Atlantic North Glitch 4 - a Regional Smash 4 Tournament ft. Dabuz, Mistake, Captain Zack, 6WX

Glitch 4 - a Regional Smash 4 Tournament ft. Dabuz, Mistake, Captain Zack, 6WX
Posted by TheTantalus
Xanadu Games
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 11:00 AM
Until: Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 11:00 PM
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May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
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Glitch 4 is Maryland's premier Smash for Wii U tournament where you will constantly see the unexpected and the unusual. Xanadu Games is back and bigger than ever! We've partnered with Laurel Park in Laurel Maryland to bring you the best possible tournament experience you could imagine!

## **Events**

* Smash 4 Singles (1v1 2 stock, 6 minutes) w/ Round Robin Pools
* Smash 4 Teams (2v2 3 stock, 8 minutes)
* Smash 4 Customs (TBD by you!)
* Amiibo Singles (2 stock, 6 minutes, NO EQUIPMENT)

## **Registration**

* Venue Fee (Cost to get in):
- Early bird rate of $20 until 3/23
- Standard Registration of $30 from 3/24-4/13
- Late Registration of $40 from 4/14-4/20 (4/20 is the final day to register)
* Singles Entry Fee: $10
* Doubles Entry Fee: $10 per person, or $20 per team.

## **Setup Discount**

Glitch will need about 12 setups from the community to run the most effectively, users will receive a $5 discount for providing their setup. If you want to provide your setup, sign up on the registration page.

## **Schedule [All Times EDT]**

* 10:00 AM: Laurel Park Opens/Xanadu Games Opens
* 11:00 AM: Wave A Pools / Speedrun brackets: Low Tier & Random Singles
* 1:00 PM: Wave B Pools / Speedrun brackets: Reverse Main & Mid Tier Singles
* 3:00 PM: Wave C Pools / Speedrun brackets: Low Tier & Wii U Traditional Singles
* 5:00 PM: Wave D Pools / Doubles Finals Speedrun brackets: Random/Reverse Main Singles
* 7:00 PM: Customs Top 16 / Singles Top 48 / Speedrun Brackets: Mid Tier/Bayo Banned 1v1
* 10:00 PM: Singles Top 8
* 12:00 AM: Venue Closes (or when top 8 concludes)

## **Low Tier List for Speedrun Brackets**

Bowser Jr.
Dr. Mario
King Dedede
Little Mac
Mii Swordsman
Mii Gunner
Mii Brawler
Wii Fit Trainer

## **Food & Drink**
No outside food or drink is allowed in Xanadu Games or Laurel Park. You can however bring an empty water bottle and fill it out the fountains to stay hydrated.
Laurel Park provides a variety of food, drinks, and alcohol.

## **Broadcast:**

This event will be streamed live on [VGBootCamp]( and [VGBootCamp2](

Stream will begin at 2:00pm
2:00pm - Amiibo Tournament
3:30pm - Doubles Finals
5:30pm - Custom Finals
9:00pm - Singles Finals
1v1 Traditional singles will also be streamed on VGBootcamp2 so that none of the high profile matches are missed while the other events go on main.