Fox may be better than he looks.


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Feb 1, 2019
My experience with Fox in ultimate has been impressive I've gone to quite a few local tourneys just to test Fox a bit more and he has an AMAZING up air and combo game is incredible.


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Jan 23, 2019
I really want to main Fox over Wolf but as of now I just think that the added speed on Fox is not really that great versus Wolf who is just a bit slower and hits like a truck with his lazer being a histun that can do more than 10% at close range :S


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Jan 1, 2019
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Fox is legit top tier and he’s placing top 8 in major tourneys. His tech chases and combos are ridiculous. His juggle game is great. Both his fsmash and usmash come out super fast and you can use them in neutral. His nair is still a Swiss Army Knife. He can force approaches with lasers and reflector and pick his spots to go in and do huge damage and he doesn’t have to overextend. He’s fast enough to play a gueirilla style game plan and can deal with most characters just on speed alone. His movement options and fall speed are as good as ever. His only weakness I can see is he can’t edgeguard well and his recovery is mediocre and edgeguardale

I love watching Light and Larry Lure play him at a ridiculously high level
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Nov 30, 2007
I think they made him lighter this game, to me he seems to die incredibly early! But I do agree that he has been improved a lot from 4 and Brawl, he got back some setups from Brawl and the best things from 4.


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Mar 12, 2019
I'm hearing people say he is lighter in this game compared to 4. I think overall it's just for balancing cause idk about anyone else but to me knockback on upsmash and bair feel nerfed compared to 4. I'm not so sure on up air because I didn't use it for kills that much.

The reason I feel this way is that his moves seem to kill about 10% later than they used to in 4 even with the increased damage in 1v1s. I think this was done because the mechanics in ultimate make rushdown characters better therefore if fox was left untouched from 4 and benefited from the new mechanics he would be too strong. So they made him slightly lighter and slightly weaker to offset the fact that getting in for chip damage is so much easier. This is all just my opinion of course but it seems pretty likely.
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