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"Gives them special powers, but twists 'em up inside." Skeleton Lords Curse the Competition!

best Skeleton Lord?

  • Graymarrow

  • Captain Briggsy

  • The Gold Hoarder

  • King Flameheart

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Karp Man

Smash Rookie
Jul 25, 2019
On the Sea of Thieves, rumors fare. A fortune lies, buried there. While out on your voyages, a terrifying threat there is. The used to be ones of flesh and soul, Until a curse stripped them both whole. Now the roam the seas, plaguing the world like a disease. They are a force to be reckoned with, only defeated in tales of myth. Now the strive to join Smash, the Skeleton Lords join the thrash!

Like Hero, my vision of this character is to have it be 4 different characters, with 1 Alt for each. I will give a small background for each Skeleton Lord in this.
A fearsome Skeleton Lord who has the abliltiy to curse pirates, has a massive sword, and can ressurect banished skeletons with just their skull and the Chalice of Ressurection. Little is known about Garymarrows life before he was cursed, though he did meet the crew of the Mourningstar in life. After he was cursed and turned to a skeleton lord, he perused the Shroudbreaker Pieces to reach the fabled Shores of Gold. Another crew, the crew of the Mourningstar, had a piece of the Shroudbreaker, so Graymarrow perused them day and night until eventually he caught them on Old Faithful Island. He killed them and cursed their souls to three chests so they can’t pass onto the Ferry of the Damned. He stole their Shroudbreaker piece, and went into a slumber under the sand. Later in time, the player goes on a journey to reach the Shores of Gold. During this journey, the player will free the souls of the cree of the Mourningstar, and fight Graymarrow. After he’s defeated, he is banished to the Sea of the Damned. Time passes and a man named Stitcher Jim awakens the Fort of the Damned, a fortress pulled from the Sea of the Damned, into the Sea of Thieves. When this fort is awoken, the final boss of it is the Ghost of Graymarrow.
“I’ll hack you down where you stand!”
Captain Briggsy
Briggsy was a legendary pirate who assembled the Shroudbreaker and sailed to the Shores of Gold. While she was there, she unwittingly cursed herself by picking up a piece of cursed gold. She became a skeleton lord. She was now under the control of the Skeleton Lord, the Gold Hoarder. The Gold Hoarder had he leave the Shores of Gold, and split the Shroudbeaker so no one could return to his island. After destroying the Shroudbreaker and hiding the pieces, she was set on finding a cure to her curse. During the players journey to the Shores of Gold, they must defeat Briggsy to recover the location of the Shroudbreaker pieces.
“Today you have the honor of dying to Captain Briggsy!”
The Gold Hoarder
Long, long ago there was a race of people known as the ancients. They had advanced technology, and made most courses found on the Sea of Thieves. They left a ton of cursed gold on an island known as Tribute Peak, otherwise known as the Shores of Gold. The ancients were all wiped by some unknown cause. Years later there was a man known as Rathbone. He was a member of the same crew the greatest pirate ever, Ramsey, AKA The Pirate Lord. The Pirate Lord noticed that most gold in the Sea of Thieves was cursed, so to save people, he locked it all away in chests made of a magical metal. He buried the chests all across the sea. Rathbone didn’t like this, so he stole the maps and key to the chest and formed the Gold Hoarders trading company. He the escaped to Tribute Peak just as it was getting swallowed by the Devils Shroud, a mist that destroys ships and kills pirates. He remained on Tribute Peak as his flesh went away and he became a Skeleton Lord.
“Flesh is weak... Gold is strong.”
King Flameheart
A decibel of the Gold Hoarder named Stitcher Jim was in grave danger, until he was saved by a women only known as the Masked Stranger saved him. He fell in love and switched his devotion to her leader, King Flameheart. King Flameheart was killed long ago and his soul was trapped in his skull. The Ashen Dragon was his funeral pyre that left his body in a tomb in the Devils Roar. Captain Pendragan was a Pirate who had a sword known as the Sword of Souls, a sword capable of breaking curses. His spirit was ironically cursed in a portrait of himself by Graymarrow after Pendragon went after him. Stitcher Jim had a cunning plan. He released Pendragon using Dark Relics, and tricked him and the player into releasing Flamehearts soul during the Sea Bound Soul Tall Tale. After this Flameheart began his preparations for his return. He started to summon ghost ships from the Sea of the Damned, he tuned Stitcher Jim into an Ashen Lord, and he made a spectral version of his ship, the Burning Blade. His story is still going on in the game, and as there games updates come out more about him will he revealed.
“But know this, Pirates. Know this, Merfolk. Know this Sea of Thieves... I have returned, and the fires of my vengeance will consume you all!”
So that’s all the back
ground of our Skeleton Lords. If I made a mistake anywhere, please correct me as there’s lots of lore to this game and it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Jab - slash with sword
Forward Tilt - stab with sword
Up tilt - arcing swing with hand
Down tilt - dips into group and pops up near by dealing damage
Neutral air - Spin sideways while holding sword out
Forward air - forward swipe with hand
Back air - Blunderbuss shot backwards
Down air - a Stan downward, can spike
Neutral special - fires a bullet from flintlock
Side special - blunderbuss in front of them
Up special - uses harpoon and grapples onto ledge or grabs player and pulls them too Skeleton Lord
Down Special - summons one skeleton that will attack nearest enemy with cutlass
Grab - simple grab with one arm
Pummel - slap with hand
Forward throw - overhand throw forward
Back throw - turns and throws
Up throw - tosses up a little and shoots with Blunderbuss
Down throw - goes to disappear underground and slams opponent against floor while doing so
Final Smash - skeleton lord says a

