Getting out of combos


Smash Apprentice
Aug 18, 2019
What is your main technique to get the King out of combos?

I read that nair and down b have quick frame data but given the stub period these just lead to getting juggled more unless I am at high percents

Usually I just air dodge away from the opponent after getting hit. Is this the best move?

asking specifically in regards to characters that spam up tilts and uair to rack up percentage (Fox, wario, Mario)


Smash Journeyman
Aug 6, 2019
He hasn't many options so it comes down to trying your best to DI out of them, use nair (But trying to drift into position during said combo string so your belly actually will absorb the hit and break you out) and...well, trying to jump and air dodge but that option tends to get you into another combo. It's a struggle many heavies have. Once they get in a combo string it's difficult to break it at low percents. You sorta just eat the damage until you're damaged enough to be knocked away enough that your options open up more.
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