Fox's UPDATED Frame Data


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
Fox's Frame Data

  • From Luxor using OSA2.
  • All of this is 100% ripped from the game and accurate unless Luxor misinterpreted what he was reading.
  • Notes/Comments in yellow.
  • Frame advantage on block (henceforth "block advantage") data by Luxor, using secret formulae. Well, not really.
  • Control+F to search, guys!


  • [*]Frame - Consider it a unit of "game time". There are 60 frames in a second.
    [*]Start-up - If on Frame 0 you input an action, the start-up will be from Frame 1 (the first frame in the action's animation) until the frame before a hitbubble appears.
    [*]Hit-on - The frames where hitbubbles are active.
    [*]Cool-down - The vulnerable frames from when a move's hitbubbles have disappeared until the IASA frame.
    [*]IASA - Stands for Interruptible As Soon As. This is your "first actionable frame" or the frame on which you can begin performing another action. The frame after the end of an action.
    [*]Earliest Jab Flow - The first frame in which a jab can transition to the next hit in a jab sequence.
    [*]Earliest Jab Loop - The first frame in which a jab sequence can transition back to Jab 1 by holding "Attack" assuming nothing is hit.
    [*]Hit Advantage - After a hit, the number of frames during which the attacker is able to move while the receiver is not due to hitstun. Positive hit advantage is good and can lead to true combos into any move faster than the hit advantage; negative hit advantage is bad and can even lead to you getting punished on hit.
    [*]Block Advantage - After a blocked hit, the difference in frames from when the attacker is free to move until the defender may begin performing an action out of shield. Positive block advantage is extremely rare and means a move is very safe on block; negative block advantage is almost universal and is the number of frames the defender has to punish out of shield. To calculate the number of frames the defender has to punish out of a shield drop, add +7 to the negative number.
    [*]Out of Shield - Actions taken from a shielding state. A shield can be directly cancelled into a grab, spotdodge, roll, shield drop, or jump. A jump can then be further cancelled into an aerial, Usmash, or Up Special. All other actions require a 7 frame shield drop to return to a neutral stance followed by the start-up of another move.
    [*]Autocancel - Frequently misused in colloquial speech. Autocancelling truly refers to the frames during an aerial during which you may land and receive normal landing lag rather than the aerial's specific landing lag. These frames occur at the beginning and end of an aerial. Autocancelling is not landing during the middle of an aerial and receiving little lag. That is simply landing a low landing lag aerial, not autocancelling.
    [*]Buffering - Inputting an action during the last 10 frames of most preceding actions. The new action will then take place as soon as possible, i.e. on the IASA frame. Buffering is critical to moving quickly. Most out of shield actions need to be buffered during shieldhitlag and blockstun to occur as quickly as possible.
    [*]Autocancelling vs. Land-cancelling - In terms of frame advantage (both block and hit) for aerials, autocancelling refers to short hopping an aerial and performing it immediately in the air, landing during autocancel frames to receive normal landing lag. Land-cancelling means that the hitbubbles activate the the last possible frame before hitting the ground, experiencing the aerial’s landing lag. Many moves exhibit decent frame advantage when perfectly land-cancelled, such as Fox's Dair.
    [*]Animation Duration - Basically useless, tells you how long the animation for a move lasts- although in most cases you can act on the IASA frame, which occurs before the animation completes, so it’s really irrelevant. It is actually a major piece of data for Smash Attacks due to their precharge/postcharge/charge mechanics. For most of you this is absolutely 100% always unimportant.

[collapse=Frame Data]

Jab 1
  • Start-up 1
  • Hit-on 2 Frame 2 Jab, one of the faster ones in the game. Nice.
  • Cool-down 3-16
  • IASA 16
  • Earliest Jab Flow 5 Note, you have a few frame buffer window to cancel Jab 1 into a crouch to follow up with another action, such as Jab 1 or a grab.
  • Earliest Jab Loop 7
  • Damage 2
  • Block Advantage -14
  • Jab Flow on Block Advantage -5 You can't be shieldgrabbed between Jab1 and Jab2, thankfully. Falcon can.
  • Animation Duration 25

Jab 2
  • Start-up 1
  • Hit-on 2-3
  • Cool-down 4-18
  • IASA 18
  • Earliest Jab Flow 8 Note, you have a few frame buffer window to cancel Jab 2 into a crouch to follow up with another action, such as Jab 1 or a grab.
  • Hit (DJC) advantage may come in the future
  • Damage 2
  • Block Advantage -16
  • Jab Flow on Block Advantage -8 Most characters can shieldgrab you even if you go to RapidJab.
  • Animation Duration 30

Rapid Jab
  • Start-up 1-2
  • Hit-on 3, 7, 11, 15, 19
  • Damage (1, 2) each
  • Animation Duration 21
  • Loops into itself or leads to Rapid Jab Ending.

