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Gazing into the Void - Zoe (Monster Prom) Support Thread


Smash Master
Jul 21, 2018
Zoe Tears Upon a Hole In Reality and Enters the Fray

"Zoe (4...ever?). An eldritch cutie who went from endless deity of the dark realms to ultimate fangirl."

Who is this?

Zoe is a student at Spooky High school in the multiplayer party-game-cross-dating-simulator Monster Prom. In it, the protagonist is tasked with a challenge: find a date in time for Prom, or risk internal loneliness and shame... Only one minor thing: Spooky High School is full of monsters, most of whom are at least somewhat terrible people. Playing out as a visual novel with a stat-check system (players having assigned Smarts, Boldness, Creativity, Charm, Fun, and Money, which can be boosted by choosing where you spend your days on the campus), the players compete to woo their partner of choice and to min-max their stats for the best odds of success. It is a very unique game that is not child-friendly in parts, but also quite funny, with a mix of irreverent humor, satire, and occasional moments of serious deep lore reveals.

Zoe herself is one of the DLC romance options from the original game and has generally become one of the faces of the IP since then. She is a nerdy fangirl based on the monsters of Lovecraftian lore, possessing a knowledge of the multiverse that makes her treat the reality everyone is living in as a sort of fandom, writing fanfiction about her friends and generally being a bother about the "deep lore" of the living beings she spends her time with. Somehow, this makes her one of the least-morally-evil members of the original game's cast!

What's her Nintendo connection?

Monster Prom has an enhanced port on Switch, Monster Prom XXL. A Switch also cameoed in the sequel's Kickstarter key art, assumedly foreshadowing the at-the-time-upcoming port.

How would she fight?

Zoe has a lot of powers, almost all of which are mentioned by her casually with no further context or elaboration. She can see through realities and generally muck about with them, in addition to changing her physical form in several ways, which she appears to do involuntarily when angered.

She's... pretty prepared to be a magic user, potentially with some reality-warping as well.

What would her stage be?

I think the best way to represent Monster Prom's tone is make a stage that is less competitive-friendly then WarioWare.

So, I think it should be a travelling stage where everyone fights on the dialogue box as it goes through Spooky High School. It stops in the various places the player can choose to go to in the original game and the mechanics change a la spirit battle effects depending on the room (ex/ Bathrooms = Boldness = Fighters Launch Easier; Gym = Charm, so you are now attractive... literally... all characters pull towards one another, etc).

Do you actually believe this is likely?

Nope! Monster Prom isn't even localized in Japanese, so that's an instant 0% chance IMO. Maybe it'll get some content in Fraymakers or something though? It's decently successful and is certainly unique as a competitive multiplayer dating sim.

The Cult of Zoe Members:

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