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Florida Thread (Revamp Underway)

Do you want to make this thread relevant again?

  • Yes, I've been waiting so long for this day!

    Votes: 28 93.3%
  • No, this thread was never used much anyway.

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  • I never even knew this thread existed...

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Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South

  • Due to the forums changing hands recently, the majority of our links were ruined. Reason being, we used the shorthand code of [thread=] or [post=] to link through the site, but it seems those tags are no longer supported. Mankosuki has began fixing these broken links, and will make other much needed updates to the thread as he comes across them. Anyone wishing to help out, please let us know by posting in the thread.
  • ESAM will be moving by the end of summer, so make sure to wish him luck and give him lots of love before he goes! We love you ESAM. <3 (update: this was a year ago, where did he move so I can update the smasher locator? Any other location changes for people?)

Welcome to the Florida Thread. If you are a smasher in Florida, this is a quick check for most anything concerning the smash scene here. If you are an OOS smasher coming to visit Florida, you can use this to find tourneys in your areas of visitation, and to announce when and where you will be here. That information will go at the top of this section.

We here in Florida typically divide ourselves into 5 major regions of FL Smash. North, Mid West, Mid East, South West, and South East. They are abbreviated NFL, MWFL, MEFL, SWFL, SEFL respectively. To help illustrate these areas to those who may not be familiar with the Florida smash scene, we present the following image:

(click to enlarge & show county names)​

These areas are referred to all over Floridian threads, including this one. This should help in identifying what area exactly is being talked about. In addition to the 5 regions getting their own color, we designate OOS (out of state) as yellow.

This screenname, "FloridaMeister" is a general screenname, the password of which multiple Floridian smashers know. These smashers work as a group to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible. A list of Smashers who have access to FloridaMeister is in the box below. If you need to PM FloridaMeister, it would be better to PM one of the names given. Since we log in directly to our own SN's on a more regular basis, you can expect a quicker response that way. If you would like to be part of the group with access to this screen name to help keep the Florida thread up to date, then just post here expressing your interest.

People with Access to this Screen Name
  • West NFL - Mankosuki - (Prefers Melee)
    Main contributor to the FL thread despite being the farthest removed from the state. Was active in the FL scene while living in Jacksonville and Tampa but is now on the FL/AL border in Pensacola. Member of Panhandle Manhandlers since 2005.
  • North MWFL - Exarch - (Prefers Melee)
    The original creator of the FL Thread and one of the state's best Peaches in Melee. Member of Cake Eaters (formally "Name Canceled") and host of the short lived LTEC series. Although considering quitting smashboards in the past, he's now become a mod for it.
  • MEFL - Col Bol - (Prefers Melee)
    One of FL's top Melee veterans and pretty active in both CFL and major OOS tourneys. Member of The N00b Testament and FL's best Fox main.
  • SEFL/MEFL - nevershootme - (Prefers Brawl)
    NSM was a major contributor for SFL via hosting tourneys and regularly providing live streams at various events. Member of FIU's crew in Miami but moved to Orlando to attend UCF.
  • MEFL/SEFL - Ruuku - (Prefers Brawl)
    The reverse of NSM, he's from MEFL (Kissimmee) but goes to school at FIU in SEFL. He too is a tourney host, with a huge amount under his belt.
  • SEFL - 2link121 - (Prefers Brawl)
    The most eager to help out. Adding him also ended up motivating Manko to start being active with updating again.
  • Any mods who decide to (ab)use their power to edit threads.
Table of Contents:
  1. The Florida Thread
  2. Upcoming Floridian/Major Tourneys
  3. FL Power Rankings
  4. Brawl Smasher Locater
  5. Melee Smasher Locater
  6. Brawl Vids
  7. Melee Vids
  8. Melee Crews
  9. History of FL Melee (2001-2003)
  10. History of FL Melee (2004-2005)
  11. History of FL Melee (2006-2008)
  12. 2008: FL Smash History
  13. 2009: FL Smash History
  14. 2010: FL Smash History
  15. The Future of Smash
Other FL Links:


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Upcoming Florida Tourneys (+ Major/Nearby OOS) This is the first place to look when you want to know what's going on in FL. Whether you're looking for a tournament/smashfest near you, or you're a tourney host checking to see if a date is available this calendar of events is your source. To have your tourney listed simply post a link to the tournament's thread, tell what day it is held, and what city it's going to be in. If you're unfamiliar with the term "smash fest" it's basically a get together for smashers which doesn't contain a money competition. It could be thought of as practice for the actual tourneys.

April 2013
  • Update The Thread Please!
May 2013
  • It's Been A Year Now!
June 2013
  • Where's The Love?
July 2013


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
North Florida

West NFL:
Mid NFL:
East NFL:


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Brawl Smasher Locator

When Brawl released, we decided to start fresh with the smasher locater for many reasons. Mainly, there were a ton of players on the Melee locater who are no longer active and the list was getting really huge. This new list will also provide the player's Brawl codes as well so that you can smash with them online. (This is no longer needed since Smashboards now embeds the codes into profiles)

[COLLAPSE=North Florida]Moved to the NFL section of FL Thread.
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE=Mid West Florida]
Mid West Florida:
[COLLAPSE=Mid East Florida]
Mid East Florida:
[COLLAPSE=South West Florida]
South West Florida:
[COLLAPSE=South East Florida]
South East Florida:


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Melee Smasher Locator

*Official Registration for the locator is now open here http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=292114 *

This section is dedicated to locating smashers near you. Once you've found your area on here, simply PM the members listed there or check their profile for an instant messenger name. If you're not familiar with the geography of Florida and can't find your city, simply press "ctrl+F" to bring up the find bar. Then type in your city.

The locators are broken down into multiple divisions. These three scopes of view allow users to easily determine where other smashers are, and how close in relation to themselves.
  • First there's 5 broad regions of NFL, MWFL, MEFL, SWFL, SEFL.
  • Then within each of the five main regions there's seperate areas for each. For example: North Florida has the Pensacola area to the West, Tallahassee for Mid, and Jacksonville in the East.
  • The final devision tells where cities in the same proximity are in relation to one another. For example: Orlando, Kissimmee, and Titusville are all located in Mid MEFL. However they are also about half an hour from one another: Orlando=MEFL/Mid, Kissimmee=MEFL/Mid(S), and Titusville=MEFL/Mid(E).
The format to post is: "Region - City / City 2 (if for example you are in another city for school breaks); School(if applicable); username ~ Phone Number/Availability"

Any extra details accompanying contact information is welcome.

If you live in a different location at different times of the year, like one place for college and your hometown for summers/breaks, you may post them both. We used to keep track of character mains as well, but no longer do for Melee. Unimportant info like that was deleted when the list got compressed after Brawl's release.

[COLLAPSE=North Florida]Moved to NFL section of FL Thread[/COLLAPSE]

[COLLAPSE=Mid West Florida]
- - - - - - - - - MID WEST FLORIDA - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - North - - - - -
  • Gainesville
    • AzianRaven - 210-618-2629 (Call) ~ Usually available, call
    • Linguini - 954-647-7972 (Call/Text) ~ Usually available, call
    • {Jacksonville for breaks}Mo - 352-870-2414 (Call) ~ Call and ask for availability
    • {Panama City for breaks}Moses -850-819-6525 (Call) ~ Weekdays after 8pm or Sat/Sun.
    • Syphtan - 352-335-6244 (Call) ~ Call for Availability.
    • Tetsuo <Santa Fe College> - 352-262-8669 (Call) ~ Call for Availability.
    • {Sometimes Orlando}Waza <University of Florida> - 407-538-0589 (Call) ~ Weeknights after 10pm or Sat./Sun.
    • {West Palm Beach for breaks}VGMastaRicky - 561-310-7553 (Call) ~ Mon./Wed. 4pm-9pm, 1am-5am; Tue/Thu. 11pm-3am; Fri. Any time after 7pm; Sat./Sun. Any time
- - - - - Mid - - - - -
- - - - - South - - - - -
  • Brandon
    • Aqua - 813-359-3306 (Text) ~ Usually available, text
  • Saint Petersburg
    • PolMex - 727-418-1397 (Call/Text) ~ Call for availability
  • Tampa
    • Rohins ~ Mon./Tue./Wed./Thur./Fri. around afternoon
    • Takao - 813-340-3146(Text) ~ Fri. sometimes Sat./Sun.
    • yummynbeefy - 813-368-5430(Text) ~ Text to learn availability

[COLLAPSE=Mid East Florida]
- - - - - - - - - MID EAST FLORIDA - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - North - - - - -

- - - - - Mid - - - - -
  • Apopka
    • 2-DJeff - 253-617-8457 (Call) ~ Call for availability, mainly Wed./Fri./Sat./Sun.
    • Skrach - 347-724-1128 (Call/Text) ~ Wed./Fri./Sat.
  • Lake Mary
    • superwavedash - 407-462-2531 (Call/Text) ~ Tue.(highest chance of availability)/Most days before 5pm & after 11pm
  • Orlando
    • Dark Sonic <Valencia Community College> - 407-461-7130 (Call) ~ Sun./Mon./Tue./Wed./Sat.
    • Frames - Private Message for Phone Number ~ Sat./Sun.
    • Kishiru - Private Message for contacting and availability
    • Kuya - Private Message for contacting ~ Usually available weekends.
    • Pengie - 407-621-1275 (Call/Text) ~ Most days before 10pm
    • ZeroUnderOne - 559-709-4723 (Text) ~ Random, usually after 9pm or on Sat./Sun.
    • Zoro - Private Message for phone number ~ Usually Sun./Mon./Tue./Thu.
  • Poinciana
    • D-Torr - Private Message for phone number and availability.
- - - - - South - - - - -

[COLLAPSE=South West Florida]
- - - - - - - - SOUTH WEST FLORIDA - - - - - - - -

- - - - - North - - - - -

- - - - - Mid - - - - -

- - - - - South - - - - -

[COLLAPSE=South East Florida]
- - - - - - - - SOUTH EAST FLORIDA - - - - - - - -

- - - - - North - - - - -

- - - - - Mid - - - - -

- - - - - South - - - - -
  • Hialeah
    • Cryptik <North Miami Beach Senior High School> - 786-362-1322 (Call) ~ Fri./Sat./Sun.
  • Miami
    • Blea Gelo - 305-803-5735 (Call) ~ Available weekends
    • Dar1u5 - 786-344-1525 (Text) ~ Available weekends, text for additional availability.
    • RevN -Private Message for Contact and availability
    • Shade Darkside - 786 704-1288 (Text) ~ Weekdays after 4pm and Sat/Sun., text for availability details
  • Miami Gardens
    • Nicaboy - 786-554-1626 (Call) ~ Call and ask for availability

Previous outdated locator
[COLLAPSE=old locator]
Melee Smasher Locator
[COLLAPSE=North Florida]Moved to NFL section of FL Thread.[/COLLAPSE]
[COLLAPSE=Mid West Florida]
- - - - - - - - - MID WEST FLORIDA - - - - - - - - -
[COLLAPSE=Mid East Florida]
- - - - - - - - - MID EAST FLORIDA - - - - - - - - -
[COLLAPSE=South West Florida]
- - - - - - - - SOUTH WEST FLORIDA - - - - - - - -
[COLLAPSE=South East Florida]
- - - - - - - - SOUTH EAST FLORIDA - - - - - - - -


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Brawl Vids
*NEXT SECTION TO BE UPDATED* - Development has begun now.

This is where all the vids people in FL make for Brawl will go. Things like combo videos, friendlies, and tournament matches. As you can see in the next post, Melee had quite a lot of FL vids so I decided to give Brawl its own post so as not to have it get lost with Melee. Expect this section to grow the most.

*Disregard sections of this post unless otherwise noted. Only one region of FL will be worked on at a time. Updating will begin at SFL and move up from there. Expect radical changes to occur to this post. Currently active players will receive priority over older inactive players.*
Vids of FL Smashers: (Color Coding: Tourney Matches, Friendlies, Teams)​
  • West - Panhandle Area:
    • DanTheMan - [post=6043180]12/06/08[/post] - [post=6045885]12/06/08[/post]
    • God aka BravoPlushie - [post=6043180]12/06/08[/post]
    • Mankosuki - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
  • Mid - Tallahassee Area:
    • Chivo - [thread=184171]07/19/08[/thread]
    • Team Fluxxed Up
      • 8 - [post=6043180]12/06/08[/post]
      • AWAL
      • DBS - [post=6043180]12/06/08[/post]
      • jssn - [post=6045885]12/06/08[/post]
      • Lizard
      • Somacruz2 - [thread=184171]07/19/08[/thread]
  • East - Jacksonville Area:
    • Gmoney - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
  • South - Tampa Area:
  • South (W) - Clearwater Area:
  • South (S) - Sarasota Area:
  • Cassaova - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
  • Circular Geometry - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
  • Mid (N) - Palm Coast
    • Loto - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
    • Fearless - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
  • Mid - Orlando Area:
    • N00b Testament Crew:
      • Rx- - [thread=168793]04/19/08[/thread] - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • XYZ - [thread=145301]02/18/08[/thread] - [thread=170000]05/17/08[/thread] - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread] - [post=5265763]09/01/08[/post]
    • ********* Crew::
      • GDX - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • Honey Roasted Nuts - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
    • Bane - [thread=145301]02/18/08[/thread]
    • Doc - [thread=170000]05/17/08[/thread]
  • Mid (S) - Kissimmee Area:
    • Team WATO:
      • AT&T - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • h1roshi - [thread=145197]02/17/08[/thread] - [thread=157675]3/23/08[/thread] - [thread=170000]05/17/08[/thread]
      • H-Box - [thread=157675]3/23/08[/thread] - [thread=170000]05/17/08[/thread] - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • Kyon - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • Marin - [thread=180441]06/29/08[/thread]
      • Zoro - [thread=145197]02/17/08[/thread]
  • South East - Melbourne Area:
    • Angry Lobster - [thread=145301]02/18/08[/thread]
    • Jarlax - [thread=145301]02/18/08[/thread]
[COLLAPSE=South Florida]
SEFL*Currently being updated


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Melee Vids
[COLLAPSE=Crew Battles]
  • S.V.C. vs Team FORT - [thread=67189]03/17/06[/thread]
  • WATO vs Noob Testament - [thread=115652]09/03/07[/thread]
  • Cake Eaters vs Melbourne - [thread=126823]11/20/07[/thread]
  • WATO vs. TNT & Melbourne - [thread=142723]12/01/07[/thread]
  • BCC vs TNT - [thread=136148]01/05/08[/thread]
  • Florida Gaming: Draft Crews - [thread=227520]03/21/09[/thread]
[COLLAPSE=Combo Vids, Tricks, and Training Guides]
  • - Doctor Mario
    • SWFL - SmashMac - [thread=70756]Check Up / Physical[/thread]
  • - C. Falcon
    • MEFL - F-Zero - [thread=194856]N-air to ****[/thread] *new*
    • MWFL - Monk - [thread=186920]The Best SSBM combo video ever[/thread] *new*
    • SEFL - Rexx - [thread=186532]A Captain Falcon Combo Video by : Rexx[/thread] *new*
  • - Falco
    • 09/24/06 - [thread=85394]The REAL Falco Dittos[/thread] (DaShizWiz vs. Lambchops)
    • SWFL - DaShizWiz w/ various others - los mejores falcos
    • SWFL - DaShizWiz - [thread=90607]"**** Falco Combo Vid- Funny"[/thread]
    • SWFL - DaShizWiz - [thread=93939]You got Shiz'd On[/thread]
    • SWFL - DaShizWiz - [thread=130695]Shades of Falco[/thread]
    • SEFL - FlowinWater & Lambchops w/ others - [thread=64004]Aces and Eights[/thread]
    • SEFL - Lambchops - [thread=133052]Laser Guru[/thread]
  • - Fox
    • MEFL - Colbol - Don't Blink
    • MEFL - OTRU - [thread=107483]Salvadorean Spacies[/thread] (w/ Cyberdemon as Falco)
  • - Ganondorf
    • SEFL - Thomas Tipman - [thread=47653]Triforce of Power[/thread]
    • MWFL - Renth - [thread=121557]Fury of Ganon 2[/thread]
    • SEFL - Linguini - [thread=133007]Resurrection[/thread]
  • - Jigglypuff
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=115461]Phanna's Blue Resticle 1[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=120246]Phanna's Blue Resticle 2: Slippery & Tired[/thread]
  • - Peach
    • SEFL/OOS - XIF - [thread=121739]This Ni99a Don't Play[/thread] (and [thread=120005]Trailer[/thread])
  • - Samus
    • 11/01/06 - [thread=88368]The REAL Samus Dittos[/thread] (Phanna vs. Rohins)
    • 11/26/07 - [thread=127896]Twin Quasars of Rock[/thread] (Phanna vs. Rohins)
    • NFL - Mankosuki - [thread=69373]Turnip Jump 1[/thread]
    • NFL - Mankosuki - [thread=80060]Turnip Jump 2 (Beta)[/thread]
    • MWFL - Co_and_me - [thread=78083]Co_me Get Technical[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=81447]Phanna Mint 1[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=87602]Phanna Mint 2[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=90154]Phanna Mint 3[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=83680]Phanna Phun[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=106546]Phanna Phunner[/thread]
    • SWFL - Phanna - [thread=99862]Phannacies[/thread]
    • SEFL - Esam - [thread=100193]Missile Silo[/thread]
    • SEFL - Esam - [thread=186914]Nuclear Silo[/thread]
  • - Sheik
    • SWFL - KeepSpeedN - [thread=97564]Triforce of Wisdom[/thread]
    • SEFL - Seibrik - [thread=116630]The Glitch: A Sheik combo video??[/thread]
  • - Young Link
    • SWFL - Smash Mac - [thread=92544]Hookshot Frenzy[/thread]
[COLLAPSE=Super Old FL Vids]
Smashers' Youtube Accounts & Vid Threads:
The following is a collection vid threads for FL smashers. These vids are sorted by date and color coded as light gray for friendlies and a darker gray for tourney/MM ones while teams are pale yellow. When available, the smasher's youtube account is also linked. It might be a good idea to view their account since there could be matches uploaded which no thread has been made for.​
(all friendlies vid threads are finished, now working on tourney vid threads)​
  • Florida Meister - File Front, Youtube
  • NFL - Panhandle Area:
    • The Panhandle Manhandlers Crew:
      • Boomstick - [thread=98312]01/27/07[/thread]
      • Drumma_Boi (Momo) - 08/12/06 - [thread=91137]10/07/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]12/16/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]01/27/07[/thread]
      • Mankosuki - 08/12/06 - [thread=91137]10/07/06[/thread] - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread]
      • RAM - [thread=91137]10/07/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]12/16/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]01/27/07[/thread] - [thread=111287]07/28/07[/thread]
      • Rice - 08/12/06 - [thread=83286]08/31/06[/thread] - [thread=91137]10/07/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]12/16/06[/thread] - [thread=96399]02/03/07[/thread] - [thread=111287]07/28/07[/thread]
      • Rook - [thread=91137]10/07/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]12/16/06[/thread] - [thread=98312]01/27/07[/thread]
    • Zone - [thread=118100]SSBM is Funny[/thread]
  • MWFL (N) - Gainesville Area:
    • Cake Eatters Crew:
      • Derf - 06/17/06 - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=113770]08/20/07 to 09/13/07[/thread] - [thread=131464]12/18/07[/thread]
      • Exarch - 06/17/06 - 08/12/06 - [thread=82221]08/21/06[/thread] - [thread=83286]08/31/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=96292]01/27/07[/thread] - [thread=111287]07/28/07[/thread] - [thread=113770]08/20/07 to 10/13/07[/thread] - [thread=126823]11/20/2007[/thread] - [thread=130896]12/15/07[/thread] - [thread=135189]01/06/08[/thread]
      • Fenrir - 06/17/06 - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=113770]Oct. '07[/thread] - [thread=130896]12/15/07[/thread]
        • (members under "Name Cancelled")
        • Hozart - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=96292]01/27/07[/thread] - [thread=96399]02/03/07[/thread]
        • The Law - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread]
    • Crispy1: [thread=148920]03/01/08[/thread]
    • Duckles: [thread=83639]09/04/06[/thread] - [thread=83638]09/05/06[/thread] - [thread=85305]09/23/06[/thread]
    • Gino - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread]
    • HarrietTheGuy - [thread=134010]01/01/08[/thread] - [thread=142612]02/02/08[/thread] - [thread=138490]01/21/08[/thread] - [thread=148920]03/01/08[/thread]
    • lvl9cpu - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread]
    • Lumbro - 06/17/06
    • Sub Scorpion - [thread=138490]01/21/08[/thread]
  • MWFL (Mid) - Cash Mooney - [thread=123934]10/20/07[/thread] - [thread=138490]01/21/08[/thread]
  • MWFL (S) - Tampa Area:
  • MEFL - Orlando Area:
    • N00b Testament Crew:
      • Colbol - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread] - [thread=142612]02/02/08[/thread] - [thread=184389]FAST1: 07/18/08[/thread] *New*
      • Dop - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread]
      • ihatethecape(D21) - [thread=90735]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=93284]12/31/06[/thread]
      • OTRU - [thread=96292]01/27/07[/thread] - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread]
      • SheerMadness - [thread=90734]10/14/06[/thread] - [thread=93284]12/31/06[/thread]
      • Skratch - [thread=96292]01/27/07[/thread] - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread]
    • BAMN - [thread=138848]01/23/08[/thread]
    • Bane
    • Dark Sonic - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread]
    • Motar - [thread=96399]02/03/07[/thread]
    • NERV - [thread=138848]01/23/08[/thread]
    • Raistlin - [thread=108818]07/07/07[/thread] - [thread=142612]02/02/08[/thread]
    • RyuDeathstrike
    • Rx-
  • MEFL - Kissimmee Area:
    • Team WATO:
      • h1roshi - [thread=83671]09/02/06[/thread] - [thread=84429]09/09/06[/thread] - [thread=123934]Oct. '07[/thread] - [thread=135366]01/07/08[/thread]
      • HungryBox - [thread=123934]10/20/07[/thread] - [thread=158901]03/28/08[/thread] - [thread=184389]FAST1: 07/18/08[/thread] *New*
      • Marin - [thread=129618]12/06/07[/thread]
      • uuaa - [thread=83671]09/02/06[/thread] - [thread=84429]09/09/06[/thread] - [thread=123934]Oct. '07[/thread] - [thread=135366]01/07/08[/thread]
      • vericz - [thread=83671]09/02/06[/thread] - [thread=84429]09/09/06[/thread] - [thread=123934]Oct. '07[/thread] - [thread=135366]01/07/08[/thread]
      • Zoro - [thread=83671]09/02/06[/thread] - [thread=129618]12/06/07[/thread]
    • vZaKat - [thread=96292]01/27/07[/thread]
  • SWFL - SWFL Crew:
    • Brothers 3:
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[thread=119276]Best of 400+ videos[/thread] (10/06/07)


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Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
Melee Crews

Crews are basically a group of guys that you smash with on a regular basis. Some tournaments have a Crew Battle side-tourney in which each crew divides 20 stock among their fighters and send them in one at a time until one crew has lost all thier stock. This list shows the various crews in Florida and who are in them.

