Full-hop > pill > double jump!?


Smash Cadet
Jun 25, 2017
I don't know if you guys knew about this, or not, but I've seen nothing about it in the Doc forums other than "full-hop pill can help you approach", and I apologize if it has. Regardless, this tech is crazy good.

What does this do?

Essentially, this makes pills low commitment. Now they can be used as a zoning tool rather than a poke and spacing tool.

Furthermore, Doc now acts out of his landing frames rather than his recovery frames. This allows Doc to true combo with pill. (I said it wasn't true in the video, but I did more testing and pill > jab, and pill > up-b, are true at medium/high %)

Also, I've noticed that this button input technique helps with landing down-throw f-air. Consider that you are now activating the f-air on it's earliest possible frames. This makes it even harder for opponents to DI out before getting clogged.

On a lesser note, the button technique makes full-hop down-air double-jump more consistent, allowing more probability to land down-air dj forward-air.
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