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Geno's Bizarre Adventure part 2: Stardust Crusaders (Geno Support Thread #2)


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047

The original Geno thread: https://smashboards.com/threads/geno-%E2%99%A5%E2%99%AA-return-of-the-starsend-savior.446378/

Geno is one of the five playable characters from the 1996 Square-Enix game Super Mario RPG, and one of the two that was made up for that game along with Mallow. (whose support thread can be found here: https://smashboards.com/threads/mallow-frog-prince-from-the-beyond-the-clouds.456009/ ) While the game didn’t release in Europe (like most RPGs on the SNES) until the Wii Virtual Console, it served as an easily accessible RPG that, for many, was their first experience with the genre. It established concepts like timed hits that would become mainstays of Mario RPGs like the Paper Mario series or Mario & Luigi series, effectively serving as a blueprint for how a platform series like Mario could make the jump into turn-based combat.

Geno is a doll who is possessed by a star. The star’s name is unpronounceable by human tongues, so for simplicity’s sake, he chooses to be referred to by the doll’s name. Despite being a doll, Geno was heavily armed even before his possession, having a gun for an arm and the ability to shoot his fist out like a rocket. He’s the one who informs the team about the importance of finding the Seven Stars (which, up to this point, they had stumbled across while trying to solve other problems) and properly kicking off the game’s plot.

I’d summarize why people want Geno, but papagenos already did so in this video:
With over 400 supporters from previous threads, it’s going to take a while to list everyone. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll stick to the most recent list of supporters rather than including legacy supporters from previous threads – if you want to view those, there’s a link to the previous Geno thread where they’re listed. If you’re not on the list, feel free to contact me through private messages, mentioning me here, or posting about it on my profile. If you feel like you’ve been mistakenly included here, you can get in touch with me through private messages, profile posts, or mentioning me here to let me know – there are a lot of people who were listed, and I’m not sure how up-to-date that list was.

I’ll put the supporters list under a spoiler tag to avoid stretching out the page to ridiculous extremes. Geno’s fanbase has been dedicated (some have supported him since the Melee days), and as a result, there are a lot of people to list.