[COLLAPSE=North Florida]
North FL

*active* - Panhandle Manhandlers: (written by Mankosuki)
Formed by Mankosuki, the crew is made up of members from all over the Panhandle. Being on the outskirts of Florida, they are typically the only crew representing FL at OOS tourneys unless they are major ones like FC or INNsomnia. States which have graced the presence of the Panhandle Manhandlers include AL, LA, GA, MS, and TN. Ironically though, the crew is so isolated from the rest of Florida that they rarely attend a tourney in their own home state.

  • Mankosuki: Founder and crew leader. Was one of the best Samus players in Florida and creator of The Turnip Jump & Saturn Stairway. He also is the main person who maintains the Florida Thread.
  • Drumma Boi: Peach/Fox who first joined with Fumin. Both are from Mary Esther and unfortunately don't smash with the crew anymore.
  • BoomStick: Was in the crew during his time at the Eglin Air Force Base (2005-2009) but has now moved back to Texas.
  • RAM: Best active Luigi player in FL. Originally from New Orleans, he moved to Navarre just before hurricane Katrina hit. Then in 2010, he moved to Pensacola where he still smashes with us.
  • Rice: He joined us from Valparisso, along with Rook who no longer plays now. One of the best Flacos in FL, but hard to place in FL Power Rankings since he attends different tourneys from the rest of FL players. Doesn't play too often, but still outranks the rest of the crew.
  • Ragnarock: from Mobile, Alabama and is one of the highest ranked in his state. He's hosted several tourneys along with Ryker. Due to location, they tend to get better attendance than ones in Pensacola.
  • Zone: also known as Critical_Limit. He was last to join the crew after moving to Pensacola from Panama City. He and Mankosuki started renting a house together where they now broadcast on http://www.twitch.tv/panhandlemanhandlers

*retired* - B1tches & Blades (written by Mankosuki)
This was a temporary crew for the 2006 summer in Jacksonville. Once the fall semester of school started, basically every member moved away.

  • Pritch: A Peach main, he worked at the game room at UNF where he put on weekly smash fests. Upon graduating from UNF, he's moved back to his home town of Panama City.
  • Mankosuki: The Samus & crew leader of the Panhandle Manhandlers. Joined the Jacksonville's crew while he was home for the summer.
  • Jamz: James was here for the summer from illinois. He mains as Falco and typically teamed with Mankosuki at tourneys. Also plays Marth, Fox, and Link.
  • Gahtzu: During the crew's lifespan, Jason was a Ganon main. He's now developed a mean Captain Falcon who's gotten mention in the FL Power Rankings.
  • LTL: Link player and older brother of Gahtzu. Left the crew early to go to UCF
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE=Mid West Florida]
Mid West FL

*retired* - GSPOT:
Based out of Gainesville, GSPOT was the first FL crew. Towards the beginning of the tournament scene, they were relatively active and went to many OOS tourneys (5 members crammed into one car). Although never very active on the boards, they would leave an impression on whoever played them. They are the beginning of FL smash.

  • Sloppy Seconds: The team name for Goldwing & Lumbro in which they're most known for. They both live near Clearwater now and are the only remaining members who still attend local tourneys on occasion. Goldwing plays Marth, and a little bit of C. Falcon while Lumbro plays fox almost exclusively for tournaments.
  • Retired Members: Along with Lumbro, Delaini was arguably FL's best smasher in their time. He played Falco but has now moved away from Gainesville and has been sucked into WoW last I heard. Derigo Plays Fox, and has an exceptional bowser. He too has moved away from Gainesville but occasionally visits. The final member is Flamewind who plays Mario. He didn't go to many tourneys, as he lacked a solid team partner.

*active* - ¿The Cake Eaters?
Formally called "Name Canceled", they are the official reawakening of Central Florida Smash. This crew traces its roots back to a Kissimmee tournament, where it pulled a suprise 6 stock victory in a crew battle with some of South Florida's best. Unfortunately the crew is starting to fall apart as members keep retiring, moving, or switching crews.

  • Active Members:
    • Exarch "The Crusher of Dreams" is the unofficial crew leader. He's arguably best Peach in Florida, and 'best' Roy in Florida too. He also hosts the LTEC tournaments, created the Florida thread, and is a panelist for the FL power rankings.
    • Fenrir "The Gimp Master" is typically Exarch's teammate. His first tourney was January 2004 where he was still using the name Meleeguy. He plays an awesome Fox which wrecks with shine, though he's recently switched to main Link and secondary as Zelda. Citing that he hates tier whoring.
    • Derf "The Werd" plays several characters at tourney level. Although he doesn't use him as much any more, Derf is arguably the best Luigi in FL. His new main of C. Falcon is also possibly the best in FL. Since Exarch & Fenrir are a team, Derf has to find a different one at every tourney.
    • Rohins is devoted almost entirely to Samus. He was originally taught by Derf and Lumbro while attending UF in Gainesville along with Phanna. Once graduating, he moved back to his home town of Tampa where he now smashes with Mankosuki. He's quickly grown into one of FL's best Samus players and is especially good at the ditto.
    • Renth is a Ganon main who is from Pennsylvania. He was taught by The_Cape and became one of the top players there. Although he had left FL for a while, he's now back for more cake!
  • Retired Members:
    • DarkFalchion: "Sandbagger Extraordinaire". He was once thought to be the best player in CFL and one of the best Marths in FL. Every now and then he'll randomly show up to a tourney--especially the ones 5 minutes from his house--but for the most part he's out of the scene now.
    • Hozart: "Technicolor Ice". He joined the smash scene early, but left for a year, rejoined for a while, and is now out again. He played a scary set of Ice Climbers which rivals Uber Ice for best ICs in Florida.
    • Captain Kenny is the phantom member of the crew. After moving to SEFL for a while, he has moved back to Orlando and randomly smashes with DF, he attends the same tourneys as DF will, although usually shows up too late to enter. Solid fox; best Yoshi in Florida.
  • Former Members:
    • TheLaw was the Falco of the crew and would typically team with Hozart. He's now become a member of The Noob Testament since they live close to him and Cake Eaters is spread through out all of CFL.
    • Co_and_me "the other Mike G." learned the game through playing with Exarch and the G-spot crew. He later moved to Georgia for college, but would attend tourneys in both states. He was the original best Samus of FL & GA, and he made [thread=78083]a Samus training video[/thread] as well. Unfortunately on the early morning of 7/28/07, he passed away from melanoma. His humor & personality made him not only a great smasher, but a great person to hang out with. He will be missed.

*active* - HOSTESS! (as written by Aqua)
One of the newest crews in CFL, Hostess displays some of the most underground players in the area. Most of the crew hasn't even ventured outside of the local tournament area, though hardly because of lack in skill level. Mostly laziness and lack of cash, actually.

  • Bane - an unnofficial crew leader, along with Aqua. He mains Capt. Falcon, plays Falco, and tends to pick Game & Watch a little TOO much...espcially when he ends up getting drunk. One of the few Capt. Falcons in Florida to actually use the moonwalk skillfully enough to actually work to his advantage.
  • Aqua - an unnofficial crew leader, along with Bane. Tends to pick all the strange characters to try and get good with. Mains Luigi, and plays Pikachu and Captain Falcon. Wave dashing fanatic (what Luigi main isn't) and arguably one of the best Luigi's in FL, though..also not so great when drunk.
  • SaintAnger - tournament manager and creater of the Twilight Showdown tournament series ran in CFL monthly. Runs tournaments for all sorts of different games, but we all know that he favors Melee (and soon Brawl). Mains Ganondorf, and also plays Ice Climbers, and Peach.
  • Luie - Speed demon and one hell of a Capt. Falcon. Has some of the best timing around but is new to teching (l-canceling) etc... Going to be one of the tops as his skill level steadily increases with his timing. Also plays a meannn *** Pikachu.
  • Neo=) - Mains Samus but also plays quite a bit of Sheik. Has a different playing style that tends to make it harder for people to beat him. Also...has a slight habit of causing people to go deaf when drunk by yelling HI! in people's ears.
  • Blaq - Mains Peach...and also plays quite a bit of Zelda, and Sheik. Very angry black guy who teams up with Aqua in tournaments as "Y'all sum bltches" Very different playing style as well, making him a very hard opponent vs. people with traditional play styles.
  • Deth - Mains Samus, but also has a very peculiar way of playing Kirby when makes him surprisingly well. Starting coming to the TS tournaments shortly before they were given a name and were still local only. He won the first tournament he attended and has now equaled out the playing field with his teammates.
  • Zaromo - One of the new hires in the crew, mains Falco, but also plays a pretty nice Marth. Tends to let his errors get the best of him, but is looking to keep his cool. He's the trainer of "The Lil Debbies" .. the 'starter-up' crew to HOSTESS!
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE=Mid East Florida]
Mid East FL

*active* - Noob Testament
Although formed after Cake Eaters, they are quickly becoming a crew to rival them for title of best CFL crew. Due in part to Cake Eaters' loss of members, but also to skilled players such as Col-Bol who's on his way to being FL's best player. The crew is also one of the largest in FL as players keep joining.
  • Inactive:
    • Ihatethecape (a.k.a. D21): Diego formed the crew with xYz & SheerMadness and was the crew leader. He mains Jiggly Puff and has Sheik as secondary. His field of expertise is Teams in which he typically teamed with Skrach so they could abuse Marth's broken grab range with Jiggs' rest. He now is no longer active, due to having a child.
  • Original Members:
    • Col-Bol (a.k.a. Don't Blink): The youngest member in the crew at 14. However he's one of the best in FL, and has the best Fox. He typically teams with OTRU for a double Fox team. He has a few side characters like Ganon, C. Falcon, Falco, and Marth which he doesn't use in tournaments.
    • OTRU: Though one of the last members to join, he's been able to improve very quickly. Thanks to teaming with Colbol and learning so much from him. He also shares an apartment with his cousin Skrach, which makes for ample practice.
    • Skrach: Plays one of the best Marths in FL and has a secondary of Sheik. He and OTRU hold smash fests in their apartment before each Gigabits tourney. Lately he doesn't get to smash as much however, since he is now a game tester for EA and it's a very demanding schedule.
    • Doppelganger: Having visited SEFL for a while, his game has improved dramatically. He undoubtedly mains Peach but also dabbles in Doc, Mario, and Ness.
    • xYz: With SmashMac now retired, xYz is the best (and only?) Doc in FL. He also plays C. Falcon.
    • Sheer Madness: Not the talkative type, he's a Smash 64 Veteran. Plays a good Falco but his best is Pikachu. You have to really know the match up well if you want to stand any chance.
    • thabettaplaya: One of the newest members. He's just under Angry Lobster for best Ness in FL.
    • Bo!: Awesome guy, he plays a good Link and its only getting better. He is one of the few guys that will never fall behind in his crew. Always trying to get better no matter what. He is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Transfers:
    • TheLaw: Switched to this crew from the Cake Eaters since he plays with them more often. He mains Falco and is the only smasher to beat Chu in a set at Pound 2.
    • QDVS: Joined the crew once he started attending school at UCF. He's the best Marth in FL, currently ranked #6 in FL, and a mod of Atlantic South.

*active* - Team WATO (What Are The Odds?) - (as written by vericz)
  • Main Members
    • vericz: Mains Falco (ONE OF THE BEST IN CFL!!!), teams with hiroshi as "FLs worst team"
    • hiroshi: mains sheik, secondary falco. Teams with vericz. Nastiest sheik in CFL!!!
    • uuaa: very technical fox, barely goes to tourneys. If he would attend more he would definitely be top in CFL
    • Zoro: BEST LINK IN THE WORLD!!!!
    • Ray: Owns People with puff, nasty rests.
  • Side Members
    • Nick: Getting known for a good falcon. Very religious smasher, Likes to preach.
    • AL: Also getting known for a good sheik. Getting better after every tourney he doesn't enter.
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE=South West Florida]
South West FL

*active* - SVC (Smash Veterans Crew)
The crew started out as just the three brothers and occasionally BETA & Risu . Later on the crew merged with Team FORT to form SWFC (South West Florida Crew) which pretty much grouped together all of the SWFL players. Now however, all the members originally from Team FORT have either become inactive or have moved away for college. So really, SWFC is just back to SVC again.

  • The 3 Brothers:
    • DashizWiz: Currently Florida's best Smasher and has one of the most beastly Falcos in existence. If you don't know who Shiz is, you must not be too familiar with FL yet...
    • KeepspeedN: Currently ranked #2 in Florida under his brother Shiz. He's got the best Sheik in FL, but also plays Fox on occasion.
    • SmashMac: Although not quite as technical as his brothers, he's got the best Doc in FL and also plays Falco.
  • Other Members:
    • Uber Ice: Best ICs in FL with a secondary of Mario and Marth. He's also the brother of RockCrock of Team FORT and is currently ranked #5 in the state. He's now Phanna's teammate at tourneys.
    • Phanna: Having recently graduated from UF in Gainesville, Phanna's back to his home town in SWFL. After releasing several combo & trick vids of his Samus in a realtively short time, he quickly got a reputation on the boards as being arguably the most technical Samus.
    • Hulk: Although in Tampa during the school year, he's in SWFL during breaks. He's most known for his impressive MLG rankings in Halo 2. However he's quickly gotten good at smash thanks to playin Noucles regularly at USF. He plays Fox, Jiggs, and ICs.
    • BETA & Risu: The other two original SVC members. BETA is argueably the best Yoshi in FL and Risu mains as Marth. Neither one were really too big on tourneys though.

*retired* - Team FORT
Although originally merged with SVC to form the SWFL crew, all the active members from Team Fort have now moved to attended college and are no longer in the SWFL region. uber ice is the one exception, as he still attends tourneys with SVC.

  • QueenDVS: Best Marth in Florida, and currently ranked #6 in the state. He had become a mod for Atlantic South but at this point no longer really cares to be one. He now attends UCF in Orlando and has become a member of N00b Testament.
  • RockCrock: He was once thought to be the best smasher in FL and is most known for his Fox and extremely technical DK. Although still a great player, he didn't put forth the effort to stay on top when new talent emerged. He now attends UF in Gainesville.
  • LoserLad: Another Fox main, though he doesn't ever go to tournaments. He's now at UCF like Queen.
  • CozaMonkey: The Samus of the crew, though he's not active either.

The Vanguard (as written by Havok)
(est. 2007)--Our team, lead by the ever vigilant Twisted, is not even a blip on the map yet. Pushing till we can one day participate in an actual tournament, we wait, and bide our time, honing our skills till we can finally have a chance at the rest of you.
  • Twisted: (Link) Good with Lord knows how many characters, TWST chooses to play mainly with Link, he also specializes in pwnage with Kirby, Marth, and Samus. His teammates are always afraid of what he might have learned next.
  • Havok: (Fox) A mediocre player with a will to train harder and get better. Specializes in pissing people off with his inability to touch the ground. Also plays as Marth, Roy, and Young Link.
  • DeadMeat: (Falco) Another player in the boat of mediocrity, DDMT usually plays in Team Battles with HAVK. Also very serious about getting better, DDMT is willing to play for days straight to get there. Also plays as Marth, Fox, and Roy.
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE=South East Florida]
South East FL

*active* - BCC (Big C0ck Crew)

Linguini- Mains Ganondorf and only ganondorf, one of the best in FL at the moment and same with his character. He is said to have the 2nd largest c0ck in the crew only out-classed and out c0cked by Lambchops. Him and Chops are training partners and he took Linguini in when only a young boy floating in a random everglades canal, teaching him the ways of ownage.

Rank-C0ck Lieutenant

Lambchops- Places top 2 at all FL tournies usually only secondary to the great Shizwiz. Plays a sick falco and is # 2 on the pr’s. He ousted Tink and Forward at FCD landing him a place at 9th. Lambchops dwells in his random south FL trailer always hungry for n00bs to prey upon. Largest c0ck in crew, he named it continent only weeks ago, an upgrade from its previous “State” Level.

Rank-C0ck commander

Gangsta66/Elliot- Plays peach, and his style is described by “just attack!” He is constantly getting better under the horrific training he undergoes, week after week behind Chop’s whip. He is the driver in the crew; therefore he obviously has the 3rd largest c0ck in the crew.

Rank-c0ck leader

Lee- Most technical smasher in FL. Back in 2005. Plays falco and sheik. He came up with a logic beyond the intellect of any other that only he can understand. This was named Lee Logic. He holds the 4th largest c0ck in the crew.

Rank-C0ck peon

Chris- Link player. Likes to make fun of Elliot when he gets owned and currently gets owned by everyone. His c0ck level is minimal, almost off the radar.

Rank- C0ck infantry


*retired* - NBP 1-DahMan:
Wondaman!!!....who is he?!?!.......Wondaman!!!!......Where did he come from?!?!?!......Wondaman!!!!.....How old is he?!?!?!......Wondaman!!!!
Originally just 1-dahman, NBP 1-dahman was born out of hatred for all other Fl. smashers. More of a group of friends than a "crew", NBP 1-dahman pride themselves in being awesome in life as well as smash.

  • 1-up: played smash solely to rep. 1-dahman, basically inactive.
  • Doodah: has become a staple in the FL tournament scene due to his ability to be obnoxious and make everyone laugh. He's gone through several accounts on the boards.
  • Thomas Tipman: Is a legend in both the state of FL, and in Ganons around the world. He's who gave Ganon a reason to be played. Often emulated, rarely matched. He retired at the start of 2007.
  • NBPmike: One of the best Peaches in Florida, NBPmike put his skills to use mainly to support Thomas Tipman in teams. Tall but hung small, NBPmike always accepts MMs IRL.
  • NBPcorey: having quit smash to play drum mania, he finds it hard to sit down and play a game of smash. Though he will probably still own you with the boosters.

Knights of the South
According to Mav, this is the only crew left in the SE of Florida; every other crew has joined with this to equal something close to the SWFC. The exception is NBP 1-DahMan, who are way to cool to join KotS.

Knights of the South--The Original Crew (as written by Jit)
  • Noucles: Arguably the best Fox in Florida. Placed 1st in Omnismash, 2nd in FORT1. Usually places top 5, although he has never been to an OOS tourney. Most Frequent tourney goer in South Florida with his brother and teammate, Lambchops.
  • Lambchops: On the fight for the best Falco with Flowin. Winner of ZP2 and 1st place teams in Omnismash with Noucles; team name "Space Animals," or "Roadkill." He became NEO's idol after his visit for Maverick's PAWS tournament, and his picture is rumored to cover a portion of NEO's room.
  • Jit: Barely gets a chance to play but has managed to remain a decent player nonetheless. Has hosted 3 smashfests with great turnouts. Regular tournament attendant although only once an entrant. The mistaken belief of him playing Young Link has led to many a downfall...
  • Lighted_Warrior (L_W48): The "master" of the original crew; noucles, lambchops, Jit, himself, El Zorro. Native of Virginia, has only attended a few FL tournaments such as Yanamie, where he lost in the quarter finals to Flowin. Now lives in Tampa because of college.
  • El Zorro: Away from the smash scene since the first Omnismash, his technical skills have only increased. You can find him showing off in Zero Ping regularly although he prefers playing with friends at home.
  • Pill_Pusher: Member? Joined the crew in his early days of smash, months before the original Omnismash. Has been somewhat absent at recent tournaments, but frequently plays at Zero Ping. Now a member of the "People who Lost Their Lives Playing World of Warcraft" crew.
  • SSBMKings: Seasonal member, lives in Colorado but represents KOTS whenever in Florida, visits regularly. Sick Sheik.
  • Gray_Fox: Newest addition to the crew, attended PAWS, Jit's smashfest, and some of XIF's. Jit's newfound team mate?

Wolf Assassins (as written by Maverick)
WA was originally the combination of two crews. Wolf Pack, and Smash Assassins. Hence, Wolf Assassins. However, because no members of the Smash Assassins are left in the crew, there is a possibility that the name can change. Today, the crew no longer exists and the members moved on to the Knights of the South crew.

  • Maverick: Is known for bringing to life the South FL smash community. Attends tournaments frequently, and is known for hosting big FL tournaments. Always places high in tournaments, and has no real main character, prefering to go counter style when possible. He has also been known to camp to win matches on occation.
  • FlowinWater: Arguably the best Falco in the state of FL. Known to place top 3 quite often. Has hosted a few South FL tournaments. He and Maverick are the current team champions of South FL.
  • Question aka Johnny: Newest member of the WA, plays only Marth in friendlys and tournaments. Was the highest placing FL Marth at the last big FL tournament, so arguably the best Marth in FL. Prides himself on ****** the fast fallers and his chaingrab skills.
  • SheikSSBM: One of the top Shieks in FL. Was the highest placing FL shiek at the last big FL tournament. He doesn't attend to many tournaments but generally places top 10 when he does attend one. Picks only Shiek in Tournaments.

