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Midwest GV Grand Prix 6 (Pre-registration is Open)

GV Grand Prix 6 (Pre-registration is Open)
Posted by T r a n
Room 2204 Pere Marquette Room
Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 11:00 AM
Until: Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 11:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: America/New_York

This event has expired and has no upcoming dates

T r a n

Smash Cadet
Apr 16, 2014
Holland, MI

GV Grand Prix 6
A Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project M, and Smash 4 WiiU Tournament
October 31, 2015
Allendale, MI

The Grand Valley State University Super Smash Bros. Club is running a new Halloween installment of our tournament series!

  • Our venue has enough space to support well over 100 unique entrants and plenty of setups.
  • Just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, GVSU has free parking on Saturdays, with convenient parking right next to the building, as well as space across the street, less than 2 minutes away.
  • Pre-registration instead of at the door registration will ensure the tournament runs on time.
  • We will have Melee Singles Pools, Melee Singles Bracket, Project M Singles Pools, Project M Singles Bracket, and Smash 4 bracket Guaranteeing plenty of tournament sets for newcomers.
  • There will be plenty of time for friendlies and spectating.

This semester we're running pre-registration to ensure a more well organized tournament. Prospective attendees may register at:


The following fees are:
$5 Venue Fee - Refunded at the venue if you bring a Melee, Project M 3.6, or
Afull Smash4 setup including CRT TV (OR FLAT SCREEN TV + GAMECUBE ADAPTOR FOR SMASH 4) BEFORE the game's event starts!!
$10 Melee Singles (with pools)
$10 Project M Singles (with Pools)
$5 Smash 4 Singles
$1 Dorfball (Single Elimination bracket, limit to 32 players)

NOTE: You may not enter both Melee and Smash 4 singles, you may however enter both Project M and Smash 4 Singles, or Melee and Project M Singles.
Registration will close at 11 am on October 29.

At The Door Payments:

At the Door payment will be available if you cannot guarantee yourself at the event, however there are some down falls to this, these are:

-If you enter melee singles you will be assigned unseeded into a death pool which may also be a bracket pool if there are a large amount of people present.
-If you enter PM singles you will be assigned unseeded into a death pool which may also be a bracket pool if there are a large amount of people present.
-If you enter Smash4 singles you will be unseeded in the bracket. This is because we cannot guarantee your attendance and it will screw with seeding too much.
-There will also be a $10 venue fee charged instead of a $5 venue fee. This is a convenience fee due to more work that now has to be done before the tournament starts in order to run the event smoothly.
***I still recommend you pre-register and pay online as this will get you the best seeding, will get you the most sets, and is the cheapest option!***
But if that isn't an option for you for whatever reason you can now pay when you arrive. Just a reminder though you still have to register online at smashgg even if you pay at the door, you cannot show up the day of without pre registering.


*****Tentative Schedule (Subject to change for now - Will post in the event page if any changes are made):

10:30 AM – Venue Opens
12 PM – Wave 1 Pools (PM and Melee)
1:15 – Wave 2 Pools
2:30 – Food Break
3:00 – Dorfball
4:00 – Melee Singles and Smash 4 Singles Bracket
5:00 – Melee Singles AM Bracket
7:00 – PM Singles Bracket
8:00 – PM Singles AM Bracket
11:00 – Venue Closes


For all events:
If <32 entrants, 60/30/10 pay out to winners.
If 32-79 entrants, 50/25/15/10 pay out to winners.
If >80 entrants, 45/25/15/10/2.5(x2) pay out to winners.


  • Melee setups must be either GameCube with Melee disc/memory card, a Wii with Melee disc/memory card, or a Wii with vanilla Melee ISO/memory card. NO HACKED VERSIONS, INCLUDING 20XX. If you bring these, you must have a vanilla Melee ISO also on the Wii, or else you will not be eligible for the venue fee refund.
  • Smash 4 setups must have a WiiU + Smash 4 disc + Gamecube Adaptor + Flatscreen TV.
  • No custom texture hacks or stages allowed for any smash game. Custom music is fine.
  • Full setups for the venue fee refund must be one of the above with a CRT TV (or Smash 4 flatscreen). All equipment is recommended to bring to help us run the tournament, however.
  • Power Strips/surge protectors and/or extension cables if you have them, not mandatory though.


