GAME: Using a number generator, determine wave two of DLC

Mr. Nintendo

Feb 8, 2014

Using this site, generate 5 random numbers. You're lowest number is 1, and the highest 1320.

For example. My numbers are:


Now use this site,
or look at your switch, to find which SPIRIT Matches the number. Yep, these numbers will determine which spirit will be upgraded to playable character. If you get a spirit of a character already playable, then they're just playable again with a new moveset.

The spirits I got?

575: Buzz Buzz

You're kidding me? The weakest spirit in the game. It's just a fly? How would this work?

1210: Chibi-tot
Not Chibi Robo, his little friend, no thanks

408: Pikachu Libre
Pikachu Libre is now it's own character Pokken Style. Still better than Incineroar I guess.

79: Pauline
Finally someone decent, I'd love to see where they go here, she's got a great design in Odyssey. I'd love to see her playable in more games

493: Salamence
Very cool. VERY COOL. Salamence is amazing, and a Gen 3 Pokemon!!! I think I now actually want it playable.


Smash Ace
Feb 16, 2019
Characters I got

1. Nia (969): Xenoblade fans will be surprised when they find out they got her instead of Rex and Pyra.
2. Super Happy Tree (313): I guess we can say goodbye to that stage. And they said Piranha Plant was unexpected.
3. Guile (984): Cues Guile theme and blast kick the opponents down. Also M.Bison is now an assist trophy, since Guile is playable.
4. Liquid Snake (750): an Echo-Fighter for Snake, with new taunts and weapons to boot
5. Zapfish (1045): this fish got in before Magikarp, very surprising.


Smash Champion
Jul 17, 2014
Canada, eh?
1. Garon (686): This could actually be a fun character. He's basically Ganon with an axe.
2. Wanda (118): Talk about obscure... I guess she could use attacks from games associated with the use of mouses?
3. Tree (918): Ya, I got nothing for this one... Wii Fit echo?
4. Standard Bike (87): I guess that's one way to get Waluigi playable!
5. Kyurem (531): Pretty neat, honestly. Perhaps a character with form switching?


Smash Ace
Oct 14, 2016
1016: Loki (Bayonetta) - Never played Bayonetta, no opinion on fighter
656: Lyon (Fire Emblem) - Cool to see Magvel/Sacred Stones get a rep although I would have prefered someone from 3 Houses or Anna
464: Mega Mewtwo Y (Pokemon) - Not sure how to count this one because final smash/same as other fighter so i will do a 6th one if you do not want to count it, have same opinion for another Pokemon listed below so see that for more
578: Dungeon Man (Mother/Earthbound) - Same as Loki from Bayonetta
552: Bewear (Pokemon) - Honestly not a big fan of Pokemon and I think they have more than enough reps so I do not want to see any more.

1127: Diskun (Retro) - Would be a cool surprise pick

Overall not too good for my personal taste but at least I like Fire Emblem and got a rep/villain from there, if you do not count Mega Mewtwo Y and bring in Diskun that would help a bit. I also do want to play Bayonetta at some point so who knows, maybe when that happens I warm up to and am happy Loki got in.
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Jul 28, 2013
New World, Minecraft
1. Jenna (1174) - I've only played through the beginning of Golden Sun so far, but she seems cool.

2. Kaitlin & Katie (854) - I like Animal Crossing, but I don't know how this would work.

3. Pidgit (44) - It's a whole new world...!

4. Rodin, the Infinite One (1013) - Don't care but okay I guess.

5. Revolver Ocelot (763) - Don't really care about this one either, but okay.


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Aug 10, 2011
This Thread
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SW 2859 6322 5208
1. Juste Belmont
If we got another Belmont, I'd prefer Trevor.

2. Young Zelda
There you go, Zelda fans. :p

3. Bullet Bill
"From the studio that brought you Piranha Plant, comes the newest top tier threat..."

4. Wily Capsule
Oh hey look a third party villain

5. Alfonzo and Engineer Link
Leave it to me.


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Mar 28, 2008
Switch FC
Star Rod
Wrinkly Kong
Absolutely Safe Capsule


Sure, ok
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Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, CA (assuming it's not hell)
1.) 417: Lucario, Fighter Spirit

2.) 461: Snorlax, Support Spirit
Well, with how he is in Gen VII, why not?