*retired* - The Hate Crew
Not technically a crew, but have competed in crew battles, and several of their players deserve recognition, so they're in here. The members are now either moved away, or are a part of Knights of the South.

  • Green Mario: Best Mario in FL, and argueably best in the US/world. He generally places pretty high in tourneys, especially in teams and he's won a few in SFL as well. He's now going to FSU.
  • XIF: Best Peach in FL. Has been known to take the game way too seriously at times. He's now moving to attend college at Georgia Tech. He'll likely also be best Peach in GA and place high on their rankings.
  • PunisherX: (Sighrax) Second best C. Falcon in FL under Derf. He prefers teams over singles since Falcon doesn't get nearly as gayed in recovering that way.
  • Fuzz: (Riot) Now with Tipman out of the picture, Riot rivals Linguini for best Ganon in FL.
  • the_erick: (Slinky) A Samus main, though he doesn't tend to go to tourneys much anymore.


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
History of FL Melee (2001-2003)

  • Pre-Release: Misto-Roboto (06/21) is first in FL to join smashboards. pikamon (10/14) is the next one.
  • Melee's Release: Melee is released in North America on December 3rd, just in time for Christmas.
  • Post-Release: INFESTD (12/07) & Fantasia (12/23) slip into 2001 status with a December registration.
  • 2001 Wrap up: As you can see, not much happened in 2001. There were no tourneys yet since the game was brand new, and only a few FL smashers were on the scene yet. Because Smashboards had been around already due to Smash 64, Misto-Roboto & pikamon were ahead of the curve. While the others here have fallen off the radar (aside from short returns for Brawl's release) Misto-Roboto has surprisingly stuck around even today. This makes him not only the first FL smasher, but also the longest active one. Fantasia has also stayed fairly active over the years, though he doesn't really attend tourneys.
  • Smashers - Huddlebum (02/22) - Smash Theorist (04/28) - RetroHyrulianRocketeer (05/06) - Luigi_Factor (05/30) - smashboi (06/02)
  • May 2002 - RetroHyrulianRocketeer makes a thread looking for [thread=11682]FL competition[/thread]. Basically everyone who had joined yet posted, but the FL scene was obviously still too young. RHR tried hosting a [post=168787]small tourney[/post] on the 18th at his place but it only got 6 people. ([post=168808]Results[/post])
  • Smashers - captaincube (07/06) - Link/Fox *now Mav* (07/12) - smashdude21 (07/20) - Tr3nt (07/30)
  • 07/29/04 - RHR made a [thread=20286]follow up thread[/thread] for a smashfest. There he met and smashed with Luigi_Factor & Tr3nt. Through the thread, 3 Jacksonville smashers (smashdude21, smashboi, and Infested) also discovered each other.
  • 08/04/02 - The 1st official FL tourney was [thread=20396]Willy Wonka's STD[/thread] and although the opening post makes reference to "Orlando's OD series" this was a copy/paste from shoryuken.com and refers to Street Fighter. It was free-for-all with items except for the Heart, Tomato, and Star. The only banned stages were Poke Floats, Icicle mountain, Rainbow Cruise, and Brinstar Depths. Each round had the top advance and the other 3 go to losers bracket with there being no best 2 out of 3. Also the winner is unable to change his character. So yeah, the rules sound pretty ridiculous, but that's how these early tourneys were. Tr3nt won it. ([thread=20633]Results[/thread])
  • 08/16-18/02 - There was a tourney at [thread=20749]AFO3: Anime Festival Orlando[/thread], which Misto-Roboto won. No real competition though...
  • 08/30/02 - Orlando held [thread=21063]Best of the Best[/thread] which also had strange rules. You had to pick 2 characters to use, then you were restricted to only those 2. Matches had items on very low and were 5 stock, except for finals which were 6 stock and on Hyrule Temple. No counterpicks, just random levels among of list of legals. About 45 showed up and [post=320865]nobody from smashboards won[/post]. Closest was Tr3nt at 3rd and RetroHyrulianRocketeer at 6th.
  • Smashers - Lighted_Warrior4 *now L_W48* (09/07) - Pgreg (09/13) - LaughterIsDeadly (11/03)
  • Fall 2002 - Maverick held [thread=22627]a few SFL tourneys[/thread] though they were locals only.
  • October - Not yet on the boards, Zerostance (11/13) held a [post=355829]UF Tournament[/post] in Gainesville. It had about 60 enter, but all were students of the University.
  • 11/23/02 - The last tourney of 2002, Zerostance held it at [thread=23212]DBS Sounds Record Store[/thread]. Rules were items on very low and 3 stock. There was best 2/3 and 3/5 for finals as well as double elimination, although the DE didn't kick in till top 16. Winner was forced to keep the same character for CPs. ([thread=23591]Results[/thread]) Top 4 were: Tr3nt, Luigi_Factor, Paul Docker, and Brian Phelps. These last two names are of the infamous Lumbro & Goldwing who haven't yet joined smashboards at this point in time. Since [post=360693]nobody knew them yet[/post] this was probably their 2nd tourney, after the locals only UF one.
  • 2002 Wrap up: It took a while before Melee really got into the swing of things in FL. While various people around the state joined the boards, it was Orlando that first obtained any sort of smash scene. At the end of the year Gainesville also started holding tournaments and gave birth to two players who would dominate next year. At this point in time, CFL > SFL.
  • 01/10/03 - Gainesville's 3rd tourney, [thread=23797]CASA Fundraiser[/thread] ran similar to the last one, but this one had teams. The changes were: single elimination, 5 stock (from 3) and team attack off. Tr3nt won singles again, with the rest being Gainesville. In teams, Tr3nt & Luigi_Factor won with d-smash spamming Peaches. Due to no team attack, it was hard to punish 2 of them close together. In 2nd was Herman/Nick aka Delaini & Derigo1, although they wouldn't join smashboards until almost half a year later. 3rd place was Paul Docker & Brian Phelps as "Sloppy Seconds" ([thread=24660]Results[/thread])
  • Sloppy Seconds: The team name for Lumbro (01/12) & Goldwing (01/16) from Gainesville. They are roommates at UF and although they don't join the boards until now, they've been to all 3 Gainesville tournaments. In results, Paul Docker is "Lumbro" and mains Fox while Brian Phelps is "Goldwing" and mains Marth. Their strong teamwork makes them a pair of fierce opponents.
  • 01/25/03 - UCF in Orlando held [thread=24845]THE GAUNTLET[/thread] which had Melee & other fighters. It was best 2 out of 3, but single elimination and had items on low. Stage selection was Random only and set between BF or FD. There's impartial [thread=25164]Results[/thread] available. (It's confirmed that there are [post=390447]no tourneys[/post] in MEFL since 08/30/02)
  • Smashers - Hozart (01/27) - JuicyJ (02/08)
  • 02/16/03 - Gainesville continues being the top spot for tourneys, [thread=25402]Florida Breakdown: Invasion[/thread] is the 4th one there. Learning from the double whorenado spam team of Tr3nt & Luigi_Factor that won last time, Zerostance set Team Attack On this time. The random stages were FD, BF, and PS only. Stock was reduced back to 3 again and items are still on low. Unfortunately no results were posted.

    (info gap)
  • Spring 2003 - [post=400568]Tournament of Masters 1[/post] (no info found yet)
  • Smashers - Cursive (06/03) - Bufu_Man (06/07)
  • G-Spot: With Herman aka Delaini (06/08) & Nick aka Derigo1 (06/15) finally joining the boards, they officially start a crew with Goldwing & Lumbro. Following the sexual theme from team "Sloppy Seconds" they came up with "G-Spot". Obviously, the G also stands for Gainesville. For a long time, this crew would be known as the strongest smashers in FL. At this point however, SFL hasn't been attending any CFL tourney yet so they don't know what they're getting into when they start trash talking...
  • 06/14/03 - Zerostance's 4th tourney was planed to be a [thread=25750]Fundraiser Tourney[/thread] this weekend but it was [post=407485]canceled for various reasons[/post].
  • Smashers - RedDragonShoryu (06/19) AKA Lou (07/16) AKA Red Dragon (08/04) - FlowinWater (06/22) - Tectonic (07/01) - XenonSheik (07/09) - Lou (07/16) - gamecuber325 (07/29)
  • 07/05/03 - In orlando there was a free [thread=25765]UCF tourney[/thread] which offered multiple games. Lumbro & GoldWingBP won teams over Luigi_Factor & Retro Hryulian Rocketeer. Free For All winner was Jesse Scott, there was no singles tourney held. The prize given out for a free tournament: Pokemon binders, Tuxedo condoms, and KY jelly!
  • *Note*: sometime earlier was a Miami tourney, ([post=461369]hosted by Flowin[/post]?) most likely Tournament of Masters 1. [post=452628]Lumbro won[/post], putting an end to SFL's talk of being the best in FL. There's a bit of an info gap since February, plus a lack of SFL info.
  • 07/26/03 - Making up for the last minute cancellation last time, Zerostance held [thread=29534]Summer Zen[/thread] in Gainesville. Lumbro convinced a few FL smashers to donate for an OOS Bonus which would be rewarded if an OOS won the tourney. While it did attract some smashers from Atlanta, it was Tectonic who won so no bonus was needed. 2nd & 3rd were Goldwing & Luigi_Factor, ending Lumbro's 5 tourney win streak. ([thread=29534]Results[/thread])
  • 08/01/03 - Originally for 07/19, Flowin's [thread=27626]MIA Tournament[/thread] in Miami was [post=462538]postponed the day of[/post] due to parents. NY's IK_Ghost was in FL for Disney and was coming, but would now have to miss it. This was potentially also a reason that [post=463138]SFL couldn't come to Gainesville last weekend[/post]. Flowin rescheduled for 08/01 and got 2nd place under Maverick in both singles and random. The majority of the thread is trash talk from, and annoyance towards Red Dragon who [post=460360]changed his name to Lou[/post]. ([post=474331]Johns[/post])
  • *Note*: People speak of OOS tourneys [post=464060]TG5 & SNL[/post]. (will try to find info) [post=512937]TG5 had:[/post] Goldwing, Lumbro, and Tectonic. [post=512976]SNL had:[/post] Delaini, Derigo, and Mike.
  • [thread=24175]SNL: Smash National League[/thread] ([thread=30910]Results[/thread])
  • Tournament Go Series: [thread=8094]TG2[/thread] - [thread=19717]TG3[/thread] / [thread=21412]Results[/thread] - [thread=22810]TG4[/thread] / [thread=25052]Results[/thread] - [thread=25788]TG5[/thread] / [thread=29832]Results[/thread] - [thread=35523]TG6[/thread] / [thread=41667]Results[/thread]
  • 08/16/03 - [thread=29758]NJ's Finest 2[/thread] (Delani was there with Derigo, maybe others) [[post=491324]source[/post]]
  • Smashers - Sub_Scorpion7 (08/04) - Kryian (08/16) - Sartori & minus (08/17) - NotoriousLlamaz (08/20)
  • 08/20/03 - [thread=30671]Florida Challenge Topic[/thread]
  • 08/23/03 - In Miami was [thread=29853]Red Dragon's Tournament[/thread] which offered Singles, Doubles, FFA, and Random. There were [post=492729]questionable rules[/post] at first, but they were dropped before the tourney. Once again Flowin, Mav, and Red Dragon trash talked about who was best in Miami. This time salivating at the thought of being considered "Best in FL" once they found out Lumbro was coming with Gainesville/Orlando. In the end though, [post=494653]Lumbro spanks Flowin[/post] as he and Goldwing [post=494590]win Singles & Teams[/post]. Once again, [post=497681]CFL > SFL[/post].
  • 08/30/03 - When Zerostance held [thread=30333]Rebirth[/thread] it was right after school started back up. So there weren't any out of towners, but more locals were back in town so it didn't effect attendance. Since the host [post=495107]alternates between items on/off[/post], this time had some items. Goldwing won singles and doubles with Lumbro. ([thread=30920]Results[/thread])
  • 09/26/03 - Zerostance hosted his 6th & final tourney, [thread=31190]Adversaries[/thread]. It was planned to have a crew battle between Orlando & Gainesville, but [post=507838]Orlando ended up not coming[/post] so it was the smallest tourney held yet. They didn't even finish it since it came down to G-spot facing each other in the final matches.
  • Smashers - Roundbox7 (09/13) - Cloud Strife X (10-07) - CaliburChamp (10/13)
  • 10/11/03 - [thread=31175]ToM2 (Tournament of Masters)[/thread]
  • 10/11/03 - [thread=30606]GRITS: Atlanta, GA[/thread] ([post=513866]Results[/post])
  • 11/15/03 - Flowin's [thread=31636]Tournament of Arms[/thread] in Miami was canceled do to low turnout. At this point in time, SFL is more concerned with trash talk about who's the best rather than just playing the game. [post=527280]Summary[/post].
  • Smashers - Shadows & RockCrock (11/16) - superryan (11/23) - XIF (11/30) - The Outlaw Snake (12/03)
  • 12/06/03 - [thread=31833]SWFLA Tourny[/thread] (Naples)
  • Smashers - noucles and his brother Lambchops (12/15)
Crews at the time:
  • G-Spot - From Gainesville, this was the first and strongest crew at the time. It began with Goldwing & Lumbro under the team name "Sloppy Seconds" which were near unbeatable. Next came Delaini & Derigo. The last member was FlameWind (originally RazorStorm)
  • Wolf Pack - From Miami, it was originally called the SPANK Crew. Members were Maverick [Ram] (Mario/Fox), FlowinWater [Mike] (Falco/Peach), Ivan (Ganondorf/Roy), and Latinoboy [Pach] (Ness/Samus). [[thread=31636]source[/thread]]
  • Smash Assassins Crew - From Ft. Lauderdale, it consisted of: FalcoXIII (Falco), Jigglyfuuk (Jigglypuff), Cloud strife X (Marth), CaliburChamp (Link) [[post=535029]source[/post]]
  • Demonic Sanits - From Hialeah, yet another SFL crew. Members: Shadows, his brother The Outlaw Snake, Demonic_Saint, odin731967123 [[thread=32773]source[/thread]]


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
History of FL Melee (2004-2005)
  • Smashers:
  • Tourneys:
    • [thread=33314]01/24/04[/thread], [thread=33509]01/31/04[/thread], [thread=33731]02/21/04[/thread], [thread=34166]03/06-07/04[/thread], [thread=34410]03/10/04[/thread], [thread=34780]03/30/04[/thread] (canceled), [thread=34817]04/17/04[/thread], [thread=34817]05/08/04[/thread], [thread=35609]05/22/04[/thread], [thread=35631]05/23/04[/thread], [thread=35887]05/31/04[/thread], [thread=35491]06/05/04[/thread], [thread=35948]06/09/04[/thread], [thread=51113]06/19/04[/thread], [thread=35650]06/26/04[/thread], [thread=37935]07/10/04[/thread], [thread=36674]07/17/04[/thread], [thread=36087]07/24/04[/thread] ([thread=40187]Results[/thread]), [thread=39901]08/7-8/04[/thread], [thread=33027]"ERA OF LEGENDS"[/thread] (Canceled), [thread=41508]Vgames, various late '04[/thread], [thread=41508]08/19/04[/thread], [thread=39679]08/22/04[/thread], [thread=41414]09/18/04[/thread] ([post=765329]Canceled[/post]), 09/22/04(?), [thread=43872]09/25/04[/thread], [thread=43872]11/28/04[/thread], [thread=43568]12/04/04[/thread]
    • Smash Aid Series: [thread=32252]SAI[/thread] (12/13/03), [thread=34656]SAII[/thread] (04/03/04), [thread=35086]SAIII[/thread] (06/26/04), [thread=43672]SAIV[/thread] (12/04/04), [thread=49907]SAV[/thread] (05/28-29/05), [thread=64078]SAVII[/thread] / [thread=76679]Results[/thread] (06/23-25/06) Note: SAVI was a side tourney that happened immediately after SAV. Therefore, it doesn't have its own thread.
  • Other Stuff:
    • 03/10/04 - [thread=34410]SFL Smashfests[/thread]
    • 04/20/04 - [thread=35093]Nobody Cares About NFL[/thread]
    • 05/12/04 - [thread=35537]More SFL Smashfests[/thread]
    • 05/23/04 - [thread=35631]No BS SFL Smashfests[/thread]
    • 06/15/04 - [thread=36126]SFL Smashfests at Llama's[/thread]
    • 06/18/04 - [thread=36161]Wolf Assassins - Crew Meeting[/thread]
    • 07/01/04 - [thread=38304]SFL Smashfests at Zero Ping[/thread] (Hollywood)
    • 07/24/04 - [thread=36087]MLG Atlanta 2004[/thread] ([thread=40187]Results[/thread]) *G-Spot*
    • 07/24/04 - [thread=40171]XIF's Sheik Guide[/thread] (more available here)
    • 10/19/04 - [thread=44814]VGames Dies[/thread]
    • 10/23-24/04 - [thread=44402]MLG Championship Invites[/thread] (G-Spot)
    • 11/11/04 - Thomas Tipman creates a very lengthly [thread=45863]character match up guide[/thread] for Ganon. This turns out to be just a small beginning to the huge impact that he would have on the Ganon community as well as the reputation for Florida.
    • 11/29/04 - [thread=46626]S.Florida discussion and matchmaking[/thread]
    • 12/04/04 - [thread=43672]Smash Aid IV[/thread] (OOS - GA)
SWFL Crew - Team Fort: Joining on 11/16/03, RockCrock was alone in Fort Myers for a few months, until QDVS joined on 04/21/04. The two of them would typically team at tourneys under the name "Team F.O.R.T." which would later develop into a crew once CozaMonkey (07/04/04) and LoserLad (07/06/04) show up.​
2005: (Note: for now, all CFL events are told in the voice of Exarch and tells of the Name Canceled crew. Anything about NFL is written in the words of Mankosuki. SFL is based on thread discussion and low on info. Expansion for all the regions, and FL as a whole is in the works.)​
Start of 2005
  • 02/19/05 - CloudStrifeX hosts [thread=43697]Omnismash[/thread] which has attendance of 36 people, almost all of which were SFL. Noucles got first in both singles & doubles ([thread=43697]Full Results[/thread]). Green_Mario joins the boards after returning from his first tourney.
  • 03/11/05 - In Hollywood, there was a [thread=48329]School Carnival Booth[/thread] that featured Smash and other games. CloudStrife received Blood Rayne on X-Box for winning the tourney. The next weekend was [thread=49533]a smashfest by XIF[/thread]
  • 03/25/05 - Having joined the boards two months ago on 01/23/05, Mankosuki was disappointed to discover he was the only active smasher in the Panhandle of North Florida. Having no tourneys nearby, he resorts to going OOS for competition. The first of which is [thread=49902]Cyphus' Tournament in Louisiana[/thread]. He teamed with another Samus player there named Lee who would eventually drop Samus and become the best in his state.
  • 03/26/05 - CaliburChamp hosts [thread=49417]Revolver Roulette[/thread] with top 3 as: Tipman, Synakle, and Green_Mario.
Gspot Thinks They Find Replacements:
  • exarch joins the boards on 02/16/05 and quickly gets co_and_me to join as well. Living only 6 minutes away from each other in Gainesville, they learned the advanced techniques of ssbm together. It turns out that this point in time was towards the tail end of G-spot’s activity.
  • 04/23/05 - Co_and_me attended MLG Orlando, which exarch couldn't make. Co_and_me teamed with DarkFalchion instead (a strange coincidence we later discovered). In the tourney, Co_and_me played Lumbro first round and discovered that he and the rest of his crew lived in Gainesville as well. This was the last tournament where all 5 members of G-Spot attended. ([thread=50913]Results[/thread])
  • 05/23/05 - Thomas Tipman releases his training/combo: video [post=924113]The Triforce of Power[/post]. It was received with rave reviews and became a defining moment in Ganon history as it would change the way people played him forever.
  • 05/28/05 - Mankosuki went to the Kunicon anime convention in Atlanta and was competing with an AMV he made in the AMV contest there. It was impossible to win though since there was no "movie trailer" category. That same weekend however was GA_Wes's [thread=49907]Smash Aid 5[/thread] which was a huge (for the south anyway) tourney. He teamed with Sonny Hare and didn't know there were other FL guys there such as Gainesville's appearance with Co_and_me & Exarch with Lumbro, Goldwing, and Derigo of G-spot. The only FL placings were Goldwing (9th) and Lumbro (13th) who got 3rd in teams. (Vid)
  • 06/18/05 - Rockcrock held the first tourney in SWFL, FORT1. Here, the group first met Meleeguy (know known as Fenrir).
  • Using the Smash Finder and the second Smash Finder; we found Derf, who was far more technical than Co_and_me or exarch at that time, and FamousAmos, a friend of GreenMario’s from SFL. Co_and_me, Derf, FamousAmos and exarch played quite a bit through the summer, and infrequently met up with Lumbro, Goldwing, and occasionally Derigo.
  • At the end of summer, our recently assembled group was split up. Exarch headed off to college in Deland, Co_and_me’s family moved to Jacksonville while he headed to Atlanta GA for his college. Derigo moved out of town, and FamousAmos joined a fraternity and fell from the smash scene altogether. Of our group of 7, 3 remained somewhat active and in Gainesville. G-spot had hoped the group would replace them once they graduated, although with exarch and Co having grown up in Gainesville, they didn't intend to go to college there. This left Derf as the single representative of UF.
New Tournament Series Begin
  • 06/21/05 - Almost a year since his [thread=40171]Sheik guide[/thread], XIF creates a [thread=52617]Doc guide[/thread] which gets little response.
  • 07/17/05 - A new tournament series begins in South Florida as [thread=52960]Zero Ping - 1: Can’t stop the drama![/thread] It was almost all SFL, although Angry Lobster & Vijin were there to get 4th in Teams out of 14. They had to get DQed halfway through singles though when leaving early to return to Melbourn. ([thread=52960]Full Results[/thread])
  • 07/30/05 - In West Palm Beach, [thread=53423]TechLords LAN Center[/thread] held its first Smash tourney. It was bi-weekly and also included other fighting games like Naruto. This first one was won by FalconLord7 from Orlando.
  • 08/20/05 - Mankosuki's 3rd tourney was in Mobile, AL at [thread=53266]Docking Station[/thread]. Although still having trouble in Singles, he managed to win 1st place in Teams with Moogle, beating out SuicideDolls & 2RAW4U2WIN in second and GA_Wes & GA_Zach in third.
  • 09/02/05 - At a local n00b tourney at a EB Games in Pensacola, Mankosuki met Drumma_boi & Fumin from Mary Esther. Even though it was an hour drive apart, they quickly made smash fests between the three of them.
  • 09/04/05 - The follow up tourney [thread=54220]Zero Ping - 2: Playa stole my jump![/thread] resulted in top 5 being: 1. Lambchops, 2. Noucles, 3. RockCrock, 4. FlowinWater, 5. QDVS, 5. Thomas Tipman (Team Brackets). Here's some vids of [thread=87286]Green Mario vs. FlowinWater[/thread] that took place there. This tourney had one representative of CFL, that being exarch. At this point he had moved out of Gainesville and was stuck with nobody to play in Deland. However, he met Nafix there who was moving to Gainesville for UF soon after the tournament. About a month later, he also found Hozart in Deland with this thread, finally putting an end to having only n00bs to fight.
  • 10/19/05 - The start of Florida's most popular & successful tourney series ever, Gigabits #1. Here, exarch met DarkFalchion (Co_and_me met him at MLG Orlando already) for the first time and ended up beating him to get first place.
  • 10/25-27th/05 - MLG Atlanta
  • 10/26/05 - While Mankosuki happened to be in his hometown of Jacksonville to attend a funeral, he found that UNF had a small smash tourney sponsored by Nintendo. Here he met Pritch who was a student there and basically the only competitive Smash player in Jacksonville.
  • 10/29/05 - A couple days after the UNF tourney, Mankosuki drives from Jacksonville, FL to Starkville, MS to attend [thread=56334]JCpwn & Pwnzone's tourney[/thread], losing to MookieRah & Theif.
CFL Reawakening & NFL Expansion
  • 11/19/05 - [thread=56016]Anime South[/thread], a local first year anime convention with a n00b tourney. Nobody note worthy was there except Taylor & eet from Louisiana who I'd met at Cyphus' tourney. That night, we smashed in Taylor/eet's hotel room and Drumma_Boi & Fumin showed up. They finally got to smash with some new guys since they still haven't been to any tourneys at this point.
  • 11/19/05 - The Arcade Renaissance tournament happened, which is commonly referred to as "the Kissimmee tournament". This tourney plays a pivotal row in the CFL community, because at the time we had lost most all of the previous dominating smashers in CFL (GSPOT), and the new best were falling into place. This tournament pitted the new CFL against some of the best in S(E)FL for the first time. The results from the tournament alternated FL and CFL along the top however many, until SFL ran out of smashers because CFL had higher attendance. We also played a CFL vs SFL crew battle in which the CFL crew (made of exarch, DarkFalchion, Nafix, Goldwing and Fenrir) 6 stocked the SFL crew (consisting of Johnny, Noucles, Mav, N2k, and GreenMario). This tournament really put CFL back on the map and showed we could compete with SFL on at least some level, although the repeated references to this as a fluke by other SFL players was not encouraging, and I think we still felt as though we had something to prove.
  • 11/20/05 - Thomas Tipman creates a complete Ganon Guide called: [thread=59396]Path of the Gerudo King[/thread]. It's one of the most comprehensive character guides on smashbaords, spanning across 5 posts and includes videos as well. It even has animated gifs which show each frame of animation that Ganon's attacks go through, while displaying each hit box. This is the time when Tipman truly becomes a house hold name in Melee.
  • 11/24/05 - The Jacksonville crew "Arc Angels" joins the boards and [thread=59702]looks for more Jacksonville smashers[/thread]. Ironically, the thread serves more of a purpose in Pritch & Mankosuki finding each other on the boards than anything else, since the crew never really becomes active.
  • 12/3-4/05 - DarkFalchion, Captain Kenny (known as Ken2 at the time), nooboob (the giver of rides), and Exarch traveled to Maverick’s infamous PAWS tourney. Shortly before this exarch was given the nickname the Crusher of Dreams for this post. Rockcrock jumped online and gave it to him for his pessimism. He and DarkFalchion were really excited about this tourney, after their good placing at Kissimmee. Both ended up pretty disappointed however as neither one placed in the top 10, iirc.
  • 12/10/05 - In SFL, [thread=58947]The Vortex LAN Center[/thread] holds a tourney for both Smash and Naruto. Although no CFL attended, Pritch from Jacksonville made the trip since he plays both games competitively. Top 4 for Smash was: 1. Tommy Tipper, 2. SynikaL, 3. Deg, 4. Peachtress
  • 12/17/05 - Mankosuki goes to Louisiana for a second time to attend [thread=59408]Cajun Showdown 1[/thread]. This time bringing a n00b from UWF and 3 guys from Alabama: DS_Smasher (host of the Docking Station tourneys), Suicide Dolls, and his brother Mr. Perfect. Manko placed 4th in both teams and singles.
  • 12/17/05 - Fenrir, DarkFalchion, Derf, Coandme, TheLaw (Hozart’s friend), Hozart, Capt. Kenny and I all attended the second Gigabits tournament (information is later in that thread.)
  • Before the change into 2005, we all finally decided to be in a crew together. This crew, The Name Cancelled, has gone through several names with certain members dropping out sometimes. For a while they are the dominant crew of CFL until N00b Testament comes on the scene to challenge them.


Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
History of FL Melee (2006-Brawl)
[COLLAPSE=2006][COLLAPSE=2006 Tourney List]
  • 01/27/06 - C - Tampa
    - [post=1155517]Wired Warefare #2[/post]
  • 02/05/06 - S - Broward
    - [thread=60942]South Florida's SACS Issue #1[/thread] ([thread=64657]Vids[/thread])
  • 02/11/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=57926]Gigabits #3[/thread]
  • 02/18/06 - C - Gainesville
    - [thread=63933]Get Committed: Lumbro's Revenge[/thread]
  • 03/11/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=65854]Gigabits #4[/thread]
  • 03/24/06 - C - Tampa
    - [post=1263348]Wired Warefare #3[/post]
  • 03/26/06 - S - Fort Myers
    - [thread=64692]FORT1 #3: Fox's time to Shine![/thread] ([thread=68286]Vids[/thread])
  • 04/15/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=66723]Gigabits #5[/thread]
  • 05/13/06 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=69162]Florida Fighters Summit[/thread]
  • 05/20/06 - C - Tampa
    - [post=1355376]Wired Warefare #4[/post]
  • 05/27/06 - S - Boca Raton
    - [thread=68059]Doodah's Revenge: Dk's time to Cargo Suicide[/thread]
  • 06/08/06 - S - Greenacres
    - [thread=75983]ßelow Ø Zero[/thread]
  • 06/10/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=71234]Gigabits #6[/thread]
  • 06/17/06 - C - Gainesville
    - [thread=71810]Get Committed: Summer Brawl[/thread] (Vids)
  • 06/22/06 - S - West Palm Beach - [thread=76265]Vortex Game Center[/thread]
  • 06/24/06 - C - Tampa
    - [post=1486231]Wired Warefare #5[/post]
  • 06/27/06 - S - Miami Beach
    - [thread=78262]Seibrik's Smash Bash![/thread] ([thread=80328]Vids[/thread])
  • 06/30/06 - S - Lauderhill
    - [thread=74931]S. Fl tourny 60+ attending[/thread]
  • 07/29/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=78137]Gigabits #7[/thread]
  • 08/05/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=76964]UCF Tourney[/thread]
  • 08/12/06 - C - Gainesville
    - [thread=79171]Get Committed: MLG Warmup[/thread] (Vids)
  • 08/26/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=79776]MLG Orlando[/thread]
  • 09/02/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=80108]Gigabits #8[/thread]
  • 09/09/06 - S - Greenacres
    - [thread=80705]LIME's FURY[/thread]
  • 09/16/06 - C - Gainesville
    - [post=1737111]Get Mildly Interested: Septemberoflcopter[/post]
  • 09/16/06 - S - Fort Lauderdale
    - [thread=84071]Free Tourny at NSU[/thread]
  • 09/30/06 - C - Tampa
    - [thread=83873]Wired Warfare #6[/thread]
  • 09/30/06 - S - Hollywood
    - [thread=84428]Doodah Presents: Come to Sasha's House[/thread]
  • 10/07/06 - N - Mary Esther
    - [thread=82522]Smashers Unite 1 (FL vs. LA)[/thread]
  • 10/14/06 - C - Gainesville
    - [thread=81607]Get Committed: Downfall[/thread] ([thread=90734]Vids[/thread])
  • 10/21/06 - S - Weston
    - [thread=84758]XIF Presents MOM-AID![/thread]
  • 10/21/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=83580]Gigabits #9 - Come Get Pwned!!!![/thread]
  • 10/28/06 - S - Lake Worth
    - [thread=85765]Back to Basics[/thread] (Vids )
  • 11/18/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=83608]GIGABITS #10 - Come Get Pwned Again![/thread]
  • 11/18-19 - S - Miami
    - [thread=82631]C.O.R.E Smash (aka Sacred Smash)[/thread]
  • 12/02/06 - S - Miami
    - [thread=85463]FIU Testing Grounds[/thread]
  • 12/16/06 - S - Hollywood
    - [thread=88405]Zero Ping: House tournament 3[/thread] ([thread=99011]Vids[/thread])
  • 12/17/06 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=83609]GIGABITS #11 - Tis The Season For Smash[/thread] ([thread=92427]Vids[/thread])
  • 12/23/06 - S - Fort Myers
    - [thread=91378]FORT1 #4: with Chudat![/thread] ([thread=92747]Vids[/thread])
  • 12/30/06 - S - Lake Worth
    - [thread=90480]Back to Basics III[/thread] (Vids)
East NFL - Organized Smash in Jacksonville begins
  • 12/23/05 - Being right before christmass, Chef had planned to [thread=60788]host a tournament[/thread] this day since people would be out of school. It generated some good interest but it eventually fell through. With having [thread=61412]Pritch gone to his hometown of Panama City[/thread], Mankosuki & Co_and_me (who were both visiting family in Jacksonville for christmass) meet for the first time and smash 1-on-1 for a few hours. The two Samus players went even with one another while carrying matching kill counts, also using the opportunity to train each other by trading tips.
  • 01/21/06 - Making up for the failed tourney attempt by Arc Angles, Pritch holds [thread=62487]a tourney at UNF[/thread]. Although a small turn out of only 10, it brings forth a series of [thread=63544]weekly smashfests at UNF[/thread] via the school's gameroom. They basically consisted of Pritch and some other UNF students along with the 3 man crew The Arc Angles which includes Chef, Cire, and Zone. Unfortunately the smash fests didn't last long due to low attendance and the Arc Angles were never very active even once Jacksonville grows.
West NFL - Creation of The Panhandle Manhandlers:
  • 01/07/06 - After having been around for a year, Mankosuki finally gets to form a crew when BoomStick transfers to Mary Esther from Texas via the Airforce. After [thread=58897]finding us on the boards[/thread] he joins our newly founded crew The Panhandle Manhandlers. Although Mankosuki, Drumma_Boi, and Fumin were already smashing together on occasion, this was basically the start of the crew.
  • 01/14/06 - DS_Smasher hosts another tourney at [thread=61693]Docking Station in Mobile, Alabama[/thread]. This is Mankosuki's second time there, and the first tourney that we go to as a crew. Fumin did really well, only losing to the 1st & 2nd place guys, and Boomstick placed in the top 5 as well. The top 5 results were: 1st. Thief, 2nd. PwnZone, 3rd. Fumin, 4th. TaylorHJ, 5th. EET, 5th. BoomStick.
  • 02/04/06 - GA_Wes starts [thread=63086]bi-weekly smashfests[/thread] in preperation for Smash Aid 7. Our crew goes to the first of these, but didn't return for future ones since it wasn't big enough to validate making the 4 hour drive to. It was ran a little wierd too since Wes got more people than expected and was simply going to do one big RR. However when it became clear that it'd take too long, the rule was that when you got 10 losses, you were knocked out. Because of this, the results may not have been completely accurate but Mankosuki got 4th, Drumma_Boi was 5th, and Fumin 6th. (top 3 were GA_Wes, Just1111, and Co_and_Me) Due to the fact that Co_and_me's name is also "Mike G", there was some confusion on the boards afterward concerning my match with him. I found it humorous and used MookieRah's quote to make my first Sig.
CFL Expands
  • South MWFL was born at this time as the Wired Warfare tournament series in Tampa began. The first three tourneys were held on [post=1097169]12/23/05[/post], [post=1155517]01/27/06[/post], and [post=1263348]03/24/06[/post]. They were locals only at this point and were run by SaintAnger.
  • 02/05/06 - Thomas Tipman hosts [thread=60942]SACS Issue #1[/thread] although it didnt develop into a series as there was never an "Issue #2". The usual SFL attended and from CFL there was exarch, Hozart, TheLaw, and Captain Kenny. Also the Melbourne crew: AngryLobster, Vijin, and RFX (Jarlax however, did not). This crew has been around since [thread=50913]MLG Orlando 2005[/thread], but really became well known at the first couple Gigabits tournaments. ([thread=60942]Full Results[/thread])
  • 02/11/06 - [thread=57926]Gigabits #3[/thread] displayed the arival of the newly formed Kissimmee crew: What are the Odds? (WATO). The original members are Vericz, Uuaa, Hiroshi, and later Zoro.
  • 02/18/06 - The great tournament director, Solitas decided to put on the first in the Get Committed series. This was the first Gainesville tournament in about a year and the last tournament attended by Goldwing. He would move to Clearwater shortly thereafter, leaving Lumbro as the only remaining member of GSPOT in Gainesville until he too eventually moved down to Palm Harbor.
  • 03/11/06 - [thread=65854]Gigabits #4[/thread] was exarch's 2nd tournament win and the last tourney which he teamed with DarkFalchion, who had been his back up whenever Co_and_me was not around. This tournament is also the pinnacle of Name Cancelled's (aka Cake Eaters) dominance of CFL. They considered Nafix as a crewmate at the time, and they placed 1-7. The other 7-9 spots were filled by Melbourne’s 3 attendees.
  • 03/26/06 - Fenrir, Hozart, TheLaw and exarch attended [thread=64692]FORT1 #2[/thread]. exarch got first seed in pools, over the great Rockcrock himself, though he choked in brackets. His crewmates on the other hand, held down the FORT1. This was also the first tournament Fenrir and exarch teamed together. Under the name “Great Glass Elevator,” they took out the toaster team (GreenMario and XIF) while yelling: “You can’t toast an elevator!”
  • 4/15/06 - Gigabits #5 was the first tourney win for Fenrir, also getting first in teams with exarch. This bunch of CFL smashers had grown considerably in the recent months, and though the tournament was held on Easter weekend, there was still a good turnout.
Growth of The Panhandle Manhandlers:
  • 03/01/06 - RAM joins the boards under his old name "Partner of Luigi". That same day [thread=65941]he found us on the boards[/thread] and soon became the 5th member to join our crew. Originally from New Orleans, he moved to Navarre Florida shortly prior to hurricane Katrina hitting.
  • 03/11/06 - Mankosuki goes to [post=1245311]his 3rd Louisiana tournament[/post], this time bringing Boomstick and RAM with him. Top 3 Results: - Singles: 1st. JonWu, 2nd. Lee, 3rd. Cyphus - Teams: 1st. Cyphus & Lee, 2nd. Mankosuki & Boomstick, 3rd. RAM & TaylorHJ.
  • 03/25/06 - Rice & Rook from Niceville become the final two members of Panhandle Manhandlers, making 7 total.
  • 03/31/06 - [thread=65689]Mankosuki visits Tampa[/thread] with his girlfriend who was applying for a job at USF. There, he met the major players of the area at that point which included L_W48 & LivingLegend at USF, harriettheguy 20 minutes to the North in Odessa, and Aqua and his crew in Brandon 20 minutes East.
  • The very next weekend, we do the same thing but headed for Arkansas. Being a two day drive, PwnZone let us crash at his place for the night. Although he was basically retired from smash at that point, MookieRah and Moogle came by to smash with me. During a match against Moogle's Peach I was able to reveal for the first time the Samus technique I had personally developed. Astonished by it, MookieRah created [thread=68647]the "I found Mankosuki" thread[/thread] which was a reference to a similar thread devoted to MikeG. Several inside jokes followed on the replys, and Cyphus even discovers my secret job on the side!
  • 04/16/06 - Mankosuki released a video of his new Samus technique, [thread=69373]The Turnip Jump[/thread]. This helped put NFL on the map since before then most of Florida didn't know about the crew and assumed there was no NFL.
  • 05/09/06 - Over in East NFL, Pritch makes a second attempt of forming a smash scene by creating [thread=71045]Jacksonville Smashfests again[/thread]. This time is much more successful since it's during the summer, especially when Jamz returns from his school in Illinois on 05/30/06.
05/06/06 - INNsomnia 3: NFL Meets CFL (at OOS?!)
  • Intro - [thread=69007]INN3[/thread] marks the first time the crew finally gets to meet some fellow Florida smashers... in Tennessee. Ironically OOS tourneys are ussually closer than FL ones for the Panhandle. However, this is the farthest of all tourneys the crew ever attended, both OOS and FL. (aside from Mankosuki's solo trip to Starkville, MS)
  • The Drive - The trip lasted about 9 hours from Mary Esther with 7 guys cramped up in Rook's parent's SUV. Luickily we had Mankosuki's portable screen for the gamecube which allowed us to smash in the car.
  • Smash Fest - We were pretty much the first people there, but more soon followed. Between the Run7, The Panhandle Manhandlers, FL (Exarch, Derf, Bluchu, LivingLegend) Mike G, Mookierah, and Thief. We eventually ended up with about 21 people crashing at Lance's place. Later on, we headed off to PrinceZane's Pizza Inn restaurant for more smashing and free pizza/pizzert.
  • Interstate Shutdown - On the drive from Lance's in TN to the tourney location in AR, there was a 6 car pile-up on the interstate which caused a 2 hour stalemate. Not to be discouraged, the crew busted out the equipment and invited everyone to smash on the interstate. With only one TV there, we went with teams and made it carefree by allowing all levels and items.
  • Results - Mankosuki recorded alot of the teams tourney which JCpwn & PwnZone won. As for singles, Darkrain beats Mike G with a 3-1 record. Afterwards, Mike takes it out on RAM by throwing a Death Turnip at him IRL.
  • Last Smashfest - The 2nd time around was far less crowded since many people didn't stay at Lance's after the tourney and just went home. Run7 wanted to do crew battles with Panhandle Manhandlers but by that time half the crew was asleep or too tired to take it seriously. However, Rice stayed up the entire night and recieved Falco training (he mained Roy until now) from Nite and becomes pretty beastly with him afterwards. He'd later become one of the top 10 in FL.
Cake Eaters: 8 Tourneys in 8 Weeks
  • Week 1: 5/6/6 INNsomnia3 and Laser for the Children
    This trip across the SE was made by exarch, Derf, Bluchu, Living Legend, and MikeG. INN3 was amazing (I think I’d like to go back eventually), and the first discovery of NFL smashers. The drive up was hell, we left around 3pm East Coast time; and we got in a 4:00am TN time. INN3 finished around 4:00am on Saturday night/Sunday Morning. We left immediately to attend Laser for the Children in Atlanta, and drove through the night. Two tournaments in two states which are separated by more than one other state were attended. That was one cahraizey weekend.
  • Week 2: 5/13/6 Florida Fighters Summit
    The second Kissimmee tournament was strangely enough attended by more SFLians than CFLians. Fenrir and exarch took teams and also placed highest out of CFLians, at 3rd and 4th. We all went to Chili’s afterwards and had a great time; this was the highlight of the tournament. I had the chili. It was not very good.
  • Week 3: 5/20/6 Noob Tournaments in Gainesville & Tampa
    Derf and exarch attended a noob tournament in Gainesville the next week, to collect gas money for the drive to Doodah’s tournament next week. Held at the same place as Get Committed, it was meant to increase local interest for the real tournament approaching in 4 weeks. Fenrir attended [post=1355376]Wired Warefare #4[/post], also collecting for gas the following week. This was the first time one of the top players (in CFL at least) had been to a Tampa tournament, and began our relations with the Tampa area.
  • Week 4: 5/27/6 [thread=68059]Doodah's Revenge: Dk's time to Cargo Suicide[/thread]
    This was CFL’s largest trip to SFL to date, including exarch, Fenrir, TheLaw, Hozart, and Derf (Co_and_me came down with some of GA for it too.) We all had a lot of fun, but it went really late into the night, and drained a lot out of the smashers attending. When we got to our hotel, they had given away our room. We sat around in the car, as Fenrir’s top-tier Mom “sorted” it out with the hotel people. We got to sleep in the hotel shortly afterward.
  • Week 5: 6/3/6 Week Off, whew!
  • Week 6: 6/10/6 [thread=71234]Gigabits #6[/thread]
    This Gigabits is the first one attended by smashers from regions outside of CFL. Rockcrock, QDVS, and UberIce came up and owned us. Nevertheless, it was still a lot of fun and Cake Eaters placed right behind them. This tourney also had Pritch, Jamz, Larrytheliquid, and Gahtzu from Jacksonville in attendance.
  • Week 7: 6/17/6 [thread=71810]Get Committed: Summer Brawl[/thread]
    Possibly the most widely attended tournament in CFL, this saw smashers from all corners of Florida, as well as a carload from Georgia, who exarch housed the night before. This was the last Tournament attended by Lumbro. He then moves to Palm Harbor, right by Goldwing in Clearwater. As the last member of GSPOT in Gainesville, his moving marks the end of the G in GSPOT.
  • Week 8: 6/23-25/6 Smash Aid VII
    The culmination of all these tournaments was Smash Aid VII. Unfortunately, exarch ended up having to play people from FL in the brackets. However, Derf was really off that day; so he decided to get drunk and play pools intoxicated. I can say his G&W played better than normal. That same weekend, Tampa held [post=1486231]Wired Warefare #5[/post] which of course remained locals only due to bad timing.
[end of recorded MEFL history. More info to come, like N00b Testament. Also more SFL.]
Seperation of Panhandle Manhandlers / Start of B1ches & Blades
  • 05/21/06 - [thread=70413]One final tourney was put on at Docking Station[/thread]. Hosted by DS_Smasher in honor of Mankosuki for his b-day. This is also the last tourney that Docking Station puts on before they shut down. The Panhandle Manhandlers didn't place in the top 5 this time, it was only OOS players: Mike G, just1111, pwnzone, GA_Wes, and Cyphus. RAM had a really close set with Cyphus however.
  • 06/01/06 - Having graduated from UWF and the lease on his apartment over, Mankosuki moves back to his hometown of Jacksonville and joins the UNF smashfests with Pritch, Jamz, Larrytheliquid, and Gahtzu. It doesn't take long before we decide to form a crew which we called "B1tches & Blades". Unfortunately it would be short lived (only in the summer), and generally only a couple members at a time would actually be able to attend any tourneys.
  • 06/17/06 - Mankosuki & Pritch attend [thread=71810]Get Committed[/thread] in Gainesville. Having been going to only OOS until now, this is also Mankosuki's first tournament in Florida. It was a little overwhelming fighting DaShizWiz first round, but a fun tourney none the less. ([post=1486474]Full Brackets Available[/post])
  • 06/24/06 - Mankosuki attends [thread=64078]Smash Aid 7[/thread] with Drumma_Boi & RAM from Panhandle Manhandlers and Pritch & Jamz from B1tches & Blades. (info to come) - ([thread=78781]various vids from SA7[/thread])
  • 07/29/06 - From West NFL, Panhandle Manhandlers attend [thread=74395]INNsomnia 4[/thread] while Pritch from East NFL attends [thread=78137]Gigabits #7[/thread] (info on both to come)
  • 08/05/06 - The entire B1tches & Blades crew attends [thread=76964]a tourney at UCF[/thread] hosted by SheerMadness of N00b Testament. Unfortunately, the crew litterally had to fight eachother in singles one after another. In Crew Battles, B&B beat N00b Testament but was completely destroyed by Name Canceled.
  • 08/12/06 - Drumma_Boi & Rice drive to Jacksonville and crash with Pritch to attend [thread=79171]Get Committed[/thread] in Gainesville. Mankosuki meets them at the tourney after going to Tampa to plan his eventual move there. Rice managed to place the highest out of all NFL/CFL smashers at 7th place, just above Mankosuki & Exarch at 9th. Pritch was 13th, and Drumma_Boi had horrible luck that tourney, getting 17th while having his car towed over the course of the tournament. After various participants were kind enough to collectively donate about $80 to get the car back, it breaks down halfway back to Mary Esther.
  • 08/28/06 - Rice moves to Tallahassee to attend FSU. With both him and Mankosuki gone, the Panhandle Manhandlers didn't get together nearly as often. While Mankosuki was able to start B1tches & Blades in Jacksonville, Rice found that FSU offered very little in the way of competition and was left to train by himself.
New Semester = end of B&B crew/ Start of Tampa
  • 08/17/06 - Jamz leaves B1tches & Blades and goes back to Illinois for college. LTL moves to UCF at about the same time.
  • 08/20/06 - aznplaya92 finds the Jacksonville thread and starts attending the smash fests.
  • 08/25/06 - Mankosuki, Pritch, LTL, and Gahtzu attend [thread=83125]MLG Orlando[/thread]. With LTL living on campus at UCF, he houses the crew as well as Husband & Wife. (info to come)
  • 08/28/06 - The fall semester begins at USF. Unfortunately LivingLegend doesn't return this semester, however L_W48 returns as a sophomore and Noucles enrolls as a freshmen. Additionally, the extremely talented MLG Halo player huLk starts getting more into smash via playing with noucles. Additionally, Rohins had moved back to Tampa at the start of summer since he graduated from UF.
  • 09/16/06 - Mankosuki becomes the 3rd member to leave the B&B crew and moves to Tampa. On the way he attends [post=1737111]Get Commited[/post]. Althought it was technically a locals only tourney, the only other non-local was Uber Ice so it wasn't a problem. Lacking a teammate, he couldn't do teams but got 4th in Singles. Top 7: 1. Derf, 2. Exarch, 3. Uber Ice, 4. Mankosuki, 5. Gino, 5. Crispy1, 7. Phanna, 7. Reid AC. ([post=1737111]Full Results[/post])
  • 09/30/06 - Wired Warefare #6. This tourney got pretty good interest from FL but unfortunately the lan center went out of business before the tourney date. With the venue lost, it was moved to someone's apartment. Because of this, a lot of people backed out and the attendance was a lot lower than it could have been. Due to it being the weekend of his girlfriend's birthday, Mankosuki wasn't able to show up until just in time to see Noucles get first place over Fenrir.
  • 10/14/06 - Mankosuki & Rohins travel from Tampa to attend [thread=81607]The Final Get Commited[/thread]. Pritch had planned to come as well, but his alarm didn't go off so he over slept and missed the bus to get there. Cire & Zone, two members of the Arc Angels crew showed up however. ([post=1811622]Full Brackets[/post])
  • The next day was the first discovery of [post=1833433]the new Lan Center in Clearwater[/post] called Cutting Edge. Unfortunately it would only have a few small tourneys before eventually fizzing out.
  • 11/03/06 - A new Lan Center, Area 51 opens up in Brandon where Wired Warefare used to be. Being a new group, the Brandon guys quickly go to work on them about making smash available. It would later be the home of the Twilight Showdown series.
New Tourneys begin in NFL & Tampa!
  • 10/07/06 - Drumma_Boi & RAM host [thread=82522]Smashers Unite 1[/thread], the first official tournament ever held in North Florida. Being so far off in the corner of the state, attendace was predictably low. However, some OOS showed and there were more locals discovered as well.
  • Following the success of the tourney, they presently [thread=82522]hold biweekly smash fests[/thread] and train the locals. They also plan to hold a second tournament there sometime next summer. In addition, a new crew developed in Mobile, Alabama and started hosting [thread=93890]biweeklies of thier own[/thread]. The two crews alternate between going to eachother's bi-weeklies.
  • 11/10/06 - Being home from Gainesville for Veterans Day, lvl9 cp tries to host a small tourney at his house in Palm Harbor. Unfortunately it was too small, having only 5 people total. However, with G-spot's Goldwing & Lumbro living in Palm Harbor, they showed up to smash with lvl9cp, Mankosuki, and Exarch.
  • 12/17/06 - Rohins goes to Gigabits in Orlando and Mankosuki goes to [post=1992178]Cutting Edge #1[/post]. There were a couple tourneys before this one, but I started the numbering here because until now it was locals only. With Mankosuki, Harriettheguy, and CKRikou showing up to this one, it was the first to draw in any out of towners through smashboards. The top 5 results were: 1st. Mankosuki, 2nd. Harriettheguy, 3rd. King of Hearts, 4th. CKRikou, 5th. Asper. Having been the weekend after finals, the USF guys had already left campus and went back to SFL where noucles attended z:p House tournament 3.
  • 01/07/07 - Goldwing & Lumbro of G-spot fame attend [thread=88262]Cutting Edge #2[/thread] and they ended up winning it. With 1st. Goldwing, 2nd. Lumbro, 3rd. Harriettheguy, 4th. Mankosuki, 5th. King of Hearts, 5th. CKRikou.
  • 01/27/07 - [thread=93832]Twilight Showdown 1[/thread] is the first smash tourney hosted by Area 51 since replacing Wired Warfare. None of the USF guys (noucles, L_W48, Hulk) were able to go aside from Mankosuki who only stayed for teams. Top results for teams was 1. Exarch/Fenrir, 2. Skrach/Dop, 3. Derf/Mankosuki. Top 5 results for singles was 1. Col Bol, 2. Exarch, 3. Fenrir, 4. Hozart, 5. Derf, 5. Phanna.
