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FORTE! Results & Shoutouts Thread (Austin, TX)


Smash Ace
Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
First and foremost I want to address the sour spot regarding the commentary that happened after crews. I apologize to everyone who was supporting Texas Melee through watching the stream and I also apologize to Team Apex for letting that crude behavior occur. There's no real excuse for us TOs for letting it happen; we were simply not attentive enough after the end of all the major events. However, it's been decided by the Austin Melee TOs that those two individuals (TSC and Kalo) are going to be banned from all future tournaments that we host until we feel that their attendance no longer conflicts with our interests in moving forward. Trolls will be trolls and I don't really mind that, but when you represent the entire Texas Melee community and embarrass our tournament with your actions, that is when you've crossed the line. Those two people are no longer welcome in any tournaments that I host anymore.

But now that that's out of the way...

Austin, TX
December 21-22

Melee Singles: 86 entrants

1: CT EMP Mew2King ($810)
2: Tirno ($405)
3: Sung475 ($202.50)
4: DoH ($105.30)
5: Baka4moe ($48.60)
5: ARC ($48.60)
7: Mojado
7: MT
9: Owl
9: Taylor
9: Jake13
9: TSC
13: Obsoleet
13: GlibbyGlobby
13: Gar
13: JF
17: Godspeed You Black Emperor
17: Oracle
17: Admiral
17: dashdancedan
17: Nike
17: hangyodon
17: Tim
17: A Beast
25: GSO
25: Skeith
25: Smiles
25: RedShadow
25: King
25: KillaWhale
25: Sizzle
25: Caveman (forfeit)
33: Problemo
33: King Mosquito
33: Burgerdon
33: badtzmaru
33: Kalo
33: PK-Thunder
33: AbsoluteBlack
33: Raven
33: RobMoney
33: Pawl
33: Frisbie
33: Chives
33: Tuesday
33: TaquitoRob
33: Lumpy
33: Ran
49: James
49: EricB
49: Ezzy
49: Brzz
49: I'mDirtyDan
49: Dime
49: Zhea
49: JWu
49: DMT
49: Gagl
49: Kevinwow
49: Romo
49: IO
49: Tobias
49: Silver
49: Tak
65: DJ Dickdown
65: Reixmy
65: Milligraham
65: Alta
65: Bryan
65: Pondwater
65: 2bit
65: G-Rabbit
65: lil' b
65: Chazz
65: Loopy
65: Jack Kashmir
65: Cofy
65: Psyvern
65: bxdxbxoxi
65: Voi
81: Step
81: Lorz
81: Pterbomb
81: Crawfish
81: Doppler
81: TRDR

Bracket Image: http://i.imgur.com/8IXjnxW.png
*in Losers R3, Taylor and Obsoleet were swapped manually because of location seeding purposes.



Melee Doubles: 22 teams

1: CT EMP Mew2King & DoH (CT EMP Mew2King & DoH) ($310.75)
2: Team 1st Place (Sung & Baka4moe) ($141.25)
3: Nudist Beach (ARC & JF) ($70.625)
4: Pup 'n Suds (Jake13 & Mojado) ($42.375)
5: Stab and Grab (Obsoleet & Owl)
5: MTirno (MT & Tirno)
7: Cybernetic Dream (SOS & GlibbyGlobby)
7: Dear Von, Come Home, Please (TSC & Kalo)
9: Caveman & RobMoney (Caveman & RobMoney)
9: Cape & **** (Frisbie & DMT)
9: The Breadstick Boys (James & Brzz)
9: Tim & TaylorHJ (Tim & TaylorHJ)
13: Kawaii Street Cholos Desu (GSO & hangyodon)
13: Weeabos aren't people (Tuesday & Gar)
13: Team Monocle (Skeith & Reixmy)
13: King & Kyle (King & Kyle)
17: SA (Botwes & Lectril)
17: Julio's Kids (Problemo & Oracle)
17: Alta & Doppler (Alta & Doppler)
17: AbsolutePsychos (Psyvern & AbsoluteBlack)
17: RedSizzle (Sizzle & RedShadow)
17: LumpyTaquitoRob (Lumpy & TaquitoRob)

Bracket Image: http://i.imgur.com/vQnRrra.png

PM Singles: 54 entrants

1: CT EMP | Mew2King :fox: :marth: :sheik:
2: Oracle :rob:
3: Sung :marth: :sheik:
4: sethlon :roymelee:
5: utdzac :pikachu: :peach:
5: ARC :marth:
7: Infinity :metaknight:
7: bwett :squirtle:
9: ALSM :link:
9: Nike :marth:
9: Denthorn :mewtwomelee:
9: CT | Denti :ivysaur:
13: Von
13: luck
13: SOS
13: G- Rabbit
17: Berto
17: Blink
17: Rob$
17: Caveman
17: Abstract Logic
17: Sybawave
17: EclipseKirby
17: Problemo
25: Pk-Thunder
25: Skeith
25: Tripp
25: Slick
25: Kevin Wow
25: Chazz
25: Sol
25: Chives
33: \Lorz
33: Grand
33: TwistedLogic
33: KingMosquito
33: Gob
33: lil' b
33: Step
33: Blondie
33: RedShadow
33: DarkGun
33: Lectril
33: Bec
33: Silver
33: foolishphilosopher
33: Zhea
33: Dunk
49: Alta
49: Doppler
49: S. Gent
49: Ezzzy
49: Imdirtydan
49: Voi

Bracket Image: http://i.imgur.com/gByfjc1.gif

PM Doubles: 13 teams

1: M2k and Sethlon
2: Oracle and Denti
3: Bwett and UTDZac
4: Aerolink and Luck
5: Infinity and Blink
5: Come home Sybawave (TSC and Kalo)
7: Skeith and SOS
7: PKT and S. Gent
9: Tripp and Darkgun
9: Blondie and Nike
9: TaylorHJ and ARC (forfeit)
9: Foolish and GRabbit
13: Abstract Logic and Bec
13: Silver and Kevin Wow

Bracket Image: http://i.imgur.com/cbLRHJH.gif

All videos are going to be uploaded to the TexasMelee YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to us and follow us on Twitch!
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Smash Ace
Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
Firstly I want to give a huge shoutout to my fellow TOs Jose and Edgar this tournament. Wow. This was our first big project together and we really had no idea how it would turn out, but despite all the unknowns and how much we were relying on the community to pull through for us, everything really came together for this tournament and all of our planning and effort paid off. We haven't had time to get together since the tournament yet but we need to sit down and have a beer to celebrate the success of the tournament, and maybe more in the future!

Second shoutouts to everyone that supported Forte all throughout its announcement and onto the tournament itself. Frisbie for constantly advertising and hyping us up. Zhea and GlibbyGlobby (among other contributors, of whom I'm really sorry to say I can't remember everyone) for literally powering the tournament with their power strips and extension cables. Everyone that brought a setup to help provide the best Melee experience for two straight days (I'm pretty sure there was no lack of setups for friendlies, and there was definitely no lack of setups for running the tournament). Admiral and the rest of our Austin buddies (you know who you are) for housing everyone from out of the city. Somehow, I don't think anyone needed to get a hotel for this tournament, and that's incredible.

