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G6 monthlies 2 Results thread (Tenative :( )

Dr Peepee

Light and Love
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
LOL jaurice I keed

It was obviously good seeing you bro. I noticed you changed up some of your habits, which was good. Certainly have more maintenance to do but all in due time. =)

Black Mantis

Smash Hero
Jun 5, 2008
Writing my own road...................
Well its shoutout time i guess:
Snap:One of the best Wario's in the country? lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYtx5kBdoqA&feature=channel_video_title
but seriously this was pretty fun and it was cool seeing you and all that stuff

Sneak:Wesker was putting the team on his back not Sentinel lol. I'm probably going to change my team up anyway. I like the Hsien-ko strategy with assist super armor, but i need another person to fight with besides sentinel. I went ryu because i know how to fight with him pretty good. I need to find someone better than ryu.

Dogy:funny dude lol. Too bad i didn't get to play you in mvc 3.

M2k:you're too good at both games lol

Diatenshi:thanks for taking me

Taylor:i hope you got better lol (yogi)

Kadaj:I still wanted to play you in mvc 3. I got something for haggar.

Cory:Nice to see you comeback

Steve:You're always cool to hang around. I didn't see your doubles matches but i heard you went far so good stuff

Ali:Your pretty good at brawl. You made pp too good at the snake matchup >__>

Fiz:thanks for the advice

stock:lol pocket mk. but you did pretty good so its cool

mizu:you change mains everytime we meet lol

rspi:I wanted to play your lucas

tiger:you're pretty good

stingers:i feel bad i couldn't put the team on my back. As one of the best ROB's in the country, you know how effective ROB is in teams. I started practicing alot more with snake instead of ROB. i spotdodge alot because it works for rob (and i can get away with when i play yogi lol)

PP:good stuff in melee. I'm still not as good as i would like to be. At least at this point in Brawl I can honestly say I understand the Lucas and Marth matchup perfectly. but thanks to you i've gotten slightly better.

h1n1:i need to discuss matchups with you (d3, falco, and ics i need help lol) ggs though

trc:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkvScU-JqiA (i don't try to troll sc either >__> and your rob is ok lol)


tkbro:good commentary lol

koozyk:if you ever need help with the rob vs lucas matchup let me know. its winnable for lucas

everybody else it was cool


Smash Lord
Nov 19, 2005
Great tournament, I really hope I can make one or two of these during the summer. Are they always this big? It was legit.

Anyway, shoutouts for a few people

PP - hey nice finally getting to meet you, I didn't pursue matches with you much this time, but I definitely wanted to play. We'll definitely get some matches next time =D

BBQ - Good matches man, let's definitely do another MM next time, I want that rematch! haha, but yeah, I'd like to get in some friendlies in too, I need some good Marth practice

Mahone - Like I said, good job in tournament and good meeting you. I look forward to some more matches next time!

SleepyK - haha glad you remembered me! I'll definitely be looking to play some singles matches against you next time, hopefully I'll have improved even more by then =D

And whoever else I played, GGs. I didn't ask around for names much this time, but hopefully I'll meet some more cool people next time and WV can represent even harder.

Oh and a shoutout to a random garbage falco who was trying to talk trash but refused to play me cause he'd get thrashed. Hopefully you'll be at the next tournament and I can wreck you around the stage then lol.


