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Gameyard Showdown: The Sequel, 10/2 Results

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
Brawl Doubles Results (11 teams)

1: Mudku (Sumer & Goku a.k.a Tyrant) ($144.00)
2: Anther & WTP ($72.00)
3: Boxxy and The Mann ($24.00)
4: Wifi Unite! (Ori & Rayquaza)
5: Double Neutral B (Gio and Tutu)
5: Splash Attack (Oblivion @ Sparta Kick)
7: Robotic Fury (Bigdaddy & MTI)
7: DL & Tech's Toll Booth Fund (DarkLouis and Tech_Chase)
9: Gifts and Leo
9: Gruesome Twosome (Deuce & Doom)
9: Gawd & Necropope
9: FatB & Yoda

Brawl Singles Results (32 entrants)

1: Tyrant :metaknight: ($154.00)
2: Anther :pikachu2: ($76.00)
3: Sparta Kick :snake: ($38.00)
4: Selena Gomez :metaknight: :popo: ($26.00)
5: Tutu :falco: :shiek: ($13.00)
5: WTP :falco: :dedede:($13.00)
7: Rayquaza :snake:
7: Sumer :metaknight: :wolf:
9: Tech_Chase :snake: :dedede:
9: Soul :marth: :mario2:
9: DarkLouis :wolf: :snake:
9: Rizk :fox: :pikachu2:
13: Ori :marth: :metaknight:
13: BigDaddy :rob: :snake: :metaknight:
13: Oblivion :snake:
13: MythTrainerInfinity :lucario:

*Pools Cutoff*

17: Blade
17: Derrick
17: Topix
17: Cosmo
17: Ducky
17: Gio
17: RollerKing
17: Scala
25: Gawd
25: Rabbi
25: Necropope
25: Gifts
25: Flow
25: Mew
25: Amane
25: ABC

Melee Doubles

1: Gio and Anther ($80.00)
2: Foot and PM
3: Soul and DBPM
4: Steve and Don

Melee Singles

Unfortunately due to Brawl singles starting late and there only being 9 entrants and several people leaving mid way through the tournament (one of them didnt even tell me >_<) , Melee Singles was canceled. We will not be doing Melee in future Gameyard tournaments as I feel that U of M and MSU are far more capable of handling it then I am being a relatively new T.O. Thank you to those who ended up attending and I apologize for not starting Melee sooner.

Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank everyone who attended this Gameyard and made it a fun tournament. Next time we will only being running Brawl also partly because of the limited space. As we know it was extremely crowded when doubles was starting up. Next time space will be better utilized like the first Gameyard. Singles went smooth though and I'm happy we had a successful turnout. Because of this Gameyard will now be monthlies! So good **** Michigan for stepping up the activity. It is because of you guys that I can make these happen. The next date will be in November and is being discussed. Thanks again for showing up and a special thanks to Tyrant for coming all the way from SoCal and entering!

Lastly pictures will be up as soon as I find my USB cord.


ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
Yes its THAT Tyrant lol

And Selena Gomez is Boxxy :D But I will now only refer to him as Selena Gomez at future Gameyards ;)
Sep 30, 2010
1: Tyrant - glad you came to MI dog. maybe i'll catch you again at MLG DC ;)
2: Anther - thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrw
3: Sparta Kick - nice snake where did you come from lol
4: Selena Gomez - cuuuuuuuutie
5: Tutu - DACUS
5: WTP - good job makin dat paper
9: Tech_Chase - thx for hosting
9: Soul - mariooooooooooo
9: Rizk - 64 da bess
13: Ori - sigh
13: BigDaddy - doubles was way too close
13: MythTrainerInfinity - ^
17: Gio - dont take sudafed next tournament loooooool
17: RollerKing - ann arbor rapez
25: Rabbi - ****

DBPM - i have never seen link do that stuff in doubles lol insane

special shout out to all the melee players, you guys are fun to play with. i want money matches with UTI at sweet II!


Smash Lord
Mar 12, 2008
1: Tyrant $154.00 - Thanks for the friendlies man. I was surprised you were here. o.o Congrats on winning.