Third shoutout goes to the amazing Clay Kibler aka Noc, who manned the **** out of an amazing stream and contributed so much to getting this tournament publicized and being a pleasure to work with. You didn't even enter a single event or even play much Melee at all as far as I know, which is why the stream was so amazing. And all of that work for without getting paid anything (wow we should pay you). It's people like you that inspire me to continue to put in the effort for Melee in Texas and push it forward, because I know that I'm not alone. THANK YOU.

Fourth goes to everyone that attended; the tournament obviously is only as good as the people that attend. Even if you know you won't win anything, coming and entering supports the tournament and I hope it was worth your time and money to come. Tournaments are where we can get together and enjoy a game that we all love with many different people, and beyond that we can truly satiate our competitive spirits. Thank you guys for coming to this tournament.

Individual shoutouts:

Tirno - Oh my goddddd. There's so much to say but you already know everything I have to say. It was time that people learned about Tirno and how ****ing good he is. You're the pride of Austin Melee, but more importantly the pride of the house of MTirno. HNNGHHHHHHH
Sung475 - Remember in that one stream where I told you not to sleep on Tirno? Uh huh. Hahaha, but enough trash talk, I got truly humbled by you in tourney since you kind of pooped on me. We should see if we can play more next time though =X are you going to Apex?
DoH - Wow you completely destroyed me in our MM. I saw myself getting read on every step of every stock and thought, so this is how Peach wins: outplay your opponent solidly lol.
ARC - We are the Austin Marths that got ***** by Tirno LOL. But aside from tournament performance, thank you SO MUCH for never hesitating to offer help for Forte and whatnot. I'm sorry that you didn't perform as well as you wanted to this tournament... but looking back on it, you lost to 1st and 2nd place didn't you? One might say you got bracket ****ed lol. Let's play more when I'm back in Austin.
Mojado - It was really fun bro-ing out with you man. Next time we might even play some more Melee hahaha.
Owl - I feel like I got really lucky in bracket playing you before you got warmed up. I'm pretty sad we didn't get to fit in a money match later on Sunday :( because it was obvious you weren't playing as sharp as you were when we were doing friendlies on Saturday. To be honest I was really scared of playing you in bracket lol. Hope to play you again soon! Also the sick Isai on me/Tirno in teams... hnnngh
Taylor - Somehow we managed to not play each other again! We cannot let this happen a 3rd time...
Jake13 - Just admit it; you paid Arc off in crews. How much did it cost?
Obsoleet - Good **** in teams....................................... :(
GlibbyGlobby - Glad we got to play a MM. What is even going on with your life right now anyway...lol
Gar - OMG you beat Jose... Ivan unleashed. Really scared to see you get even better. But you'll always be Austin in your heart right right???
JF - Not too much to say except Austin pride!!!
Godspeed You Black Emperor - That set with Sung...!!!
hangyodon - I feel like you didn't care so much about competing in Forte as you were about running the tournament smoothly... or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize how it was possible for you to lose to Ivan...wtf.
Smiles - Always a pleasure to see you man. Was this the first time we played in tourney? GGs!
RedShadow - I knew you could make it out of pools!
KillaWhale - You're a really good guest haha. The racist in me made me feel like you'd be more like Oscar on terms of hassle. Man I'm a **** LOL
Sizzle - Thank you for being so helpful throughout the entire process. Like for Arc, knowing that I could rely on you to help was tremendous for running the tournament smoothly. We'll play more!
Burgerdon - I'm so happy that you've become Burgerdon. It's freaking amazing. Also thank you for helping call **** when all the TOs were busy and stuff. And also all the other money related stuff. Also PLAY MORE WITH US I'm STILL waiting for you to get super good!!!
PK-Thunder - YOU AGAIN!! Fun friendlies as always. I think I'm going to need to whip out a new character next time we play just to spice things up a bit mwhahhaahahHAHAHAA
AbsoluteBlack - GGs in pools man. Wow we had a hella Marth pool haha.
Pawl - We should really play one of these days lol.
Frisbie - Like I said before, thanks for the undying support man. #texasmelee
Tuesday - Haven't seen you in FOREVER!!! We didn't play at the tournament but we will soon! Glad to have you back in Austin.
Zhea - GGs man! I think you know this already, but try not to get frustrated with yourself when you play. The best thing I feel is to always believe in yourself no matter what... even if it seems hopeless. Even if it was futile, it's definitely going to be better to stay positive than to get down on yourself. Your Falcon has a lot of potential and I want to see you realize it; NOT block it by having poor mindset. Hope to make it so another SA tourney sometime!
JWu - Smooth Marth man. Two things you might want to think about (at least in the Marth ditto): solid dash-dancing alone won't cut it for the neutral game once you get to higher level play. Also, juggles while difficult to get out of are NOT free for the grounded Marth. Make it as hard as possible for him to juggle; this will involve mixing up EVERYTHING that Marth has to get down to the ground. Hope this helps lol.
DMT - 49th?? You must have had a hard pool lol. See you in Austin.
Tak - Nice, you didn't get last. Pretty happy for you actually even though you're never going to read this. Thanks for being flexible around my needs for the tourney and stuff.
Mai - The smoothie and poster were AWESOME. You did wonders for my morale, no joke, and really helped make the tournament more enjoyable for me!
Milligraham - You should come out to Austin smashfests!
2bit - GGs in pools dude! Looking forward to see you get good in the future ;)
SleepyK - We should have played more! But unfortunately I think I was too busy :( thanks for making it out to this tournament though!! Hope we cross paths again in the future...
Xelic - You're probably not going to see this but really it was awesome to see you come for a day. Austin loves you and we know you love us so come hang out with us and play this awesome game! You're still better than all of us anyway lol.

One final shoutout to the Austin Melee community! We might have lost the crew battle (cry) but you guys are still so god damn amazing. This tournament wouldn't have been possible without the overwhelming support from you guys and the unified goal that we have to advance Melee in Austin and in Texas. You guys know who you are. #austinmelee

I'm going to get pools and the rest of the videos up within a week or so so stay tuned for those non-stream videos. And stay tuned for... Forte 2??!?! maybe?!?! we shall see...
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Smash Champion
Jun 12, 2006
Crowley/Fort Worth, TX
Shout outs to our hosts for making this all possible! :) It was exciting to be at a 2 day event with no venue fee.
Shout outs to Admiral for hosting DFW. I didn't really see you much day 2. Didn't get to chance to say we appreciate the awesome free housing. It's nice to travel and actually have a bed to sleep. For me, it makes such a different experience.

I might do player shout outs in a bit. I didn't make it out of pools in Melee, so most of my shout outs will be PM related.


Smash Hero
Sep 18, 2006
SA-Town, Texas
I left right after crews, what happened?