We recommend you get food during the pool wave you are not in or during Melee doubles/PM singles if you chose not to enter the events. We will disqualify you if you hold up the bracket or your pool. There is a subway down on the bottom floor that most smashers used at the last tournament. There are also countless of other restaurants (fast food and sit down) less than 2 miles away on Lake MI drive.

What to Bring:

  • A setup and/or equipment if you can :)
  • Your own controller, the GVSU Smash Club has spare controllers, but there are a limited amount.
  • A carpool if possible
  • Phone, keys, wallet, lol
  • A good attitude

RULESET can be found in Cisyphus' (Yata!) post below, with neat spoilers that I can't use yet.

Near the area? Join our Facebook group:


Smash Ace
May 2, 2014
Grand Rapids, MI

- Players who fail to report to their match within 5 minutes of it being announced will lose their first game of the match. After 10 minutes without reporting to their match, players will be disqualified from the tournament.
- NO COACHING IN GAME, OR BETWEEN GAMES. Leave it to before and after tournament sets please.
- Bracket matches take priority over friendlies and money matches. The TO reserves the right to prematurely end any match.
- Non-first party controllers must be inspected by TO staff before use in tourney.
- Wireless controllers are discouraged due to interference and unreliability.
- The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.
- Any hacks or mods applied to a setup may be inspected by a TO, who reserves the right to have those hacks disabled if they are deemed inappropriate for tournament play.
- Items set to OFF and NONE.
- 4 stock, 8:00 timer
- Pause set to Off or Hold. A pause which disrupts gameplay may result in the initiator losing a stock.
- Sets are played best two out of three games, with Loser's Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals matches being played best three out of five.
- Dave's Stupid Rule - Players may not counterpick any stage that they won on. Winners may choose not to invoke DSR.
- Gentleman's Clause - Players may play on any stage if agreed on by all players.
- If a game times out, the winner is determined by stock, and then percentage. If both stock and percentage are the same, the game should be replayed in full.
- If Sudden Death occurs at the end of the game, play a one stock, three minute game with the same characters and stage.
- Giga Bowser, Master Hand, etc. are banned.

Playing a Set
1. Best of one Rock Paper Scissors for port priority if requested.
2. Double Blind character selection if requested.
3. Highest port priority strikes first. (Gentleman Rule)
4. Strike order (number refers to which player is striking):
Melee: 1-2-1
Project M: 1-2-1
Play Game
5. Winner bans stages. Bans may be reapplied per game.
6. Loser selects stage.
7. (Optional) Winner selects character.
8. Loser selects character.
9. Repeat steps 5-8 until set is complete.

Melee Specific Rules
- Wobbling is allowed.
- Bans: Winner may ban one stage per game.
- No bans in best of 5 sets

Project M Specific Rules
- The loser of a game may counterpick ports if desired
- Bans: Winner may ban 3 stages per game
Yoshi's Story
Pokemon Stadium 2

Green Hill Zone
Wario Land
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination
Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
Delfino's Secret
Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination

Pokemon Stadium
Time set to 10:00

Team Attack set to Off

Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story

Both players choose Captain Falcon and play on the same team, a level 1 Ganondorf CPU is added on a different team. Random stage is chosen for the first game (or gentleman’s agreement). WF/LF/GF will be best of 3 and the loser chooses stage.

Lowest port number defends the left side, higher port defends the right side. Every time the Ganondorf dies off the side a point is awarded to the player attacking that side. Falcon punches that KO off the side count as two points. Any KOs off the top or bottom do not count as points, play resumes immediately as soon as the Ganondorf respawns. SDing does not affect the score at all and own goals are possible (ie reverse knee that KOs Ganondorf off the side you're defending means the opponent gets a point).

If 10 minutes passes the player with the most points wins, if it is tied after time a 2 minute match is played on the same stage (not golden goal).
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