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FlySociety Signs Fatality

On October 27th, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competitor GriffinFatality" Miller announced that he would be joining the multi-game eSports organization FlySociety. The organization, previously known as Rival Gaming, started out as a Call Of Duty & Gears of War team. They also currently field rosters in other titles such as Rivals of Aether and Pokken Tournament. Idealistically, they plan to open up to more FGC titles once they have the opportunity to.

Fatality's comeback versus VoiD at Super Smash Con

Fatality is known globally for his mastery of Captain Falcon and is currently ranked 3rd on Georgia's Smash Wii U power rankings 41st on Panda Global's PGRank. He has also achieved multiple high placings like 9th at The Big House 6.

Let's hope Fatality’s partnership with FlySociety will help improve his career even further!

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