Thanks for hosting a great tourney, MT. Had a lot of fun.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 1, 2013
Nowhere Land, Tx

MT_ for hosting the whole shebang!
Oracle for hosting PM Singles, and managing to somehow squeeze PM Doubles out of seven setups and so many people on top of that!
Oracle again for dealin' with me asking tons of questions as I acted as the messenger for the S-Ville crew.
Blink for holding my money for me until I manage to win it back at the next tournament. It's gonna happen.
M2K for some rather comical friendlies and for inadvertently illuminating an issue I have with nerves.
Foolish, Bec, and Blink for the Lucario dittos! I saw quite a few things that I am going to work on.
2-Bit for bein' 2-Bit. I suppose I should learn Melee Marth so I can come to your tournament. Lunch was great.
Southern Gent for helpin' Tripp and I to understand doubles.
PKThunder for being Southern Gent's doubles partner, part of the team that we played first, and getting to hear all of our tactics from Southern Gent before we started.
Abstract Logic and Luck, for convincing me and Tripp that I need to pick up Diddy Kong so we can figure out how to banana.
G Rabbit for helping us carry Big Bertha. Army strong is right!
Blondie(?). I think that was yer name.... Anyway, thanks for explaining Samus's misleading-ly named Super Wave Dash.
The College Station crew because awesome!
Everyone who's name I forgot or never managed to get.


Smash Ace
Mar 13, 2012
Wish I could have gone, this seemed like an awesome tourney. Good **** to Denthorn (and Sung, I heard) showing off Mewtwo in PM. Cant wait to see that. Thank you M2K for coming down to Texas and steeling our money.
What were the teams for crews and who won?


Smash Ace
Aug 28, 2008
Shoutouts (Reposting from original thread)

Thanks for hostin MT and Tirno! (and SOS/Jose/Nike?) Even though the seeding was a bit questionable ;]
It definitely sucks TOing while playing and wanting to do well in teams and all that. Props.

Tirno - Good job takin me out, good stuff even though I was pretty sad about losin, I'm happy that you got to experience the win while your girl and the rest of Texas (Austin) were watchin. Congrats.

MT - Fun games that pivot tipper punishin my d tilt and killin me at like 50% was awesome. Can you pivot f tilt intentionally? Or are they all failed pivot f smashes? Thanks so much for housing us (I totally forgot to do this in person which is weird cause I never forget [I was pretty baked though not gunna lie lol])

Tarzan - Yooo you're hilarious! Thanks for the backup!!! That was real sick of you to do that.

Baka4Moe - Close set as usual. Good stuff in teams I liked your mentality in the winners set against DoH+M2K. Seeya some other time.

Darkness of Heart - Mad important question. Did I win more friendlies? Haha ggs.

SOS - I can't cg at all ya got me. LOL at the Dallas crew #fraudulence.

Mojo - Ggs you're funny 'lemme show you how a real falcon plays' 'superior positioning' hahaha. Still think you got some insane reactions. Supreme pizza combos fun games.

Taylor / Owl - Thanks for comin out hope the drive wasn't too bad. Sucks yall had to take each other out. Sorry didn't play with ya again after the MM Owl but you should try to use more double shines on sheik since it beats her nair oos.

SleepyK - We def shoulda played! Marth ditters next time.

KillaWhale - Thanks for the smoke you're pretty chill and funny too haha.

Smiles - I was tryin to copy you and do a powershield d smash but you weren't attacking either funny set.

Admiral - Def got better and your movement is faster, we'll play next time fersure.

GibbyGlobby - 'Hey where are you from? Your Sheik is pretty good' LOL ugh I needa get back my trademark hair I suppose. We should play more next time.

JF - Jiggs is hard I think you need to wait it out a bit more while recovering or approaching. I kinda just approached you the whole time and I got away with it most of the time. Your wd oos grabs are great.

Sizzle - Weird seein ya here. We def joked about you beatin Jwu in pools for awhile thank you for the laughs! :D (sorry Jwu ya know we love ya). Give a man a tirno and he'll sizzle for a day. Teach a man to sizzle and he'll drown Jwu for a lifetime.

Jwu - Don't sweat it man, we both felt pretty sad I share your pain. Hope you had a lot of fun cause I def did. Esp at Cains LOOOL.

Jake13 - Man how the heck does everyone know how to pivot in Texas. Be the best shield dropper. Texas is all about that new tech.

M2K - Fun games. Hope ya start practicin pivot stops and shield dropping!

AustinRC - Nice beatin DoH was a hecka long set.

Thanks to Wobbles for commentatin a Texas local (regional?). It's a hard thing to do and I'm glad we had a main commentator not playing (and taking all of our money at that haha :p) also teams is esp hard to commentate imo.

Everyone I met was real chill. Ggs to all it was a good time! Ggs to the PM opponents as well I just have zoning fundamentals so try to mix up your approaches better and get closer to really bait me out. Really sorry but I forgot the guy who was teachin me about Samus and her ice stuff, you're a really nice guy. (I learned it was G-Rabbit awyea)


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
holy **** jason, how much money has this man made in the last 4.5 months...its getting ridiculous lmfao.


Smash Ace
Jan 10, 2012
San Antonio Texas
Shout outs to the austin crew for running a great event.

MT - Sorry I was so salty in pools man. Thanks for hosting!
SOS - Good stuff despite not having a controller or practice the last week.
Absolute Black - Good stuff in pools dude, it hard coming back after a four stock, but you kept your cool.
2Bit - Keep at it, if that's how good you are after 6 months you are going to be scary in a year.
Jake13 - Thanks for the mm and good **** in crews. SOS was right, you are a pretty chill dude.
ARC - Those matches against DoH were mad hype. Seemed like you had a rough time after Tirino. Hope we can play when you are having a bit more fun.
JF - OMG that F-Smash. Also that reverse fair in crews. Wanted to mm you, but ran out of fives and ones, I'll hit you up next time.
Tirino - Dash Atack Dash Attack F-Smash. What even are you.
King - Congratulations on making it into bracket. Your matches with Tirino were hype.
Sung - Thanks for mm me. I was the Falcon after bracket. It's hard to see when I watch you against the best of socal, but you are the real deal. Good ****.
Baka4Moe - Thanks for the mm. I need more experience against peach.
Abstract Logic - Wolf dittos are fun, but we are both frauds.
G-Rabbit - Good **** dude. I really need to practice PM if I want a chance of beatin you guys in tournament
Stef - I eish you could of gone :(
Blondie - Thanks for all the practice this week, I don't think Inwould of done as well without it.
Bec - Your lucario leveled up in one weeks time wtf.
PK-T - Tell your potential to stop sand bagging, it's rude.
Nike - SA's most underrated player representing aaaaaaash ****. Thanks for driving this weekemd dude.
Espy - It was a lot of fun hanging out this weekend. Wish you entered, bit such is life.
Jose - Good **** hosting man, was a lot of fun. I'll figure out how to get a wii mote back.
Roberrto- Super hype jiggs matches. Was a ton of fun.
Glibby Globby - Thanks for the friendlies, your falco is scary. Your sheik almost got linked on though.
Skeith - I wish our region could give you more variety in matchup experience, you would expose all these frauds. #HeroOfTime
Clay - NANA! Stahp.


Smash Rookie
Nov 28, 2010
South Houston
Thanks so much MTirpho! This tournament was really great and had a great turnout. Y'all really stepped it up in terms of Tx tourney's. Can't wait to come back to austin next time. Time for shoutouts!