  • 01/28/07 - The next day was [thread=88262]Cutting Edge #3[/thread] in Clearwater. Most of the people from Twilight Showdown didn't make it to both tourneys. Including the ussual top-ranking locals Mankosuki, Harriettheguy, CKRikou, Goldwing, and Lumbro. Not enough showed for teams, but the top 4 singles results was Exarch, Fenrir, Phanna and Hozart.
Rice owns face:
  • 02/03/07 - The Panhandle Manhandlers attend [thread=96028]Exarch's LTEC[/thread]. This is Drumma_Boi & Rice's second Florida tourney, and a first for RAM, Boomstick, and Rook. Although Mankosuki & Fumin didn't go, two members of the Mobile, Alabama crew Mr P. & Ragnarock did. NFL in general didn't place too impressively, with most of them being in the lower half. However, Drumma_Boi & Rice placed exactly the same at their second tourney as they did at [post=1640913]Get Commited[/post] with Drumma at 17th and Rice at 7th. As you can see with Exarch's color codeing of the regions in [thread=96028]the tourney results[/thread], Rice almost pulled off placeing above all of Central FL again.
  • 03/10/07 - [thread=98673]Twilight Showdown 2[/thread] unfortunately the turn out wasn't as good since none of N00b Testament was able to come. The only member of Name Cancelled that came was Fenrir, and the only other out of towner was Phanna. Full Results: 1st. Fenrir (Link/Zelda only), 2nd. Rohins, 3rd. Supamak, 4th. Zorak Bane, 5th. Mankosuki, 5th. Phanna, 7th. The Dark Shinobi, 7th. HyperTheHedghog, 9th. Zaromo, 9th. Blue
  • 03/17/07 - As ussual, Rohins attended Gigabits though he didn't sleep at all at the smashfest the night before, so he didn't stay for singles. Mankosuki Had work that day, but he drove to Orlando afterward to compete. The tourney held Low-tier single, Low-tier doubles, regular doubles, and regular singles so luckily he made it in time to compete in teams. Noucles was home for spring break at the time, so he went to the tourney with SFL guys. From NFL, Rice gets a ride from a FSU smasher and teams with his old crewmate Mankosuki to get 7th place. They lost to XIF & Green Mario and KeepSpeedn & Dew Da Dash. He also got 7th in singles after losing to Uber Ice and Noucles.
  • 03/23/07 - Mankosuki opens up a [thread=99910]Sig Shop[/thread] in the Atlantic South. Although never officially closed, the thread was a bit racy with the sigs made so he eventually stopped making them due to the strict censorship standards like peach/zelda not allowed in swimsuits.
  • 03/26/07 - In the official [thread=100085]FL Power Rankings[/thread] thread, Rice is ranked as 9th in Florida. Even though he's relatively new to the scene, his impressive placements in the tourneys he's attended has earned him the spot. A couple months later he moves up to 7th.
  • 03/31/07 - For the third time, the crew makes the long drive to TN to attend [thread=100664]INNsomnia 5[/thread]. The drive was even longer this time as the crew went out of their way to go pick up Rice from Tallahassee. This tourney was the first stop for [thread=101242]The South Circuit[/thread]. Rice did the best from the crew, making it past both sets of pools and getting 13th place. Just under him, RAM got 17th.
  • Summer 2005 - After attending FSU for a year, Rice moves back to his home town of Valparaiso in the Panhandle where he'll now attend college there. Pritch also graduated from UNF at this time and moves back home to Panama City. Being about an hour and a half away from the Panhandle Manhandlers, he starts smashing with them on occasion.
  • 05/05/07 - The South Circuit tourney #2 was in GA at [thread=103084]Get Four Stocked: 3[/thread] in which Rice won first place in singles and got 4th in Teams. This was Rice's first tourney win, and he did it without touching the losers bracket.
  • 05/26/07 - The crew and Pritch attended [thread=102154]Gigabits 16[/thread] where Rice won teams with DaShizWiz. Phanna ended up beating him to give Rice 7th in singles.
[COLLAPSE=2007-2008 (to Brawl's Release)]
  • 01/04/07 - S - Hallandale
    - [thread=90416]New Year Smash Bash[/thread]
  • 01/06/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=88770]GIGABITS #12 - Smashing into 07[/thread]
  • 01/06/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=90110]MOMAID 2[/thread]
  • 01/07/07 - C - Clearwater
    - [thread=88262]Cutting Edge Gaming[/thread]
  • 01/13/07 - S - Hollywood
    - [thread=88146]Zero Ping: Ranking Battle Season 1 part 1![/thread]
  • 01/27/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=94586]XIF1: Xif Is Fat[/thread]
  • 01/27/07 - C - Brandon
    - [thread=93832]Twilight Showdown #1[/thread] ([thread=96292]Vids[/thread])
  • 01/28/07 - C - Clearwater
    - [thread=88262]Cutting Edge Gaming[/thread]
  • 02/03/07 - C - Deland
    - [thread=96028]Exarch Presents: Let Them Eat Cake[/thread] ([thread=96399]Vids[/thread])
  • 02/10/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=93821]GIGABITS #13 - Smashing till Revolution[/thread]
  • 02/17/07 - S - Hollywood
    - [thread=88146]Zero Ping #4[/thread]
  • 02/24/07 - S - Davie
    - [thread=97779]NSU Tournament[/thread] ([thread=97933]Vids[/thread])
  • 03/10/07 - N - Mary Esther
    - [thread=93832]Panhandle Manhandlers: RAM's B-day Bash![/thread]
  • 03/10/07 - C - Brandon
    - [thread=98673]Twilight Showdown 2[/thread]
  • 03/17/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=96685]GIGABITS #14: Smashing on Saint Patrick's Day[/thread] ([thread=99529]Vids[/thread])
  • 04/07/07 - S - West Palm Beach - [thread=97421]SUPS: Smash at a UPS[/thread]
  • 04/21/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=100176]GIGABITS #15: "Get Pwned in April"[/thread] ([thread=102105]Vids[/thread])
  • 04/28/07 - C - Brandon
    - [thread=98909]Twilight Showdown 3[/thread] ([thread=102838]Vids[/thread])
  • 05/19/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=103176]Mcscruff Presents: Smashathon[/thread]
  • 05/19/07 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=100218]iNet Gamerz #1[/thread] (Vids: [thread=106182]Teams[/thread]/[thread=106435]Singles[/thread])
  • 05/26/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=102154]GIGABITS #: 16[/thread] (Vids: [thread=105193]Teams[/thread] / [thread=105376]Singles[/thread] )
  • 06/02/07 - C - Brandon
    - [thread=103541]Twilight Showdown 4[/thread] (Vids: [thread=106182]Teams[/thread] / [thread=106435]Singles[/thread])
  • 06/07/07 - S - Miami
    - [thread=103522]Smash Bash III at Villains Comics[/thread] ([thread=105932]Vids[/thread])
  • 06/09/07 - C - Merritt Island
    - [thread=104979]Islander Cards & Comics[/thread]
  • 06/23/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=104262]GIGABITS #17 - Let's all Smash Together[/thread]
  • 07/07/07 - C - Gainesville
    - [thread=103392]Let Them Eat Cake 2[/thread] ([thread=108818]Vids[/thread])
  • 07/14/07 - C - Lake Mary
    - [thread=107176]Kinetix #1[/thread]
  • 07/21/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=107405]Gigabits #18[/thread] ([thread=110204]Vids[/thread])
  • 07/28/07 - C - Brandon
    - [thread=105599]Twilight Showdown 5[/thread]
  • 08/11/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=109815]Xtreme Play #1[/thread]
  • 08/18/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=107602]Gigabits 19: Last Smash of the Break[/thread] ([thread=115033]Vids[/thread])
  • 08/25/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=114579]Doodah Presents: No Linguinis[/thread]
  • 08/25/07 - C - Brandon
    - [post=2529446]Twilight Showdown 6[/post] ([thread=115033]Vids[/thread])
  • 09/01/07 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=109358]iNet 2[/thread] (Vids: [thread=115555]Matches[/thread]/[thread=115652]Crew Battle[/thread])
  • 09/08/07 - C - Merritt Island
    - [thread=115569]Islander Cards & Comics 2[/thread]
  • 09/29/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=115175]Gigabits 20: Smashing Back into School[/thread]
  • 10/20/07 - S - Lauderhill
    - [thread=114170]Smash Bash IV[/thread]
  • 10/21/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=118588]Gigabits 21: Why isn't boo in Smash?[/thread] ([thread=122114]Vids[/thread])
  • 10/27/07 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=115794]iNet Gamerz 3[/thread] ([thread=123479]Vids[/thread])
  • 11/03/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=121763]XIF2: Xif Is Fat[/thread]
  • 11/10/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=118590]Gigabits 22: We are thankful for Smash![/thread]
  • 11/17/07 - S - Miami
    - [thread=120755]Get Ready 2 Brawl!!![/thread] ([thread=126856]Vids 1[/thread] - [thread=132127]Vids 2[/thread])
  • 11/24/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=118591]Gigabits 23: Farewell to Melee[/thread] ([thread=128063]Vids[/thread])
  • 11/24/07 - S - Weston
    - [thread=121922]XIF3: Xif Is Fat[/thread]
  • 12/01/07 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=125643]iNet Gamerz 4[/thread] ([thread=131557]Vids[/thread])
  • 12/15/07 - S - Davie
    - [thread=125888]NSU Tournament[/thread] ([thread=97933]Vids[/thread])
  • 12/22/07 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=127599]Gigabits 24: Three Melees till a Brawl[/thread]
  • 12/29/07 - S - Boca Raton
    - [thread=133718]Doodah 3[/thread] ([thread=133872]Vids[/thread])
2008 until Brawl:
  • 01/05/08 - S - Pembroke Pines
    - [thread=130634]Just Attack[/thread]
  • 01/12/08 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=137097]Gigabits 25: Two Melees till a Brawl[/thread] ([thread=137078]Vids[/thread])
  • 01/26/08 - C - Beverly Hills
    - [thread=138627]Mooney Match #1[/thread]
  • 02/02/08 - S - Pembroke Pines
    - [thread=138850]Eliott Lives Large[/thread]
  • 02/23/08 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=127599]Gigabits 26: One Melee till a Brawl[/thread]
  • 02/09/08 - C - Kissimmee
    - [thread=138872]iNet Gamerz 5[/thread]
  • 03/01/08 - S - Davie
    - [thread=142642]NSU Tournament[/thread]
  • 03/08/08 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=145055]Xtreme Play 2[/thread]
  • 03/09/08 - C - Orlando
    - [thread=116407]N00b 1[/thread]
  • 03/09/08 - The American Release of Brawl. (Melee scene slows dramatically, but starts to rise again later)
  • post 03/09/08 - Check the Brawl history section for more Melee tourneys.
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Smash Apprentice
Apr 30, 2006
Best state in ATL South
2008: Release of Brawl
March: Brawl Begins - IceKid Saga
  • 02/07/08 - 1-Up was the host and winner of [thread=142470]Florida's 1st Brawl Tourney[/thread]. Being a month before release, it was the first time playing it for most everyone there.
  • 03/01/08 - A small tourney was held for the "import" copy of Brawl which a few people were able to "obtain". [thread=149004]BreakDown II[/thread] had 23 participants, which IceKid ended up winning. ([thread=175697]Vids[/thread])
  • 03/09/08 - The American Release of Brawl. A few people had already been playing the Japanese version like xYz & Zoro who had modded Wiis, or Rohins who bought a Japanese Wii specifically to play Brawl early. Gamestop held a midnight release tournament with crazy rules like items, 1 minute, and Wiimote only. Regardless a few of the smashers in FL got to win the one in their area.Being a new game, people start hosting Brawl tourneys left & right while brushing off Melee almost as a dead game. However, there were quite a few smashers who prefer Melee and feel Brawl isn't competitive enough. As a result, Melee tournaments are still held periodically, although the attendance isn't nearly as large as we used to get or what Brawl is getting now.
  • 03/15/08 - Although there were some small tournaments in SFL with the import version, the first offical tourney for the US release Brawl was [thread=147564]Everybody Loves Manko: Season 1[/thread]. It was won by IceKid from SEFL, [thread=147564]full results here[/thread]. The turnout was a little small, at about 20 people. This same weekend was Gamestop's Round 2 tourney, which is what kept more from entering Manko's.
  • 03/22/08 - Zero Ping is the main location for SFL smash. This weekend starts the first of a new tournament series there called [thread=151687]Brawl Bash I[/thread]. One "interesting" concept that the series/SFL uses is that there is a $20 door fee that everyone must pay. $5 of that is the actual door fee while $15 goes into the singles pot. Therefore, it's impossible to play only doubles and you're forced to commit yourself to staying the entire day. Most will play in singles anyway, but come on... seriously? Top 3 were: Galeon, Ice Kid, and ESAM.
  • 03/29/08 - For being only the 3rd week into Brawl, this was a pretty big day for tourneys. Smashboards hosted its first online tournament, named [thread=149095]Smash Wars[/thread] which was won by a ROB player named Overswarm ([thread=159919]full results[/thread]). Unfortunately it didn't go very smoothly since many people never showed up for their matches. This was both due to having physical tourneys that weekend to attend and the difficulty in people scheduling a time to complete their match. Florida on the other hand held a very successful tourney at [thread=152373]Hard Knocks[/thread] in Orlando. It had over 100 smashers in attendance, both from the boards and locals. Although it was a slow tourney, it showed that Brawl will have just as strong of a tourney scene as Melee as well as bringing in lots of new faces. Once again, IceKid snagged 1st place ([thread=159989]full results[/thread]). Due to winning so often, he held his own tourney named [thread=157645]Come Take My $[/thread] which was won by seibrik and galeon via a pot split. Being unknown to smashers from Melee, IceKid was getting some flack from CFL smashers. This is a time of frustration for players no longer on top, and excitement from lower ranked players in the chance to make a name for themselves in Brawl. Can Icekid keep is top rank status though?... As for Melee, there was a tourney held by a [thread=156511]Play N Trade in Ocala[/thread] although it only gave out store credit. BAMN won the tourney and used his $250 to buy a DS & games. ([post=4235359]Vids[/post])
April: Afro steals IceKid's Thunder - 1st Gigs
  • 04/05/08 - Following last weekend's huge tourney, various small scale tourneys occurred. In MWFL there was [thread=159415]Darkside #1[/thread] in Sarasota and [thread=156511]Play N Trade[/thread] in Ocala, while South Florida held [thread=160458]a mini one at Zero Ping[/thread]. Both of the MWFL ones gave out store credit instead of cash, but at least the Ocala one gave out a Wii and a copy of Brawl to Loto for first place as well. As always, Zero Ping gave out pot money. The top 5 there were: Afro Thunda, Chops, Nick Riddle, equi, and IceKid/Doodah.
  • 04/12/08 - Zero Ping and Seibrik hosted [thread=157447]Brawl Bash II[/thread] which had a surprising character win as Riot got 1st with Donkey Kong. There was also fairly good amount of Central Florida in Attendance such as Crom, D-Guy, A-L, Abe, and Mankosuki. The thread wasn't joking about not trusting mapquest either as it ended up sending Manko & Abe about an hour south of the venue. Even when getting to the right spot, the place has no sign to tell you you've arrived. Travel issues aside, the venue was just as cramped as Gigs and is only a narrow(ish) corridor. This resulted in a hot environment which also didn't have much in the way of friendlies. It was promised to be rectified next time and I suppose the tourney itself went fine, but we should have just stayed in MWFL to attend [thread=156249]Lolful[/thread] in St. Petersburg and/or Sunday's [thread=152104]4Dextreme[/thread] in Spring Hill. Phanna from SWFL traveled to Lolful which he won and posted [thread=162695]The Results[/thread] for since he had the brackets on his laptop for the host. The [thread=152104]Spring Hill Results[/thread] were Sarasota on top with Raef at first and his crewmate Pink in second.
  • 04/19/08 - As anyone from Melee's time knows, Gigabits is the best tourney scene in Florida. This weekend was [thread=164376]Gigabits: Brawl #1[/thread] which was huge & long. About 160 people were originally entered, although 30 or so dropped out due to time. There was doubles brackets & singles with pools then brackets. With so many there, it came out to 10-11 man pools which lasted until about midnight. The actual tourney didn't end until close to 6 in the morning in which Rx- split 1st place with cdoc. After almost 20 hours of playing smash that day, it's reasonable for them not to want to play it out. There was also some [thread=164187]controversy about Rx-'s MK[/thread] which was basically just people whining about a move they haven't had to deal with until now. With such a new game, I imagine these threads will be popping up after every large tourney for a while. Sub Zero Games also hosted [thread=159951]BreakDown Tournament III[/thread] that weekend, though it was much smaller and also had Naruto Shippuuden & Guilty Gear. It was won by _Lex_ who used ROB. ([thread=175697]Vids[/thread])
  • 04/26/07 - This was the weekend of minor & failed tourneys. Starting with South Florida, Ruuku was going to hold [thread=160213]GET READY 2 BRAWL! II[/thread] until FIU shut it down due to scheduling conflicts. However, he was able to replace it with [thread=158190]Evening Brawl![/thread] which had 20 people with the top 4 as ESAM, Chops, Chaz, and Linguini. In MWFL, _Raef_ hosted [thread=161407]Darkside Comics #2[/thread] in Sarasota. Just like the first one, this was both store credit only and lacked any posted results. In Orlando there was [thread=162228]Arcade Renaissance CHAOS ’08[/thread] which held several fighter tourneys. It was a bit expensive considering there was a door fee, tourney fee, and parking fee. Top results for Brawl were Xyz, Riot, and Crom. Full results were lost due to computer crash. The Final tourney was [thread=163785]A Brawl Celebration![/thread] but it failed. Did it even happen?
May: Summer Starts! - Poor attendance for Melee tourneys
  • 05/03/08 - This weekend was pretty uneventful. In Miami, there was going to be a tourney from FIU but it got constantly pushed back. There was a [thread=165781]Play 'N Trade[/thread] tourney there however which was won by Lambchops ([thread=166850]Full Results[/thread]). With nothing happening in CFL, Hungry Box decided to hold a [thread=165967]"BoxFest"[/thread] at his place which turned into a small tourney. H-Box & Captain Crunch each won singles (pot split) & teams.
  • 05/10/08 - Just one week after their last tourney, the [post=4453992]Play-N-Trade[/post] in Miami held another one which was won by Rx-. Ironically, even though FL smashers complain about Melee being better than Brawl, most people chose to come to this tournament rather than Linguini's [post=4454475]The Return of the Melee[/post] which was also in SEFL that weekend. Top 4 at Linguini's was Shiz, Lamb, SpeedN, and Col-Bol. On the opposite side of the state, the Panhandle Manhandlers start back up with [post=4455523]Smashers Unite Biweeklies[/post]. With this one being the 1st for Brawl, Mankosuki happened to be in town and got 2nd place. First went to an Olimar player from AL, while Manko's former crewmates RAM & Drumma_Boi got 3rd and 4th. Also in NFL, Jacksonville held an [post=4461416]OWNTU Tourney[/post] which a few CFL attended. Top 4 were: xYz, Gmoney, Loto, Otru
  • 05/17/08 - Learning from last time, [thread=169994]Gigabits: Brawl #2[/thread] changed the way they ran their 2nd Brawl tourney. Instead of doing Round Robin which lasted until midnight, they had 4 separate double elimination brackets. Then the top 8 from each were put into the final Bracket of 32. Even so, Gigabits remains to be the biggest tourney scene in FL, so the tourney ended pretty late. SEFL dominated this time as xYz was the only CFL in the top 7. ([thread=169994]Full Results[/thread] - [thread=170000]Vids[/thread])
  • 05/24/08 - Originally scheduled for the previous weekend, [thread=162891]Brawl Bash III[/thread] was pushed back once Gigabits was announced. This may have cut into attendance for Manko's two day tourney, but it's near impossible to get a weekend to yourself and you certainly don't want to compete with Gigs. Once again, Afro Thunder got first with Seibrik, Chops, and Galeon to follow. ([thread=162891]Full Results[/thread]) Over in Tampa, Mankosuki held [thread=161659]Everybody Loves Manko: Season 2[/thread] for both Melee & Brawl. As expected, Saturday's Melee turn out was kind of small, the tourney was pretty laid back and had tons of friendlies. Top 3 were Colbol, H-Box, and Derf. Sunday had a bigger turnout for Brawl and it started fine, until the venue's management got wind of there being money involved. They considered it "illegal gambling" so they shut it down and kicked us out. Thankfully, Nero lived pretty close by and let us move the tourney to his apartment. Though off to a late start, almost everyone got to stick around and no further problems arose. Since Manko couldn't make it over right away, xYz helped run the tourney and also ended up winning it over Hungry Box. ([thread=161659]Full Results[/thread] - [post=4568384]Vids[/post])
  • 05/31/07 - After a full two months of not winning any tournaments, IceKid was able to pull out a victory at [thread=165828]BreakDown Tournament IV[/thread] over Linguini's DK. Although AfroThundah got 3rd here, he continues to win the majority of FL tourneys. Also of note is that when SFL doesn't show, xYz is the most common winner in CFL tournaments. ([thread=173398]Results[/thread] - [post=5587935]Vids[/post])
June: Jam Packed With Smash
  • 1st Sun - [thread=171842]JAX 1: Jacksonville Actually eXists?[/thread] Apparently not, since it was canceled due to little interest. Instead, Gmoney went to [thread=163672]Lobo's All Day Brawl Day #2[/thread] in Spring Hill where he won the 12 man tourney. Under him were Sarasota's Abe & Raef. ([thread=163672]Full Results[/thread]) In Mami there was a larger [thread=169105]Play-N-Trade Tourney[/thread] with 38 people. AfroThunder made up for his 3rd place finish yesterday by winning this tournament. Lambchops & C.Doc were next with 2nd & 3rd respectively. ([thread=169105]Full Results[/thread])
  • 7th Sat - As you can see from Seibrik's opening statement in the [thread=172333]Brawl Bash IV[/thread] thread, he was disappointed in the turnout for his last tournament. When Gigabits announced a tourney for the same day as his, he moved it back a week and did it the same time as Manko's. Either way, no CFL would have gone. Unfortunately no CFL smashers came this time either, and it had the exact same turn out of 25 people. For reference, volume I had 44 and and II had 76 so without CFL, it turns into a locals tourney. In any case, top 5 were: AfroThundah, Danny, Seibrik, Ice Kid, and Equi/Galeon. ([thread=172333]Full Results[/thread] - Vids) The more successful tournye, [thread=163887]The Greatest Melee Tournament Since Brawl Came Out[/thread] was a pretty epic one in GA that attracted many OOS. As far as Florida's placing there, Colbol & H-Box tied for 5th place (top 4 were M2K, Chu, Jman, and Eggm) and got $70 each. Also Green_Mario got 13th and Rice 25th after two sets of qualifying pools. In crews, FL got 2nd place & $80. ([thread=174894]Full Results[/thread])
  • 8th Sun - Considering it was on a sunday with only 4 days notice, Dop's [thread=173935]Come to My Random Tourney[/thread] had a pretty decent turnout. Top 4 were xYz, HR Nut, Nero, and Garbanzo. ([post=4652060]Results[/post] - Bracket)
  • 13th Fri - With his dad away in Europe, Abe held [thread=175167]Abe Fest[/thread] in Sarasota to provide housing for LAN Odyssey the next day. It's assumed that a $5 mini tourney was held, but no information on it was posted. Also, the [thread=178675]GDX caravan[/thread] suffered it's [post=4692119]1st injury[/post] costing him $140.
  • 14th Sat - A small $5 tourney was planned at [thread=174671]Zero Ping[/thread] but it became a smash fest after little interest. Kamano held [thread=171921]LAN Odyssey[/thread] in Venice which I hear was a very nice venue. Interestingly, the teams there placed together in singles as well. xYz & Rx- were 1st & 2nd (1st in teams) HRNut & GDX were 3rd & 4th (3rd in teams) and Abe & Nero got 5th (2nd in teams). ([thread=171921]Full Results[/thread])