McFox McFox
-Coco- -Coco-
? ?!?!?!
Aerospherology Aerospherology
AirMac1 AirMac1
alemerltoucanet alemerltoucanet
amazonevan19 amazonevan19
aquasound aquasound
Arcadenik Arcadenik
astralAenigma astralAenigma
Asxin Asxin
AugustusB AugustusB
Autobot N Autobot N
AuraCuba AuraCuba
axel_ axel_
Axelocke Axelocke
Banjodorf Banjodorf
B bardbowman
B Bendario
Blade of Evil's Bane Blade of Evil's Bane
BlastState BlastState
BlastoiseKoopa98 BlastoiseKoopa98
Dr. Metal X Dr. Metal X
Blue_Sword_Edge Blue_Sword_Edge
BluePikmin11 BluePikmin11
BoyMan BoyMan
BrashCandicoot BrashCandicoot
candyissweet candyissweet
CBO0tz CBO0tz
CF711 CF711
Chalo5000 Chalo5000
ChaosSharpedo ChaosSharpedo
Confirmation Confirmation
coolcat12347 coolcat12347
cmbsfm cmbsfm
Crap-Zapper Crap-Zapper
CraziiDamon CraziiDamon
CroonerMike CroonerMike
ctt4lfecw ctt4lfecw
Smithy (In Spirit)
Dalek_Kolt Dalek_Kolt
Dan Dan
D Danelo_G_3
Darkfur Darkfur
Demonfunds Demonfunds
Denomon3144 Denomon3144
Dionaea_floridensis Dionaea_floridensis
DjinnandTonic DjinnandTonic
dkkrang95 dkkrang95
D domriver
Dragon lord Dragon lord
DragonFire04 DragonFire04
Drakonix Drakonix
Dreamking Dreamking
Duck$mash Duck$mash
Dyllybirdy Dyllybirdy
Dynamic Worlok Dynamic Worlok
EarlTamm EarlTamm
ehat3805 ehat3805
EntropyAtrophy EntropyAtrophy
ErenJager ErenJager
EricTheGamerman EricTheGamerman
FalconFire93 FalconFire93
False Sense False Sense
FamicomDisk FamicomDisk
FCZHornet FCZHornet
Fenriraga Fenriraga
Flynn__ Flynn__
FooltheFlames FooltheFlames
ForsakenM ForsakenM
Freduardo Freduardo
freebird87 freebird87
Frosty Pops Frosty Pops
Funktastic Funktastic
FurretBro FurretBro
Garbage Cat Garbage Cat
Gazorpazorpfield Gazorpazorpfield
gebi gebi
Geno Boost Geno Boost
GenoComet GenoComet
GenoStrike GenoStrike
Gerrothorax Gerrothorax
Giga Kaiju Giga Kaiju
GonzaGears GonzaGears
GooberHonker GooberHonker
goodspeed87 goodspeed87
Gotta Gotta
Graf von Tirol Graf von Tirol
grizby2 grizby2
Grunky Peep Grunky Peep
H Haunted237
H Hero044
Houndstooth Houndstooth
hashupa hashupa
hydrokyogre hydrokyogre
H Hyrulekoopa
Iancineroar Iancineroar
Icyllya Icyllya
IGuessItsOver IGuessItsOver
InkyNeko InkyNeko
InsaneHippo InsaneHippo
P Pippin (Peregrin Took)
J355315R4D J355315R4D
JamesDNaux JamesDNaux
Jaster Jaster
Jazzy Jinx Jazzy Jinx
Jetsurge Jetsurge
JoeStronger JoeStronger
Johnknight1 Johnknight1
Just a random scrub Just a random scrub
JustCallMeJon JustCallMeJon
Justy7s Justy7s
Kaeltor Kaeltor
Kalomaze Kalomaze
KanataLen KanataLen
Fatmanonice Fatmanonice
Kero! Kero!
K KingPotato
kiteinthesky kiteinthesky
Klimax Klimax
Kooj Kooj Kooj Kooj
lanky_gunner lanky_gunner
Laszyking456 Laszyking456
Link Okumura Link Okumura
link2702 link2702
Lisbon Mapping Lisbon Mapping
LiquidBoxcutter LiquidBoxcutter
L Lord Tetris
lordrogersmith6485 lordrogersmith6485
Luigifan18 Luigifan18
maf91186 maf91186
Makko Slade Makko Slade
MaskedMyster MaskedMyster
MattX20 MattX20
Mariobro_ Mariobro_
MarioMeteor MarioMeteor
Marvel-Otaku-Man Marvel-Otaku-Man
max_0888 max_0888
mbvswb mbvswb
Mecakoto Mecakoto
Megadoomer Megadoomer
MephistoSlayer MephistoSlayer
MEra MEra
Mogu Mogu
MooseSmuggler MooseSmuggler
Mr Gentleman Mr Gentleman
MrBill0327 MrBill0327
MrGameguycolor MrGameguycolor
Nauzgo Nauzgo
Nazyrus Nazyrus
Nazzul Nazzul
NebulaWords NebulaWords
Necro Toad Necro Toad
NeerTheEngi NeerTheEngi
NeonBorealis NeonBorealis
NintendoFan388 NintendoFan388
Noipoi Noipoi
NonSpecificGuy NonSpecificGuy
NovaFight NovaFight
NukeA6 NukeA6
Oasis_S Oasis_S
Oblivion129 Oblivion129
OptimisticStrifer OptimisticStrifer
owjies owjies
papagenos papagenos
paper roxy paper roxy
Penroze Penroze
Phantom Joker
PhantomShab PhantomShab
PhilosophicAnimal PhilosophicAnimal
pika.thunder25 pika.thunder25
Pillsbury_Soyboy Pillsbury_Soyboy
PolarPanda PolarPanda
Popsydoodles Popsydoodles
praline praline
P PreedReve
Pryze Pryze
PsychoIncarnate PsychoIncarnate