CLAY KIBBLER! - Ohh man, you did an amazing job running the stream! You've contribution is by far the greatest houston has to offer. Thank you so much!
Falco - gg's for beating me everywhere I go. In winners, losers, and crews. I hate you.
Tirno - OHH MAN, super congrats for getting 2nd place in the tourney! We need to put your falco in the hospital it's too sick.
Sung- Wish we got to play and hangout more. Hope you had fun time in austin. I really can't wait to see your haircut next time.
DoH - Good job in the tourney and in teams. I definitely need to get in some matches with you next time.
Baka4moe - BAKKKAA! We both hate it when you have to play peach gay >.< Expect more high dollar MM's, like 50 cents or so. Twas tons of fun hanging out with you. Next time we'll tear that Pho's apart if we're ever able to walk that far.
ARC - Nice job in the tourney, buddy! Better have told Cherokee goodbye and thanks for having us over. We need to plan a Sherwood trip sometime when they're open.Keep working out! I want to grow up to be just like you one day.
Mojo - good job in the tourney, shoulda taken it.
MT - Thanks for the amazing tourney! Get pooped on in teams. gg's and we'll have to play MM's next time i see you.
Owl - CAAAAWWW!!!! Wow, good **** in teams. We pooped on some serious butts
Taylor - Was fun hanging out with you. We should have played. Sorry about our MM, but luigi vs luigi is just too op.
Dank13 - OMG CREEWWSSS! You're still my hero. Good call on that extra stock
Obsoleet - You are the greatest and sexiest smasher of all time.
GlibbyGlobby - Teach me on how to be asain and sheik.
Gar - Great games in pools, was close but you managed to pull out as the winner. Hope you had a fun time visiting austin again.
JF - gg's in pools and MM. Gotta get that luigi practice in!
SOS - I hate playing you just as much =p gg's and you definitely earned that win. I definitely need to come play at SA more often.
Admiral - WHHHEW. I've never been more scared than when you almost had that 4 stock comeback. Gg's and good job in the tourney.
Tim - Twas fun hanging out saturday
GSO - Was really great seeing ya again. Please stop 3 stocking me >.< gg's and I'll never forgive you for getting food without me.
Smiles - gg's and I'm glad I got to play your doc. Was fun playing friendlies.
KillaWhale - I wish I could have watched your games. We had a fun car ride? Shoulda hung out more in Austin.
Pawls2thewallz- It was a lot of fun hanging out with you and michelle in Austin. Only regret is the lack of sleep.
Frisbie - I swear you get better every time I see you.
Tuesday - Thank you so much for being a life saver and housing us. One day I'll learn how to beat IC's with fox >.< gg's
Silver - It was fun playing you in pools! You've got a lot of potential. Just keep coming to more events and practice.
G-Rabbit - Was really good seeing you again Garrath with two r's. Hopefully we get see each other more often at smasfests and tourney's
Jose - It was really great talking to you and shielding your lasers in pools. I love you.
Wobbles - Thanks for coming out to see everyone! Really appreciated your commentary. Also I love your beard
Otta - Keep up the good work. It seems like you're getting better every time I see you play. Hope you had a fun time in Austin.

Deleted member

Yeah sung me and Freddy didn't actually play each other Because mt was awesome and moved us around. I wouldn't have lost that :p
I didn't play so many people lol


Smash Lord
Dec 15, 2008
Kalkaska MI
Thank you very much for banning those two. It was absolutely ridiculous what they said so i am happy something was done about it.

But the stream was great up until then and it was hype. Thank you for the stream!


Smash Apprentice
Aug 5, 2013

Thanks to all the TO's for running such an awesome tournament
Mew2King- Good job getting 1st, you've been on a roll for a good while now. I'm glad that I got a chance to see you play in person instead of just on stream or youtube like I usually do
Wobbles- Seeing you at Forte was a very pleasant surprise. It's awesome that you showed up and commentated. I'm glad I had a chance to talk to you, also your Mario was fun to watch
Tobias- I really enjoyed playing a bunch of friendlies and talking to you, I'm sure it'll be invaluable for helping me improve
Brandon- Thanks for calling out some of my bad habits, I feel like I learned a lot from you and Tobias
GSO- I had fun playing you in pools (even though you beat me pretty handily haha)
Sung- Good job getting 3rd you played very well. I meant to ask if you had any Sheik advice after our pools match but forgot :p
Tirno- Congrats on getting 2nd, that set against Sung was so hype
ARC- It's always entertaining to hang out with you, also you played great
JF- It was very awesome seeing you clutch out a win against M2K an DoH in doubles. I enjoyed talking with you and feel like I learned quite a few things that will help me get better
MT- Good job with the tournament, I'm sure it was quite a task juggling TO'ing, competing, commentating, etc
Skeith- Your Link is awesome, I rarely ever see anyone use him, keep up the good work
Psyvern- Playing your Peach helped me learn the importance of patience in a match, also it was funny catching one of your stitchfaces
Everyone else- I'm glad that so many people showed up and created such an exciting atmosphere


Smash Rookie
Nov 24, 2013
Houston, TX
Such a great tournament, a preliminary big thanks/shoutout to the MTirPho Collective for making it all possible. The tournament was very smoothly run, stream got up and running, and lots of hype matches. Time for Shoutouts! (I entered as lil' b this tournament, for those wondering)

CT EMP Mew2King - Nice meeting you and a fun money match. Thanks for coming down to Texas to help hype up our tournament and scene as a whole.
Tirno - Good stuff man. You really played well under all of that pressure and beat a lot of good people. Hope to see you soon in Austin.
Sung475 - I didn't really talk to you, but I know of you as a very highly skilled player, and your placing in this tournament reflects that. You seemed to have a lot of characters under your belt, it was cool getting to see you play.
DoH - Nice meeting you. Watching your peach made me want to pick her up.
Baka4moe - Nice seeing you again, solid play.
ARC - Really cool getting to hang with you a little, It's always great to see you. I'm excited for my next opportunity to come up to Austin and play. You did really well in this tournament, keep it up man.
Mojado - <3 you da best. Thanks for being real, always a pleasure to chill with you.
MT - You did really well MT, everyone was impressed with your play. You're a very nice guy, wish we had talked more, but you were busy running the tourney.
Owl - Nice meeting you, hope to come to Louisiana to play sometime, I've never been.
Taylor - You 8-stocked me on stream, that takes guts and a heartlessness hard to come by. Just kidding about the heartlessness, but the guts for sure true.
Jake13 - Nice eating lunch with you, good stuff.
TSC - lil' b forever and always by your side.
Obsoleet - Good stuff in teams and singles, always fun to chill and talk about things.
JF - <3 BFF's
GlibbyGlobby - I want to see you Falco ditto Tirno in tourney, I think it would be a really good set. Unless you start maining Sheik...
Gar - Nice seeing you and good placement again!
Wobbles - Nice meeting you IRL :]
SleepyK - Pleasure seeing you again, thanks for all the advice.
KillaWhale - Mah *****, good hangin' with you.
Kalo - lil' b forever and always by your side, you sexy Kalo you.
Sizzle - Good friendlies, nice talking to you.
Tarzan - The legend, good time talking and playing friendlies.
Denti - Nice meeting you, you're a cool guy.
Ezzy - ...
Tobias - I really liked playing with you and your friends, hope to see you in Austin soon.
Southern Gent - Keep it up man, you are super good, don't fret about bad luck in bracket >.>
I'm Dirty Dan - No I'm Dirty Dan!
DMT - Good set in pools.
Frisbone (Frisbie) - <3
Admiral - I'll get that CRT to you soon pinky swear!
Crawfish - Good set and friendlies...sorry I got mad :<
Noc - Stream master, thanks for all the work <3
Pawl - Fun friendlies man.

