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Go! I Choose You! The Alolan Geodude support thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
So this (like a lot of my posts) might seem like a joke, but keep in mind that this is completely serious!

What is Alolan Geodude?
A powerful pokémon from the Alola Region. It is a Rock Electric type that has appeared in only 2 pokémon game.

Why would that tiny thing be in SMASH?
While its definately not everyones favorite pokémon, it still has a great moveset & its widely known. And the alt potential is high since it has two forms!


Its 2 forms as depicted in the anime. See that a Kantonian Geodude is colored like dirt, and an Alolan Geodude has eyebrows & hair made of metal, & has a more grey color.

Like always, I'll deal with Kirby first:
He'd gain Geodude's metal hairs & eyebrows

Next, Let's deal with alts:
1. Normal

2. Kantonian
(No moveset changes, just looks kantonian)

3. Shiny
(Shiny alolan geodude)

4. Kantonian Shiny
(Shiny Kantonian Geodude)

5. Green
(Turns dark green, & his eyebrows & hair turn yellow)

6. Kantonian Green
(Turns dark green)

7. White
(Turns white, & metal filing turn red)

8. Kantonian Red
(Kantonian form turns dark red)

This would be the first time a pokemon has been added that changes forms with alt styles.


Using its design from Pokémon go would be pretty easy, as it often looks bolded in some instances.

I guess now it's time to create a moveset:

Nuetral -
(basic punches)

Side Tilt-
(Brick Break pokémon move)

Up Tilt- (Self Destruct Pokémon Move)
Self destructs, dealing sma damage amounts to itself, but damaging wa anything within a small diameter of itself.

Down Tilt- (similar to spark move)
She sends a small bolt of electricity forward, then caling it back afterwards.

N Air-
(She spins in the air using Gyro Ball, damaging anyone trying to get close)

D Air-
(Uses Brutal Swing Downwards)

B Air-
(Turns behind in the air & uses flame thrower. Then itnturns back around. This move can be turned around before it is set off.

U Air-
(Shoots up a skywards thunder punch move. It has a chance to paralyze an opponent)

Nuetral Special- Thunder Punch
(Just like its nuetral, except it uses thunder punch.)

U Special- Double Team Takedown
(She uses double team to create a single copy of herself that throws her upwards, & she uses thunder punch to travel higher and deal extra damage)

D Special- Thunder
(Same as pikachu)

Side Special- Roll Out
(She curls into a ball and rolls similarly to sonic, until she falls off the stage or hits an enemy)

Final Smash- Gigavolt Havoc
(Creates a box of electricity around the screen, knocking enemies back towards where they came from. The only way to get threw the lightning is with spawn protection or by being critical hitted out.)

Heres some taunts:

S - spark
She puts her hands together & brings them apart slowly as there is a thunderbolt inside

U - Double Up
She uses double team, & high fives her doppleganger

D - Hand Stand
She turns upsidedown & balances on her hands

What did you guys think of my work? Did I do good on the moveset? Do you think that Alolan Geodude in all her might could come to smash? Can't wait to read your thoughts!
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