date". This is moreso just a concept for one, after all.
The only criteria is that a release date is revealed somewhere, and no more than 2 characters can be revealed (if any); Otherwise this can be done similarly to the E3/Reveal trailers we had a while back. Go knock yourself out!

Job: Nominate ONE-to-TWO alternate costume!
Self-explanatory. We'll only be doing one-to-two this time around since last time we got a bit too many (whoops).

Job: Create a moveset for Jace Beleren
I wanted to get the ball rolling on movesets, and I felt since Jace is our only Wizard here, we could give him his own dedicated moveset job. With that said, that's about it for today.

Movesets and Arcade Endings for any Character are open indefinitely!
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Aug 4, 2022
  1. Solid Snake
  2. She-Ra
  3. Skeletor
  4. Mametchi
Definitely think a MOTU character should be priority, but I have a bias for Snake so he's getting my top vote! Mametchi was also a really creative submission that I hope gets more votes at some point.


Generation 2 Megatron
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