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Request Giving Pichu tools he needs


Smash Rookie
Feb 25, 2020
19 Sea St. Weymouth, MA 02191

I have an idea that will help MagicScrumpy in the future. I would like for Upgraded Pikachu's tools to be added to Pichu when making Pichu viable, except increasing shield, because Pichu's shield is actually good since he's small and it covers his entire body.
1. Give Pichu Agility (Up-B) Cancel (similar to Quick Attack cancel).
2. Give Pichu the same back air Upgraded Pikachu has.
3. Give Pichu slightly larger grab hitboxes, and move forward dash grab hitboxes a little bit.
4. Give Pichu the ability to sweetspot the ledge with Skull Bash (Side-B).
This would be awesome and it will definitely help Pichu in competitive play.
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