Raijinken Raijinken
Rapwned Rapwned
Raider 88 Raider 88
RedDragon64 RedDragon64
Red Dead Redeemed Red Dead Redeemed
Raheem The Dream Raheem The Dream
R RetrogamerMax
Ring-a-Sheep Ring-a-Sheep
Robertroid Robertroid
RosaPeach RosaPeach
Rubbertop Rubbertop
S.F.L.R_9 S.F.L.R_9
Scoliosis Jones Scoliosis Jones
Seadra Seadra
Sean Wheeler Sean Wheeler
SevenGameSet SevenGameSet
ShroomEL ShroomEL
Sigran101 Sigran101
SilvaFoxx SilvaFoxx
Sinn Sinn
skydogc skydogc
Sleeps with Butterflies Sleeps with Butterflies
Slender Slender
slopdop slopdop
smash puffle smash puffle
SmashKeks SmashKeks
SniperGabe SniperGabe
socandrewcer socandrewcer
Solmatter Solmatter
SomeGuy328 SomeGuy328
SonicSmasher1 SonicSmasher1
SoopahSanikMoo SoopahSanikMoo
SorrowOfAcheron SorrowOfAcheron
SpaceCadetKeon SpaceCadetKeon
spoilerowl spoilerowl
SSBDucky SSBDucky
Standlord Standlord
Strider_Bond00J Strider_Bond00J
SuperNintendoDisney SuperNintendoDisney
SuperNintendoKid SuperNintendoKid
SuzyHeart SuzyHeart
TBone06 TBone06
TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom
Teeb147 Teeb147
TerminalMontage TerminalMontage
ThatIsFalco ThatIsFalco
THE 6r THE 6r
TheBeastHimself TheBeastHimself
TheCJBrine TheCJBrine
TheOneAndOnlyLuki_ TheOneAndOnlyLuki_
TheStarlightsFlower TheStarlightsFlower
Thirdkoopa Thirdkoopa
thirsty-pocket thirsty-pocket
T ThoughtfulWanderer
Tinfoil Tinfoil
Tiymako Tiymako
Pyra Pyra
Toasterman247 Toasterman247
TooManyToastahs TooManyToastahs
TreeBranch TreeBranch
T Turtlar
TylerTheYoshi TylerTheYoshi
tyrus+ tyrus+
UberMadman UberMadman
valkiriforce valkiriforce
Wambo Wambo
WampaWreckage WampaWreckage
WarioTheLegend WarioTheLegend
W Willoftacos
W Wind Chill
winged hero winged hero
WiredRM WiredRM
Xigger Xigger
XenoNeX27 XenoNeX27
xpnc xpnc
yakko789 yakko789
Cabbagehead Cabbagehead
Ze Diglett Ze Diglett
ZelDan ZelDan
Zethoro Zethoro
Zoljinx_ Zoljinx_
ZTurtle ZTurtle
Zyphyris Zyphyris
Polarthief Polarthief
ShinyReshiram ShinyReshiram
SpeedBirds SpeedBirds
Retro18 Retro18
Laszyking456 Laszyking456
ChoccyStar ChoccyStar
ItsYaBoyArmando ItsYaBoyArmando
Shado-will Shado-will
Bee Card Bee Card
Sovereign Trinity Sovereign Trinity
Luigi The President Luigi The President
Datboigeno Datboigeno
djgwiz djgwiz
JuryRigging JuryRigging
DaxMasterix DaxMasterix
ayytypical ayytypical
R Reshi
Potatu Potatu
berserker37 berserker37
PokéfreakofBACON PokéfreakofBACON
Kektendo Kektendo
MindReader MindReader
GrungeMan GrungeMan
Loliko YnT Loliko YnT
LightningHelix LightningHelix
Ovaltine Ovaltine
CoinedLuck CoinedLuck
Tetrin Tetrin
K Kzinssie
Hot_N_Tasty Hot_N_Tasty
Eric2625 Eric2625
T TeamChevy86
lemon demon lemon demon
RichieGonzo RichieGonzo
NintendoKnight NintendoKnight
Arcane_ Arcane_
Necksuss Necksuss
ARandomZoomer ARandomZoomer
Toshin Toshin
zippyskipy zippyskipy
3DSNinja 3DSNinja
Ingenious! Ingenious!
Qualk Qualk
ColtonS25 ColtonS25
Dee Dude Dee Dude
Jurae818 Jurae818
Atmoz Atmoz
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SpiritOfRuin SpiritOfRuin
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noise r us noise r us
Rohanx17 Rohanx17
ShotoStar ShotoStar
Wyvy - Phoenix Mode Wyvy - Phoenix Mode
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X Xehanort1372019
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Franco Geno Franco Geno
RageCage271 RageCage271
Crankshadow Crankshadow
MarioTime MarioTime
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Genome Genome
UltimateCyborgOverlord UltimateCyborgOverlord
GenoDoge GenoDoge
Awkwah Awkwah
novazvezda novazvezda
DanganZilla5 DanganZilla5
winged hero winged hero
evanwoo10 evanwoo10
StrangeKitten StrangeKitten
FAQs (will be updated over time)
Q: What can Geno do?
A: There are plenty of movesets that have been typed up for the character, but to keep this post from getting longer than it already is, I’ll post some videos that show off potential movesets for Geno.