King of the Mews
Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
@ H1N1 - oh sorry I was going to give it back to you, I didn't want to take it but it was probably because my matches were being called in one of the games (I forget which). I actually put it down there on purpose, because I knew I could find it later, but then it wasn't there because I guess you took it. my bad


Smash Obsessed
Oct 21, 2006
Raleigh, NC
seagull got off at this tourney. good shee to him.

also I only used mk against kadaj, I used rob in all of my other matches >.> so w/e


Smash Cadet
Apr 4, 2009
LOL stock XD

mott- play me one of these days lolol =p
i b scurred, you may have to hunt me down/initiate it for it to happen =)


special shout-out to husband for putting pressure on yay while he was playing against that super technical fox player from WV, then later on jacking my tv when i was trying to collect my opponent for my tourney match (i even told you guys lmao), only for you to lose to that same super technical fox player from WV that you were cheering for. it was comical enough to bring up. :p


Smash Champion
Jan 11, 2007
The Rocks of Time, NC
1. M2k - Finally after all this time, I got to play you :awesome:. It turned out exactly as I planned, but was sexy nonetheless
2.Seagull - I'm SO proud of you, I knew you could do it :'3
4. Kadaj - You took my timed-out virginity, why?! Lol jk, love ya sensei <3
5. Stingers - You're crazy fun, hey.... Charizard MM me sometime?
9. Archer - I still feel bad man, but you did good ^^''
9.Devan - I saw some of your matches, nice Snake
9.Stockfield - amazing teammate, it was nice to meet you and I would SO team with you again.
To Random Melee player Alex brought over to play marth: You're awesome man XD

will do more shout outs later, I am tired. Night <3
Hey, that was me! Get at me being the only person who didn't make the top 10 in the Brawl tournament to get a shout out. ;]

For real though, it was good to meet you. playing Brawl with you and Alex was the most fun I had the entire day. The fact that Metaknight exists makes me completely unable to ever think about playing the game for serious but I had a blast honestly.

Aside from that, I play really well in teams and got ***** by Adam's love of FD vs Full Metal/DruggedFox. haha Kevin and M2K only 2 stocked us first the two games and I was really proud of that.

My friendlies with Druggedfox were by far the best matches I played all day and he was very complimentary the whole time. He's so so good.


Smash Champion
Mar 26, 2008
Woodstock, GA
Hey guys, I met a lot of really cool people at this tournament. If you want to add me on facebook, you are more than welcome to. I love this community!


Snap- you hosted a beast tournament dude. I really enjoyed myself at this and I already know I'm coming to the next one ^_^

Dr PeePee- thank you so much for housing us, Kevin. You took care of us really well. Tbh I expected to sleep on the bare floor and it was a nice surprise to have such nice hospitality. And thanks for the friendlies! Playing against you makes me realize how important character control is. One slip up and I'm dead lol. I'll try to work on that :p

Twitch- ahhh I wish we could've played more. I really wanted to play against your fox. I'll get it next time though :)
And good stuff in teams. I felt like we had some epic teams matches even though you guys 2-0'd us lol

Wife- Oh man Wife. Playing against you in tournament... wow. I never even imagined I would have a chance to play you. You made me realize so much and I learned so much in our matches. I hope we're able to play again in the future because you made me think harder than anyone I've ever played against. I love playing like that.

Husband- omggg you're such a beast. I wish I could've played against that Marth though! I watched some of your matches and you have mindgames like a champion. I hope to see you at the next G6 and I'll force you to play against me lol.

Jim- Mannn I'm really glad that you beat me really solidly in our money match. That honestly calmed me down because I was salty as fuuuuuuuuuuck lol. I'm definitely stepping up my ganon matchup for next time though, so watch out ;)

BlackChris- I love playing against your ganon. I have a feeling you would've beat me in a money match. I hope you don't run out of steam and quit melee or anything. You're too fun to play against, and I won't let that happen :awesome:

KrazyKnux- dude, once I beat you in our money match, I could feel the salt pouring out of you, so I just ran away with my dollar as fast as I could LOL. But I love playing against all of you guys from West VA. Definitely my favorite state that was at the tournament. We'll definitely play a lot next time. Also our teams matches were definitely the most fun I've ever played in tournament. Really intense and some pretty good momentum shifts too.

Krox- OH MY GODDDDD your fox is so good. You and KrazyKnux are like the same thing except you're better at shine spikes lol. I'm really glad that I was able to play you so much and I'm looking forward to next time.