3.) 262: Totem Link, Primary Spirit

4.) 133: Luigi (Mario Tennis Aces)
Costume at best. Wow, my luck's been absolutely CRAP right now. Please let this last one be plausible....

5.) 390:

.....Arwing. Well, I can always try again next time.


Smash Lord
Sep 17, 2017
1) 934: Doc Louis, Master Spirit
Canonically, he's a retired boxer, so nope.

2) 693: Judge, Support Spirit
Already part of G&W's moveset, so nope.

3) 163: Baron K. Roolenstein, Primary Spirit
King K. Rool has his Up B, so as a costume, maybe. As a fighter? Nope.

4) 728: Mimicutie, Support Spirit
This thing was an enemy in Smash Run, and barely has any moveset material to work with. Sure there's Piranha Plant, but Eggplant Wizard seems much more popular.

5) 1092: Mii Gunner, Fighter Spirit
...Goes without saying.

Geez, I felt unlucky here.


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Dec 24, 2001
Still up Peach's dress.
Well, I got Lucario first. He's kinda busy already being a fighter, so let's ignore him and pick five more!

1.) 786: Chao (Sonic)
Okay, yeah I can kinda see the Chao working. They're replacing Cream in the latest Sonic racing game after all, and the Chao are pretty cute.

2.) 291: Omega Ridley (Metroid)
Years of trying to get Ridley in and we get two at once. Go figure.

3.) 1180: Tomatrio (Tomato Adventure)
Demille should probably get in first, but three fighters in one? That's neat.

4.) 796: Sonic the Werehog (Sonic)
...oh dear. This isn't the Sonic echo people wanted.

5.) 862: Digby (Animal Crossing)
Looks like Digby is going to join his twin sister on the battlefield...I'm actually pretty down with this one.


Connery, Sean
Jun 27, 2013
Switch FC

Not sure how this would work, but I do like the idea of a three-headed dragon. It would have a lot of dragon and dark-type moves, and I think its basic attacks would be very unique due to its model. I don't care for this Pokemon otherwise.


Honestly at this point Chrom's whole family being in Smash wouldn't be a shock to me. Seems to be the typical staff-wielding healer in RPGs. I don't think she'd be too interesting to me who doesn't really play Fire Emblem all too much.

Petey Piranha

He should have been in instead of the ordinary mook. Heavy that relies on goo and being floaty. If he's added after Plant though I'll actually start to believe Sakurai is messing with us with the Piranha Plant line.

Bonus Fruit:

Eesh even the most creative mind couldn't save this idea. Namco getting this as a 2nd character would be a bit funny at least.

Hal Emmerich

Otacon? Now that would actually be dope. Not too sure what he'd bring, but as a scientist that's knowledgeable about the whole Metal Gear program there is a lot of inspiration here. I'd actually love the surprise factor of this one. However he must come with a bonus codec on Shadow Moses Island to be complete.


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Dec 26, 2018
1. Sakura Futaba (1314)

I am not sure how Futuba would work in Smash due to her not really fighting in Persona 5. But since she is my favourite Persona 5 character this is a rather hype pick for me.

2. Dancer (929)

A rather out there choice and not sure how I feel about it other than Dancer might be better suited as a Wii-Fit Trainer's Echo.

3. Blood Falcon (601)

He seems like he would have an interesting moveset and seems to have a potential to be an interesting fighter.

4. Marx (347)

Interesting to see a boss being a playable DLC character and seems like he would be cool to play as.

5. Waddle Doo (362)

Don't really care for this one but rather curious on how its moveset is going to be.
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Apr 25, 2018
1. Squitter (155)

He looks like a horror game character, but there are a lot of things you can do with a web shooting, eight limbed character. Though I don't care about Animal Buddies and he's not Dixie Kong but I'll take it.

2. Blaze the Cat (793)

Not my Sonic character of choice but that would be a cool character. More Sonic and more cats are always welcome.