  • 17th Tue - Even though "the brothers" Shiz/SpeedN/S.Mac are from SWFL, the area has never been big on hosting tournaments of their own in the Melee days. This weekend marks the first Brawl tournament there, [thread=174224]Tek Lounge #1[/thread] which is also in the Brothers hometown of Naples. Unfortunately it was for store credit only, so it's looking like SWFL still won't be growing any time soon.
  • 19th Thur - Originally titled "GILUNFFN1" GMoney hosted [thread=176449]JAX 2: Jacksonville Actually eXists?[/thread] as a going away tourney before moving back to his home town of Tavares, FL for Summer. The only non-local who went was Fearless, so it was fairly small. ([post=4740795]Results[/post])
  • 20th Fri - With only 4 days notice, H-Box hosted [thread=176358]15th B-day Smashfest[/thread] at his house which served as practice before Gigs.
  • 21st Sat - This installment of [thread=170267]Gigabits: Brawl #3[/thread] was similar to the first one where people johned about MK's tornado usage after the tourney. This time it wasn't Rx- catching flack, but Gmoney who got 2nd under Afro_Thunder. Other flame battles included xYz vs. Equi, ghaudephaede010 vs. Doodah, and Zoro vs. the very fundamentals of competitive smash. ([post=5319276]Results[/post])
  • 28th Sat - Orlando's TNT crew and Jacksonville's OWNTU crew had an interesting concept for a tourney in which its main focus would be crew battles. Although [thread=166894]the thread[/thread] got some good feedback, the tourney was eventually postponed/canceled. South Florida held [thread=173511]GameBreakers Monthly #1[/thread] in Davie, which was the first of a new series to be held the last Saturday of every month. The Top 5 results were: Afro, Rx-, Linguini, seibrik, and chops/equi. In NFL, Tallahassee held [thread=174715]Tallahassee #1: Panhandle BrawlFest[/thread] which is the first of a monthly series. Being so separated from the rest of Florida, the tourneys would be locals only for a while.
  • 29th Sun - Due to the cancellation of [thread=166894]4xT[/thread] that weekend, GDX & HR Nut decided to host [thread=178086]House Brawl[/thread] in their apartment. Even though it was also moved to Sunday since [post=4777110]******** had plans Saturday[/post], the attendance was pretty good from CFL. The Top 5 results were: xYz, Gmoney, H-Box, HRNut, and GDX/Rx- ([post=4802319]Full Results[/post] - [thread=180441]Vids[/thread])
July: M2K ***** FL - *FAST1* - Power Ranking - Melee Returns to Gigs
  • 07/05/08 - The only tournament this weekend was in SFL at [thread=174121]Last Stand Tournament III[/thread] which had both Brawl & Guilty Gear. The top 5 were: Afro, Rx, xYz, Linguni, and Equi/Galeon. ([thread=181375]Results[/thread]) The next day, Linguini held a Melee tourney named [thread=174553]Bringing Sexy Back[/thread] in Weston. Top 7 were: Colbol, Green Mario, Rexx, Linguini, Chops/Elliot, ESAM/Nick.Riddle ([thread=181094]Results/Vids[/thread])
  • 07/12/08 - Fearless & Loto had a tourney planned called [thread=178032]P-a-L-m-C-o-A-s-T[/thread] but unfortunately it was canceled so we were left with another weekend of only SFL tourneys. The first was [thread=173503]BRAWLAPALOOZA[/thread] at a Play 'n' Trade in Miami. Top 4 results: Afro, Rx-, Tommy G, Linguini. ([post=4893116]Doubles[/post] - Vids) The next day, Miami had another one: [thread=176801]Chicken's Possible Monthly Tourney[/thread]. It was a little small, with top 4 being Chops, Hrnut, NoJ, and GDX. So far no sequel is scheduled for the "possible monthly".
  • 07/17th-20th/08 - While North Florida held [thread=179471]Tallahassee #2: Second Impact[/thread] ([thread=184171]Vids[/thread]) the real attraction this weekend was [thread=164824]FAST 1: Florida's Awesome Summer Tournament[/thread]. It was a huge 4 day tournament which featured both Melee & Brawl. Of course, since every smasher in the state of Florida was in attendance, I don't need to remind you how awesome it was. So I won't. (will update later) ^_^ ([thread=184389]Vids[/thread] - Blog - Pics)
  • 07/24/08 - After a couple months of deliberating, the 1st draft of [thread=184658]The FL Power Rankings[/thread] was finished. The order is 1. AfroThundah (Snake) 2. xYz (G&W) 3. Rx- (MK) 4. C.Doc/Danny (Pit) 5. Linguini (DK) 6. Seibrik (D3) 7. Equi (Wolf) 8. Gmoney (MK) 9. HRnut (Random?!) 10. Tommy G (Falco). Since Afro wins the majority of FL tournaments, it was obvious that he would be at the top. Next, xYz is the usual winner in CFL when SFL doesn't show, and his primary teammate ended up with 3rd. The gap among the rest isn't that large though, so expect this list to shift around next update. While Icekid started his smash career off strong, he mostly only won tourneys during the release month of March. If he (or others) wants to get on the PR, he'll have to place well at more recent ones.
  • 07/26/08 - On Friday, SWFL held their 2nd Brawl tourney [thread=184250]Tek Lounge #2[/thread] but it was just store credit again so it got little response. That same day, Daytona held tourneys for Brawl and Guitar Hero 3 at [thread=178718]Storm XI[/thread] though it's main focus was DDR. Fearless & Loto split 1st to get $40 each with no real competition. Saturday was the day that people have been waiting for since Brawl came out, [thread=170268]Melee returns to Gigs[/thread]. Since this was also the week after FAST, M2K was still in FL so it should have been huge. However, just like all the other times when FL has a Brawl tourney going on the same time as Melee, most everyone (including M2K) chose Brawl over Melee. It's amazing people still act like they prefer Melee but don't go to tourneys for it... So with fighters like Brawl, GG, SF3, and Naruto EX2, [thread=170122]Willvolution 2008[/thread] was pretty successful. Unsurprisingly, it was won by M2K. Seibrik unofficially wins his first tournament, if you only consider FL players, since Afro got 3rd. ([thread=185572]Full Results[/thread])
August: Seibrik's Streak - End of Summer
  • Hungry Box starts hosting [thread=185705]WATO Biweeklies[/thread] this month (9th & 23rd) for Melee. It's mostly just the crew that's shows up, but attendance grows in later ones once he starts hosting Brawl as well.
  • 08/02/08 - While last weekend may have been Seibrik's first "unofficial win" he made it official this weekend at [thread=177647]Lolful #2[/thread] in St. Petersburg. The next in line were HRNUT at 2nd & Lambchops at 3rd, while Afro Thunder (or "KillerT" as he was here) got 4th. ([post=5048043]Full Results[/post]) After the tourney, there was some Mooney & Gmoney hate while Raef announced his [post=5054363]retirement from Brawl[/post] and [post=5055586]insisted he won't return[/post]. The status of future Darkside tourneys is unknown. This weekend was also [thread=186282]Yasumicon[/thread] which had a tourney. Needle of Juntah ended up [post=5046990]winning $120 for first[/post] but donated $20 of it to 2nd place since only 1st got any payout. Lastly, for all the pie lovers: [thread=186165]The Jungle![/thread]
  • 08/05/08 - Still using store credit, [thread=185417]Tek Lounge #3[/thread] fell on deaf ears again. Even more disappointing is the news of what else happened in SWFL that week: [thread=186807]Brawler's Brawl in Florida[/thread]. Still more disappointing than that is how quickly Florida destroys the thread with spam. The most disappointing though is that mods have all but given up in maintaining the Atlantic South. You should be disappointed. (ps: make me a mod)
  • 08/09/08 - Tampa once again proves they are the laziest group in FL by not only missing [thread=186960]Abe Fest #2[/thread] but also in failing to deliver on [thread=184684]PAE Presents: Tampa Brawl Bash 1[/thread]. Not too surprising though since Mooney is the one who posted the thread and he doesn't even live in Tampa. The real tourney this weekend was [thread=175226]FIU Brawl Summer Tournament[/thread] in Miami. It was [thread=163769]originally for May 3rd[/thread] but it got pushed back each month until now. Regardless, it was a success and seibrik continues his winning streak by beating Afro again. ([thread=175226]Full Results[/thread] - Vids) Up in NFL there was [thread=184175]Tallahassee #3: Third Strike[/thread] although it remains locals only.
  • 08/16/08 This weekend was only small tournaments which should have been bigger. Despite almost two months notice, [thread=178469]LOBSTER 1: Lan Odyssey's Brawl Smash Tournament Epicly Rocks[/thread] in Venice only had 11 people show. While HRNut & GDX got 1st & 3rd, Monk represented MWFL by netting 2nd place with his Mario/Snake combo. ([post=5154297]Results[/post]) Having decided that SFL should ignore MWFL until further notice, Seibrik hosted [thread=186771]Brawl Bash V[/thread] the same day. The attendance wasn't much better, at just 16 people. Afro was able to reclaim his top spot, ending Seibrik's 3 win streak with him in 2nd. ([thread=186771]Results[/thread]) South Florida had another tourney the next day at [thread=185675]Brawlapalooza 2[/thread] in Miami. Also small, just 13 people, although this one was more interesting. While Afro got 1st here as well, two new MK players snagged 2nd & 3rd, then Seibrik in 4th. Sonic Ghost & Angel are going to be two players to look out for. People are already claiming them to be top MK users in FL, then proceeded with the FL past time of bashing Gmoney. ([post=5159603]Results[/post] - [post=5161241]Brackets[/post])
  • 08/23/08 - For most of FL's college students, this is the move in date for the new Semester. While the majority of smashers return to UCF in Orlando, the next largest scene is in Miami's FIU. New to the school is Noucles who has transfered from USF in Tampa. Also out of Tampa, Mankosuki has returned to NFL status in Pensacola. While in Manko's home town of Jacksonville, Gmoney returns to UNF from Tavares. An alumni of UNF, Pritch leaves Panama City and moves to Louisiana. [thread=184923]Gigabits[/thread] had originally planed to do a "back to school" tourney but with so many people moving this day, it was pushed back for greater attendance. The only tourney that happened this weekend was [thread=188712]Tek Lounge #4[/thread] which is still a joke.
  • 08/30/08 Having skipped July, Ruuku hosts the [thread=183570]GameBreakers Monthly #2[/thread] in Davie. Afro & Seibrik remain top two, though it was pretty small at just 15 people. ([post=5252116]Results[/post] - Vids) Tallahassee also held their monthly tourney, [thread=188746]Tallahassee #4: Go For Broke![/thread]. Having recently moved back to FSU, Green Mario won it. Alas, it's still locals only. Also for locals, RX- held a small [post=5236205]UCF tournament[/post] for students on Sunday which he and xYz won. ([post=5261324]Results[/post]) Following that, Fenrir also held a [post=5266810]smashfest on wedesday[/post].
September: Growth of small regions
  • 09/06/08
    • (Fri - 5th) [thread=185705]Box Fest: Practice for Gigs[/thread]
    • [thread=184923]Gigabits - Brawl #4: Back to the Brawling![/thread] ([post=5319045]Results[/post] - Vids)
    • [thread=191545]Sarasota Play-N-Trade[/thread]
    • (Sat-Sun) [thread=180762]H2YL Presents: Critical Hit 4[/thread] (Sykesville, MD)
  • 09/13/08 - The main event for this weekend was the Melee tourney, [thread=185372]Tipped Off 3[/thread] in Georgia. Not a lot from Florida was able to go, but it was won by our very own Rice from North FL. ([thread=194356]Results[/thread]) That Sunday was also [thread=176801]Chicken's Monthlies: #1[/thread] in Hialeah. It was small turn out of just 10, which Seibrik won. ([post=5350620]Results[/post])
  • 09/20/08 - Now becoming biweekly, [thread=193293]Panhandle Brawlfest #5: Match of the Millenium[/thread] was also the first to bring in some out of towners. Pensacola (Manko/HolyChef) and Jacksonville (GMoney, who also won it) are both almost 3 hours away from Tallahassee, in the opposite directions. With Tally in the middle, it's a great half-way place for all of NFL to gather. While there were some minor issues here, they have been changed in future tourneys. Rules such as registering a starter character and CP levels like Japes were removed in subsequent tourneys. There was also one or two laggy TVs which are now for friendlies only and a 50% pot **** which is now reduced to 10% plus $5 door fee. With these changes, out of towners continue to attend and it has become the primary tourney location for North Florida (Results) Down in Venice, GDX held [thread=189402]Brawl Wars IV: A New Hope[/thread] at the same venue of Kamano's past tourneys. In fact, you could sort of think of it as a sequel tourney, as GDX took it over in hopes of attracting a bigger attendance. He was successful too, as even SFL showed up and got most the top spots. ([post=5392787]Results[/post] - [thread=195189]Vids[/thread]) The next day was a [thread=193442]Tampa Play-N-Trade[/thread] tourney. Not many from GDX's stuck around for it, but HRNut won first place there. ([post=5392069]Results[/post]) Like NFL, MWFL is a region who has been struggling to grow. With help from guys like GDX (who's MEFL btw) though, the Tampa area's Brawl scene has a chance to shine.
  • 09/27/08 - Gamebreakers Monthlies are [thread=193771]no longer monthly[/thread], leaving just Melee's [thread=189558]Lovin Da Hitstun[/thread]. ([post=5437488]Results[/post])
October: WD code released, some MK bans, updated PRs
  • 10/04/08 - Hungry Box held [thread=185705]WATO 3[/thread] and while there wasn't enough time for Brawl singles, there was doubles as well as Melee dubs/singles. ([post=5490510]Results[/post]) Tallahassee held [thread=196155]Panhandle Brawlfest #6: Running out of SF References[/thread] which Jacksonville returned for. Pensacola didn't however since it was the weekend of Mankosuki's girlfriend's birthday. While the tourney itself went ok, the owner of the store was becoming too much to handle. According to Gmoney, he was threatening people with a Tazer while guarding the pot money. It wasn't the first time he's acted out of line either. Once the tourney hosts starting looking for a new venue however, the owner apologized and promised to chill out from now on. In SFL, there was [thread=193498]BRAWLAPALOOZA 3[/thread] which Afro won. ([post=5489979]Full Results[/post] - [post=5492202]Dubs Vids[/post]).
  • 10/11/08 - This weekend was all about North Florida. First in West NFL, the UWF anime club hosted a Brawl tournament which Mankosuki & Holychef split 1st (Anime + Pizza) at. There was some new potential met there, and it turns out they do smashfests every Wednesday too. Ruse also announced he'd hold the 1st of [thread=198711]Pensacola Monthlies[/thread] next weekend. Huge growth for Pensacola. Meanwhile, East NFL held [thread=198288]Jax3[/thread] which had Meele & Brawl and was hosted & won by GMoney ([thread=198288]Results[/thread]) Outside of NFL, a few FL smashers went to [thread=182916]Impact Clash II[/thread] in Atlanta. Afro beat Reflex for 1st place, followed by HRNut & GDX. ([post=5555167]Results[/post]) There was also [thread=190403]Gigabits: Melee #28[/thread] which H-Box won ([post=5548592]Results[/post] - [post=5581374]Vids[/post])
  • Wii Hack - This week, Phantom Wings released a code for Homebrew users which turned Brawl's air-dodge mechanic into the one Melee had. In otherwords, it allows the use of [thread=199260]Wavedashing in Brawl[/thread]. This is even bigger news than the previous "No Tripping" code as it vastely changes the gameplay. There were initially some bugs such as not retaining the code through a character transformation, infinite airdodges for Ike, and ROB freezeing the game after an airdodge. An updated code was quickly released to fix these problems however. This will likely never become a tourney standard since it requires a mod and there could be some balancing issues among characters. In any case, it's a nice treat for us Melee veterans.
  • 10/18/08 - The main tournament this weekend was [thread=190404]Gigabits - Brawl #5: A Fall Brawl[/thread] which HRNut won. Surprisingly, Afro finished lower than normal at 9th place. He lost to skilled players though, Seibrik and Tommy G. ([post=5612466]Brackets[/post] - [post=5612555]Results[/post] - [thread=201195]Vids[/thread]) Since Tallahassee skipped their bi-weeklies this weekend to attend Gigs, Ruse held [thread=198711]Pensacola Monthly #1[/thread]. This tourney was the first in Florida to have MetaKnight banned, but it didn't matter too much since it was locals only. ([thread=198711]Results[/thread]) There was also a [thread=193909]Naples Local Tourney[/thread] which actually had a cash prize. Until now, they were all for store credit only. Lastly there was [thread=200448]Event 52[/thread] in Overland Park, KS. Out of FL, H-Box placed the highest, just one rank short of money. QDVS & RockCrock were able to net $200 for 3rd in teams though. ([thread=200448]Full Results[/thread])
  • 10/25/08 - South Florida's [thread=193771]GameBreakers Monthlies[/thread] failed to happen this month again. Instead was [thread=196285]FlatSoda's BRAWLOWEEN[/thread]. Unfortunately the host had to go through some personal drama with his family, but other than that it was pretty successful. ([post=5666374]Results[/post] - [post=5666613]Brackets[/post]) In the other parts of Florida there were [thread=199482]GDX & Hrnut's: House Brawl II[/thread] ([post=5665984]Top 4[/post]) and [thread=200502]JaX: GiFT[/thread] ([thread=200502]Results[/thread]). Both offered Melee & Brawl tourneys.
  • 10/26/08 (Sun) - While not much happens on Sundays usually, there were two Play-n-trade tourneys. One was [thread=197535]PnT: Pembroke Pines[/thread] which unfortunately had dumb rules like single elimination. ([post=5674637]Vids[/post]) It wasn't much different at [thread=200588]PnT: Orlando[/thread] either, being 1 round only. ([post=5672859]Results[/post]) The only true tournament was [thread=195696]Dibbz[/thread] in Louisiana which North West Florida went to. This tourney experimented with banning MetaKnight. It didn't change much though as their number one player (Lee) still won using Lucario instead of his MK main. He is also taking over duties there as host, so future tourneys won't have the ban. ([post=5678691]Results[/post] - Brackets)
  • 10/28/08 - The 2nd version of [thread=184658]FL's Brawl Power Rankings[/thread] has been completed.
    (1 Afro, 2 Seibrik, 3 HRNUT, 4 C.Doc, 5 Chops, 6 Gmoney, 7 Rx-, 8 Equi, 9 Tommy G, 10 GDX)
    xYz & Linguini removed via retirement. Huge jump for Seibrik & HRNut, Rx- falls. Chops & GDX make it.
November: Melee Overload!
  • 11/01/08 - Back in the days of Melee, Hiroshi hosted a tournament series in Kissimmee which was one of the nicest and most spacious venues in Florida. However, on 02/09/08 at [thread=138872]the last tourney[/thread], a Wii which belonged to the store got stolen. Because of this, smash tourneys were banned from the location. Until now that is. [thread=194112]iNet #6[/thread] should have been huge to support the venue's decision to give us a second chance but instead, attendance was low. Colbol, H-box, and QDVS were top 3 out of just 13. Guess they should have done Brawl instead of Melee. In North Florida however, Tallahassee held [thread=198540]Panhandle Brawlfest #7: Championship Edition[/thread] which offered both Melee & Brawl. It was the first one to bring in smashers from outside of NFL as the ********* crew attended and ending up winning it with HRNut 1st and GDX 2nd. Being the 3rd "non-local" one, things have improved a lot and continue to do so. Previously, there was talk about finding another venue entirely, but it seems as though things are running smoothly now. While NFL has been growing a lot, SWFL is still struggling to expand the same way. They held another locals tourney this weekend though, [thread=190525]Naples PlayNTrade[/thread] which was won by sheikssbm. The following day, South FL held a [thread=201817]Nexus Brawl Tournament[/thread] which Seibrik & Afro won singles/doubles, followed by Chops & Equi. ([post=5734626]Results[/post])
  • 11/08/08 - In Jacksonville, Gmoney hosted [thread=201667]JaX: GiFT2[/thread] which he said would be the last for a while. Offering both Melee & Brawl, he also won most of the events. ([post=5788217]Results[/post]) On the other side of North Florida was [thread=201214]Pensacola Monthly #2[/thread]. While it was slightly smaller than last time, there were also some new faces there. HolyChef won singles but missed out on winning teams since Mankosuki had to work. ([thread=201214]Results[/thread]) In MWFL was [thread=195285]Brawl Wars II - Truce[/thread] which also offered Melee & Brawl. SFL won all events. ([post=5788262]Results[/post]) Turnout was decent, but some of it was taken away due to N00b Testament holding [thread=201402]LABTEC Charity Tournament[/thread]. It was Melee only, but half of proceeds went to charity, raising about $190. ([post=5790490]Results[/post]) On Sunday, Naples held a [thread=188712]Tek Lounge Bi-weekly[/thread] which gives Visa Cash Cards for the prize. ([post=5796387]Results[/post])
  • 11/15/08 - In Orlando, [thread=195570]Arcade Renaissance: VENGEANCE[/thread] was a two day tourney with multiple fighting games available. Unfortunately, it didn't appear to be very hyped up and there's still no results available. Tallahassee held [thread=204487]PHB #8: I Wanna Take You For a Ride[/thread] which saw a severe drop in numbers. With Dan & God from Pensacola being the only out of towners, it was basically a locals only tourney which even some from Tally didn't attend either. Whether attendance was effected by just bad timing of it, or as a result of the drama of the previous tourney is unclear. ([post=5844272]Results[/post])
  • 11/22/08
    • Fri (21st) - [post=5900213]Destructoid.com tourney at FIU[/post] (Miami)
    • [thread=201896]Gamebreakers: One Fall Brawl[/thread] (Miami)
    • [thread=199777]Linguini Presents: He Rigged the Bracket![/thread] (Weston) *Melee*
    • [thread=206178]GinFT[/thread] (Jacksonville)
    • [thread=199601]LasT Smash 2[/thread] (Louisiana) ([thread=206930]Results[/thread])
  • 11/29/08
    • [thread=200444]Gigabits - Brawl #6: We are thankful for the Brawl[/thread] had 12 teams & 43 enter Singles. Seibrik took first place, after [post=5969636]playing almost entirely MK[/post] due to getting a CP bracket. of course, almost all of [post=5973339]the placers were tier whores[/post] anyway, but that's to be expected. A frustrated Samus_Abe announces that he [post=5979430]quits Brawl[/post]. ([post=5966658]Results[/post] - [post=5965213]Brackets[/post] - [post=5976708]Vids[/post] - [post=5974263]#9[/post])
December: OOS in FL for the holidays
  • 12/06/08
    • [thread=204058]Pensacola Monthly #3[/thread] *Melee & Brawl* (Finals Vids: [post=6043180]Singles[/post] & [post=6045885]Doubles[/post])
    • [thread=206949]Gainesville Smashfest[/thread] *Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=208302]Brawl at Hals monthlies #1[/thread] ([thread=208302]Results & Vids[/thread])
    • [thread=202590]Play-N-Trade: Orlando[/thread] (hosted by the Gigs host)
    • [thread=205260]Play 'N' Trade: Fort Lauderdale Monthly[/thread]
    • Sun (7th) - [thread=206851]The Nexus Presents: A Melee Tourney[/thread] *Melee*
  • 12/13/08
    • This weekend was the start of winter break for most smashers. Many went home to other parts of FL while others like HolyChef went out of state. Meanwhile, a few OOS smashers came to FL and got to do some tourneys while here. This included [post=5888352]Rohins[/post], [post=5641842]GOTM[/post], [thread=211208]ManaLord[/thread], and most importantly [thread=211318]ChuDat[/thread]. SFL even specifically held tournaments to cater to Chu, who won each he attended. Inui also came to town and caused much drama in the [thread=184658]FL Brawl PRs[/thread] thread while here.
    • [post=5836155]Panhandle Brawl Fest: #9[/post] *Melee & Brawl!* ([post=6113144]Results[/post])
    • [post=6099771]Petey vs Redhalberd[/post] (with Vids)
    • [thread=200455]Gigabits - Melee 29: All I want for Xmas is Another Melee[/thread] (Results: [post=6102731]List[/post] & [post=6097284]Brackets[/post]) (Vids: [thread=210861]1[/thread] & [post=6115723]2[/post])
  • 12/20/08
    • [thread=208357]Linguini Presents: ZPSmash[/thread] *Melee*
    • Sun (21st) - [thread=210101]M!Xcoatl Presents: Bound by Smash[/thread]
  • 12/27/08
    • [thread=200452]Gigabits - Brawl #7: A Winter Brawl[/thread] *Chu!*
    • [thread=208528]Big E's Melee Tournament[/thread] *Melee!*
    • Sun (28th) - LA.NO Monthly #2


