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Guide Gyro Reverse Throw

Jun 22, 2016
XenobladeChespin submitted a new guide:

Gyro Reverse Throw - This guide describes the process and usage of reverse throwing the Gyro.

Reverse Throwing the Gyro is a technique that R.O.B. can perform. All characters with items can reverse throw, but as I play R.O.B., I will describe the application and usage for him.

How To Reverse Throw

Reverse Throwing is pretty self explanatory. When R.O.B. is holding the gyro, he can throw it in all 4 directions, being up, down, left, and right. Reverse Throwing is the process of throwing your item in the direction your character is not facing in the air. Set up your reverse...
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Mar 28, 2015
Well, you somehow convinced me that this is more or less a technique, but I want to say a few things.
  • You might want to note that a turnaround/B reverse gyro cancel can also have the same effect. but only when you don't have the gyro out
  • "Throwing backwards makes you enter the same throwing animation as throwing forwards" is actually incorrect; there's different frame data for when you throw the item forward as backwards, so I'm pretty sure there's a different animation.
  • I'd also argue that using the gyro to turn around isn't really worth it, but stuff like this can always end up in my play anyway I guess

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Aug 21, 2013
Everything is a technique. But not everything is an AT.

If you want to Bair edgeguarders then you could also try reversing with ^B and then using a Z-Drop Bair where you recatch the Gyro during the Bair. I do not know if you know about Z-Dropping but if you do not then you should try it since it is pretty neat for using Aerials while holding your Gyro without losing your Gyro.
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