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Game Over 20 - 70 Entrants - Somerville, MA - 6/24


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA


Game Over
Results Thread
June 24th, 2014
East End Grille
Somerville, MA

Original Thread/Results Archive

Game Over 20. That's 5 solid months of Game Overs this year. I'm very thrilled about this series. Everyone coming out, telling their friends, bringing TVs, and having a great time really makes what I do worth it. This was our second largest Game Over, 2 entrants shy of our previous record on February 11th -- that was the kick-off The Melee Games, by the way -- and I'm darn happy about it. 70 players showed up and provided 11 TVs, and more that we were unable to place in the venue. Run time this week was 8:10pm to 12:20am for our bracket. We've seen players start to rise in the ranks and our newest school is showing a lot of promise. As always, see you next week.

Here's the Top5!
5th Place - UMass Boston's Klaps fought his way to his highest Game Over placing thus far. As a player that started attending tournaments less than 10 months ago this is no easy feat, especially not when 70 other people are vying to defeat you. In Winners, he defeated first-time-GO-entrant Makura, UMass Amhert's Spiff, and lost to Nuro. In Losers, he defeat Brown University's Matador, MIT's X-Pilot, Northeastern University's Squible, long-time-player Pimpfish (going Kirby, no less), until meeting defeat at the hands of Nuro once more. This losers run is very impressive, as X-Pilot and Squible have shown they have what it takes to hang with the upper echelons of players at Game Over, and Matador is showing a lot of promise. And, trust me, don't sleep on Pimpfish's Kirby.

5th Place - TO and long-time-player MattDotZeb met his opponents with a bit of a change. Easily recognizable as a Falco main, it was his Fox that carried him to the top5 having not played a single match with Falco at the event. In Winners, he defeated Mcem and Athos before being skinned by Mr. Lemon's Doctor Mario. In Losers, he once again met Mcem and defeated him, convincingly beat DJ Mirror in a Fox Mirror Match, and cut through Ryu Cloud and Sora's Marths. He met defeat in Losers QuarterFinals against Crush's superior Fox.

4th Place - An extremely solid player, Nuro, claimed his place in the top4. Defeating Hea7, Boston University's The End, UMass Boston's Klaps, and Sora on his way to fight Zoso in Winners SemiFinals. In Losers, he once again defeated Klaps, losing to Crush in Losers SemiFinals.

3rd Place - The youngster with a whole lot of tech skill. Crush has consistently shown he can, and will, up-throw triple shine you with Fox, and he's begun to harness his tech skill and work up a very solid mental game to back it up. In Winners, he defeated Boston University's El Blaze, BPon, DJ Mirror, and Mr. Lemon, losing to Mafia in Winners SemiFinals. In Losers, he trounced MattDotZeb, defeated Nuro, and lost to Zoso in Losers Finals.

2nd Place - The 5th week in a row, New England's best Peach main Mafia has solidified himself as a top contender in Massachusetts. In Winners, he defeated Peterbread, UMass Amhert's Gryphon, WeaponX, Squible, Crush, and ...Zoso. For the first time in quite a while, Zoso had dropped a set and Mafia was the one to pull it out. With his defeat of Zoso in Winners Finals, all Mafia had to do was wait in Grand Finals. Ultimately, Zoso was able to come back and win both sets of Grand Finals and give Mafia 2nd.

1st Place - 9 straight weeks winning, and dropping very little games during that period. Zoso took the crown, defeating Jeff, Haus, BigVegetaBluntz, Ryu Cloud, and Nuro in Winners. Losing 1-3 to Mafia in Winners Finals, he awaited his challenger in Losers Finals. Crush rose up to meet him, but it wasn't enough. Zoso went on to take the next two sets in Grand Finals against Mafia to close out the tournament.

Singles Bracket
1: Zoso ($165.00)
2: Boyz | Mafia ($75.00)
3: Crush ($50.00)
4: Nuro ($30.00)
5: APT | MattDotZeb ($15.00)
5: UMB | Klaps ($15.00)
7: Sora
7: Pimpfish
9: Ryu Cloud
9: Arc
9: NEU | Squible
9: Mr Lemon
13: DJ Mirror
13: WeaponX
13: MIT | Xpilot
13: °pT»Tichinde925
17: Haus
17: Mcem
17: Hart
17: UMA | Spiff
17: Matador
17: Tartox
17: UMA | Broth Chiler
17: BigVegetaBluntz
25: UMA | Citius
25: BJ69
25: UMB | Vudoo
25: BU | The End
25: UMA | Gryphon
25: Kalvar
25: Athos
25: BPon
33: Lord Buns
33: Makari
33: Cranberry
33: Donk
33: Scrub
33: Corona
33: Brisenberg
33: Studwonderful
33: Makura
33: Hea7
33: BC | Bonk
33: UMA | Leet
33: Coldo
33: MIT | Hazard
33: Makno
33: Yandr
49: BU | El Blaze
49: PJ
49: PCB
49: Hydrargyrum
49: FingerThumbs
49: Volcanic Akuma
49: Taze
49: Doak
49: godcomplecks_
49: Radan
49: MIT | Metlwing
49: GTownTom
49: Connor
49: Emmett
49: Brown Mario
49: Krum
65: Forte
65: NEU | Joreg
65: Peterbread
65: Killer Gun
65: Tiom
65: Jeff

Game Over 20
Boyz | Mafia
APT | MattDotZeb
UMB | Klaps
Ryu Cloud
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New England Melee TO
Rankings Team
Nov 1, 2013
Derry, NH
Dang, hats off to MDZ and Vudoo running a 70-man event in a little over 4 hours with only 11 setups, that's pretty damn good. Also, GGs to Xpilot and Tartox.


Smash Rookie
Nov 12, 2013
Is the bracket anywhere?
fun set Haus. We SD'd a lot, but your final combo was sick.
Yeah! Haha, mistakes were made but that was a super fun set. Looking forward to playing you again dude.


Smash Rookie
Jun 25, 2014
Weare, NH
Dang, hats off to MDZ and Vudoo running a 70-man event in a little over 4 hours with only 11 setups, that's pretty damn good. Also, GGs to Xpilot and Tartox.
Thanks man nice set to you as well, also I agree, huge thank you for everyone who helped run this tournament, keep up all the great work you guys have been doing.
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