2: Anther $76.00 - Nice seeing you again. Come to more tourneys duuuuude.

3: Sparta Kick $38.00 - Definitely one of MI's top Snakes now. :)

4: Selena Gomez $26.00 - Good stuff. It's a shame we couldn't friendly more.

5: Tutu $13.00 - Nooooo not Falco. D: Congrats on top 5'ing again!

5: WTP $13.00 - Looks like you really improved since last time. Nice comeback against Sparta.

7: Rayquaza - Your Snake is really solid. Don't ragequit next time. You just have to learn matchups and be aware of who your opponent can play.

7: Sumer - OMG GAME 1. Your Wolf is a little smarter than mine. :p lol

9: Tech_Chase - Good games in doubles. We had some good stuff going, but I think I need to work on my Wolf in doubles. I think D3/Snake is our best team combo right now.

9: Soul - Good to see you again.

9: DarkLouis - Quit getting 9th scrub!

9: Rizk - I think you really improved since the last time. I saw your set against Sparta. Too good.

13: Ori - Always fun to talk with you, man. :p

13: BigDaddy - Nice friendlies. I hope that advice against Snake will help you.

13: Oblivion - I was scared going into our set based on how I did earlier. lol Fun games.

13: MythTrainerInfinity - Thanks for the support and fun games, man. Everyone has their bad days. Try not to roll so much unless you're retreating.

17: Ducky - Your Pit is good. Keep working on it.

17: Gio - ****.

25: Gifts - Thanks for the friendlies and good seeing you again.

25: Flow - Use more Zair and projectile camping with TLink. I think it'll help your game.

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
1: Tyrant ($154.00) I GOT *****. You're amazing. Thanks for coming to the tournament! I was honored to have you and thanks for the advice!

2: Anther ($76.00) Anther <3 Thanks for coming.

3: Sparta Kick ($38.00) I'm so proud of you for getting 3rd this time. Great stuff! Best Snake in Michigan now tbh. Keep repping that Snake! Also..doubles was insane!!

4: Selena Gomez ($26.00) Selena <3 Looking like Lain Jr these days. Keep up the great work and practice the grabs more and you'll stay in the top 3 easy.
You're easily one of the best in MI. I'm proud of you to see how far you've come along.

5: Tutu ($13.00) K-F-C! LOL that took so much time out of the tournament....but it was worth it. Good job on 5th again. Always nice to see you.

5: WTP ($13.00) Glad to see you out of your slump and placing well again. Keep it up!

7: Rayquaza Nice playing you in Loser's. Also don't let losses get to you so easily. It's only a game. Have fun.

7: Sumer Its been so long since you seen you buddy. Nice to see you and play you again :D We're tied in sets now...next time I'll get you XD Close matches.

9. Tech_Chase About time you got top 9. You need to get better though. And trust your instincts a bit more.

9: Soul: Oh snap: Top 9. Good **** Derrick! Next time get that top 5 like we discussed. I heard your Marth is good. We shall have to play at my place again.....

9: DarkLouis: Fun doubles this time around. We did better than in Chicago and we can keep getting better. We almost had Sparta and Oblivion. We'll get that paper next time. And yeah D3/Snake is definitely our better team.

9: Rizk: Nice to see you again. Good job with that Top 9 as Fox. You seem to keep getting better. Keep it up!

13: Ori: Oh Ori....LOL FRIGATE LOVES YOU! I cannot believe that happened! Fun set though. Your Marth has improved. It was cool to FINALLY play you in
tournament. Doubles was also very close and fun. And thanks for helping T.O with me :)

13: BigDaddy: Didn't play you this time but nice to see you again as always.

13: Oblivion: We need to friendly! And doubles was awesome lol

13: MythTrainerInfinity: Don't get so hard on yourself. You're a great player Cory! :D

17: Gio: :D Nice to see you again.

17: Scala God, our pools set was stupid close. You're a good player. Come to more tournies <3 And we'll do some smashfests soon.

25: Gawd: You make me afraid of Zelda in doubles LOL I cant wait to see that video!