3. Great Zapfish (1046)

He actually has a pretty neat design. Not sure how he'd play, though.

4. Bio-Rex (600)

The legendary second F-Zero rep is... predictably fairly boring. At least another reptile character would make Zinith happy.

5. Inkling Squid (1027)

Two Splatoon reps? Sakurai bias, smh. Joke character who can only dash and dodge.

Dig Dug

Chronic Lurker
Jan 24, 2013
140 (Cranky Kong)- I honestly wouldn't mind too much, but...

833 (Mr. Resetti)- Between him and Cranky Kong, this might be more verbal abuse than I can handle.

112 (Papercraft Mario)- Not... quite the Paper Mario we're looking for here.

47 (Wart)- Okay, I'd actually kind of like this. If I can't have my bubble spitting dragon :bubblebobble: then I'll take a bubble spitting toad instead, sure.

392 (Landmaster)- The true reason it's no longer a Final Smash.


Smash Champion
Sep 21, 2018
Switch FC
1. Bokoblin (244): I wanted a new Zelda rep but nah this ain't it

2. Meowth (433): Unlike Jigglypuff, Meowth remained important in the anime, but I don't really want yet another Gen 1 Pokemon

3. Metroid (277): But Metroid is already a playable fighter - she shoots lasers and doesn't afraid of anything

4. Henry Fleming (1279): I can think of one user on this thread who'd be happy with this :p

5. Urban Champion (1120): 'The next rep from the fighting genre will be Scorpion!' 'No, it's gonna be Heihachi!'
Sakurai: "haha I am the master ruseman'

Diddy Kong

Smash Obsessed
Dec 8, 2004
Switch FC
1208- Sagi. From Baiten Kaitos? I don’t know him.
236- Hilda. Not my choice for a Zelda newcomer, but it’s a Zelda newcomer regardless. Rather have Impa of course.
986- Balrog. For diversity’s sake I say yes.
1146- Muddy Mole. One of the few classic characters I got to know of thanks to the speculation era of Brawl. Would be very unique! I’m in for it!
594- Claus. I don’t know how they are gonna handle the costume, but am all for it!

This took me wayyyy too long. Am on my phone and got logged out twice trying to switch pages between this one and the Smash spirits one, which also loads slowly.
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Jan 19, 2013
328 - Yarn Poochy - Uh... well, Poochy doesn't have a regular spirit, but the idea of him getting in as the yarn variant before the regular one? Absurd.

773 - Sahelanthropus (Metal Gear) - A 24 m tall mech... Okay...

1231 - T. Rex (Fossil Fighters) - Hey, this one is actually somewhat reasonable. I even somewhat wanted him. Cool!

678 - Ryoma (Fire Emblem Fates) - Another Fire Emblem character. At least it's a Samuri, so he's kinda unique?

1162 - Flare (Custom Robo) - Eh, Ray would have made more sense, but I would take it I guess. Same base concept, mainly.


Smash Lord
Aug 31, 2018
365: Gordo. Have fun, Bandana Dee Haters!

322: Yarn Poochy. This would actually make a good fighter!

799: Alph. 799? More like 40e!

204: ReDead. Oh Boi.

49: King Boo. Now Luigi has his villain!

2 Enemies, an Echo, a Main Character, and a Boss? Not too bad I guess.

306: Bandit. Yeah I think I'd take an echoed Alph.
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Sep 2, 2018
1. (817) Swooping Snitchbag I remember being annoyed by this fella when I played Pikmin, would be funny to annoy my opponents with this fella.

2. (305) Tap-Tap ah yes, the Piranha Plant of Yoshi's Island

3. (738) Wario Man The garlic hero himself! (He just looked at me!)

4. (796) Sonic the Werehog OOOH I was just playing Sonic Unleashed a few days ago too! He would have an AMAZING moveset with those arms of his

5. (114) Freezie from Item to Fighter, he would be a very COOL entry.


