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Floaty combos?


Smash Journeyman
Apr 9, 2014
Bossier City LA
I don't play DK competitively, but I love the character for friendlies. I would actually comain him if every matchup were entertaining to play, but I find matchup like Kirby, luigi and jiggs really boring cause of how little I get off a grab and how often I have to resort to bair spacing. Any bread and butter combos on these characters that I'm missing?

Brass Monkey

Smash Rookie
Jul 16, 2014
Totally. The key to getting combo's on floaties lies with horizontal movement, not vertical movement. The only thing you'll be getting out of cargo up-throw is one up air, but that's not really useful unless they're around 130 where it then kills if you throw from the ground as it is still a true combo. Most of the time you are going to be relying on forward and backwards cargo throw. At 0 percent their DI doesn't matter and you can follow up with nairs, several in fact if you have enough stage to shuffle them across it. This should put them around 30/45 depending on how many you got at which several pokes with down tilts/back airs will put them into kill range. Once they hit about 50 percent (all the way up to about 75) you can throw them from the ground with forward/back cargo throw into full hop giant punch for an early kill If they don't DI or DI wrong effectively making it a 50/50 coin toss, it's great. After about 75(or a little earlier for jiggs/spamus) you'll have to rely on forward air from a grounded cargo throw for the kill instead though it is still a 50/50 DI trap. Their's obviously more combos that can be done like landing a falling up-air into forward air or a low to the ground b-air into grab at low percents or a n-air/f-air/giant punch at mid percents. I should also probably mention jab jab into nair is effective if they don't have on point DI but a few like Luigi can probably get a n-air in and trade with you.

Planet Piss

Smash Journeyman
May 22, 2008
Meridian, ID
stuff like
--for starters, cargo fthrow/bthrow for DI mixup;
weak bair (spaced, auto-cancel optional) into grab, or alternatively into jab +dtilt (instead of jab+jab) because dtilt combos super-floaties. Don't forget to jab first;
(Play with triangle platform stages to maximize combo potential)
grounded cargo uthrow under side platform -> FH uair FF autocancel -> utilt -> three uairs for damage and free GP charge;
at low percents, FH double bair combos all floaties into nair -> fair (spike lol);
fullhop double attack is good in general.

Also, I'm personally not a fan of doing this but you can kill like everyone through the ceiling at stupidly low percents with mostly charged GP -- but you may as well just do full charge. It's lame as **** but if you want to lose all of your friends then this is your strat.
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