Up taunt - Graymarrow draws his large sword and points it forward saying “Beg for Mercy”
Side taunt - Graymarrow spins his gun on his finger while saying “Show no quarter”
Down taunt - Graymarrow eats a banana while laughing
Up taunt - Briggsy raises a Hateful Bounty Skull and say “I never asked to be cursed”
Side taunt - Briggsy rises in the air a little and drops back down
Down special - Briggsy eats a banana and laughs
The Gold Hoarder
Up taunt - The Gold Hoarder flips a coin and puts it away
Side Taunt - The Gold Hoarder points his shovel forward and says “Gold is strong”
Down Taunt - The Gold Hoarder eats a banana and laughs
Up taunt - Flameheart points his sword forward and says “My flame will cleanse this world”
Side taunt - Flameheart clenches his fist and says “an unwitting sacrifice”
Down taunt - Flameheart stands straight up in a commanding way
Win screens
Music - the first notes of Grogg Mayles
Screen 1 - does his teleport animation and pops right back up “I smell your fear”
Screen 2 - does spawn animation and says “I’ll cut you down, just watch!”
Screen 3 - slams shut a Skeleton Chest below foot and tosses Skeleton Key behind him while laughing
Captain Briggsy
Screen 1 - Briggsy stikes a pose as she puts on her mask while saying “It’s nothing personal.”
Screen 2 - Briggsy fires her Flintlock and holsters it while saying “Today you have the honor of fighting Captain Briggsy!”
Screen 3 - Briggsy raises a Bounty Skull and crushes it while laughing
The Gold Hoarder
Screen 1 - The Gold Hoarder spreads gold coins
Screen 2 - The Gold Hoarder flips a coin while saying “Flesh is weak... Gold is strong”
Screen 3 - The Gold Hoarder kicks open a Captains Chest and lifts up a fistful of gold
Screen 1 - Pendragon releases his soul from his skull and Flamehearts astral projection appears
Screen 2 - Flameheart fires his pistol then quickly fires a blunderbuss while laughing
Screen 3 - Flameheart slams close a Chest of Rage and laughs

Skin 1 - Graymarrow
Skin 2 - a more ghostly version of Graymarrow, resembling the Ghost of Graymarrow
Skin 3 - Captain Briggsy
Skin 4 - all of Briggsy cloths are more white to look like the crew of the Mourningstar
Skin 5 - The Gold Hoarder
Skin 6 - The Gold Hoarders cloths are purple to resemble the Order of Souls
Skin 7 - Captain Flameheart
Skin 8 - Looks like Flameheart Jr.

Idle animations
Idle 1 - Pulls out Skeleton key and tosses it behind him
Idle 2 - pulls out pistol and looks down sights
Captain Briggsy
Idle 1 - pulls out Shroudbreaker stone and burys it under her foot
Idle 2 - spins pistol on finger before putting it into holster
The Gold Hoarder
Idle 1 - pulls out gold coin and examines it
Idle 2 - looks at key before putting it into pocket
King Flameheart
Idle 1 - tosses fire bomb up and down and puts it away
Idle 2 - pulls out Skull of the Damned and tosses it behind back

Remix - Seek the Dead
Remix - Maiden Voyage
Remix - We Shall Sail Together
Grogg Mayles
Summon the Megalodon

Stage - Galleon
This stage takes place on a Galleon sailing across the Sea of Thieves. While it sails multiple events can happen to alter the fight.
Kraken - The ship stops moving. The water turns black. Suddenly multiple tentacles rise from the water and do various attacks on the ship, altering gameplay, such as smacking the ship and wrapping around it.
Megalodon - A Megalodon will Juno from the water crashing back down and attack the ship every now and then.
Skeleton Ship - a horn

I’m gonna add more to this such as victory screens, taunts, alt skins, etc so stay tuned!
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