>.> too many shouts to handle.


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Mar 16, 2009
Austin, Texas
HUGE, HUGE shout-out to Oracle for running the PM!!
Even if I was too lazy to enter, it was truly a privilege being able to play such a wide variety of opponents, something I likely won't have the opportunity to do again soon.
Shout-out to Clay (Noc) as well for sacrificing entering any tourney to run the stream.
The guy who mains Lucario that I couldn't beat, I'll figure that match-up out...


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Jan 11, 2013
College Station
I have to say this is the most fun I've had at a smash Tourney so shoutouts to all of the organizers that made this possible.

1: CT EMP | Mew2King :fox: :marth: :sheik: Congrats on nabbing first in EVERY EVENT. You are so consistent it's uncanny man.
2: Oracle :rob: I've always tried to watch matches of yours when I'm at a tourney with DFW players there and holy ****. You are the most technical, cheesiest, creative player I've come across. I learn lots about the game from talking to you and watching your sets. Thanks for repping TX so well!
3: Sung :marth: :sheik: Nice sheik! I was impressed with how well you managed to adapt to the new P:M characters despite being a primarily melee player. You performed solidly and I hope you manage to explore P:M a bit more. It's a great game.

4: sethlon :roymelee: I finally got to play you in friendlies which was awesome. Your playing is leaps and bounds above mine and I'm completely inspired after you trashing me and watching your sets. I thought you had it game 4 against Oracle! Keep repping the Roy dude, it's phenomenal.
5: utdzac :pikachu: :peach: Your pikachu was going IN! You proved single handedly to me how viable of a character Pika is. You have a super smart playstyle and I hope that you keep playing the electric rat.
5: ARC :marth: I'm really happy with how well you did in Melee and P:M despite you wishing you'd done better. You are extremely technical and have a good grasp of the game that many others don't. I hope you are able to meet your future goals in melee and I hope you continue to enjoy P:M. It's a great game that will only get better. It was nice talking to you and learning the tidbits about the Peach-Marth matchup as well.
7: Infinity :metaknight: Any doubts I had about you being a top Metaknight in P:M were completely destroyed after playing you and watching you play. You have tons of potential with that character and I'd like to see you climb up the rankings a bit more. Down-B is too good!
9: ALSM :link: I wish we could have played a bit more, but I'm glad we managed to get a seriously in. Your link has gotten so much better since the last time I've seen it so pat on the back for that. Playing you definitely helped me a bit more with the Link matchup.
9: Nike :marth: Congrats on doing as well as you did man. I'm happy to see you enjoying P:M!

9: Denthorn :mewtwomelee: Why do i keep getting eliminated by MEWTWO???? Jokes aside you mewtwo is sick! I really liked how passionate you were towards your character. I can tell that you've waited a long time to have a character like this. Great job in our set and I hope you keeping leveling up!
9: CT | Denti :ivysaur: I didn't get to play you unfortunately but it makes me happy to see that you're done with one night standing the tier list. Ivy is a ****, but she fits you well so I hope you keep doing work with her.

13: Luck one word man: KONGMUNISM. Please keep repping the monkey man. You have very solid fundamentals and now you just need to learn his bag of tricks he acquired in P:M Hit me up at any time if you'd like to learn more.

13: SOS BUY A GOD DAMN WII! Seriously though, believe in yourself man. You're a super gifted player and have lots to offer, just keep a strong presence of mind and you will be great. Thanks so much for MM'ing me on day 2. You helped me finally realize that spacies aren't as scary as I once thought.

13: G-Rabbit Thanks for all of the work you did making this possible for the College Station crew. You've made a significant amount of progress in this last month and it's showing. It's always fun practicing with you and hanging out with you in general. I hope that this new year you keep growing as a player and as a person.

17: Blink I had so much fun talking and hanging out with you. You're a very underrated player in my opinion. Thanks for all of the little tips in my bracket matches. You've shown me that I still have a long way to go as a player and I really appreciate it. Your lucario is truly innovative and I'd love to see what you can do with him at APEX.

17: AbstractLogic Get better you stupid monkey. Don't be so hard on yourself.

25: PK-Thunder You're gonna break through sometime soon. Keep up the grinding man

33: Blondie I'm sorry you had a bit of a death bracket this time. I really wanted to see what you'd do with Samus after going in the lab for a bit, but I'm sure I will see sooner than later. You're a very strong player and I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am if it weren't for you. On a side note, enjoy yourself more man. Never forget why you picked this game up in the first place.

33: DarkGun: Always nice playing with you man. Your lucario is getting solid, just work on not getting cheesed so hard by the bananas!

33: Bec I'm really happy that you managed to surpass your expectations you set a week ago. Your improvement is definitely well earned and I can only hope this is pushing you to want to go further as a player. I had a bunch of fun teaming with you as always and I hope we can make a name for ourselves come this new year. As a mentor and a friend, I'm proud of you.

33: foolishphilosopher It was really nice getting to know you and hanging out in the hotel. Your lucario is soooo good in doubles man! Keep up the YOLO BOMBS

33: Zhea Always fun relieving stress with wolf dittos. I look forward to seeing you in January if you decide to host something.

49: Southern Gent That god damn baseball bat... Good **** in doubles friendlies and our little seriouslies. Work on that Ness combo game and you will be something to fear in the near future.

Shoutouts to Melee for still being hype after 12 years.


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Aug 19, 2007
Bryan/College Station , TX
I have only been in the competitive scene for 9 months now, and this has been by far my favorite tournament that I've attended.

Shoutouts (Melee exclusive towards the end):

MT - Big shoutout to you and your fellow Austin TOs for throwing together this amazing event. I appreciate your hospitality and look forward to coming to some of your future events. I am truly sorry for my crew leaving behind that one crt, but hopefully your crew will be able to use it for future setups.

M2K: Congratulations on taking 1st in every event. Your skill seems to be unmatched by anyone presently.

Oracle - Thank you for TOing PM and even finding the time to fit in doubles. I had tons of fun. Let me know when you upload the videos, and I can send you links to the ones I captured so they can be compiled. I'll be sure to get your power chord to you next time we meet.

Sung - It was very nice to meet you and play you in bracket. I learned quite a bit in the Marth matchup (traditionally one of my weakest) and I'm proud to say that I started implementing things after our games throughout the weekend. Congrats in both PM and Melee.

Sethlon - Thank you for the friendly match that we were able to get in. Your set with Rob was phenomenal to watch.

utdzac - Great job getting the upset over Oracle. I also really enjoyed watching your set with Sung. I learned a little bit just by watching your Peach.

ARC - Congrats on your performance in both Melee and PM. Your upset over Sethlon was my favorite match of the weekend.

Infinity - Always a pleasure to see you and hear your awesome puns. Until next time Mr. Punisher.

Bwett - I was happy to finally meet you. Your Squirtle is the truth!