Smash Lord
Jul 31, 2012
1. (2) Builder Mario
I don't want him. We don't need 3 Marios. Big no.
2. (954) Reyn
I don't know who this is at all. Would prefer Elma or Rex though if we were to get a second Xenoblade character.
3. (143) Candy Kong
Not one that I would want. Would prefer Dixie.
4. (1037) Flow
Isn't really who I would think of a second Splatoon character.
5. (397) Krystal
Probably would only buy her out of this pass.


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Apr 16, 2015
Somewhere in this Universe
Switch FC
272 = Dark Suit Samus
LOL, welp another Samus. How would that work since we already have :ultdarksamus:?

1035 = Crusty Sean
Okay the food meme for this guy would off-the-wall nuts. Although he could be fun to mess with...

979 = E. Honda
Meh, not the first or seventeenth Street Fighter I would of considered, but could be a fun heavyweight.

414 = Squirtle
Already playable...

852 = Brewster
Oooo an ex-coffee shop owner. That could catch our attention. Please have an attack that involves spilling coffee.

618 = Corrin (Male)
I got another fighter, what a coinkydink.

559 = Nihilego
A Rock/Poison type Pokemon should be a blast to play. The moveset concept isn't lacking for this character at all.

1155 = Hakkun
I know hardly anything on this guy... So no opinion... However I would choose the last pick over him :p

1128= Takamaru
Yes. Would gladly take this guy and upgrade him to playable.

1199 = Baxter & Forthington
Huh three 1100 picks in a row... Anyway, sure I'll take 'em. Rhythm Heaven needs a playable rep.

SmasherMaster SmasherMaster
Oh you lucky SoB.
I'd gladly take Reyn, he's one of the few characters I want but will never happen. (Along with Rudy the Clown from Wario Land 3)
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Mar 11, 2019
The Cale-Zone
Switch FC
Sounds like a fun game, let's try !

208 - Fierce Deity Link.
Heck yeah, a good start already ! Though, wouldn't he be a bit overpowered ?

525 - Cobalion
, Terrakion & Virizion
Now that would make for an interesting character. Maybe you could switch between the three a la Pokemon trainer ? I approve !

277 - Metroid

I dig the idea, though i'm not sure what moveset a metroid could possibly have :T

296 - Mech (From Metroid)
I've never Federation Force but i guess i'd be okay with it. Just a little boring.

307 - Slugger & Green Glove

I would've prefered Poochy but these guys will do.
They look fun enough.

I don't think people would very be happy about this DLC pass but i'd genuinely be happy about Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizion since gen 5 is the only gen to not be repped.


Smash Ace
Mar 14, 2014
Middle of nowhere
With the mindset of this being under these circumstances and not as a realistic wants:

1260. Nikki: That would actually be pretty funny, and fit in with ROB as a character where Nintendo just kind of puts them in other games rather than acknowledging their series often. And an artist character is always nice.
39 Lakitu & Spiny: Not too interesting to me but if we have :ultpiranha: this could easily work.

70. Shadow Mario: Honestly, if he can turn into Bowser Jr. even briefly I'd much prefer him over the Bowser Jr. we got, give me the paintbrush.

365 Gordo: Quickplay complaints will reach maximum overdrive since people already overly dislike the move. It could have some interesting elements with its variations though still realistically not very fit for a fighter.

416 Charizard: Well since Mega Zard X is a spirit, make this the grand return of solo Charizard from Smash 4 buffed.
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Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, CA (assuming it's not hell)
Alright, let’s try again:

1103: Master Edges
“But too many swords aredee!”

70: Luma
…Why? We have them in Rosalina’s moveset already, don’t we?

151: Enguarde
Well, Assist Trophy at best, assuming we get those as DLC.

575: Buzz Buzz

1280: Tethu
we’ve got a decent pick! I wonder how Esna would be integrated into his moveset.


