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Fox Bread and Butter information (?)


Smash Journeyman
Aug 3, 2014
Whirl Islands
I've noticed a lot of different threads on here for Fox with his final 3.6 builds. A lot of them are more complaining, than innovating, or informational, so I wanted to start a thread that helps everyone still have an idea on what works with McCloud. Please feel free to add on to the info you think still pertains to 3.6 Fox.

Wave Shining:

Still a pretty strong option, works on all characters it did before (Peach, Falcon, Lucario, Sheik, etc.) Just looks like the up smash finish kills later. But, that's to be expected with some nerfs. One thing I wanted to try to suggest with the wave shining that a lot of fox players ignore, is to mix in more grabs. I see a lot of people kinda shine too much, which either makes you risk going for an off stage shine, or the knock back lets the opponent grab the ledge. Try to keep them off balance. Mix it up. It just takes a little more work, but this tactic is still really strong.

Shine Grabbing:

Definitely a trick that's not used to its capacity nowadays. A lot of fox players will waveshine around someone who is scared stiff in their shield. That's the prime time to go ahead and grab them, and add more damage with Up throw- Up Air, or whatever follow up can be used at the time.

Ledge Dashing:

Ledge dashing is a really good tool if you can time it. A lot of "auto pilot" recovery ive been noticing is just for people to do normal get up, or ledge attack. The one that might be even more common is the Side-b from the ledge. If you can use this movement appropriately, you can reposition yourself on the stage with relatively low risk. Definitely one I'd recommend practicing.

Up/Down Tilts:

Up tilt is a pretty good anti-air option, of course if you're not fighting someone like Ivy who's using a max range B-Air on you. It juggles a lot of characters at low percents which can allow some creative follow ups, or at least discourages some approaches. Also to add, it kinda shows how good your opponent is/isn't good at DI. Down tilt is a good move to launch with. If you ever catch an opponent with a decent roll length, I personally use it to chase them and lift them while they are getting up. It puts them in the air, and lets you decide on how you will proceed to chase/follow up/reset the situation.

Up Throw Up Smash:

The character's ive noticed this works on consistently at 0 percent are (not limited to): Fox, Falco, Capt. Falcon, and Wolf. This is pretty much given if you correctly follow up on their DI. Not sure whom else this applies to. Lemme know.

So, I kinda want this thread to compile a bit more basic information for Fox players to have to refer to when thinking "what does Fox actually do?" In depth additions are always welcome, but try to think of some basic low-level situations that people can use simple options to use. (When stuck in shield, when recovering, when faced with the neutral, etc.)


Smash Cadet
Jun 26, 2015
  • N-air shine
  • D-air shine
  • Double/Mutli-shine if you want
  • SHDL
  • Shine OoS
There's some other technical stuff I know how to do like shine into aerials, shine into U-smash, but since this is supposed to be basic Fox I just stuck to these.
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