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Gamer's Group of Virginia Tech Smash Tourney | 10/27 | knightpraetor, Redd

Oct 5, 2008
[collapse="1v1"][collapse="winners bracket"][collapse="unknown round"]Redd :falconmelee: vs unknown player :samusmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 1"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs Marcus :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 2"]Duhry :falcomelee: vs Charlie :sheikmelee:
Shadocat :pikachumelee: vs EPsilon :peachmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="losers bracket"][collapse="round 2"]Charlie [default] :sheikmelee: vs Marcus [white] :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="round 3"]Charlie [default] :sheikmelee: vs Winston [white] :sheikmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="top 6"][collapse="semi finals"][collapse="winners semis"]Duhrdy :falcomelee: vs Redd :foxmelee:
EPsilon :peachmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers quarters"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs Charlie :sheikmelee:
Shadocat :pikachumelee: vs Duhdy :falcomelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers semis"]Duhrdy :falcomelee: vs EPsilon :peachmelee:[/collapse][/collapse][collapse="finals"][collapse="winners finals"]KP :marthmelee: vs Redd :sheikmelee:[/collapse][collapse="losers finals"]EPsilon :peachmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="grand finals 1"]Redd :foxmelee: vs KP :marthmelee:[/collapse][collapse="grand finals 2"]Redd won in winners finals and grand finals 1[/collapse][/collapse][/collapse][/collapse][collapse="results"]Smash64 bracket

1. Redd
2. Steven Lucas
3. Ian
4. Shadocat
5. Jeff
5. Eric
7. Patrick

Melee bracket

1. Redd :sheikmelee: :foxmelee: :falconmelee: :samusmelee:
2. K.P. :marthmelee: :peachmelee:
3. EPsilon :peachmelee: :foxmelee:
4. Dustin :falcomelee: :falconmelee:
5. Charlie :sheikmelee:
5. Shadocat :pikachumelee: :sheikmelee: :younglinkmelee:
7. Austin K.
7. Winston
9. Jarrod
9. Daniel D.
9. Carter
9. Marcus
13. Bryan D.
13. Michael
13. Patrick

Brawl bracket

1. Bryan D.
2. George
3. Tyree
4. Zack
5. Steven Lucas
5. Redd
7. Austin R.
7. Chris[/collapse]
Oct 5, 2008
My channel looks like a disaster, having 1300+ videos public. I did some redesigning to make it look pretty. Besides, no one watches tournament sets a while after they're uploaded


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Shouldn't be unlisted. Some people are probably missing out. Also random people who don't browse the boards that may live in your region may look you guys up and spark interest or something.

Anyways, this is the first time I've seen KP play. Impressive



Smash Journeyman
Nov 9, 2006
GF was so entertaining, keep up the good work and hope to see how you do on big tournaments :D
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