Smash Demon
Jul 16, 2018
576: Ness's Father

- Bad start. That's all I got to say about this one.
1055: Alucard

- I'm pretty surprised I got Alucard. I would say Alucard by itself is enough to make me want this list not even knowing who the other three are going to be and knowing Ness's Father is one of them.
864: Megaman

- Overhaul to Megaman's move set? I don't care much for his franchise, so the best I can hope for is that he doesn't become another projectile spammer like the Earthbound folks. I would really hate to see that happen.
1114: Ancient Minister

- And a strong finish. Defiantly a good echo fighter for ROB. An alternate version of ROB.
Now that I have actually gone back and looked at other posts, I say I had some good luck with this overall. 2/5 characters that I would actually want in the game seems to be pretty good given some other track records seen in this thread.
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Dec 20, 2013
1206 - Chibi Robo - Off to a good start with this guy, always felt that the character was ideal to be an assist trophy, weird that it has never happened.

223 - Wolf Link & Midna - Wow, another great newcomer candidate! Really wouldn't be against this, the moveset would be very unique.

280 - Gunship - I, uh....

558 - Lunala - Not exactly my first choice for a new Pokemon rep. Struggling to think what they could do with it.

927 - Sun Salutation - Just what.

This started off so well for me and then well and truly went off the cliffs edge.

Regardless, this was a good idea for a thread OP.
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Jun 15, 2018
675 - Severa (Fire Emblem)
I love this character a lot so I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY for this. Even if they would be generic as hell...

690 - Ball (Game & Watch)

936 - Bald Bull (Punch Out)
I'd love another punch out rep, especially one that is iconic. I wouldn't choose this one, but hey, neat idea!

365 - Gordo (Kirby)

174 - Sheik
just gonna reroll

665 - Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
oh please give me him. i want a heavy greatsword fighter so badly. really hoping artorias gets in


Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2018
647: eliwood
- great, another fire emblem sword fighting lord who will probably end up being a marth clone or semi-clone. exactly who i wanted. i mean it could have been worse. aparently people are getting spirits like ball (690) or ness's father (576).

671: anna
- i don't even know who the hell anna is, but all i see is a sword and that she's from fire emblem, so i'm pretty disappointed yet again in this pick. it's an extremely weak start. at least she's hot.

642: leif
- really? is this random number generator intentionally being mean to me? three generic fire emblem sword fighters who will likely end up being marth clones is absolutely absurd by anyone's standards.

645: lyn
- this is begining to make me physically cringe. i swear, if the next fighter is anyone from fire emblem regardless of how much potential they have to be a unique fighter, i'm pitching this entire set. they will be rerolled using another random number generator instead.

665: black knight
- alright then.
i'm not going to completely disregard what i got originally, but something seemed off with the link that the original post supplied. i set the parameters correctly, rolled five numbers, and got five very closely related spirits. all were from the same franchise and at least three out of five of them were looking to be clones or semi-clones of each other and/or marth. it could be user error, and i'm probably leaning towards that possibility, but it seemed like numbers close to the middle of the parameters had a higher chance of showing than numbers at the far edges of the parameters even after i declared the original set illegitimate. i switched to google's random number generator to do the second set. i'm calling that one the legitimate one since numbers that came up in a test of the system felt more diverse.
631: tiki (naga's voice)
- well, i knew it was possible for me to get at least one. hopefully i don't get a fire emblem frenzy again like the first and failed batch. i'm not going to bother to reroll yet again even if it does though. at least this one looks unique.

1218: ouendan cheerleaders
- alright, a sigh of relief. the number 1218 is far out of the way of fire emblem. that's what i thought to myself before seeing the character. now i'm just confused as to how they can possibly be a fighter.

399: wolfen
- so this is just wolf's final smash as a permanently playable fighter. yeah, modders helped us all see how turning a final smash into a playable fighter worked with giga bowser and wario man, so no thank you.

433: meowth
- all we need is wobbuffett (474) and we can successfully create team rocket as a playable fighter. i would support it.

1050: simon belmont
- eh, we can declone him from richter. works for me.
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Aug 21, 2014
Switch FC
658 - Soren (Fire Emblem)
Dedicated Wind Mage would be neat and he's Ike's boyfriend. Bonus.

477 - Heracross (Pokemon)
Solid Pokemon overall. Keep away from fire.

1313 - Makoto Niijima (Persona)
Brawler with a Transformer stand and the Hokuto Hundred Fist Rush. This Queen is a real Killer.