25: Necropope: Fun doubles matches with you and Mr. "Lightning Foot my Snake to death" LOL

25: Gifts: You're getting better Kyle and I can see it. Keep your confidence and your patience intact and you'll make it out of pools. I know you can do it.

25: Amane KFC <3

25: ABC Fun matches in pools.

Also shoutouts to Under The Influence for coming out! And the Melee players!



Smash Lord
May 26, 2008
East Lansing, MI
Tutu did not use Sheik as far as I know he went only Falco. WTP should have DDD next to his name and I don't think he used Kirby in bracket.

Good stuff to everyone I played. Did not enter the tourney but ***** many a player.


7: Ragequaza

This kid is hilarious but in a very bad way. I've never seen someone rage so hard in this game, it was embarazing.


Smash Champion
Nov 30, 2007
London, Ontario, Canada
Wtf at a surprise showing from Tyrant lol. Now I wish I went to this instead of 0-2'ing at a Street Fighter tourney lol.


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008

1: Tyrant ($154.00) - dude ytoiu are so chill XD. you need to come visit more ;D. Also we never got to friendly :(
2: Anther ($76.00) - <3 you Antionetta, it was great seeing you and talking to you as always
3: Sparta Kick ($38.00) - good **** SK, u r definitely MI's #1 Snake
4: Selena Gomez ($26.00) - lol, nice jib placing in the money again luke
5: Tutu ($13.00) fun doubles set and brax set. Ur Falco is good and I will get you next time.
5: WTP ($13.00) - nice Job getting that top 5 spot
7: Rayquaza - Dude Doubles was so fun, we need to team again. We can definitely place in the money.
7: Sumer fun dubs set and pools matches. I think I should have just MK ditto'd you XD
9: Tech_Chase - epic set of epic proportions. Frigate is the best stage evur!. and epic Ekans dittos to end the set
9: Soul - way to rep Marth man, I watched some of your matches and you have a nice marth
9: DarkLouis - Wolf dittos should never be 7 minutes long X__X that was spectatinmg torture. Good tlaking with you as always and Kristi is really nice as well :)
9: Rizk - Rizzy ur improving so much. Ur fox is legit
13: Ori - Lets step up, quit getting ****ed by Snakes and find a counter.
13: BigDaddy - Scotty boi good seeing you, fun doubles friendlies, ur set with tutu and gio was hella close
13: Oblivion - fun friendlies dude ur snake is still really good. I need to find a snake counter so bad my marth is just having to much trouble
13: MythTrainerInfinity - good talking with you dude, brackets was tough. your still the #1 Lucario :)
17: Blade - amazing Marth dude, our ditto was fun, sorry I had to go MK, that just tells you that i was actually nervous
17: Cosmo - fun friendlies
17: Gio - fun dubs set, ur MK is pretty good
25: Gawd - Nice Zelda dude, you pushed my ICs to the limit
25: Rabbi - good to see you Marco
25: Gifts - fun doubles set
25: Amane - great talking with you Amane, we need to do that B- mm eventually :3
25: ABC - Fun friendlies
Other shoutouts!
The ****ing Mann - dude u r too **** good in doubles XD, fun set.
Reset - <3<3<3<3<3<3 It was gfraet seeing you again, I missed you so much. I need to get to AA to visit sometime :3

Tech I used ICs and Marth. I went MK for 1 match

Also, here is the all the chars for dubs
1: Mudku (Sumer & Goku a.k.a Tyrant) ($144.00) :metaknight:/:metaknight:
2: Anther & WTP ($72.00) :pikachu2:/:kirby:
3: Boxxy and The Mann ($24.00) :metaknight:/:luigi2:
4: Wifi Unite! (Ori & Rayquaza) :marth::metaknight:/:metaknight::snake:
5: Double Neutral B (Gio and Tutu) :metaknight:/:falco:
5: Splash Attack (Oblivion @ Sparta Kick) :snake:/:snake:
7: Robotic Fury (Bigdaddy & MTI) :rob::metaknight:/:lucario:
7: DL & Tech's Toll Booth Fund (DarkLouis and Tech_Chase) :snake::wolf:/:snake:
9: Gifts and Leo :wario:/:falco:
9: Gruesome Twosome (Deuce & Doom) :random:/:random:
9: Gawd & Necropope :zelda:/:random:
9: FatB & Yoda :random:/:random:

Tyrant winning some MI cash then smashing Reslurp's ***



Smash Lord
Aug 2, 2009
1: Tyrant ($154.00)- ****
2: Anther ($76.00)- good seeing u again
3: Sparta Kick ($38.00)- i'll get u next timeee
5: Tutu ($13.00)- i got so lucky
5: WTP ($13.00)- falco >>>>>>> me
7: Sumer- good seeing u again even if we didnt talk
9: Tech_Chase- **** tourney so much funz
9: Soul- best mario in the world
9: DarkLouis- not bad keep it up
9: Rizk- nice beating mti ggs
13: Ori- rapist
13: BigDaddy- thx for driving me to kfc ;)
*Pools Cutoff*
17: Derrick- nice mk keep it up
17: Gio- you didnt unleash the **** :(

shout outs to reset for finally being able to talk after so long
shout outs to soi greg for playing melee
shout outs to everyone i played melee with. ppl dont know about sheiks dair ;)

btw maybe you should add ddd by my name ;)


ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
9: Tech_Chase - epic set of epic proportions. Frigate is the best stage evur!. and epic Ekans dittos to end the set
I am banning Frigate against you next time LOL. That set was pretty fun though. Great one for our first time playing each other in bracket.

Also I wll update the OP a little bit later.

What's The Point

Smash Master
Feb 5, 2008
Plymouth, MI
5: WTP :kirby2: :falco: :dedede:($13.00)
I didn't use Kirby in singles.

1: Tyrant :metaknight: ($154.00) - Surprise visit. Luckily for you I texted Sumer asking if he needed a ride, thus informing him about this tournament, thus giving you some money.
2: Anther :pikachu2: ($76.00) - Should have been 1st in both events, especially doubles.
3: Sparta Kick :snake: ($38.00) - Tech forgot that :SD: tag next to your name. I feel I would have won, but oh well, they were close as is so I'm not upset.
4: Selena Gomez :metaknight: :popo: ($26.00) - You should probably bust out this Icies next time, I was worried about them Still managed to get higher than me though.
5: Tutu :falco: :shiek: ($13.00) - I'm guessing you needed to DACUS more.
5: WTP :kirby2: :falco: :dedede:($13.00) - 5th in results, 3rd in spirit.
7: Rayquaza :snake: - Rage
7: Sumer :metaknight: :wolf: - I've been told that taking Sparta to Cruise and using MK is a bad choice. Good job enduring Tyrants rages during doubles.
9: Tech_Chase :snake: :dedede: - Good tournament, though next time you do need to run a more tight operation. Things started to late and lasted to long.
9: Soul :marth: :mario2: - I'd say you should get your top tier going on.
9: DarkLouis :wolf: :snake: - Wolf ditto just ended poorly. You probably would have won if you guys just went serious from the start (That being Snake vs MK).
9: Rizk :fox: :pikachu2: - You had some close games, could have gotten a few places higher.
13: Ori :marth: :metaknight: - The secret TO. I didn't actually see you play any games.
13: BigDaddy :rob: - Unfortunate start. I would have gotten the TO to change it.
13: Oblivion :snake: - I was just joking about it in pools, but unfortunate getting Tyrant first with that 2nd seed.
13: MythTrainerInfinity :lucario: - Those were close games, and I'm afraid of Lucario so I had to bust out that Dedede.

17: Gio - **** (melee). You keep avoiding me taking that 5 to 1 stocks 64 MM.

17: RollerKing - You were my worst match in pools. I thought you were getting out.

17: Scala - I didn't see anything, but I'm saying Yoshi.

25: Rabbi - I didn't see you play but good times driving.

25: Gifts - Good seeing you, but that's about all we did.

