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G6 monthlies 2 Results thread (Tenative :( )

Juno McGrath

Smash Hero
Mar 28, 2009
Raleigh, NC.
Basically the last two tournaments Ive hosted the tio file (through my fault or a faulty download of the program) has been corrupted on save.

so once again I have results but no brackets

Brawl singles (28 entrants)

1. M2k:metaknight:
3. Kismet2:metaknight::falco:
4. Kadaj:metaknight::metaknight::metaknight::snake: :marth:
5. Stingers:metaknight::rob:
5. Micaelis:metaknight:
7. Tiger:marth::metaknight:
7. H1n1::falco::popo::dedede:
9. Archer:marth::metaknight::toonlink:
9.Yeah ***** (Cory):dedede:

Brawl doubles (11 teams)
1. M2K and kadaj
2.Micalies and kismet
3 Vice and Rayku
4 Seagull and CT
5. Tiger and stock

Melee singles (58 entrants)
1. M2K (Split):fox::sheik::marth:
2.PP (split):falco::fox::marth:
3. Merc:falco:
5. Dop:peach:
5. L0zR :fox:

Melee doubles
1.M2K and PP
2. Yay and Dop
3. Full metal and Drugged fox
4. The kids
5. Snap and Ali
5. ????

I understand this is poor TO'ing on my part and IM SO SORRY i let everyone down :/ ive already downloaded tio again, checked the bug and it will NOT happen again, I can post the Melee doubles bracket but thats all

pay outs I cant remember once again im SO SORRY but if winners post what they won ill gladly post it here


a little slice of heaven 🍰
May 27, 2009
First. Do we have vids? Full singles results for Brawl?

Good s*** GA :D

Seagull Joe

Smash Legend
Sep 14, 2008
Will do :)

HOLY F*** AT ALL THE MK HEADS. I mean, I get M2K, but WHAT THE F***?
I went Mk only 3 times out of like 25-30 matches. I'm really bad at Wolf vs Falco lmao. I also don't think H1N1 used Mk.

Also payouts for brawl singles/doubles after calculations:

Singles (10 dollar entry):
M2k- 168$
Seagull- 84$
Kismet- 28$

Doubles (8 dollar entry):
M2k+Kadaj- 105.60$
Micaelis+Kismet- 52.80$
V1ce+Rayku- 17.60$

I'll post shoutouts laterz.


I used mostly Mk and went Marth a few times to cover MK *** :3


Smash Lord
Dec 25, 2010
I used mostly TL and MK, and didn't use Marth that much really (unless you count teams).

And Craig's characters are perfect. Don't listen to him when he says to change them.

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
good job joe and caity , wtf craig slacking lol btw snap where are the rest of the 28 singles entrants

Dr Peepee

Light and Love
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Doing my shoutouts now haha.

Snap- Thanks for hosting man! Don't let the TIO/money thing detract from an otherwise successful tournament bro. Also great job in teams. =)



Krazy dudes- You guys made quite a splash this tournament, it seems. I'm really sorry I didn't get to play either of you(especially when I told one of you I'd play) but tourneys are like that for me a lot =( Next time though. =)

KP- Hope you enjoy the Marth videos =D

Husband- LOL I like trash talking you in person hahahaha so awesome =p and our MAYBE plans are **** if they work out =)

Wife- I always feel like I should say something to you at every tourney we're at and....never do <.< it was cool that you came though.

Mahone- I'm liking the improvement man. Thanks for helping me think about the Puff matchup more realistically, I was approaching at bad times when I thought I'd win and you set me straight a lot haha. Keep it up.

Seagull Man- Nice to meet you man, and good stuff in Brawl!


Kazoo- LOOOOOOL @ you hurrying to get Felipe XD

Sleepyk- You are the best and beautiful and awesome and your Falco is cool and be my bff plz thx <333 full homo obv

but no srsly we played and it was cool. More next time please =D

also I very much enjoyed Taco Bell. =)

PBnJ- Always good to see you and that camera hahaha.