634 - Sirius (Fire Emblem)
One of the best characters in the franchise owed to his arc across three games and also being a very good unit. Keep away from water.

989 - M. Bison (Street Fighter)
Nice, hopefully no charge inputs. Top Tier on a Tuesday.


Upward and Forward, Positive and Persistent
Feb 25, 2007
Livermore, the Bay repping NorCal Smash!
1. Camus (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon), 633
He was a nice boss in the remake of Shadow Dragon. Decent character, but largely forgettable. There's a few dozen minor characters from the Fire Emblem series I would rather have.

2. Lyn (Fire Emblem), 645
This would be unexpected and amazing. She was always one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. I love her game and I love her character. She's still one of the better main characters in Fire Emblem, and that long sword is so unique of a weapon even when Lyn is stuck as an Assist Trophy.

3. Lao (Xenoblades X), 963
Never played Xenoblades X so I have a very limited opinion of him. I know he's one of the few playable characters, and I do like his visual design. It's very simple with the black without feeling overdone or overly simple IMO.

4. Wario, 729
Too obscure to ever be playable in such a gigantic series like Super Smash Bros. Like, who would even want him? :mybodyisreggie:

5. Lil' Blue (Chee-Chai Alien) (Creatures Inc.), 1188
Never heard of them.

(gonna re-roll for Wario)

6. Nia (Xenoblades 2), 969
I never played Xenoblades 2. She's the cat girl spirit thing. Wouldn't work solo, but could work with Rex. I gotta say though, I love the baggy-ish clothes she wears on her Spirit picture.
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Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
1075. Dracula

Definitely starting this list off strong. Dracula's boss fights give him a diverse set of moves to work with, it would be interesting to have a character of his calibre in Smash Bros., and he'd need to have a "What is a man?" taunt where he throws a wine glass that does 1% damage.

680. Takumi

I haven't played much of Fire Emblem Fates, but he's probably my least favourite out of the Hoshido royalty so far, given that he's needlessly antagonistic towards both Corrin and Azura, despite spending years living with Azura. He could have an interesting move-set, but I feel like we have more than enough Fire Emblem characters as it is.

834. Don Resetti

Darn, one off - Mr. Resetti would be great to see as a playable character. Don't know much about Don, though he seems less entertaining.

591. Captain Falcon

That guy from F-Zero? What could he do, hit someone with his car? Think I'll re-roll this one.

253. Beedle

Definitely not my first choice for a new Zelda character. I suppose it would be neat to see how they could make it work, though - have him use random items from Wind Waker, for example.

773. Sahelanthropus

Too OP, plz nerf. I haven't beaten Metal Gear Solid 5 yet, but fighting against Metal Gear Sahelanthropus (I have no idea how I remember the proper spelling for that name) was one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me, because it really drove home how terrifying it is to see a Metal Gear in action. (unlike previous games, where you were stuck in a small room with it) You can't hide from it, you can't outrun it, you can't fight it, and if not for video game mechanics like regenerating health, you would die very quickly when faced with one. I have no idea how this could possibly work, unless they'd use one with human proportions, but I'd like to see them try.

Also, I feel like I have to include this:

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Sep 20, 2018
903: Sword Man (Mega Man)
Really? Out of all of the possible varied, interesting, and cool Mega Man robots, I get the one with the sword? *sigh* That's unfortunate.

1115: Sheriff (Sheriff Arcade Game)
A very obscure character to go from being an assist trophy to being playable for sure, but if they can do it for Mr. Game and Watch, I don't see why they can't do it for Sheriff. Still would've preferred Pong myself though.

1171: Ivan (Golden Sun)
Damn, I was so close to getting Isaac! So close! Oh well, I'm still excited to see some Golden Sun love.

532: Kyurem Black (Pokemon)
Interesting choice for a representative of Generation 5. Not what I was expecting, but sounds neat nonetheless. Maybe a Kyurem White alternate costume as well?

1080: Party Phil (Wii Party)
Now this is what I'm talking about!!!! First, Wii Fit. Next, Wii Party. Then, Wii Music. And Finally, The World!!!!!