TheMann - Luigi gets scary in doubles. You guys almost beat Anther and me. To bad no singles.

L_Cancel - Sucks you didn't show, but it did get me 2nd in doubles.

fZk - I think you would have done well in singles. Hope you weren't bored the whole time.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 29, 2009
No one lives in Farmington, Michigan
tech i went ROB/Snake/MK in brackets. shoutouts:

1: Tyrant thanks for the friendly set, you're ridiculously good
2: Anther always great seein you, i had a nightmare about pikachu last night cause of you
3: Sparta Kick best snake in michigan. doubles was amazing. keep at that snake
4: Selena Gomez you're a scrub <3
5: Tutu you suck at organizing food runs. your falco was pretty good, doubles was amazing. i got really nervous though :S
5: WTP always great seein ya. you got alot better.
7: Rayquaza can i borrow some salt?
7: Sumer nice seein ya again, and nice job getting carried by tyrant in doubles lol
9: Tech_Chase always nice seein ya dude. good job hosting this
9: Soul i need to re learn the marth matchup, you were pretty good at spacing with him.
9: DarkLouis i'll try get better at that snake MU. always nice seein ya.
9: Rizk you did so well vs sparta kick, keep at that fox/pika. i lol'd when you thought i was flame
13: Ori always nice seein ya ori hoe
13: BigDaddy brb street fighter
13: Oblivion doubles was fun
13: MythTrainerInfinity if we stoped hitting eachother so much we'd be pretty good at teaming. maybe next time. and we both did pretty bad today huh

*Pools Cutoff*

17: Blade sup
17: Derrick sup
17: Topix sup
17: Cosmo i'll never sandbag again
17: Ducky sup
17: Gio doubles gave me a heart attack. your glasses are sexy
17: RollerKing sup
17: Scala always nice seein ya
25: Gawd lol zelda, keep it up.
25: Rabbi havent seen you in so long, glad you finally showed up again
25: Necropope work at that falco man and you got this
25: Gifts fun pool games
25: Flow sup
25: Mew sup
25: Amane nice seein ya again
25: ABC sup

the mann: its always amazing seein ya dude
KFC: chicken is god like
my car: somehow you were able to fit 6 people

i probably wont be showing up to as many tournies because of college, but we will see.

also WTP i probably would've tried harder to get the brackets changed but tbh i really didnt care i just wanted to get this tourney moving. It was either i had to play the person who got 1st (tyrant) or the person i played in pools (Anther).


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008

Nice job though lmao and to you too anthah <3


Smash Champion
Feb 10, 2009
good **** sparta kick whoever you are XD.
need better snakes in midwest.
Other wise good **** to tyrant and anther


Smash Lord
Nov 30, 2008
Dearborn Heights,Michigan
Tyrant: tkd aint mad u mad:) ggs
anther:tell momma anther thanks for the ride +ggs:D
sparta kick:we were extremely close and ima gona take u out next time:p lol ggs
boxxy:gotta work on not getting grabbed
tutu: played u ina few friendlies, they were ggs
wtp:nice job gettng 5th,too bad i didnt get to play u:/
rayquaza:thanks for tips on beating MTI:D, rage quit was 2funny
sumer: uz a cool dude,too bad we didnt play:(
tech chase: monthly gameyards ftw!:D ggs yesterday
soul: didnt see u because i never knew who u were LOL:p maybe next time
dark louis: ggs keep up that wolf spacing.MTI told me ur spacing was too good for him LOL:D keep it up!
Rizk: ur the next TKD if u keep practicing:)
Ori: u owe me $4:p ggs and ur hair is smexy
big_daddy: ur a really chill dude,hope to play u next tourney
oblivion:didnt get to play u this tourney:( i rememberu from the last gameyard ggs
Mythtrainerinfinity: GGS, dont get so mad when u lose,give urself a break i heard u had an off day, or i just got better.........:)) maybe either or,but still ggs see u next time


Smash Lord
Mar 12, 2008
And also...funny but lucky story:

My car pretty much broke down when I got to my girlfriend's house. When I got off on our exit, the front right brake started making this clunking sound, so we decided to power our way back home anyway.

