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Jan 28, 2019
The Forest Maze Secret Room
Hi there, my name is [REDACTED], and I have something to share with you. But, before I continue, please take the following info with a grain of salt. So, here we go: Geno, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, will be POST-PASS DLC. If you bought the Fighter's Pass before Joker was released, you will receive Geno from SMRPG as a playable fighter on your roster.

Fighter: Geno
Archetype: Light, fast projectile oriented fighter, has a decent rushdown and has amazing zoning.
Gimmick: Timed hits. Letting go at a cretain time or pressing the button again will make the attack stronger. Also adds a rainbow star effect upon hitting a successful timed hit, flashes red if too late, and plays a high pitched noise if unsuccessful.
Franchise Symbol: A star with eyes, like the red ones he uses for charging

Stage: Forest Maze (obviously, but it is just a massive stump. I asked my source if she knew anything, and she said stage hazards will be kept a surprise. ̄\_(ツ)_/̄ just pretend that it's frowning please.)

Music: This is a special case because the Mario and Luigi/Paper Mario series both have music, but Mario RPG is it's own franchise itself. So, without further ado, the music list!
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (New Remix)
Fight against an Armed Boss (New Remix)
Battle against Monsters (New Remix)
Fight against Smithy
Fight against Exor
Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster
(Not compatible with other Mario stages)

How he got in: Nintendo had looked over the old Japanese Brawl polls and saw that they had only one character left: Geno. As they reached out to Square, they asked the rights to the smrpg cast for the low, low price of 32 Million dollars. Square agreed (since they weren't doing anything with them) and development started with him around the same time as Hero (hence them both being Square reps).

Other info/things:
Exor (as a boss)
Mallow (as an assist. Heals the person who summoned him using his spell HP Rain. If anyone tries to leech off of his cloud, he slams his FroggieStick down and zaps them with a lightning bolt.)
BOSS RUSH: All bosses from Brawl are back. (This includes Ridley and Meta Ridley, so if Ridley is the fighter using color 1-6, Boss Ridley won't show up. If colors 7 and 8 are used, Meta Ridley won't show up, thus making Ridley the only with 20 bosses to fight.)
Petey Piranha (same as brawl)
Rayquaza (same as brawl)
Porky Minch (Sorry all you porky fans, I truly am. I wanted him, too.) (same as brawl)
Galleom (Ultimate)
Ridley/Meta Ridley (same as brawl)
Duon (same as brawl)
Tabuu (same as brawl)
Master Beast (same as 4)
Master Giant (same as 4)
Master Edges (same as 4)
Master Shadow (same as 4)
Master Fortress (same as 4)
Master Core (same as 4)
Fighting Polygon Team (in multi man smash)
Exor (new boss: attack his eyes and break his defense to attack his hilt)
Gruntilda (flies around the stage to zap you with magic spells. Has two phases: Normal Grunty and Skeleton Grunty, whereas skeletal grunty rides in the HAG-01.)

Other Single Player content:
Target Test and Board the platforms. I'll give you a moment to be impressed.
What? It's the ULTIMATE Smash Bros. That's all the Info I have, so any questions will be left in the comments I hope. Thanks for reading, this is my first post, so... Yeah. Take it with a grain of salt please, this info could all be right, all be wrong, not my problem.


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