Q: I’ve never played Super Mario RPG before – where can I play it?
A: Aside from the Super NES, the game has been re-released on the Wii U and the Super NES Classic Edition, along with the now-defunct Wii Shop Channel. As of now, it has not been added to the Switch’s Super NES Online App, though this will be updated if/when it is announced.

Q: Nintendo/Sakurai added a Piranha Plant as DLC – doesn’t that mean that Nintendo doesn’t want to add Geno?
A: Geno, unlike most Mario characters, is in an unusual situation. Going by the copyright information that we have, the character (along with all of the characters that originated in Super Mario RPG) is owned by Square-Enix. As a result, Nintendo and Sakurai don’t have much of a say in his inclusion – it’s ultimately up to Square-Enix. This isn’t the case with characters from most Nintendo series – it’s not like Koei-Tecmo owns Cia from Hyrule Warriors or Namco-Bandai owns the Aparoids from Star Fox Assault just because those characters first appeared in games developed by those companies.

For what it’s worth, Sakurai has commented on Geno at some point between Smash 4’s DLC finishing and Ultimate’s announcement, saying that he has wanted to include Geno since Brawl - it’s just that adding the character isn’t within his (or Nintendo's) control.

Q: Why is there a Geno support thread if Geno's already a Mii costume?
A: Just because a character is a Mii costume, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to have discussion threads for them – threads for characters such as Rex, Sans, or Heihachi remained open after those characters became Mii costumes.

Q: Isn’t Geno a one-off character?
A: Yes (aside from his cameo in Mario & Luigi), but that hasn’t stopped the Smash developers from adding characters with only one major appearance (or no major appearances, in the case of Roy, whose game wasn’t even released when he was added to Melee), and people still speculate about many characters with only one major appearance.
To emphasize some of the rules that should be kept in mind:

1. No flaming. This also includes people who come into the thread who have doubts/questions regarding Geno’s inclusion. There’s a difference between “Geno isn’t happening lol no promotion you guys suck” and “I don’t think Geno is coming, as Mii Fighters haven’t been promoted.” The first line indicates there’s no debate to be had while the second keeps it open to discussion. In the past, we didn’t allow people to come in the thread to disagree and debate with the thread members. This has changed. Flaming people with legitimate questions will result in warnings.

2. No trolling. This also includes trolling other support threads, discussion threads, and trolling users who are “anti-Geno”.

3. Please keep discussion on track. With Geno’s Mii Fighter outfit confirmed, discussion is limited but please do try to keep it on topic with Geno/SMRPG/Smash/Nintendo discussion. We will be a bit more lenient in this regard than before. That being said, coming in and saying “Hey what’s up everyone” is spam & will be treated as such.

4. Please use the report button instead of replying to questionable posts. The moderation staff tries to get to reports quickly, but can’t be instant every time; give them time to deal with reports.

5. We do our best to keep track of “Anti-Geno trolls” including tracking their actions on other websites. We would appreciate any info one may have regarding a questionable user who made an account purely to troll the thread.