Soft- LMFAO best commentary ever. XD

Rayku- man challenge thing on hyrule RAAAAPED lol I love your Ganon thing <3

Dogy- Awesome to see you man, glad you came. <3 Hope my commentary wasn't like hard to work with haha, I enjoyed it either way but still. =p

BBQ- Keep up the hard work improving man, I can definitely tell a difference from last time.

Fullmetal- You've been puttin in work. Keep it up bro.

Merc- This dude deeeefinitely stole the show this time haha. Goooood shiz man. =)

Josh- Good to see you again man. I'm pretty sure we didn't play so I assume you were out making an impression on everyone you didn't normally get to play haha.

PLUR- I don't think I've ever been at a tournament before where I didn't at least say hey if you weren't there! =( I was so surprised and ashamed of myself when I found this out lol.

Ocean- I think it's funny you enjoy hugging me so much haha. =p

Karn- ***** lol

THO- One day my beard will be better than yours!!!

Moo- You touched me a lot

Also good stuff in teams! Showing your potential just means future **** to me. =)

Fiz- GOOD SHIZ I like u ****** and confident

Dop- What happan

Free won Free- You're a life of a tourney in a special way every time hahaha XD GGs bro

Stock- Hi just wanted to say hi

Smith- you are a very small child

with a nice mom

TKO- Shoutouts to random shoutouts lol

Craig- Hey man shake this off! You have a tourney in a week so shape up, learn from it, and go ****, okay? CRAIG BABY GO IN!!!!

Ali- Lovin you at tourneys man! Keep workin that Falcon bro. =)

Stongers- Keep dat chin up bit <3

Jim- Hope you enjoyed the tourney man =)

Twitch- You know what you need to work on. Not something I can fix but I'll do what I can for everything else. Either way, I'm proud of your improvement and look forward to our intense training some more. =)

Adam- Great to see you as always my friend. =) I regret not teaming with yo A more but if you want we can do it for G6s now. =D Keep on workin on gettin better man I can help more now with new Fox ideas. =)

Yay- I luh u baby you're fun. <3 Also when we playin so I can help you huuuuuuh? I ain't draggin yo A to a TV. =p

M2K- Thanks for coming and playing me so much Jason. I learned a ton and you helped me understand soooo much with your intense punishing game. I hope to be all around better competition next time we meet. =)

Everyone- thanks for coming!

people I missed- I either forgot or don't remember loool my b



Smash Cadet
Apr 4, 2009

yay - u gay, who loses to merc? (oh wait..)

merc - "jammin' up johns" on game 1, i had it!! haha..solid as ever, man. you beat mah boi, too! big tyme right dere =/ our convo was awesome, btw!

cam - **** a doctor appt, lemme get my revenge on :salt:

fullmetal - those 2 sheik vs marth friendlies helped me out so much, you have no idea. more of that to come, bro.

sleepy - it's aight, even though i won, you probably placed higher than me. that definitely says something. i'll bring it even stronger next time, though.. and no matter how nervous you are, don't pick fox. your falco still did better, despite that. and trust me, i was
nervous too, especially match 2 when i was afraid i was gonna choke and not be able to wrap things up. p.s. i feel mad close to you, can't explain it tho. :p

faroki - definitely had me on my toes that entire set.

kp - just keep practicing marth vs sheik, man. you definitely have the 'gotta get as much as i can while i'm in it' aspect of that MU down. just fine-tune some things..

plur - random outbursts ftw! keep working on your game, man. it'll come.

tubes - your falcon, as self-destructive as it is, is pretty effective. you had some really nice reads on that fox player.

ali - callin' you out mang, you haven't given me the **** since TO5 friendlies. let's get some practice in.

