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Geeksboro Smash Weekend #5b Results

Discussion in 'Rankings & Results' started by archer., Sep 1, 2014.

  1. archer.

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    Smash Lord

    Dec 25, 2010
    Thanks to everybody who attended and made this such an enjoyable event!

    PM Singles
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Smith $111.00 74 DtJ SmithZzz DtJ SmithZzz
    2nd archer $55.50 65 archer. archer.
    3rd Sky $18.50 56 Sky Sky
    4th Ilove 46 Ilove Ilove
    5th Kai 37 Kaiber Kop Kaiber Kop
    5th Gato 37 Gato Gato
    7th Xyeai 27 Xyeai Xyeai
    7th Archbishop 27 Sadface Sadface
    9th EMB 18 emb1234 emb1234
    9th Tom 18
    9th Stockfield 18 Stockfield Stockfield
    9th Sharkz 18 Sharkz Sharkz
    13th KoozyK 12 KoozyK KoozyK
    13th Uncle Monty 12 uncle monty uncle monty
    13th Grant 12 CrYpTiiC CrYpTiiC
    13th Berry 12
    17th Minh 6
    17th Dad 6
    17th Dembo 6
    17th Kesno 6 Kesno Kesno
    17th Naked Bear 6
    17th JCUB 6
    17th Nevermind 6
    17th Karma 6
    25th Kamaran 2
    25th Peasant 2
    25th Pluto 2
    25th Seth 2
    25th akacia 2
    25th Darren 2
    25th Lupo 2
    25th Graham 2
    33rd Whamo 1
    33rd Meteor Matt 1
    33rd Heisenberg 1
    33rd Roland 1
    33rd Samson 1

    PM Doubles
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Ilove + Xyeai 0 Xyeai Xyeai
    2nd Stockfield + Kai 0
    3rd Gato + Sharkz 0
    4th Smith + Grant 0 DtJ SmithZzz DtJ SmithZzz
    5th archer + GQ 0
    5th Berry + akacia 0
    7th Dembo + Pluto 0
    7th Archbishop + JCUB 0
    9th Mom + Dad 0
    9th Karma + Nevermind 0

    64 Singles
    Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
    1st Lord Narwhal 18 lord narwhal lord narwhal
    2nd Bowl 16 bowl bowl
    3rd Uncle Monty 14 uncle monty uncle monty
    4th Ilove 11 Ilove Ilove
    5th Gato 9 Gato Gato
    5th Dr. Lampy 9 Dr. lampy Dr. lampy
    7th EMB 6 emb1234 emb1234
    7th Karma 6 Karma Karma
    9th Nevermind 4 Nevermind Nevermind

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