Plunk- man our marth dittos were so fun. I didn't want to stop playing against you lol

TRC- *does BBQ dance* LOOOL
<3 It means a lot when you say I was one of the only people you wanted to play against, and I'm so ****ing sorry that I didn't play you in friendlies.
We'll definitely swag it up at your smashfest :p

Plur- Your ice climbers are pretty good! It was really good experience playing against you and ROFL @ our super intense, 8 minute long match hahahah

Darksyde- I wish I was able to play against you man. I loved your stories and your lozr impression is ****in hilarious.

Smith- man I was so pissed when I lost my match against Jim and you were the first person I saw so I hugged you and cried on your shoulder and you made me feel better <3
Also I love your young link. CAMBODIAAAAA!!!

Rayku- Thank you so much for everything this weekend <3. You are a ****in beast and I know you're about to break another plateau and I'm sad to know that you're leaving soon because you are so close to being extra **** :(. Make sure air force bros won't change you too much. Rapeku for life.

SleepyK- It was really awesome talking to you this weekend and thanks so much for the encouragement. It was one thing for you to notice my improvement but it was another thing when I noticed it too. We need to talk more actually because I'm still unsure of some things. I hope you never quit lol. You're such an inspiration.

Dogy- I have a feeling I'm about to get extra addicted to advanced wars. **** YOU MAN LOL

that is all.

Soft- I want to money match your fox some time. It's pretty good.

DruggedFox- stop chokinggggggg dude! And also teach me that pivot fsmash thing because that is so ****ing swag

Merc- man you're getting so good. I wish Rayku and our car would've stayed to watch you play your matches but we needed to get home. I need to come out to Gwinnett one of these days to play with you guys because I'm seriously not getting the GA experience I should be getting lol

Tubes- you ****

Dr Pepper- we need to play soon

Blairsville- I'll talk to my parents about potential sleep over at my house for smash. Firoki, we'll play a lot more next time. Tairseth, I noticed improvement. really good ****.

To all the other people I played- rapeeeeeeeeeee


Smash Journeyman
Apr 10, 2008
Durham, NC
Dr. Yogi - Fun stuff as always.

Moose - Nice finally meeting you. I hope to see you at Duke next time.

M2K - I really wanted to play you.

Dr. PP - Thanks for giving us (Brawl players) advice and supporting both communities. Almost all of your knowledge about Melee is applicable to Brawl too. I'd like to play you again sometime.

Snap - Thanks for hosting, great job. I hope you'll keep hosting Brawl too, but if not I understand. Thanks for help with the
, even though the bracket got messed up so it didn't really work. Michigan failed too anyway lol.

Mizu - Nice MK with a lot of tech skill. I want to see you be able to do the trick I told you about next time lol.

H1N1 - I will once I have more money. Or once I start placing in the top 3 at Dukes. lol

Kadaj - Even though I lost the friendly set we played, I really feel like I played exactly how I wanted to in those games. I can't wait for rPSI to upload them.

313 - Would've liked to play you outside of teams, but most games came down to a 1v1 between us anyways lol. Thanks for bringing that setup, I played on that one more than any other. It really does lag though, most flat screens do even in progressive scan.

Tiger - Good games in teams. I saw your Marth pull off some nice stuff on Darksyde too.

Stingers - I didn't believe it at first when someone said you used MK. For shame.
You should've gone Ganondorf.

To whoever stole the money - Don't steal from the community for games which you presumably enjoy. When TOs (and/or winners) get screwed, it hurts ALL of us because they are the ones who make events like this one happen.

To people complaining about MK in the top 8 - Look at Fox and Falco in the Melee results. I like both games, I'm not bashing Melee. But it's pretty much the same thing.

Pic I took (without permission, sorry):

Good games everyone.

