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Fullmetal presents: Tipped Off 7! ROAD TO APEX! December 3rd+4th!

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Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2006
Lawrenceville , GA
Tipped Off 7

I'm very proud to partner with APEX to bring you this tournament- this DOES COUNT as a Road to Apex tournament!

The next big national Apex 2012, is coming up next January. Every region in the country is holding an APEX qualifier, or "Road to Apex" event, where the top placing in-region player receives a $100 stipend towards their APEX 2012 entry/travel cost and the top eight placing in-region players also earn seeding priority towards APEX 2012.

Quote from Alex Strife:

"For our competitors, we strive to create the best experience possible. With that in mind we have branched out into our newest addition to APEX, the “Road to Apex” series. Beginning in August, we will begin to hold qualifiers across the United States as well as internationally. These qualifiers will help players become ranked and also help the top placing regional player attend APEX 2012. Here is a breakdown on what each event will be offering to our players.

Each event listed as a “Road to Apex” qualifier events will feature a ranking point system for the singles and doubles events. The point system, listed below, will help us to make sure that the best experience possible is given to each player. On top of that, we will be able to provide a better quality for the event. The points are broken down from 1st place to 7th place below.

1st place – 64 pts
2nd place – 32 pts
3rd place – 16 pts
4th place – 8 pts
5th place – 4 pts
5th place – 4 pts
7th place – 2 pts
7th place – 2 pts

Note: The doubles event will be giving that point total to each individual player. It will not be split.

As an additional feature, we will be providing the top placing regional player of each singles event with a $100 stipend to travel to APEX 2012. What this means is that for a West Coast event, for example, the top placing West Coast player will receive the stipend regardless of where they stand in the bracket. This is to help our players travel to the biggest event in competitive Smash history, APEX 2012.

Note: Only those who have lived in the region for the past 6 months are eligible to receive the stipend.

To all those going to the qualifiers, we here at the APEX staff wish you luck and hope to see you at all the events including APEX 2012 where Smash will make history!"

- Alex Strife -

Its been a long time coming, and though I've struggled to find a venue I now have one.
Details concerning the venue will be posted up shortly- sorry for the delay.

10$ door fee
I shouldn't have to say this, but I feel it needs addressing so here it is:
I'm paying for this venue out of pocket. So if you try to dodge door fee you are TRYING TO STEAL FROM ME. This will not be tolerated.

If you bring a FULL setup I will waive your door fee. =D

Singles Entry: 15$
1st- 60% *
2nd- 30% *
3rd- 10% *

Doubles entry: 20$ (10/person)
1st- 60% *
2nd- 30% *
3rd- 10% *

* = if attendance is large enough(80+ entrants) this will be changed to a split paying out to 5th place, following Hungrybox's suggested format:

General Tournament Rules

4 Stock, 8 minute time limit for both singles and doubles

Games are best of 3, Finals will be best of 5.

Pools will be done first if neccessary, followed by brackets. Both singles and doubles will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION.

Doubles Team Attack is ON, LIFE stealing is allowed.

BYOC: I dont think this should be a problem anyways.

In the case of a GameCube/TV malfunction, the game will be restarted from the beginning, no matter what time it crashed.

All decisions made by tournament officials are final.

Players must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. Permanent ejection of a player from the tournament is at MY discretion.

Any sign of cheating will also result in forfeit of the game.

Any intentional forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate the brackets will result in ejection and possible suspension from future tournaments.

Controller mods of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), except for cosmetic changes (paint job, different colored plastic), are banned. Tournament staff may randomly inspect any controller at their discretion. If you are caught using a banned controller you will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Turbo or programmed buttons of any kind are banned. You may use third party controllers or pads that have these features, but if you are suspected of using the banned features you will not be allowed to use that controller any longer.

The stage for Game 1 will be selected through STAGE STRIKING.

Double Blind Rule: For the first game of a series, a player may call for a double-blind pick. This means that all participating players must tell a judge the character they will use for that game. Each player is required to use that character in the game.

Singles random select stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland 64

Doubles random select stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Dreamland 64 & Pokemon Stadium

Stages not listed on the random select list that are not banned are open for counter picks by the losing player.

Stages banned for Doubles Only: Fountain of Dreams

Stages banned for Singles & Doubles: Yoshi’s Island (Pipes), Fourside, Hyrule Temple, Flatzone, Brinstar Depths, Icicle Mountain, Big Blue, Mushroom Kingdom 1, Venom, Yoshi's Island 64, Peach’s Castle, Kongo Jungle, Onett, Great Bay and Green Greens, Mute City.


After characters have been selected for the first game, each player/team may choose one stage from the available tournament list that won’t be used during the series.

Dave's Stupid Rule is in effect. (The loser/counterpicking player may NOT choose to counterpick the stage they last won on in the set.)

After each game of a series, the player who lost the previous game may choose the stage for the next game or elect for it to be chosen randomly. After the stage has been selected, the winner of the previous game may change characters. After the winner has chosen their character, the loser of the previous game may change characters.

Tentative Schedule: (more to be added as I figure it out)

December 3rd (Saturday)

12pm- registration begins (doubles)

1pm- Doubles begins(Pools if neccessary)

4pm- Doubles brackets if not already started

December 4th (Sunday)

12pm- 30 minute window to register for singles

1pm- Singles begins(pools)

5pm- Singles bracket begins

I hope many of you will return to TO7 and continue to help me make this the south's largest MELEE ONLY tournament. =)
I will try to house as many people as I can, please ask in the thread if you are in need of housing- I will also pressure the rest of GA to help out with it.

Get hype?


Smash Apprentice
Mar 17, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia
I might need housing if I can make it out there. I'll do my best to get my game up for this ****, after regular college apps are done... I'm going to be in that ***** like option B.


Smash Hero
Feb 5, 2008
Lake Mary, Florida
my attendance is highly likely
this would be a good way to burn off my flight voucher before it expires


Smash Champion
Jan 3, 2006
Pensacola, FL
I haven't REALLY played smash since Pound V. Maybe friendlies once or twice for a couple hours between then and now.

With that said...

I'm kind of interested in coming.
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