Greninja's F-smash should have a backward hitbox (hear me out on this one)


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Jan 20, 2019
If you main Greninja then you must know his smash attacks pretty well of course and how they look, knockback, percent, etc. But I believe that Greninja's F-smash should have a very small hitbox behind him that would deal about 2.2% or less depending on how the f-smash is charged, and have a small stun like Falco's lasers but way weaker. The reason I think It should have a small hitbox behind him because of the way Greninja swings the water sword around him from behind to his front, it would just make sense. But this hitbox would only take effect when the f-smash is charged for a little not when it's just immediately released. Even though the hitbox may seem useless having a backward hitbox on an f-smash but it might prove useful in some situations, let's say if your opponent is on the ledge and you start charging an f-smash because you think they are going the roll back onto the stage, but you've accidentally misjudged the distance you need to be so your opponent ends up behind you, with the hitbox you could hit them for a little you'll probably end up getting punished even with the backward hitbox but it would visually make sense, Greninja swings the sword from behind him therefore hitting his opponent from behind. It may be a great combo starter for something idk. Just so you can see what I'm talking about (for someone that wouldn't know Greninja to well) go into training mode with Greninja and any other character, it doesn't matter, get as close as possible to the opponent then f-smash facing away from your opponent, you'll see the sword will go through the opponent and that is what i"m talking about there is a perfect spot for a small hitbox. I've been thinking about that for a little while and I just wanted to voice my opinion somewhere someone might read it. Please reply your own opinion.

This is a few minutes after making my point above. But I also believe that 2 more moves of Greninja's should have small hitboxes behind Greninja. While playing around in training mode I slowed down speed to 1/4 and I started looking at some of Greninja's aerials. His f-air is similar to his f-smash where the water sword also comes from behind to his front. That would also make sense to have a small hitbox behind but since you can't charge up Greninja's aerial the backward hitbox could do about 1% with very little stun. And also Greninja's water shuriken should have a hitbox similar to Lucario's and Mewtwo's Aura Sphere, when the Aura sphere is charged it can hit the opponent from behind a few times because of the way they charge it in their hands behind their bodies. Greninja's Water Shuriken should be able to do that when charged because he charges his Water Shuriken in the same stance as Lucario and Mewtwo. Even though Greninja's Water Shuriken cannot be stored like Lucario's and Mewtwo's Aura Sphere can, it would still make sense to have the backwards hitbox. I know I may sound like I'm trying to make Greninja op but let us not forget the smash 4 mega-nerf... just kidding. But we all know that some moves in the game have some questionable hitboxes.
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