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GimR Guest Featured on Sleep Talk Podcast to Discuss Smash Switch


With the announcement of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, many community figures have spoken out to give their thoughts on what they expect from the release. This now includes Calvin "GimR" Lofton, president of VGBootCamp, who appeared as a guest on Sleep Talk Podcast.

Sleep Talk Podcast is a collaborative effort between Youtubers Dobbs, TheAuraGuardian, Trickywi, and Kangascloud, and focuses on topics relevant to the Pokémon community. As Smash is tangentially connected to Pokémon, the crew decided to invite GimR to ask about his thoughts on the teased release.

GimR got a chance to weigh the possibility of how likely the title will be a new entry, his hopes for its success, and its potential for changing competitive mechanics. There was even a session of 20 questions, where GimR tries to see if the hosts can guess what he was thinking of.

Full podcast linked below. If you wish to jump to the point where GimR joins the discussion, click here.

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