We checked it the next morning and turns out a bolt came out of the caliper, which made the brake scrape across the rim.

It could've been alot worse. Thank goodness it happened right when we got back. We would've been stranded otherwise.

But yeah, it was an easy fix this morning. We just had to replace that bolt and put the brake back into place.


Smash Rookie
Nov 24, 2009
1: Tyrant :metaknight: ($154.00): Cant believe you came all the way from SoCal for this tournament! Thanks for coming out man :3

2: Anther :pikachu2: ($76.00): Lil' Tyrant is coming with me to every tournament now :p Great seeing you again man, and thanks for the encouagement <3

3: Sparta Kick :snake: ($38.00) I never talked to you D:!

4: Selena Gomez :metaknight: :popo: ($26.00): lol who was this? o_o

5: Tutu :falco: :shiek: ($13.00): KFCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC :D

5: WTP :falco: :dedede:($13.00) Your Kirby is Mad Legit xD Awesome talking to you

7: Rayquaza :snake: : I never got to talk to you D:!

7: Sumer :metaknight: :wolf: Thanks again for posting my blog on here, it was fun talking with you! Glad I finally got to meet you at a tournament <3 Your wolf is way to good xD

9: Tech_Chase :snake: :dedede: Awesome Tournament!! oh and KFC!!! :D

13: Ori :marth: :metaknight: : Brawl - Money match at the Next tournament, hell id love there to be a B- Side event at the next one to!

13: BigDaddy :rob: :snake: :metaknight: : Thanks for offering the ride, Scott :3 See you at the next tournament!

13: Oblivion :snake: Your snake was amazing, good **** in pools

*Pools Cutoff*

17: RollerKing - KFC!! Great talking with you man, Your pikachu is to good xD
25: Gifts I had fun playing friendlies with you :D See you next tourney?
25: Mew - GET MORE SLEEP! D:


Smash Ace
Jun 12, 2009
East Lansing, Michigan
I'm too lazy to do shout outs. @.@ GGs to everyone I played. I had fun talking to and meeting all the new people too. ^^ I'm glad to be back in MI for more tourneys. lol Great tourney overall~

Sparta Kick

Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2008

1: Tyrant ($154.00)- It was cool seeing you. Good job ****** everyone.
2: Anther ($76.00)- Too good. I couldn't cause you to SD game 1 this time. :(
4: Selena Gomez ($26.00)- Have more confidence in yourself... I felt like I couldn't do anything lol.
5: Tutu ($13.00)- Fun MM. Nice seeing you again.
5: WTP ($13.00)- You main SD. :/ but ggs close set.
7: Rayquaza- Good stuff in doubles.
7: Sumer- Interesting set lol.
9: Tech_Chase- Fun friendlies even though we didn't get to play too many. Our doubles set was really intense as well. Thanks for hosting.
9: Soul- Fun set
9: DarkLouis- I really like your Snake. You use pivot grabs to **** rolls lol.
9: Rizk- Ridiculous how good you are with the wiimote. Close sets.
13: Ori- You and Rayquaza were doing great in dubs.
13: BigDaddy- It was cool talking with you. We didn't get to play this time though.
13: Oblivion
13: MythTrainerInfinity- Fun MM. Neither of us would die game 2.
17: Cosmo- Cool seeing you again.
17: Gio- ggs in pools.
25: Flow- Fun friendlies.
25: Mew- Fun pools matches.

Extended shoutouts

Kennispam- It's too bad I'm a wifi scrub that doesn't place offline. :/


King of the Mews
Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
(Tyrant on m2k's ****)

Gg's too everybody i played, you guys are mad chill to play with!

I'll definitely make my return so worry not my fellow n!ggas!

Extra shoutouts to Anther for being so d@mn beautiful, risk for loving tkd's d!ck more then his own, and sumer for the ride ^.^

<3 MI smash, Peace.


Smash Lord
Aug 2, 2009
lol @ tyrant coming in


good **** derek hosting a tourney
you know it baby ;)

next time dont try to take my money tyrant :(
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