Rapid Jab Ending
  • Start-up 1
  • Hit-on 2
  • Cool-down 3-12
  • IASA 12
  • Block Advantage -10
  • Animation Duration 18

Dash Attack
  • Start-up 1-3
  • Hit-on 4-15 Strong hit 4-7
  • Cool-down 16-36
  • IASA 36
  • Damage 7 (strong) 5 (weak)
  • Block Advantage First hit -30
  • Block Advantage End hit -20
  • Animation Duration 40

  • Start-up 1-5
  • Hit-on 6-8
  • Cool-down 9-24
  • IASA 24 Shortest tilt duration
  • Damage 6
  • Block Advantage -16
  • Animation Duration 37

  • Start-up 1-2 Fastest tilt
  • Hit-on 3-10
  • Cool-down 11-28
  • IASA 28
  • Damage (8, 10)
  • Block Advantage -22
  • Animation Duration 34

  • Start-up 1-6
  • Hit-on 7-9
  • Cool-down 10-28
  • IASA 28
  • Damage (7, 8, 9)
  • Block Advantage -19
  • Animation Duration 30

F-smash (all versions)
  • Charge Release 9 (how fast the smash comes out from a charged state).
  • Start-up 1-12
  • Hit-on 13-18 Strong hit 13-15
  • Cool-down 19-41
  • IASA 41 Shortest smash duration
  • Uncharged Damage 15 (strong) 12 (weak)
  • Uncharged Block Advantage -23
  • Animation Duration (precharge) 5
  • Animation Duration (postcharge) 46
  • Animation Duration (charge) 61

U-smash Unless I'm mistaken, Fox's bone 0x2E becomes invincible frames 3-10. Strongest smash, strongest attack all around.
  • Charge Release 6
  • Start-up 1-7
  • Hit-on 8-15 Strong hit 8-10
  • Cool-down 16-47
  • IASA 47
  • Uncharged Damage (17, 15) (frame 8) 17 (frames 9-10) 13 (frames 11-15)
  • Uncharged Block Advantage -34
  • Animation Duration (precharge) 3
  • Animation Duration (postcharge) 46
  • Animation Duration (charge) 61

D-smash Unless I'm mistaken again, Fox's bones 0x11, 0xD, 0x10, anc 0xC are all invincible frames 6-7.
  • Charge Release 4
  • Start-up 1-5 Fastest smash, frame 6 is as fast as some jabs 0.o
  • Hit-on 6-10
  • Cool-down 11-49
  • IASA 49
  • Uncharged Damage (12, 14)
  • Uncharged Block Advantage -41
  • Animation Duration (precharge) 3
  • Animation Duration (postcharge) 48
  • Animation Duration (charge) 61

  • Start-up 1-3 Fastest aerial
  • Hit-on 4-25 Strong hit 4-6
  • Cool-down 26-42
  • IASA 42
  • Autocancel 1-3, 31+
  • Landing Lag 9 Least landing lag of any of Fox's aerials
  • Damage 9 (strong) 6 (weak)
  • In-Air Block Advantage (first hit) -35
  • In-Air Block Advantage (last hit) -16
  • LC Block Advantage (strong hit) -6
  • LC Block Advantage (weak hit) -7
  • AC Block Advantage -24
  • Animation Duration 50
  • Landing Animation Duration 31

F-air Has momentum-altering "Foxcopter" properties.
  • Start-up 1-5
  • Hit-on 6-7, 13-14, 19-20, 26-27, 32-33
  • Cool-down 34-51
  • IASA 51
  • Autocancel 45+
  • Landing Lag 18
  • Damage 6, 5, 5, 4, 3
  • In-Air Block Advantage -18
  • LC Block Advantage Depends which hit you land after- you shouldn't really experience this so I'm gonna skip it.
  • Animation Duration 50
  • Landing Animation Duration 31

  • Start-up 1-8
  • Hit-on 9-11
  • Cool-down 12-49
  • IASA 49
  • Autocancel 1-8, 15+ Huge autocancel window, it's hard to experience landing lag for this.
  • Landing Lag 15
  • Damage (15, 9)
  • In-Air Block Advantage -35
  • LC Block Advantage -10
  • AC Block Advantage -17 Immediate SH Bair
  • Perfect AC Block Advantage -3 If you wait the perfect amount of frames to land Bair frame 15 and autocancel it, you get this AMAZING number. Frame trap anybody? I hear Dsmash is good, but they can grab you before the smash. Out of a cross-up it's really good.
  • Animation Duration 55
  • Landing Animation Duration 31

  • Start-up 1-8
  • Hit-on 9-10, 12-14
  • Cool-down 15-36
  • IASA 36 Ends the fastest of Fox's aerials, best for momentum cancelling
  • Autocancel 1-8, 26+ You have a 4-frame window after short hopping to input Uair in order to autocancel.
  • Landing Lag 22
  • Damage 5, 11
  • In-Air Block Advantage -21
  • LC Block Advantage -19
  • AC Block Advantage -16
  • Animation Duration 40
  • Landing Animation Duration 31