Dash dance dan - callin' you out mang, i haven't given you the **** since TO5 friendlies. let's get some practice in.

mahone - as disappointed as i am in myself that i didn't give you much of a challenge at all, i guess i do need to be more realistic. your puff *****, and hey, i have no puff experience. oh well. =T i'll try to have something prepared next time. you were extremely nice, btw!

dogy - i honestly meant to put $ in your can. besides being a huge fan of your commentary, i think you're a genuinely great person. you'll get at least $10 from me next time i see you around pan-handlin' =)

snap - you da bess.. feel free to stop on by for some practice, man. losing to yay all day gets old after a while.

soft/pbnj - was cool to chill with you guys for those few minutes.

moophobia - ****ing love your doc. he definitely fits you, if you know what i mean. sorry my marth was gay.. and i told you my mario was no
push-over. <3 nice falcon punch on my marth btw, and then me teching the falcon punch into a gay edge-guard on the next stock, LOL

rayku - be prepared to be bugged for sheik practice.

trc - always good to see you around.

mria - no johns, sick squishy

special shout-outs to the ragers btw, there were at least 3 times where i heard something that sounded like bones being broken, or people getting decked. :mad::mad::mad:

conclusion: 13th again.. i'm entering my next tourney as "the smasher formerly known as mott, and currently known as triskaidekaphobe."
the sooner i realize marth can't wreck everyone with the quickness, the better off i'll be. i severely lack patience against non-fast fallers. i'll be seeking jigs/samus practice next tourney.
might as well throw peach and ganon in there, as well. <3 you guys :)


Smash Ace
Oct 4, 2010
Lawrenceville, GA
Can someone explain why they care about payouts? I'm not trying to troll. I honestly want to know what is gained by knowing the number. Is it supposed to be one of those anti Pound V things? Openness and honesty betweeon TO's and players?

t3h Icy

Smash Master
Jun 12, 2009
Wait, why is Mew2King ranked over PP? I know they split, but did he actually beat PP?

Dr Peepee

Light and Love
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Yeah we played it out and I won in WFs and he won 2 sets of GFs.

I went like Fox and Marth though because splitsies but it was mad serious.


1/Sympathy = Divide By Zero
Oct 26, 2008
Rochester, NY
I notice so much MK but almost missed Seagull getting 2nd. Nice job man!


1. M2k - Finally after all this time, I got to play you :awesome:. It turned out exactly as I planned, but was sexy nonetheless
2.Seagull - I'm SO proud of you, I knew you could do it :'3
4. Kadaj - You took my timed-out virginity, why?! Lol jk, love ya sensei <3
5. Stingers - You're crazy fun, hey.... Charizard MM me sometime?
9. Archer - I still feel bad man, but you did good ^^''
9.Devan - I saw some of your matches, nice Snake
9.Stockfield - amazing teammate, it was nice to meet you and I would SO team with you again.
To Random Melee player Alex brought over to play marth: You're awesome man XD

will do more shout outs later, I am tired. Night <3


Smash Journeyman
Jun 15, 2010
dylan- thanks for hosting i had alot of fun. its unfortunate that 80 dollars was stolen from the pot. hope to see you sometime soon.

seagull- didnt know you were capable of such ****. I want to play you some more in friendlies and show me some wolf stuff.

kdaj- looks like someone else got the craig fund.

stockfield- i'm finally building confidence against you. I feel like whoever gets the first match will probably win. come to uncc more to play friendlies.

pie- you don't need to rocket science to realize how to hot dog.

tiger- I will 20$ mm if you want next tourney.

kismet- i just wanted to impress you in the mm. and see what kind of stuff you would do. gg's

ct- you made me so angry in teams. whenever i focused on seagull you would snipe me with an up smash. i died so many times because of that.

313- i liked your ups outfit.

killanator- i have the most respect for your characters. i think you have a good strategy when it comes down to stages and i'm so sorry that we have to face each other each tourney everytime.

archer- pitshts down tilt shecrectly shpikes you.

timmy- i'm glad you actually entered brawl. it makes me happy that your still willing to progress instead of trash talking the game.

vice- i think quitting smash is a good idea. but i dont think you will.

m2k- you don't seem to give a **** about anything and you just came to win money. btw im the guy who lent you my black control all day then you just left it on the ground somewhere and i had to find it. >.>

ben- just enter when you go to tournies. your the only pikachu in the area. trust me you will win money eventually.

uncle- just use mk. everyone is doing it. your almost done with smash anyway. why not get as far as you can.
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