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2009: The New Year
When Brawl was first released last year, Melee's amount of tournaments & attendance at them fell drastically. Near the end of the year though, Melee was starting to make a come back as more tourneys were held for it. Attendance is still not what it used to be, but at least there's interest in it again. As the newness of Brawl fades, most of the casual players stopped coming to tournaments for it, since they are unable to win. In order to keep tournament attendance up, many hosts begin holding Melee along side of Brawl. While there are smashers that play both, there's still a large divide between many of the Melee & Brawl exclusive players. It will be interesting to see what happens this year for our dual smash community.​
January: 2009 Begins!
  • 01/03/09
    • 31st (Wed. Night) - [thread=211993]Smashy New Year Melee + Brawl Party Tournament[/thread]
    • 2nd (Fri) - [thread=185705]WATO 4[/thread] *Melee & Brawl*
    • 3rd (Sat) - [thread=212680]Linguini Presents: Get Melee Smashed[/thread] *Melee with Chu & Shiz!*
    • 4th (Sun) - [thread=213665]H2YL Presentz: ChuDatz Final Tardy New Years South Florida Bi-Weekly![/thread]
  • 01/10/09
    • Fri - [thread=214384]Sleepyboxfest: Before Rx-'s Free Tournament[/thread]
    • [thread=214189]$1 UCF Bi-weekly[/thread]
    • Fri-Sat - [thread=211957]PHB: Teh Internetz is for Pronz[/thread] *Melee & Brawl* - *New Venue*
    • [thread=210903]GiFT3[/thread] *Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=201942]Smash Bash-Athon at Zero Ping[/thread] *Melee & Brawl* - *Chu!*
    • [thread=215101]Local Tampa Tourney[/thread]
  • 01/17/09
    • [thread=210718]Pensacola Monthly #4[/thread] *Melee + Brawl + Low Tier!* ([thread=216785]Results[/thread])
    • [thread=214773]Otronicon[/thread]
    • [thread=198405]TIPPED OFF 4[/thread] (Duluth, GA)
  • 01/24/09
    • [thread=217329]JaX: GiFT4[/thread] *Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=215765]Lamugi's tournament[/thread]
    • [thread=214466]FIU Brawl Spring Tournament[/thread]
    • [thread=217686]Zero Ping Melee Smashfest[/thread] *Melee*
    • [thread=202133]Impact Clash III: Redemption[/thread]
  • 01/31/09
    • 30th (Fri) - [thread=217529]BoxFest - Housing for Brawl Gigs[/thread]
    • [thread=209695]Gigabits - Brawl #8: Brawling into 2009[/thread]
    • [thread=216942]Gainesville Smash #2[/thread] *Free - Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=217378]Linguini's Zero Ping Tourney[/thread] *Melee*
    • 1st (Sun) - [thread=217837]Dibbz Monthly #3[/thread] ([thread=6541828]Results[/thread])
February: V-Day tourneys, Exarch Retires, updated PR
  • 02/07/09
    • [thread=216315]PHB: DBS lost to a LV9 CPU Samus[/thread] *Melee + Brawl + Low Tier*
    • [thread=214131]Play-N-Trade Monthly #2[/thread]
    • [thread=206898]CLASH OF THE TITANS 4[/thread] ([thread=220265]Results[/thread])
  • 02/14/09 - Valentines Day!
    • [thread=220588]Loving and Smashing[/thread]
    • [thread=220536220588]Tampa Tourney > Valentine's Day[/thread]
    • Sun (15th) - [thread=219055]GiFT #5[/thread] *Melee and Brawl!*
    • Sun (15th) - [thread=221249]Last Minute Zero Ping Tourney/Fest[/thread]
    • Sun (15th) - On his 4th anniversary with Smash Boards, [post=6653220]Exarch retired from Smash[/post] in the same thread of [thread=220889]GA_Peach retiring[/thread]. Exarch was the person responsible for creating the FL thread. It is now maintained by Mankosuki.
  • 02/21/09
    • All Weekend - Project Storm (Daytona Beach) *Many Games*
    • 20th (Fri) - [thread=53259]Gameware Monthly #7[/thread] (Baton Rouge)
    • [thread=185705]WATO 5: Whales Are True Outlaws![/thread] (Kissimmee) (Pics)
    • (Sat & Sun) OOS-GA - [thread=206029]Waba Games[/thread] (Duluth) *Brawl Sat - Melee Sun*
  • 02/23/09 - In an effeort to minimize spam in Atlantic South, the mods created [thread=222886]The Gentlemen's Club[/thread] as a social room which resides as a subcategory to Atlantic South.
  • 02/25/09 - Version 3 of [thread=184658]FL's Brawl Power Rankings[/thread] is posted. (1 Seibrik, 2 Afro, 3 CO18, 4 HRnut, 5 HBox, 6 Gmoney, 7 GDX, 8 NickRiddle, 9 Chops, 10 Rx-) Changes: Afro & Seibrik swapped spots. CO18 moved up a rank and GDX is up 3 places. HRNut dropped a rank while Chops & Rx- fell to the bottom. The only one who didn't change was GMoney at 6th. New additions were Hungry Box & Nick Riddle, booting off Equi & TommyG.
  • 02/28/09
    • [thread=218193]Pensacola Monthly #5[/thread] (Pensacola) *Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=213010]Florida Gaming - Monthlies #1[/thread] (Kissimmee) *Melee and Brawl!*
March: 1 Year Anniversary of Brawl
  • 03/07/09
    • 6th & 7th - [thread=223341]Rx- hosted tourneys[/thread] (Orlando)
    • [thread=224181]GiFT 6 - Free Tourney[/thread] (Jacksonville - UNF) *Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl*
    • [thread=220390]yummy tourney[/thread] (Tampa) *Melee & Brawl*
    • [thread=219448]Melee Makes Me Giddy Inside![/thread] (Zero Ping) *Melee* - [thread=219448]Second Thread...[/thread]
    • [post=6639470]University of Miami's Soccer Club Smash Tourney[/post] (Miami)
  • 03/14/09
    • Friday The 13th! - [thread=223508]B.A.M.F Brawl Tourney[/thread] (Miami)
    • [thread=220847]Bound By Hope[/thread] (Naples)
    • [thread=217751]Gigabits - Melee #30: We just keep on Meleeing[/thread] (Orlando) *Melee*
    • All Weekend - [thread=176265]Final Round XII[/thread] (Atlanta, GA) *Several Games* ([thread=226021]Results[/thread])
  • 03/21/09
    • Fri 20th - [thread=226530]Boxfest[/thread] (Kissimmee)
    • [thread=217587]Florida Gaming - Monthlies #2[/thread] (Kissimmee) *Melee & Brawl* ([thread=227520]Crew Battle Vids[/thread])
    • [thread=224547]Game Zone Tourney[/thread] (Orlando) *Brawl Singles only*
    • [thread=226441]Jax Smashfest[/thread] (Jacksonville)
    • [thread=220955]Play' N ' Trade Monthlies #3[/thread] (Ft. Lauderdale)
    • [thread=226164]X-13: Spring Break Tourney[/thread] (Miami)
    • Sun 22nd - [thread=223702]Brawl: Rise to the Top[/thread] (Miami)
    • Sat & Sun - [thread=208312]H.E.R.B.[/thread] (Greensboro, NC) *Melee & Brawl*
  • 03/28/09
    • [thread=217752]Gigabits - Brawl #9: A Smashing Good Brawl[/thread] (Orlando)
April: Confirmed for TMNT Smash Up!
  • 04/04/09
    • [thread=225073]Back To Basics #10[/thread] (Zero Ping)
    • [thread=227492]Smashin Wit Out A Condom 1[/thread] (Holiday)
    • Sun 5th - [thread=227242]Play-n-Trade Melee Tourney[/thread] (Lake Mary) *Melee*
    • Sun 5th - Nintendo DSi is released in America
  • 04/11/09
    • Fri 10th - [thread=228950]Gainesville Smashfest[/thread] (Gainesville)
    • 10th-12th - [thread=216278]World Hobo[/thread] *$1000 OOS Bonus!*
    • [thread=224592]Panhandle Smash (AKA Hobophobic #1)[/thread] (Tallahassee)
    • [thread=220955]Play' N ' Trade Monthlies #4[/thread] (Ft. Lauderdale)
  • 04/18/09
    • [thread=230235]WATO 5.5 - Who Ate That Omelette?[/thread] (Kissimmee) ([thread=231215]Vids[/thread])
    • [thread=227190]Gathering Place Games - GP Brawl 1[/thread] (Casselberry)
    • [thread=225698]Eat yo Smashed potatoes[/thread] (Miami)
    • [thread=225446]Lovin Dat Hitstun 2[/thread] (at Zero Ping) *Melee only*
  • 04/25/09
    • [thread=225512]Gigabits - Brawl #10: An April Brawl[/thread] was a little smaller than last time but still had 23 teams. ([post=7300130]Results[/post]) The top three were Seibrik, Hrnut, and Chaz though PeteyDidIt did well to make 4th. This month's post tourney Gigs drama: xYz vs Chops/Afro on the G&W vs Snake match up.
May: summer time!
  • 05/02/09
    • When Ruse first announced [thread=225501]P.Cola #6[/thread] he said it would be locals only. Partly due to getting $100 stolen from his house, and also to try bringing some life into the local scene for Pensacola. After securing a new venue though, he decided to open it up for all. Unfortunatley, with it being the end of the semester, many people were moving that weekend. It ended up almost being local only anyway since the only out of towners were "FakeGeorge" from Louisiana and "8" from Tallahassee. The two of them split with Holy who got 1st in the Round Robins bracket. The venue itself was ginormous. Being an old office/warehouse, it's certainly big enough for a national sized tournament. Assuming it doesn't get sold soon, big plans may be in store for the summer. Also this weekend was [thread=225513]Gigabits - Melee #31: MAY I have a Melee[/thread]. ([post=7302999]Teams[/post] / [post=7304247]Singles[/post]) Hungry-Box ended up winning singles, fresh from hosting [thread=231963]his smashfest[/thread] the night before. While unable to make it to the tourney, Exarch emerged from retirement for the fest! (They always come back...)
  • 05/09/09
    • In Orlando there was a small tourney at [thread=224547]GameZone[/thread] which HRnut won. ([post=7362099]Results[/post]) Ft. Lauderdale held their 5th [thread=220955]Play' N ' Trade Monthlies[/thread] which Nick Riddle won ([post=6618318]Results[/post]) with ZSS. For this tourney, MetaKnight was banned due to the input from [thread=231069]this thread[/thread]. There was also a [thread=232738]Fusion Gaming[/thread] in Port St. Lucie. Since there were no posts made, it must have been locals only. Tampa had an [thread=231212]attempted Smashfest[/thread] but as usual, failed horribly.
    • [thread=211171]ECRC # 3: APEX![/thread] ([thread=233459]Full Results[/thread] / [thread=233448]Vids[/thread] / [thread=233585]More Vids[/thread]) FL Placement: Seibrik 9th, Afro 13th, GDX 65th. For Melee, just HolyChef at 33rd.
  • 05/16/09
    • Friday night, South FL had a [thread=232944]Smashfest at Zero Ping[/thread] as well as a [thread=234001]Live feed from FIU[/thread] set up. The next day, Zero Ping also held [thread=226965]Back To Basics #11[/thread]. The brothers Nick Riddle & ESAM split 1st, follwed by Afro & Chops. ([post=7401911]Results[/post]) For Central Florida, there was [thread=227190]Gathering Place Games[/thread] in Orlando. ([post=7400757]Teams[/post] / [post=7402305]Singles[/post] / [post=7410554]Vids[/post]) Apparently, [post=7402603]the venue sucks[/post]. In the Tampa area, MWFL held back to back smashfests. [thread=230789]Smashin Wit Out A Condom 2[/thread] was Saturday in New Port Richey, then Sunday had [thread=234102]The D-Pad[/thread] in Palm Harbour.
  • 05/23/09
    • In Orlando was [thread=224547]Gamezone[/thread] in which all the top placers were D3 or MK. ([thread=233853]Results[/thread] - Grand Finals) Orlando also had the anime convention, Jacon 10 which failed to host a tournament. However, there were a few smashers there such as Ruuku, Lio, Hulk, and Mankosuki who was celebrating his 26th b-day there. As an aside, the creator of the web comic Brawl In The Family shares the 05/22 birthday and made a comic for it. Even 8-bit from SEFL has the same birthday. While not the host of [thread=230069]The Pride of Brawl[/thread] in Cape Coral, he was unfortunately [post=7454244]stuck running a lot of it[/post]. This tournament had MetaKnight banned, though it didn't change much as players still placed like usual. ([thread=234947]Results[/thread]) Outside FL, Holychef placed 5th at [thread=234918]TGP May Monthly[/thread] in PA with ICs. The set of Holy vs Allied got recorded.
  • 05/30/09
    • Friday, H-Box held a [thread=234031]Boxfest[/thread] to house & practice for [thread=227311]Florida Gaming[/thread]. The tourney was fairly large ([post=7497138]Attendance[/post]) although Tally [post=7496893]screwed themselves over[/post] when they went to lunch and missed registration deadline. Ironic since [post=7498012]it took so long[/post], ending around midnight. Other issues were [post=7499407]losing the room[/post] and a cluster**** of tourneys for other games. Shiz was a little too rusty to take 1st from H-Box in Melee. ([post=7499142]Brawl[/post] - [post=7500577]Melee[/post] - Pics - [post=7502628]Vids[/post])
    • [thread=225872]LAST Smash #3[/thread] was also a large Brawl tourney this weekend. Preregistration had almost 100 but a few people couldn't make it at the last minute, including Manko & Ruse. The only ones from FL were 8 (17th) and his friends, the rest of Tally was competing at FL Gaming. It ended around 2 in the morning, after getting moved to an apartment when the venue closed. ([post=7500028]Top 4[/post] - [post=7499654]Rest[/post] - Pics)
June: Tier List #3, New Wifi Players, Rohins/Mango/Lucky visit FL, Nexus Closes
  • 06/04/09
    • Release of [thread=236407]Brawl Tier List ver. 3[/thread]. Biggest changes were Wario jumping 5 spots to become top tier, PT also up 5 spots, and Sonic leaving low tier status by going up 8 spots.
  • 06/06/09
    • Hungry-Box hosted [thread=185705]WATO 6: We All Trust OBAMA[/thread] with surprisingly no drama at all in the thread to report on. So, check the links for more info. (Results: [post=7551248]Melee[/post] / [post=7552394]Brawl[/post] - Vids: [post=7584777]Melee[/post] - [post=7568467]Brawl[/post]) Sunday was [thread=229657]Cameron and Juan's AMAZING House Tourney[/thread] in Miami. It was small at just 14 players and was ran in a garage. Not much else to report again, pretty calm weekend. ([post=7559940]Results[/post]) In PA, HolyChef got 9th at [thread=236655]Paradigm Presents: WAIT WAT?![/thread]
  • 06/13/09
    • Central FL missed out on [thread=224547]Game Zone[/thread] when it got canceled, but MWFL had some action. Since Samus_Abe recently got a house in Tampa, there was a [thread=236123]Smashfest at Abe's[/thread] to celebrate. The next day, Tampa also had a [thread=237623]PnT Tourney[/thread] with extremely little notice. It also had some crazy rules and only gave store credit. Regardless, 66 people managed to enter and a Wifi player named Dolo made his tournament debut, getting 3rd place. ([thread=237657]Results[/thread]) South FL had a [thread=220955]PnT Tourney[/thread] of their own. Being the 6th in the monthly series, it had standard tourney rules though. As usual, Seibrik ended up winning it. ([post=7618513]Results[/post]) SFL also had the Melee tourney [thread=235809]Me Want Honeycomb![/thread] at Zero Ping, hosted by Doodah. Though Shiz got 2nd the previous weekend, he seems to have shaken off the rust now by netting 1st place. ([thread=237545]Results[/thread] - Vids)
  • 06/20/09
