Frame Perfect Wavedashes

Aug 24, 2016
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So recently when practicing WDing, (I mostly practice it because of muscle memory, can never practice too much) I found a neat way to practice frame perfect wavedashes & tell if they are frame perfect pretty easily w/o anything.

The simple trick is either one of two ways:

1) You look at the screen. If it pops upwards a little bit, even if by a frame, any fidget, it was slow by anything 1 frame or over. If it was frame perfect, the screen will stay exactly in the same position no matter what. As far as I know, this works with any character on any stage. You should always wavedash directly down with this method.

2) I use this one on PS2 with mewtwo, but it should work on any stage with stationary platforms as I know with any character, but i've only tested on PS2, so I would recommend that. Just stand in the middle of the pokeball with a free (not locked or fixed) camera view, & don't move for about 6 seconds, & wavedash down. Look at one of the platforms, if you look there will be a very small black line in the platform, & it's width is about a quarter or the platform. If you WD perfectly, it stays like that. But if it is off by even half a frame, it will reset & start moving. Wait about 4-5 seconds w/o moving & it will go back to normal. I find this effective for making perfectly sure it's as fast as possible, since wavedashing is so important to mewtwo's game, as his dash dance is rather bad because of his tail. But thought this would be useful if you really want to increase your sleed, & is really useful for characters like squirtle, fox & mewtwo, who all need god wavedashes. Hope it helps & sorry if it's already known about.
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