Deleted member

294: Trace (Metroid Prime)
607: Condor (Ice Climber)
212: Happy Mask Salesman (Zelda)
1228: Num Diddly (Make 10: A Journey of Numbers)
851: Harriet (Animal Crossing)


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Jul 14, 2014
Land of Oz
Switch FC
SW 6259 3694 6593
726: Magnus (Kid Icarus: Uprising) (cool!)
1105: Galeem (This one should be interesting)
1316: Goro Akechi (Persona 5) (who?)
1059: Juste Belmont (Castlevania) (only Castlevania games I've played are SOTN and the NES original so who?)
709: Daybreak (Kid Icarus: Uprising) (How?)

Ze Diglett

Smash Lord
Dec 7, 2014
Rivals of Aether, probably
Sounds fun. Let's give this a shot...

437 - Machamp. I wouldn't pick another Pokemon myself, but this is alright.
497 - Primal Kyogre. Oh dear.
888 - Wood Man. nice >:]
1243 - Captain Rainbow. Neat.
318 - Spirit Who Loves Surprises. 10/10 new main.


Smash Champion
Mar 21, 2019
This might seem fun, let's see what I've got.

790: Rouge the Bat

Well we're off to a good start. Rouge is an interesting and likeable Sonic character. I'm interested in her fighting style, if Sonic Battle is anything to go by then she'll be a heavy kicker with different specials like a bomb.

1198: Reporter & Wrestler

I know this pick is gonna make Smashing Ramen Smashing Ramen happy.
Real talk though this would be a really cool character. It's a rhythm heaven character and a duo fighter, you can't get more creative than that.

105: Prince Peasley

Not gonna lie I'd be salty since I want Fawful instead lol
Still, at least it's giving the Mario RPGs some representation and that's completely alright by my book. Peasley will be a swordie that glides with his floating beanbag so I can see him being annoying to fight against sometimes. Other than his sword and beanbag there's nothing else to note about him.

270: Fusion Suit

Uhh... yeah I can't really defend this pick since we already have it as an alt skin. It's only saving grace is that it might be Samus with a different moveset, other than that I don't think anyone wants this.

520: Victini

A surprise to be sure, I didn't expect our next legendary pokemon to be a small furball that spits fire. All joking aside, Victini would be a cool addition since it's a dual type of Fire and Psychic, with tons of different moves that can lead to a fun moveset.


Smash Cadet
Mar 30, 2019
865 (Proto Man): Hell yeah, he's one of the characters I want in Smash
120 (E. Gadd): Finally some Luigi's Mansion representation (Luigi counts as a Mario rep)
807 (Purple Pikmin): Eeh. He's in Alph's moveset, so idk
1257 (BlueShark): I can't wait to know how Sakurai could even make a submarine P L A Y A B L E
797 (Infinite): It's not MvC2 Would prefer Tails or Robotnik as the 2nd Sonic rep


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Oct 6, 2018
Flat Zone X
Switch FC
967 - Pyra: Wait, people actually want this character! That's not allowed!
181 - Tektite: Top tier. Look at all those legs!
121 - Poltergust 5000: Very gimmicky moveset. It really sucks.
96 - Paper Bowser (Paper Mario: Sticker Star): Not exactly the Paper rep people wanted?
426 - Arbok: Ah, finally. Smash's first limbless fighter.


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Jun 8, 2017
That Distant Shore
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355: Magolor

I'd be completely down with him. Not my favorite Kirby choice, but he'd still be cool. Excellent start.

1066: Shanoa (Castlevnia)

I don't know who this is, but it looks like she's the main character of her game, plus has some interesting moveset potential. Really solid so far.

743: Pyoro

all good things must come to an end. Probably the last Wario character saw coming.

863: Lottie

Decent choice. She owns the Happy Home Design stuff, so she could have an interesting terraforming-themed moveset. Better than Pyoro.

913: Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends)

Would've preferred X or Zero, but still a pretty good choice.

3.5/5. Compared to some of the others, this is really good. It almost seems rigged.
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