    • [thread=232994]Gigabits: Brawl #11 - A June Brawl[/thread] The doubles attendance was at 18 teams while singles entrants was around 55. Tournament was spread out between Gigs and Silvermine Subs in order for less overcrowding. This was also the return of Fenrir and his Fox after a long abscence. Lots of upsets occured during various matches. Notable highlights was Zelda Master Timmy vs Chess (Marth vs Snake) in an epic finish by Chess with a random F-smash on ZMT for the victory. Poltergust vs MVD (Yoshi vs Snake) continue the endless curse of both players facing each other in tournament with MVD taking the victory in winners. CO18 serves up his revenge by defeating Afro in both Winners and Grand finals, Seibrik and Chops in winners bracket. HRNut defeats Seibrik in an epic 2 stock comeback with the match ending at 15 seconds left where HRNut landed a well placed f-smash on Seibrik's freefall animation. Doubles results were 1. Seibrik & Afro, 2. Chaz & Bonesaw, 3. CO18 & HRNut. Singles were 1. CO18, 2. Afro, 3. HRnut. There were also concerns that have sparked up such as the confusion of Doubles being mistakenly called for winners finals of Rx- & xYz vs ???. Mero taking Spike's spot in singles and defeats Chops in losers. H-Box also debuts his Jigglypuff in tournament vs Chaz, but had to leave early for his b-day. ([thread=239167]Results[/thread] - Vids)
    • It's no secret that the Tampa area has always struggled to have a smash scene. Saint Anger from Brandon, FL was the man holding things together during the Melee days by hosting his Twilight Showdown series. Unfortunately things died down when the LAN center, Wired Ware shut down. It later reopened as Area 51, but again shut down before long. This weekend he takes up the reigns of hosting again at the [thread=235289]Metrocon[/thread] anime convention. There were both Melee (which HarrietTheGuy won) and Brawl (1st: Redhalberd, 2nd: the up & coming Dolo) tournaments held. As is typical with Anime cons, half the pot was kept by the venue but at least there were standard rules used. With Anger's return, Dolo emerging from Wifi play, and Samus_Abe's move to Tampa, there may be hope for the area yet. ([post=7670391]Results[/post])
    • The Panhandle Manhandlers used to hold a few tourneys at TBS in their home town of Mary Esther. After a long break, they decided to hold [thread=233803]Brawl is for chumps[/thread] an hour away in Pensacola. It was at a Home Field Advantage the crew found while lost & looking for Ruse's last tournament. As the name implies, the crew never cared much for Brawl. Mankosuki was the exception since he had an easy time adjusting to Brawl's physics, having mained Samus who was floaty and couldn't combo in Melee. Nevertheless, tourneys for both games were held and surprisingly they expressed interest in becoming a dual game crew. In Melee, Full Metal won with Rice & Soft following. Just like Tampa though, there was an appearance of a new G&W player from Wifi named Shalimar which ended up winning the tournament over DBS. ([thread=238870]Results[/thread] - Vids)
  • 06/27/09
    • Friday night, there were smashfests in both [thread=238539]Kissimmee[/thread] and [thread=238759]Tampa[/thread] in anticipation of [thread=232996]Gigabits: Melee #32 - Freedom to Melee[/thread]. The hype came from the announcement of Mango, Lucky, and Rohins in town. Details to come. ([thread=239303]Results[/thread])
    • With so many people going to Gigabits, [thread=227190]Gathering Place #3[/thread] took a major hit in attendance, getting only 9 entrants for singles. HRNut won a whopping $40 for 1st. ([post=7728620]Results[/post]) Worse yet, Willvolution's [thread=236138]Last Stand IV[/thread] at Zero Ping had a record low of [post=7725469]just 4 people[/post]! At least SF4 had 23, which Flash Metroid won. Lastly we have [thread=234257]A Fused Brawl![/thread] in Port St. Lucie which was terrible. Reasons include [post=7723847]terribly run[/post], MK Banned, [post=7724133]pot ****[/post], [post=7724729]****ed up finals[/post], [post=7724480]friendlies banned[/post], and [post=7726090]douchebag hosts[/post]. As you can imagine, they are now [post=7724952]black listed[/post] from FL. As for OOS, KBM got 13th at [thread=227327]ChuDat's Dojo[/thread] in MD. At 17th were ShiekSSBM (1st in teams with Chu) and DewDaDash from SWFL, then Eskimo at 33rd. Considering it's usually banned, there was some controversy in the results thread about Chu allowing the D3 infinite chain and his cousin DewDaDash using it. ([thread=239321]Results[/thread] - Vids). Meanwhile in Oregon, Masky earned 2nd place out of 28 in the PRI tournament in Eugene. He lost to t0mmy (best ROB in the state) in the grand finals. (Vids).
  • 06/28/09
    • June continues to land tragic events. From David Carradine, to Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and today Billy Mays. Rest in Peace to them. But today in the gaming community (especially for Smash), sees the downfall of The Nexus in Boynton Beach. It was an Arcade / LAN Center complete with modern games (The Grid, Time Crisis 4), Japanese imports (Pop'n Music, Beatmania IIDX, BlazBlue), fighting games (Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK, Guilty Gear) and music games (ITG, DDR, Pump it Up, Drummania). It became a hotspot to go to in order to play those games, and they were the only machines available in SFL, especially BlazBlue which is the ONLY machine in the whole state of Florida. The place also gave birth into recognizing the West Palm Beach community of players (IceKid, Afro Thundah, SighRax, Hunter, Ryan Sparks [Riot], Ginger, and many more). It was also a hotspot in training for various games from Guilty Gear, Brawl, Melee, and more. The place also held a few tournaments for Brawl and Melee. M2K was also there at the conclusion of Willvolution 2008 vs Seibrik in grand finals. The reason the place is getting shut down was due to issues with property management with the mall that was resulted in being screwed over and business was not enough to keep the place running. Today was the last day of the venue's operation by having all of their machines on Free Play. Also in LAN center news, Vericz has quit [thread=239539]Florida Gaming[/thread] and was replaced by Hiroshi who you may remember from running the iNet tournament series.
July: Genesis!, PnT Monthlies gets 3 stocked, Gmoney goes to jail
  • 07/04/09
    • Being Independence Day, the tournaments were scheduled around Saturday instead. Friday was [thread=224547]Game Zone[/thread] in Orlando (Results)
    • The folks from Naples staying with ChuDat (SheikSSBM, DewDaDash, and Eskimo) in VA had another weekend filled with smash. On Friday the 3rd, [thread=240039]Chu's Melee biweekly[/thread] happened. DewDaDash & SheikSSBM got 3rd in teams but not enough to reach top 8 in singles. While the next day was [thread=240121] Uncle Chu's Fourth of July Bi-weekly[/thread] in which Chu & Eskimo got 1st while the other 2 got 4th. During singles, SheikSSBM earned 4th while DewDaDash got 9th (Results: Melee - Brawl).
    • In SFL, Doodah attempted to do a [thread=239544]semi last minute tourney[/thread] at Zero Ping for 4th of July. Not enough people showed to warrant it though. The next day was [thread=237837]Dat Illest Tourney[/thread] in Miami in which Nick Riddle won ([post=7783293]Results[/post])
  • 07/11/09
    • Central FL had [thread=234476]Smahin Wit Out A Condom 3[/thread] in Tampa, and the area [post=7766271]lost Aurae[/post] as well. A new series began as [thread=235925]Gainesville Monthlies #1[/thread]. (results & vids soon) There was also a free smashfest/tourney to celebrate [thread=240878]Rice visiting Orlando[/thread] which he won ([thread=241113]Results[/thread]). Down in Miami, nevershootme hosted a tourney at the [thread=231362]Yasumicon[/thread] anime convention. Esam won. ([thread=241015]Results[/thread] - Vids)
    • The big tourney of the weekend though was [thread=211141]Genesis[/thread]... (details to come)
  • 07/18/09
    • After being [post=7655333]pushed back a week[/post], the [thread=220955]Play' N ' Trade Monthlies #7[/thread] was canceled when [post=7866944]new management arrived[/post] to screw us over. Tallahassee's [thread=238754]The Passion of the Smash Player[/thread] got shafted as well, when Gigs announced they were holding a tourney the same day. As expected, there was [post=7888607]low turn out with even the TO bailing[/post]! With Zone & Taco being the only out of towners, only a mini-Melee tourney was held. Zone announced he'd hold a [post=7903426]Panama City Tourney[/post] soon.
    • [thread=239316]Gigabits: Brawl #12[/thread] ([post=7889792]Results[/post] - Vids)
  • 07/25/09
    • [thread=235089]Yummy 'n Beefy Smashfest[/thread]
    • [thread=227190]Gathering Place Games #4[/thread]
    • [thread=236947]Seibrik Presents: Super Smash Siblings![/thread]: Turnout was at around 14 people where top 3 were Afro, ESAM, and Seibrik
    • [thread=228939]H.E.R.B. 2[/thread]: GDX, HRnut, hungrybox, and RX Gaming went up to this tournament. Hbox won 2nd in Melee while a little low in the placing in Brawl. HRnut was the highest placing.
    • 07/26 - [thread=242445]Last Minute Scorpio Tourney[/thread]: Pot **** to the extreme and no one knows who won that tournament
    • [thread=242491]GMoney drives the Blue Falcon to tourneys[/thread]
August: End of Summer
  • 08/01/09
    • [thread=239317]Gigabits: Melee #33[/thread]
    • [thread=233235]Willvolution 2009[/thread]: Attendance was at around 20-30 people and very few for teams, Afro, Nick Riddle, and Seibrik were top 3 placings.
    • [thread=241713]Jax Monthlies[/thread]
  • 08/08/09
    • [thread=236545]Florida Gaming[/thread] - ([thread=244304]Results[/thread] - [post=8071164]Pics[/post]): Attendance was around 60 for Brawl, 20 Brawl teams, around 50 for Street Fighter 4 (Winner was Jebaily, a.k.a. Googlemyname), 45 Melee Singles, 12 Melee teams, around 20 for BlazBlue, and 0-2 for Madden. Deadweight will have Brawl matches up while ??? has Melee videos
  • 08/15/09
    • Rare as it is, there was going to be a SWFL tourney [thread=237766]Pride 2: **** Rock Disco[/thread] but it ended up [post=7859907]getting canceled[/post]. Cash Mooney was also going to host [thread=241575]MONT1: Middle Of Nowhere Tournament[/thread] but due to it being middle of nowhere, nobody was planning to come and it was canceled. After the new management caused [thread=220955]Raven's PnT monthlies[/thread] to be canceled, Advent Lee took over with [thread=243283]Zero Ping Brawl Monthlies #1[/thread] which are set to be the 2nd Sat of every month, with Melee every 4th Sat. It went really well with Lee running it quickly and smoothly. The only problem that occurred was [post=8136798]CFL car trouble[/post]. It ended with Seibrik & Afro spliting 1st over ESAM & Galeon ([thread=245337]Results[/thread]). Following the tourney, Nevershootme moved to Orlando to attend UCF. Sunday, there was a [thread=242796]Lake Mary Play-N-Trade[/thread] Melee tourney. It had a small attendance of around 10 or 15 with ColBol, H-Box, and QDVS as top three. ([post=8136451]Results[/post]) Lastely, Daytona had [thread=239756]Project STORM 2[/thread] which went all weekend and offered several fighting games. Judging by the thread activity though, it appears that very few showed for Smash. (clearly, Lee's was the best of the weekend)
  • Aug 22th
    • MWFL - [thread=244480]Another Gainesville Tourney baby![/thread] (Gainesville)
    • SEFL - [thread=244097]Zero Ping Melee Monthlies[/thread] (3rd Sat of every month)
    • SEFL - [thread=244514]Miami SF4 & Brawl/Melee Tourney[/thread] (Miami)
    • There's also the anime convention Mizu Con in Miami
  • Aug 29th
    • NFL - [thread=244636]P-Cola #7: Holy S***, It's Holy Chef![/thread] (Pensacola)
    • OOS-GA - [thread=243638]Legendary Games[/thread] (Warner Robins, GA)
    • All Weekend - SEFL - [thread=245128]The Battle Lounge[/thread] ([thread=238797]originally next weekend[/thread]) *Several games*
September: the month of no FL thread updates
  • Sep 5th
    • 5th-6th - OOS-GA - [thread=224069]Tipped Off 5!!![/thread] (Duluth, GA) *Melee*
  • Sep 12th
    • SEFL - [thread=243283]Zero Ping Brawl Monthlies[/thread] (2nd Sat of every month)
  • Sep 19th
    • Fri (18th) - OOS-LA - [thread=53259]The Smash Reformation[/thread] (Baton Rouge, LA) *Melee*
    • MEFL - 9/19/2009 - Smash Brawl - Back 2 School Brawl
    • SEFL - [thread=244097]Zero Ping Melee Monthlies[/thread] (3rd Sat of every month)
  • Sep 26th - TBA
October: Death of the FL thread!
  • 10/03/09
    • [thread=246373]Gigabits: Melee #34 - Back 2 School Back 2 Melee 09[/thread]
    • Mobile, AL has been inactive for 3 years, with the last tourney being on [thread=70413]05/21/06[/thread] at the now closed Docking Station. They're finally back in action though with [thread=243538]Are You Ready For This?[/thread] which was a success, aside from some trouble holding on to a venue. Manko couldn't go since he was out canoe camping for his girlfriend's birthday, but Ruse and Holy attended and got 3rd in teams under Reflex/Kismet and DanGR/Billy. As expected, Reflex won singles. ([post=8547724]Results[/post]) Hopefully this won't be a one time deal for these new hosts.
  • 10/10/09
    • Friday night, [thread=251400]Play N' Trade Oviedo [/thread] held a tournament in which a portion of payout went to charity and the rest went back into the store via awarding store credit. Final destination was the only level used and it was 1 match each rather than sets.
    • Advent Lee hosted his [thread=243283]Zero Ping Brawl Monthlies[/thread] which was extra special this time, being on his birthday. ([post=8596994]Top 5[/post])
    • Tally hosted [thread=250524]O SH*T DBS n GreenMario r 21! No more tickets 4 drinkin![/thread] - Click Here
    • In BS local tourney news, Tampa had a crazyass [thread=251949]Play-N-Trade[/thread] tourney. Check the link for a quick rundown. In Pensacola that night was a free (for some) tourney in the Civic Center. It was in a lan center type setting, ran alongside Halo and other games. Since there was no pay out, it was basically a smashfest and the top spots weren't even played out. Ruse & Manko attended along with SkaterBaj who was visiting family, SmashYourMom who was in town for work, and a new guy from Milton who just happened to find us right before the tourney started. HolyChef wasn't there since he was at Tallahassee's tournament, SDing with 1 second left on the clock. The new guy uses Toon Link and shows promise, hopefully he'll be more active than P-cola's Marth, Dan.
    • Sunday, Razek hosted an [post=8548576]apartment tourney[/post] which HRNut won. ([post=8602311]Results[/post])
*Note*: This is a dump from the "upcoming tourneys" area. It stopped being updated back in October when Mankosuki became less involved with smash and its community. As such, there's most likely some missing tournaments that weren't yet scheduled at the time. Anyone willing to help with history, please post to express your interest.
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