Greninja Drag Down Guide - Smash Ultimate


Smash Champion
Jan 7, 2019
One tip worth mentioning is the criticality of using the C-stick to perform the dragdown. I know that you mention the C-stick along with mapping jump to a shoulder button, but one issue I always had when trying to learn this tech was the fact that the opponent always seemed to be able to escape the Up-Air after my dash attack because I would take too long to press jump and then Up on the C-stick, then down on the left stick. The opponent would also be able to DI away to escape the hitbox of my up air. What I discovered to fix that was that you could hold forward on the left stick while jumping, then continue to hold forward as you press up on the C-stick. This causes your Up Air hitbox to drift forward enough to catch an opponent even if they DI. After that, you just need to tap down on the left stick twice to force a fast fall which will complete the dragdown.
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