6. No doxxing/threatening to dox/support of doxxing.

7. We have nothing against users theory-crafting and the rules don’t state users can’t talk about the possibility of Geno getting promoted. That being said, please be aware that some users may not agree with that theory. Disagreeing with that theory isn’t grounds for reports/warnings.
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Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
A lot of things to potentially say, but this recent video feels appropriate:
I feel like I should watch more of these; I like the sort of random humour that he uses. (plus, he's a big enough fan of Geno/Mario RPG that he includes at least one Super Mario RPG reference per video, from what I've seen)
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Smash Champion
Dec 1, 2019
I can't honestly say as to what the future of the thread will be; many of the former posters are active on their own Discord and while some will gladly come back; others might not be so inclined to return for their own reasons. While I think is a given Geno is coming in Ultimate, there is some interesting discussion to be had for the future beyond that and the hypotheticals about the series proper.


Smash Legend
Nov 4, 2013
Now that I have the chance, there is something I have to say...

To all Geno fans reading this...

In regards to Geno being a Mii costume and people harassing us over, it sucks people would harass others, over a freaking video game character. It is not like there is anything wrong with being positive, huh? Or let alone wanting a character in a game? Some people just have the nerve.

That is to say, I believe we did leave our mark, and make our voices heard, if somewhat. Even if Sakurai doesn't come to these forums, we still had the biggest thread in the Newcomer section, and with that, in it, we were positive and hopeful, and did not give up on Geno easily. I bet we did do something that made our voices heard in some way, during the Fighters Pass 1 and 2, so even if Geno was not planned for either, or base game, Sakurai can't not include Geno in the next game and say he did not at least hear something about us wanting him in. I don't think our efforts will be all in vain. Nintendo did choose the DLC, not him, but Sakurai is not Nintendo, and he may have heard us some.

Just remember, we can always still support Geno, no matter what; even if he is a Mii costume, and even in the face of danger, that danger being the haters! No matter what, whether it is in this site alone or other places, Sakurai must be able to hear us as he did with other fanbases, and he may have wanted to include Geno as DLC, and would have if it weren't for Nintendo choosing it.

So, I would like to say, let us continue to support Geno any way we can! No matter who hates or harass us, we can still support our puppet boy and try to get Sakurai's attention so he can add him in the next game, or even this game if the Mii costume rule can be broken, if we're lucky! No need to stop now, my fellow Geno bros.!


Smash Hero
Nov 23, 2018
Nintendo Land Theme Parks, Incorporated
Well, this was surprisingly fast (I remember the Waluigi thread took a whole 7 months to get reopened and then got a new thread 4 months later in comparison).

Also kind of surprised how small this is at the moment, you'd think with the size of the old thread this thread would have several pages within the first hour or so. The newcomer/discussion thread started a couple months ago blew up pretty much right away.
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Smash Apprentice
Jan 2, 2019
But realistically I do have faith for Geno. But he HAS TO BE NEXT.

1. Mario 35th ends/wraps up around the time we think another character will be shown
2. Rumors of SMRPG Remake/ Sequel still around
3. This is the DK Trailer 3.0 in the making. We even got a new villain to add to the tv portion. And Chained Kong?

Personally I have no attachment to Geno and actually dislike SMRPG. Excited to see if they can pull the biggest joke of all time for Smash Fans.


Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
Why was this made again given the fact Geno's deconfirmed?
To quote the original post:

Q: Isn’t Geno already a Mii costume?
A: Just because a character is a Mii costume, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to have discussion threads for them – threads for characters such as Rex, Sans, or Heihachi remained open after those characters became Mii costumes


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
Well, this was surprisingly fast (I remember the Waluigi thread took a whole 7 months to get reopened and then got a new thread 4 months later in comparison).

Also kind of surprised how small this is at the moment, you'd think with the size of the old thread this thread would have several pages within the first hour or so.
I am not great at advertising, so that probably plays a part haha. Plus, this popped up abruptly/without warning, so it will take time.
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Smash Legend
Nov 4, 2013
EDIT: Never mind.

