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GOML 2016: Smash 4 - feat. Nairo, Larry Lurr, Ally, MKLeo, iStudying and more!

The third installment of the annual "Get On My Level" series is going down from May 20-22nd, and it’s already smashed attendance records to become the largest Canadian tournament ever, with 489 entrants for Smash 4 singles. Downtown Toronto will serve as the meeting ground as Canada looks to defend its territory from the top Smash 4 talent coming from all over the world. With GOML 2015 featuring an all-Ontario Winner’s Finals, the local warriors will be looking to make an impression once more as some bigger, badder wolves come to town.

Poke vs Blacktwins, two players from Ontario meeting in Winner's Finals. An exciting Mario vs Luigi showdown!
Property of EvenMatchupGaming


The attendance list features the strongest players from all over the United States and the rest of the world, with top names such as Nairo, Ally, Larry Lurr, Mr.R, and Zinoto attending, among others. Nairo and Ally recently met in Ontario during EGLX, where they traded sets in dominating fashion. While TSM ZeRo has confirmed he won’t be competing, he's shown interest in showing up for commentary and friendlies, perhaps showing a sneak peek of what his return to form will be like.

Ally vs Nairo at EGLX on May 1st, 2016. Both sides showing some incredible play, it'll be exciting if a rematch happens! Property of ClashTournaments.

Perhaps the biggest stories will be involving the international juggernauts, iStudying and MK Leo. There was a slight controversy with MK Leo, as he wasn’t sure if he was able to attend due to the wait on his Visa application (and registration had already closed prior to him confirming his attendance), but after an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, he was given the thumbs up to compete. This will be Leo’s first tournament outside of Mexico, and with such stacked attendance, the world will be watching to see what this 15 year-old Meta Knight titan will do on unfamiliar ground.

So now the question is: who will take GOML 2016? Will it be a Nairo-Ally rematch from EGLX? Will Leo continue his reign and grab the tournament over the top players from all around the world? Or will players such as Larry Lurr, Mr. R, or Zinoto bring home the gold for their respective regions? Needless to say, it’ll be an exciting and entertaining Top 32!


With all the international talent in attendance, Canada will be looking to send their finest to defend their homeland. The West Coast provinces of Alberta and British Columbia will be sending Alphicans's Little Mac, 2manycooks's Dr. Mario, and Firefly's Yoshi to represent the west, while the Maritimes self-funded a bus to send a whopping 46 troops from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Local giants in Ontario such as Blacktwins, V115, Poke, and Chrim Foisch will all be looking to represent their home, with Blacktwins and Chrim having recent wins on Ally and Nairo, respectively. Ally will be in attendance with the Quebec killers such as SuperGirl Kels, Holy, and Venom (with three of these four having taken Top 8 at EGLX).


Crews for Smash 4 will be taking place on Friday on the EGE Official Stream. While Quebec and British Columbia won’t be represented, Ontario and Michigan are showing up in full force with ‘A’ and ‘B’ squads, and talent from all over the Maritimes will be looking to make a name for themselves. Here is the challonge for the crews tournament, and the hype trailer as made by the EMG crew:

Credit to EvenMatchupGaming for the trailer work. The players will be hungry to earn their region respect!


Smash 4’s metagame is growing at an incredible rate, and this weekend will serve to kick off a summer full of crazy tournaments, insane upsets, and the most memorable highlights yet. Check out the smash.gg page to follow brackets, streams, and to cash in on the Fantasy draft. Be sure to check the streaming schedule; there will be no shortage of Smash 4 content over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Is there a Smash 4 player you’re looking forward to seeing play? Excited to see which region wins the crews? Let us know in the comments below!


This sounds like it's going to be very healthy for what appears to be a finalized metagame. Now, people gotta get working on putting low tiers on the map.
Gonna be real guys, I TOTALLY FORGOT about M2K and ANTi.

(Watch as they both make it to Grand Finals and make me look like the ultimate dweebus).
Ally 1st and Nairo 4th...my two favorite players in top 8!!!
Feels good man x)
Ally is annoying. He plays too aggressively and recklessly. He tries to make jank look like he knew what he was doing. Remember the kill at 0% off the top on that sonic?
Ally is annoying. He plays too aggressively and recklessly. He tries to make jank look like he knew what he was doing. Remember the kill at 0% off the top on that sonic?
Looool ikr and that larry dunk from fthrow.
I honestly think that the only one who could've defeat Ally was Nairo.
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