Frontman Yamato

Smash Cadet
Jun 19, 2010
United States
smith- man i was so pissed when i lost my match against jim and you were the first person i saw so i hugged you and cried on your shoulder and you made me feel better <3
also i love your young link. Cambodiaaaaa!!!


  • H1N1: Lol aight, what is the Mu you want for the $20.00?
  • Darksyde: That melee Marth was SO in you. It kept showing it's face to me... kindof creeped me out :troll:. But tbh those matches were a perfect end of the day, fun and relaxing
  • P.i. : Thanks ^-^, I worked hard on him. Also, I like the name and I like Pie ;3
  • Pj : Oooo it's so gonna happen, come here so I can get some of that sexy Tl again. Ps. I will NOT let you Dsmash kill me like that again 'facepalm'


Smash Champion
Jan 11, 2007
The Rocks of Time, NC
  • Darksyde: That melee Marth was SO in you. It kept showing it's face to me... kindof creeped me out :troll:. But tbh those matches were a perfect end of the day, fun and relaxing
Call me, Josh, por favor. :]

They were super fun, it was so weird. Everyone knows how much I hate Brawl but Marth is too much fun in that game. Dolphin slash is so ****. haha You need to teach me more Marth tricksies.

EDIT: Also, list actually looks awesome for shout outs. haha


Pinnacle of Projectile Placement.
May 17, 2009
Intergalactic camping with mjg.
  • H1N1: Lol aight, what is the Mu you want for the $20.00?
  • Darksyde: That melee Marth was SO in you. It kept showing it's face to me... kindof creeped me out :troll:. But tbh those matches were a perfect end of the day, fun and relaxing
  • P.i. : Thanks ^-^, I worked hard on him. Also, I like the name and I like Pie ;3
  • Pj : Oooo it's so gonna happen, come here so I can get some of that sexy Tl again. Ps. I will NOT let you Dsmash kill me like that again 'facepalm'
(smirk) will see haha


Smash Hero
Oct 4, 2009
Greensboro, NC

matt: we need to play more. get you more clutch. plus, i need to pay you back. you came through

sneak: we shoulda beat those first guys we lost to. ah well.

bbq: i enjoy playing vs your marth and getting better alongside you. i would like us to be friendly rivals. my wallet will be in attendance next tournament, and we will battle.

jim: we didn't ditto. that saddens me.

stingers: i wanna play you

THO: i REALLY wanna play you

karn: we shouldve played more. your sheik intrigues me.

fiz: you showed me my fox blows a lot more **** than my ganon. good ****. looks like my fox will stay in hiding for at least another six months. ganon vs sheik it is.

m2k: so much shieldstun. guess you shouldn't DI in, huh.

merc - you're mad chill. it was cool havin your back vs druggedfox. stay awake, and keep ******. i'd like to visit ya'll in GA some time.

sleepyk - thanks for the advice. you probably gave me the most important set i played here. you are definitely an amazing teacher.

313 - you owe me money.

pb and J - i thought you were better than that...i think you're better than that...either way we should play again soon.

s0ft - wtfganon? i had fun with those ganon dittos, including the tourney set in teams but...i still wonder why. either way, ggs bro.

josh and l0zr - hmm...interesting set...ah well.

ovonte - definitely better since TO6. you frustrated me more than any player here. good stuff on getting so much better. guess i need to step my samus game up...or acquire a samus game.

others - good stuff coming out.

notes: not entering singles was odd. i felt weird wanting to get friendlies after other people played their tourney sets, but it felt like a good time. i don't particularly feel like i've improved BECAUSE of this tournament, but i do feel like i've gotten proof of my improvement due to pound 5.

Seagull Joe

Smash Legend
Sep 14, 2008
Videos are starting to be uploaded, beginning with all dubs videos.


Subscribe/Check my channel if you haven't already.

Edit: Can someone also tell me who Gryphon (Wolf) teamed with because I forgot his name and need that for uploading purposes. He used Mk and I think was the person wearing the "Mk da bess" shirt.
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