I do hope people will read my message above, by the way.
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Smash Cadet
Oct 11, 2020
Bikini Bottom
Wow, a new Geno thread! Hi, everyone! Alright, it's only a matter of time before us fans start inching back into the swing of things again. Geno's a Mii costume now, but that doesn't completely seal Geno's fate in Ultimate. we have a potential timeslot for a reveal in March that just so happens to be around Mar10 Day, so who knows.

hey uh Megadoomer, wanna add me to the supporter list?
I'd also like to be a part of the list, please.


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
Also, I'm willing to accept suggestions for other questions to include in the FAQs, or suggestions for a different title. (I'm aware that Stardust Crusaders is part three of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but it made more sense than Battle Tendency)


Smash Apprentice
Oct 2, 2019
So what changed? The last post from the moderators on the previous thread made it clear they didn't like the type of behavior happening on here, both from the flamers, and also instigated by some more delusional "theories". Why has that stance changed suddenly?


Smash Legend
Jul 28, 2013
New World, Minecraft
So what changed? The last post from the moderators on the previous thread made it clear they didn't like the type of behavior happening on here, both from the flamers, and also instigated by some more delusional "theories". Why has that stance changed suddenly?
If people are letting others' theories and predictions make them mad, I'd say the theories aren't the ones instigating it.


Smash Lord
Mar 5, 2019
Thanks Megadoomer Megadoomer . And thanks to the mods and admins for giving the Genobros another chance. I would like to be added to the support list.

While Geno's fate has been sealed, at least for this pass, it's nice to have this thread back. The Geno thread always found a way to keep conversations going. I'll be sure to share any tidbits of Geno content I find and I'll continue to support him as I think Geno is cool and I want his fanbase to get their day sometime in the future.


Smash Ace
Aug 23, 2014
It feels really weird to be back here again. But I'm glad we're back none the less.

While things are pretty dire for Geno's chances, I wouldn't put it past Sakurai to still include him at some point. Geno is up there with Ridley, K. Rool, and Banjo as never-evers. Ultimate is perhaps the last chance for Geno to be playable in Smash as this would probably be Sakurai's last Smash game and one of the few characters Sakurai mentioned having an interest in.

It's now or never for Geno as a playable character, even if he's the last one. We can wait it out.

Until then, we'll enjoy every surprise along the way.


Smash Journeyman
Jun 14, 2018
Huh, I'm surprised another Geno thread was approved this quickly but I ain't complaining. All the folks were nice and besides other support threads, It was the one place on Smashboards where I could "sometimes" talk about other characters and other general things besides Geno without having a ****ing aneurism. Still not a fan of the general newcomer thread and I'm still rooting for you guys and your favorite boy.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2019
It's weird to think a YouTube animator like Terminal Montage has done more for Geno's popularity in his short YouTube career vs Square and Nintendo post Mario RPG.
I mean the series is long gone and the chances of it having a sequel needs to be agreed by both party, I don't know if that sequel rumor could be taken into account and I've heard that it's not really on their important to-do list.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 7, 2020
Okay, so we have a new Nintendo Direct announced the day after this thread opens (funny how things work in this world)
Anyways, here's a link to the Direct for those who want to be spoiler-free tomorrow:

As for predictions, I think we're due for multiple blindsides. Remember: things take time to come true.


Smash Lord
Jan 22, 2019
huh so this is a thing. If the moderation team decided to rescind it's decision rout the geno fans from smashboards then why was a new thread created when a perfectly usable one was already up and ready to go?


Smash Ace
Oct 26, 2018
Pretty lucky that i returned to this website like yesterday right when a new geno thread showed up and a new direct got announced.
Though I feel like the sourness from what happened to the last thread isn't gonna disappear anytime soon.
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Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
huh so this is a thing. If the moderation team decided to rescind it's decision rout the geno fans from smashboards then why was a new thread created when a perfectly usable one was already up and ready to go?
Among other reasons, the sheer amount of posts was an issue. Much like the newcomer speculation thread, the previous Geno thread had gotten so many pages that some of the tools on the site weren't working properly. Plus, a fresh start couldn't hurt. (something similar was done for the Waluigi thread in the past, where it was locked and a new thread was opened months later)
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