ALSM - You have improved tremendously in PM since the last time I saw you play it months ago. Definitely one of the better Links I've played against. Thanks for the friendlies.

Nike - We didn't get to play each other this time around, but congratulations on your performance in both Melee and PM.

Denthorn - I saw you beating M2K in Mewtwo dittos. Hopefully I can play you next time.

Denti - It was nice seeing you again and playing you in bracket. I'm glad you didn't drop Ivy in 3.0. I plan on taking her out next time though.

Will - Always a pleasure to talk with you and Denti. You're such a cool person and it's awesome that you support him at all these events.

Luck - It was nice meeting you. That Diddy is nice, especially for being so new to the game. Whenever we played, I could definitely feel your Brawl background. You can rematch the Kirby whenever you want.

SOS - That dollar you won from me better go towards buying a Wii. Looking forward to playing you in SA again.

G-Rabbit - I'm proud of you. You did well, and you learned so much to help you improve. Only up from here.

Berto - It was great to see you again. In only a week you have improved so much. Keep it up buddy.

Blink AKA Xeven AKA Dark Steve AKA Uncle Julio AKA .... - You're so much fun to talk to at tournaments. I always have fun playing with you or even just talking to you.

Abstract Logic - Thank you for being my training partner. I wouldn't be improving so quickly without having someone like you to play with. I had tons of fun playing you and just hanging out before, after, and during Forte. When we get back from the break, we'll have to hit the ground running again.

Pk-Thunder - I'm glad you polished off that Fox in PM now. You kept your promise in a week and finally got the better of me in friendlies. I was really impressed.

Skeith - Great job in Melee. You always do a fantastic job of representing SA.

Kevin Wow - I was really surprised to see you there buddy. I'm glad you could make it out though. I'm looking forward to playing you at our locals at A&M.

Chazz, Chives, and the rest of your crew whose names I can't remember - It was nice to meet you and play with you guys. From what I understood you're relatively new to the scene. I hope you guys keep coming to events. The only regret I have in this community is not going to events when I was younger. I think you guys are off to a great start.

Blondie - I'm glad you were able to make it out after all. Keep up the Samus work buddy.

DarkGun - I had a great time playing you in friendlies. I think you have a nice crew, and you guys all seem pretty cool. Hope to see you at more events despite your tough commute.

Bec - I'm glad you could make it out with me and Zach. I think you keep improving a lot. I'm looking forward to playing you more when we get back to A&M.

Foolishphilosopher - I had a great time with you this weekend, and I'm glad we got the chance to hang out quite a bit. I can't begin to express how impressed I am with your improvement since the last time we played. That Lucario was scary in friendlies. Also, thank you for being my doubles partner.

Zhea - Always a pleasure. Your Roy had me scared there for a second. He's definitely improved. Stef and I are looking forward to coming to your next tourney in SA if we get the chance.

Southern Gent - I had a great time getting to know you better. Awesome initials by the way. Oh! And a big kudos to you for winning the Toon Link run back from last week. Now you just gotta do work on my Peach.

Tirno- Great job representing Texas in Grand Finals. It was nice to play you in pools.

Mojo - It was cool talking with you again man. Thank you for being welcoming and friendly both times that we've met. Also, great job beating M2K in the Fox ditto. I was so hype watching that.

Obsoleet AKA Best Friend John - You are literally the nicest Smash player I have ever met. I had so much fun watching your Luigi on the big screen. I get so hype seeing my old main do work, and you're so great at working with him. P.S. My name is spelled Garreth, but good job remembering the second "r".

Pho - That was a great set for me to end the night with. I hope you enjoyed the little bit of PM I got to show you. That Marth vs Toon Link match at the end was flashy on both ends. So much fun.

Final shoutout to my mains: Peach for being the baddest around in Melee and PM, Toon Link for being fancy (huh), and Kirby for joining my team in PM after years of wanting to play you in Melee but not because you're bad.
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Oct 26, 2010
Amazing job by the Austin TO's for putting this together, this tournament was a great experience for me. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys at Kerby lane cafe too, the Austin scene is super awesome, I might travel up there more often next semester. I think this tournament has serious potential, getting both PP and m2k to come seems very possible, and from there people like Javi and Axe might decide to come, and all of the sudden we have a legit tournament series going on. I'm looking forward to what comes of this. Also, I don't think any amount of thank you's will cover how much Clay contributed to this tournament, not entering any events to make sure that the stream ran well.

1: CT EMP Mew2King ($622.50)- I now hate you for eating all those truffles that should be in my belly. This has created a new found drive for me to get good enough to not just beat you, but beat you so badly that you feel the pain that I felt when I found out that there were no truffles left because of you
2: Tirno ($311.25)- Good **** dude. I'm sooooo glad that someone from Texas got second, you were playing so well!
3: Sung475 ($155.63)- I'm really glad I got to play you, not only did you show me some cool tricks, but your attitude towards this game is really good, and that in itself helped me a bit. Good job getting 3rd!!
5: Baka4moe ($37.35)- It was fun traveling with you, I hope you make it out to smashfests and such over the break!
5: ARC ($37.35)- Yo homy what's good? I know you wanted to do better, but I thought you did really well against m2k. It's a hard matchup against someone who is probably the best at the matchup. You'll get him next time! Good **** beating DoH!!
7: Mojado- You had a rough bracket, but you took that game off of m2k! That was pretty hype. We need to get swoll and get better at melee over the break!
7: MT- Good **** hosting this tournament, let me know when you get in town cause I might just host a tournament at Texadelphia while so many good players are in town
9: Taylor- Glad you and Louisiana were able to make it, I hope y'all had a good time!
9: Jake13- AGGHHHHH YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO BEATING DOH!! We need to chill/play melee while I'm in town for sure. GGs in pools
13: Obsoleet- No you keep getting better every time I see you! You're kinda really good now.
13: GlibbyGlobby- That Samus though. I hope having a pocket Samus works out for you, Samus is a pretty cool character
13: Gar- It was fun chillin with you, your sheik is really good!
13: JF- Good **** against Mojo, I hope I see you at more SA tourneys!
17: Godspeed You Black Emperor- Good **** against Sung, you had a tight set against him! I feel like you got desperate for the kill too much, and that hurt you at times. Glad you made it!
17: Admiral- Good job beating Taylor! We need to play over the break for sure, considering how close we live to each other! I'll try to get Michael to host more. Also truffles :p
17: hangyodon (Jose)- Thanks a lot for the housing! It sucks that you and Jake were both in my pool, but I realized that there wasn't too much you could do differently that wouldn't make it unfair for someone else as well. GGs!
17: A Beast- Dude, you're a beast. It was fun talking to you at lunch, I hope we hang over the break!
25: Skeith- Good **** making bracket with link, that isnt easy!
25: Smiles- Glad you could make it, I hope I see you around more in SA!
33: Pawl- Fun friendlies, my fox sucks haha. I think against my Doc you got in your own head, don't over think things! I know your Gannon can do better than that against it! I hope we play some over the break!
49: Zhea- Glad you made it, it sounds like you learned a lot from this tournament, I hope you put it to good use!
49: DMT- I'm really happy with how we did in teams, we beat 3 teams and only lost to ARC and JF and Mojo and Jake13, and we even took a game off the latter! We've been getting better as a team, and I think we could start pulling some serious upsets soon!
Wobbles- It was fun talking to you and play Doc vs. Mario. You have really good spacing, and I feel like I learned a lot from it. I hope to see you around at other Texas events! Thanks again for the advice you gave me, it helped a lot!
SleepyK- GGs, you're fun to play. I kinda wish that I had done our deal so that you would have entered! Maybe next time :p

Pawls to the Wall

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May 2, 2010
____Houston, Texas____ Posts: 1,071 +
If I don''t mention anybody, it's because I just can't remember your name.

