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Gamer's Group of Virginia Tech Smash Tourney

Oct 5, 2008

David Gong and John-Charles Holmes said:
The first tournament of the school year is here, hosted by the Gamer's Group at Virginia Tech! Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl are all on the roster for this event. So that means its time to dig out your N64 and GameCube controllers for some serious fun!

Each game will have a $5 entry fee, with the prize pool being split from this money, meaning that yes, you will have a chance to win some cold hard cash! If you would like to just come and spectate or play casually,
you can still come and do that for free.

We are not going to schedule doubles, however you are more than welcome to use an empty setup later in the day and we will set up a bracket for you for all interested parties.

You may receive a discount for bringing a full setup, which includes TV, console, game, and 2 controllers, we need to discuss that. Yes, that means we need people to bring setups! Currently, we have 1 guaranteed setup for each game, however that makes tournaments run slow! Even just bringing a TV will be useful! If you are planning to bring anything at all, please post and I will edit this description with what we have. We will also have stuff to label your gear

Casuals before noon
Starts at noon

Specific rules will be posted but expect standard tournament rules with no banned characters.


Smash64 1v1: $5
Melee 1v1: $5
Brawl 1v1: $5

venue fee: $0

Prize distribution: 60/30/10


Torgersen Hall (room 1040)
VirginiaTech, Blacksburg, VA 24060


David Gong and John-Charles Holmes said:
Casuals before noon
Starts at noon


| Smash64 |
| Brawl
David Gong | | ✔ | ✔
John-Charles Holmes | | | ✔
Eric Bruning | | | ✔
Michael Chuber | | ✔ |
EPsilon | | ✔ |

Bringing a setup will waive $1 off 1 of the games you enter for. If you can bring a setup, bring a setup. You'll make the tournament so much better for everyone


Smash Lord
Jul 8, 2010
Henrico, Virginia
I would like to go to this but I have a bunch of make up work I still need to finish. :sadsheep:
Oct 5, 2008
Temporary videos & results thread draft

[collapse="1v1"][collapse="winners bracket"][collapse="unknown round"]Redd :falconmelee: vs unknown player :samusmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 1"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs Marcus :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 2"]Duhry :falcomelee: vs Charlie :sheikmelee:
Shadocat :pikachumelee: vs EPsilon :peachmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="losers bracket"][collapse="round 2"]Charlie [default] :sheikmelee: vs Marcus [white] :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 3"]Charlie [default] :sheikmelee: vs Winston [white] :sheikmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="top 6"][collapse="semi finals"][collapse="winners semis"]Duhrdy :falcomelee: vs Redd :foxmelee:
EPsilon :peachmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers quarters"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs Charlie :sheikmelee:
Shadocat :pikachumelee: vs Duhdy :falcomelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers semis"]Duhrdy :falcomelee: vs EPsilon :peachmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="finals"][collapse="winners finals"]KP :marthmelee: vs Redd :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers finals"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="grand finals 1"]Redd :foxmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="grand finals 2"]Redd won in winners finals and grand finals 1[/collapse][/collapse][/collapse][/collapse][collapse="results"]Smash64 bracket

1. Redd
2. Steven Lucas
3. Ian
4. Shadocat
5. Jeff
5. Eric
7. Patrick

Melee bracket

1. Redd :foxmelee: :sheikmelee:
2. K.P. :marthmelee:
3. EPsilon :peachmelee: :foxmelee:
4. Dustin :falcomelee: :falconmelee:
5. Charlie :sheikmelee:
5. Shadocat :pikachumelee: :sheikmelee: :younglinkmelee:
7. Austin K.
7. Winston
9. Jarrod
9. Daniel D.
9. Carter
9. Marcus
13. Bryan D.
13. Michael
13. Patrick

Brawl bracket

1. Bryan D.
2. George
3. Tyree
4. Zack
5. Steven Lucas
5. Redd
7. Austin R.
7. Chris[/collapse]
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Cancelled. I learned something important about myself
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