  • Start-up 1-4
  • Hit-on 5-6, 8-9, 11-12, 14-15, 17-18, 20-21, 23-24 7 hits
  • Cool-down 25-51
  • IASA 51
  • Autocancel 1-4, 31+ Doesn't truly autocancel in a short hop.
  • Landing Lag 12
  • Damage 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3,
  • I'll explore the magic that is LC Dair on hit later.
  • In-Air Block Advantage -27
  • LC Block Advantage -11
  • Animation Duration 50
  • Landing Animation Duration 31

Standing Grab
  • Start-up 1-5 Frame 6 grab is average.
  • Hit-on 6-7
  • Cool-down 8-31
  • IASA 31
  • Animation Duration 30

Dash Grab
  • Start-up 1-10
  • Hit-on 11-12
  • Cool-down 13-41
  • IASA 41
  • Animation Duration 40

Pivot Grab
  • Start-up 1-8 Not bad for a pivot grab.
  • Hit-on 9-10
  • Cool-down 11-37
  • IASA 37
  • Animation Duration 36

  • Duration 10


[collapse=Out of Shield Analysis]Remember, shield drop is 7 frames. Taking that and 4 frames of jump lag into account, we have Fox's OoS options:

6 Grab
8 Usmash
8 Nair
9 Jab
9 Dair
10 Fair
10 Utilt
11 Dash Attack
13 Ftilt
13 Bair
13 Uair
13 Dsmash
14 Dtilt
15 Buffered Dash Usmash
18 Buffered Dash Grab
20 Fsmash

Using these is easy as pie; however, first you need the frame advantage of something hitting your shield. Since we have Fox's own frame advantages here in this thread, let’s use him as an example. Other character’s frame advantage can be found in their respective frame data threads.

A ditto Fox Ftilts your shield. Looking in this thread, you see Ftilt has a -16 advantage on block. However, that number is for the hitter- for you, the hittee, it's 16 whole frames of freedom! You can do anything on this list listed under 16 frames, which is a whole lot for Fox since he's so ridiculously quick. You could grab, Usmash, almost anything! Well, not really anything. If your opponent can space at all they'll be out of grab range so that won't work, or maybe they hit your shield from behind and you can't Usmash or do forward options. You get the idea though.


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
No, this is only the basic-est frame data there is. When I get some time I'll add his defensive options, specials, get-up attacks, a nice format like the awesomesauce the Falcon boards now have, and some shield and throw advantage data. Basically, Fox deserves this stuff and I'll give it to him when I have time. I hear there's a way to flat-out calculate block advantage rather than test it in frame advance; if so, I'll get that valuable intel pretty quick and prettify the guide.


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
With the smashes you have to add the precharge state, so the numbers you see there aren't the *actual* hit-on frames, etc. I didn't format it to be more usable and applicable for you since I'm just tabulating what I got from PSA/Bbox.

Basically, no the smashes are not that fast and ignore that stuff if you've never used PSA. All the non-smashes are pretty self-explanatory and user-friendly.

EDIT: Precharge duration - 1 + postcharge hit-on frame = overall hit on frame. So F,U, and Dsmash are frame 13, 8, and 6, respectively.

Also, I got all the equations I need for block advantage. Awesome amirite? Update within rhe next few days.


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Oct 5, 2008
Dedham, MA
so, would the overall duration of his fsmash be the "fsmash normal", or "Fsmash Normal + Precharge" frames?


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
I don't have to answer you because of the new-and-improved format! I added block advantages too. Block advantages for aerials aren't really in a usable format yet, I'll get to that later. Ignore "In-Air Block Advantage" for now. I'll keep updating with comments and an OoS section and stuff.


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Jul 22, 2008
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing and inspiring!
Now only if we could get a video of Fox's Hitbubbles, then i would continue working on that punishment thread then Fox would really start to get somewhere.


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
Specials in PSA are a pain like no other pain my pain sensors have ever felt, even doing calculus while running ten miles in the sun through the snow uphill both ways. I'll figure it out, though.


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Jul 13, 2009
Frame data threads o.0
yo luxor.

mind if i add this to the stupid huge fox data sticky thread?
full credit will go to you.
The guide seems pretty crowded as it is tbh, but if you'd like to do some integration it's up to you. I need to keep control of this thread to keep updating it, though, so I'd kind of prefer just to have this one stickied/added to the directory.

Do you think you could get all the ledge options framed? I'd find that very helpful to know.

Did some work on Fox's hitbubble project. Learned how to do it, coded the taunts to activate/disactivate it, and did his jabs and dash attack. Jabs are such a pain PSA wise, honestly. /rant
Specials too. /rant2
But it'll all get done eventually.
Apr 23, 2008
Colorado Springs
What's the frame adv if a laser hits an opponent's shield? I'm thinking that maybe we can laser>grab some one that is shielding.
just going off the testing i did with shield stun when trying to hack to make it possible, the laser has at MAX!!! 1 frame, if any. and thats being genorous,
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