Mew2King - You're SURE you don't have my black controller, right? Lol

Tirno - I've changed my mind. I DO NOT want to play your Falco. I've got fragile self-esteem.

DoH - I had so much fun playing you. Sh** on my fox and c.falcon, but the Ganon matches were soooo good. I'm working on a solution to the Final Destination problem, other than banning it, that is :p. Your combos are excellent.

Baka4moe - Maarthhhh!? Lemme handle that Peach!

ARC - You rock, dude, as always. Always cool to chill with and your Marth is inspiring!

Mojado - You got my Ganon all worked out. Fox/Falco is lookin' pretty good right now, lol. Dude, why didn't we chill more?! Shoulda came out to the party...

MT - Good shiz on the tourney. Maybe I'll get over my MT anxiety and we'll play next time, haha.

Owl - Too bad I couldn't face you in bracket this time. Gotta settle the score officially, right? Fun friendlies, man.

Taylor - Cool azz muthaf****a

TSC - That set against MT was so good. Man, you almost had him! I was on the edge of my seat.

Obsoleet - Jaawwwn sorry for partying too hard :(

Jake13 - So I heard you f***ed em up in crews. Checkin it out. Nice work man.

JF - My Ganon will never be the same :p gg's

GSO - I intentionally got 3rd in pools so I wouldn't have to be eliminated by you in bracket again XD

Smiles - Your peach was so much more aggro this time! It was pretty hard to keep up. That SUDDEN DEATH, lol. Fun as always man.

KillaWhale - How could you do this....lol jk, cool ridin with you bro.

Frisbie - I specifically 4 stocked your fox to reestablish my dominance after that match against your doc, lol. I turned the heat up cuz I wanted to do the same to your doc, but you didn't give me that second game ;_; gg's though, you've gotten soooo much better. You got me off the stage and kept me off.

Tuesday - I seriously appreciate you for housing us. You're a life saver.


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Aug 1, 2005
Hirosaki, Japan / San Diego State
1: CT EMP Mew2King ($622.50) - making that money like M2K

2: Tirno ($311.25) - Great run through the bracket, was really exciting watching your matches. I'm glad you guys decided to host this tournament. It was the perfect december for me with SSS, KoC3, and Forte to top it off.

3: Sung475 ($155.63) - I guess nobody from the Socal scene besides the SD crew knew that I moved to Austin a few months ago so I could tell you were a little confused to see me at the tournament. Nevertheless, I love watching you play and it was nice to see you three tournies in a row :)

5: Baka4moe ($37.35) - It was nice to talk to you for a little bit. Your peach is still really good.

5: ARC ($37.35) - Listening to you talk about your set with M2K really made me respect you as a competitor. I can tell you are super focused right now, and I want to try and channel a similar focus for my game too.

7: MT - You are the driving force for getting TX on the map, and I'm really glad this tournament was a huge success. MTirno smashfests are the single thing keeping me sane living with my parents again lol.

13: Gar - Ivan it was nice to finally meet you and you are a really solid player. I totally forgot about the burger match, but I think you would have won XD.

13: JF - I know you were disappointed about your doubles performance, but it was still really hype when you clutched that game out. We all know you are the one carrying ARC ;)

17: Godspeed You Black Emperor - nice set against Sung

17: Admiral - Your ICs are sick. That set with Taylor was really hype.

17: hangyodon - Jose when are we gonna practice speaking Japanese again? lolol

17: Tim - Nice set in bracket. Your fox is really solid.

25: GSO - We finally played some matches this tournament haha. You have a stronger punish game than me, and I liked some of the stuff you were doing in our friendlies.

25: Skeith - It was a pleasure hosting you, and I'm glad we could play a bit too.

25: RedShadow - I really like teaming with you, but I'm not really sure what went wrong in our games. Hopefully we can play more 2v2 next smashfest.

25: Sizzle - lol

33: Tuesday - Thanks for letting me crash at your place and I had a lot of fun playing you. Lol @ watching 50s game shows

33: Burgerdon - I'm glad you finally entered a tournament!!

33: badtzmaru - I think this is Joe right? Anyway, it sucks to hear about the pool situation. You are a homie and I think I have some of the most fun whenever we play.

33: Raven - Was fun chilling with you at In N Out and hanging out. You guys were great guests.

49: DMT - I feel like you and I are so close in skill level it's almost like a rivalry in my mind. Sucks you had a ****ty pool, but you'll bounce back. Whenever I get down, I tell myself to slow things up and remember I'm playing the best character in the game.

49: Tobias - You are such a chill guy, I'm glad I caught you guys at lunch so we could chat a bit.

65: Reixmy - We had some fun games back at my place. We shoulda had you guys in teams!!

65: lil' b - It was fun playing you, and I appreciate the compliments you gave me. I feel like you have the right enthusiasm for the game, now it's just about playing as much as possible. I feel bad about the lunch situation, we should have been more cognizant of the fact you weren't familiar with the area.

Thanks to Clay for manning the stream like a CHAMP. I've heard you are the biggest homie in the whole TX scene. To anyone I forgot to mention, thanks for the games and I hope to see you next time.

My mom was very pleased to hear everyone enjoyed the cookies!


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Mar 26, 2006
excellently run tournament from MTirno! probably the smoothest run tournament i've ever been to.

congrats to tirno for taking 2nd!
congrats to sung for taking a game off of m2k!
congrats to glibbyglobby for beating caveman!
congrats to admiral for beating taylor!

lots of fun stuff over the weekend and it's great seeing all the cool texas folks. i think i'm going to start incorporating the GlibbyGlobby Specials into my game.
I haven't done shoutouts in a long time so i'm just gonna leave it short ;_; I used to try to not forget anybody and i would just end up never posting any shoutouts at all XD

duna pics

i took a lot more but i think my phone was messing up because they're not on my phone or on my SD card... i'll keep looking though.


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Oct 26, 2010
Frisbie - I specifically 4 stocked your fox to reestablish my dominance after that match against your doc, lol. I turned the heat up cuz I wanted to do the same to your doc, but you didn't give me that second game ;_; gg's though, you've gotten soooo much better. You got me off the stage and kept me off.
Yeah I definitely want to play you over the break, I know you could have done better than you did against my Doc. That movement is too good, I know what to do against Gannon because of Michael, but your Gannon is very different from his haha. I've been going all Doc lately, so my spacies are kind of sluggish, but it's really helped my Doc. He's so hard to win with but so rewarding and fun! I'm sure you feel the same way about Gannon

Pawls to the Wall

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May 2, 2010
____Houston, Texas____ Posts: 1,071 +
Yeah I definitely want to play you over the break, I know you could have done better than you did against my Doc. That movement is too good, I know what to do against Gannon because of Michael, but your Gannon is very different from his haha. I've been going all Doc lately, so my spacies are kind of sluggish, but it's really helped my Doc. He's so hard to win with but so rewarding and fun! I'm sure you feel the same way about Gannon

Yeah, Ganon isn't so fun for me anymore. It's frustrating against campy players. I have more fun throwing out my falcon/fox/falco/peach/game&watch to be honest.


