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GameOnDaily Versus Tournament


Smash Rookie
Nov 28, 2020
Hey All!

I am the co-owner of GameOnDaily and we just started a Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament.

The tournament features Julien Bardakoff who is the guy who voiced Luigi! Dude also named the French Pokemon and is a bit of a legend there.

We launched our pilot episode yesterday which you can see here:

I was wondering if you lovely people could recommend some content creators (like YouTubers/Streamers) who would be a good fit for our series? I am getting a mix of content creators but I think it would be crazy of me not to ask the Smash community.

The format of the tournament is 4 episodes this season (the pilot one isn't included). 2 contestants per episode. Whoever wins, gets to fight against Julien and then progresses to the next bracket.

Its my first time organising one of these and its really designed to be laid back, fun and not too serious. It would be great to get someone who is entertaining on camera.

Any feedback is appreciated :)


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