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Feb 16, 2008
Baton Rouge
I really enjoyed the tournament. I wish I remembered everyone's name, so I could go down a list to give people shout outs. I played with so many great people, and I hope that my thanks to you in person were enough. As a whole, everything was great. It was my first Melee out of state tournament, and I think I did pretty good. I wish I could have made the bracket, but I don't really see too many names that I would have done too great against. Hopefully Louisiana will continue to go to events out of state, and if so, I'll do my best to take some time off work to come as well.


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Nov 24, 2013
Houston, TX
i don't remember? what character did you play?
I played Sheik, you were in my pool...I got really frustrated because you made a comeback the first game... :< I'm not usually angry but I was really determined that set...


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Oct 7, 2013
Craw land
I played Sheik, you were in my pool...I got really frustrated because you made a comeback the first game... :< I'm not usually angry but I was really determined that set...
OH ! I didn't know you were an otter!


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Feb 19, 2013
Yonkers, NY
To all of the TO's I would like to say thank you for running such a great event, I had a wonderful time.


AbstractLogic:diddy:: I wish I had got a chance to play you in some more friendlies, I am on the cusp of beating that darn monkey of yours but keep it up because you are definitely going places with that Kong.

Blondie: Sad to see that you have dropped Zelda but I am excited to see what you do with Samus

AustinRC :marth:: that was a close match we had first round of the tournament, hopefully if I run into again at another tournament we can run it back. Good job on getting 5th place though in PM.

Nike :marth:: Thank you for playing me in some friendlies on day 2, I really appreciated the match up experience particularly from someone who knows the match up as well.

Oracle :rob: : Way to go in getting to Grand Finals in PM singles and thank you for running a doubles tournament for PM. If you make it to Apex I would love to try and get some friendlies or possibly even a MM if you are down.

PK-T: yo after a couple of more tournaments we may actually have a feared doubles team after figuring all that team chemistry with Ness/Fox. If I am able to make it to the next SA monthly we will definitely have it on lock doubles wise and also we have to do commentary.

Darkgun :bowsermelee:: LOL that was just bad luck getting match up against PK-T and I in the first round after we talked about you and Tripp's doubles strategy but if you guys keep working at it then I think Squirtle/Bowser can really do some damage

G-Rabbit :toonlink:: Next time we meet I will get the best of your Peach, you best believe I am going to practice that match up. It was also awesome getting to know you better this weekend too

Jose: thank you very much for allowing me to stay at your place it was a very kind thing for your to open up your home and I appreciate the hospitality and I very much enjoyed getting to have dinner and meeting a lot of you and the Austin Melee scene as well. Until next time!

To anyone I may have forgot to mention or didn't remember their name, I really enjoyed this tournament and hope to see you all again in the near future.


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May 12, 2013
big thanks to the TOs for such a fun tourney, i had a great time and definitely levelled up playing so many good and rad people. shout out to everyone i played with but didn't get the name of, or forgot the name of. i was the girl with the wolf hood/scarf/thing.

g-rabbit: thanks for driving and everything else, man, i don't hate your truck!!! i don't think we got to play at the tourney but i'm always up to kick your butt whenever you're back in BCS!
abstractlogic: TEAM FURRY FOR LYFE. i'm proud of you too man, you keep getting better and i'm nine kinds of honoured that you try to pass that on to me. can't wait til next tourney with ya!
blink: we still gotta play sometime man, i really wanna learn some lucario tricks from you. you have a top notch lucario, i'm totally jealous. even just watching you play helped a lot. best of luck at apex, i think you'll do great!
darkgun: i had fun playing friendlies with you, always good to see other lucario players.
zhea: your freaking roy levelled up too, man, so much harder to deal with from the week before! good job, man, i'm sure you'll keep getting better too.
infinity: thanks for the friendlies, and definitely loved your shirt day 1. had a lot of fun playing with you, even if you kinda cheesed me with the monkey haha
luck: keep it up with the diddy! and link, if you insist lol. had fun playing with ya despite, you know, link.


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May 2, 2013
I'm really late on mine; I keep coming here to write it and getting inspired to practice new PM stuff!
But here we go.
First of all I'd like to thank Oracle and all the Austin TOs for running such a wonderful and efficient event. I think everyone had fun and you all did great.
Now to the players:

G-Rabbit: I would not have been able to get to this tourney without all your help and support. Really can't emphasize enough how you are a top notch player and person. You and the A&M crew in general were just great fun to hang out with. I'm really glad I got to rematch you. But you better watch out, because I'm not dropping any sets anymore!

AbstractLogic: The second I woke up, the day after the tourney, I turned on PM and started training against Diddy CPUs. I know it's not the same, but I'm definitely not going to get stomped again! On a more personal note, thanks for being a cool guy and for making the stay there enjoyable. Your Diddy was overwhelmingly good and I'm going to catch up to it ASAP!

Blondie: This is the first tournament you didn't knock me out of winners for! In all honesty though you seem to have been reflecting a lot on your game and are getting the theory down. I'm sure you'll be a big tournament threat really soon. I can't wait to play some more sets against you and your group. Thanks for driving me place to place, as well!

Becquerel: It was nice meeting you! Hopefully next tournament we won't get accosted by weird homeless guys. It was really fun talking about pokemon with all of you.

M2K: It was a pleasure meeting you in person. I really appreciated the friendlies. I realize I was pretty scrubby by your standards but it meant a lot to get some experience with a Melee pro. If I ever get the chance again I hope to give more of a challenge!

Oracle: You run an excellent tournament! I was also really happy to get in a few friendlies with you on your down time, really improves my game to play different characters and you play some of the more exotic threats. Can't wait to play some more soon.

Sethlon: Thanks for all of the friendlies! I can tell I wasn't much of a challenge, but the matches (the Lucario dittos in particular) helped me with some new tricks.

DFW Crew: It was nice seeing you all in general. You guys really make me feel like family at Texas tourneys. Even the little things (I was really surprised that so many of you remembered who I was) really helped it feel like a community. I'm eager to play you all again at LTC2 or whatever Texas tournaments I can find you at.

Darkgun: The friendlies I played against you (as well as the tourney match) were really fun! It's nice to see the different Lucario styles in play. It's funny how you, Denti, Xeven, and I all play the same character so differently! The more styles I see the more ideas I get for how to play. Next time expect us to get in a lot more friendlies!
and his group:
I am ashamed to say that I didn't actually get a lot of your names, but I have a money match with one of you and I am ready! You guys were all very friendly and I'm excited to play against you all more.


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May 12, 2013
oh snap i had fun playing with you too foolish. good to meet you and talk vidya games. and yeah, hopefully none of that nonsense...
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