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First European Project M Power Ranking - 2018


Smash Cadet
Dec 7, 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to present to you a new power ranking for Project M in Europe!
Project M tends to go under people's radars, and that rings especially true for the European scene post-PMDT. Despite that, we have experienced an upsurge in activity and are alive and kicking! A lot happened since - you will recognize quite some names from before while new players have arisen as well. Let's cut to the chase!


The tournaments chosen start in August 2017, right after (and thus excluding) SuperPharm 2. The timeframe concludes with the end of SuperPharm 3, which is August 5th 2018.

For a tournament to be considered, we decided it has to have a considerable amount of international (European) attendance. Furthermore, tournaments were weighted accordingly regarding top player power levels and attendee numbers. Following tournaments were in main consideration for the power ranking:
Note: Smaller tournaments not listed here might have been factored in on a lesser degree (e.g. relevant head-to-head match between certain players). Also, please note that tournaments mentioned as notable results on the player cards do not necessarily coincide with this list.

Placing criteria for the players were mainly tournament results, and secondarily a voting of the panelists as well as head-to-head results between players where applicable.

The Panel

Germany, tournament organizer​
France, top competitor​
Rolling Odie
Netherlands, community tech contributor​
UK, administrator of EU PM Netplay Discord​
Trucker Hat
Spain, community leader​
Germany, streamer and various PM projects​
France, tournament organizer​
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Smash Cadet
Dec 7, 2016

Straight out of the Spanish capital, Madrid, Roberto "Overtriforce" Iglesias takes the first bite out of this ranking with 10th place.

Like in Melee, Over gives a special touch to his character choice of Sheik, dropping the usual waiting and patient game for non-stop agression.
Along with his great reflexes and more than 10 years of experience, Over runs people down no matter where, as he also specializes in daredevil edgeguards, leaping offstage as far as necessary to finish off his opponents.
Great at tech chasing and even better at innovating, Roberto always has a new trick up his sleeve to make everyone's jaw drop.
Known for traveling all the time, it is not a rare sight to spot Over deep in a European bracket, always placing Top 8.
In Madrid Over is no stranger to locals as the PM scene is much more active than the Melee one.
Unlike with his local scene, he doesn't really travel to PM exclusive events, but rather enjoys when Melee tournaments include Project M.
Whenever a Melee+PM major is announced, you can surely expect Over to be pleasing the crowd there while battling Europe's best in both games.


Coming out at 9th place, we've got our first sword man hero, Benjamin "Smash_Falco3" Ohayon!

The French Ike player has everything to get you hyped while watching him play ... He is fast, he is flashy, he is technical and he is clever. Known for the many buttons S_F3 pushes to play a character that would seem to be slow at first. The Ike player uses his deep knowledge of the game and the frame-data to overwhelm his opponent with invincible attacks, deceptive hitboxes, and quick ruthless options. We have seen more than one player just start screaming in hype to see all the hidden strengths Smash_Falco3's character has.
Although he wasn't able to attend many tournaments, S_F3 has shown outstanding results where he played, going toe-to-toe with famous melee player Trif at Lighthouse or getting 2nd in one of the biggest PM tourneys in Europe at SPS3, beating Ace and double eliminating his former master Charby, losing sets only against Poilu in the whole tourney.
We hope S_F3 gets more visibility in the following months as he is improving at an incredible rate, getting crazy results at locals and showing his recent placements weren't only a fluke. One thing is certain, there is only one direction this player is heading, and it is up.


Antonio "Trucker Hat" Oliva is the Spanish community's poster boy. In fact, he is practically a community in and of himself: he competes at the highest level in Europe, he organizes the majority of Spanish PM tournaments, and he gets banned from Discord servers.

As a player, Trucker Hat is always looking to innovate with his beloved Lucas, shunning his North American brethren's reliance on dair-infused punishes, and instead overwhelming his opponents with on-the-fly combos whose APM is so high they'd give Fox a heart attack.
It's no surprise to find Trucker Hat as the top Spanish player in this ranking, given his dominance of his local scene (where he has won every tournament he's entered in 2018). However, this dominance alone wouldn't be enough to justify his ranking: despite the relative isolation of his home base of Madrid, Trucker Hat is arguably the most well-traveled player in European PM, having proven himself time and again at tournaments in both the Netherlands and Germany. If there's a tournament with international attendance in Europe, odds are Trucker Hat is there and in Top 8.
Trucker Hat is living proof that to succeed in Smash (be it as a player or tournament organizer), all you need is sheer determination: everything else will follow. His enthusiasm and love for the game are infectious: not only is he showing no signs of slowing down in his travels, but several other players in the Spanish community are starting to join him. The future is bright for Trucker Hat and his community.


If there was one way to define Charby's playstyle it would be: Being Solid.

Our second French player in the ranking is known for his Marth but he also dual mains Zero Suit Samus as a counter for some match up the Fire Emblem prince struggles with.
Charby is the only player in more than two years who has managed to take a set off both *Zen and Poilu. He mainly focuses on the neutral game and is the embodiment of the famous saying "Don't get hit". Taking minimum risks to overwhelm his opponent while staying incredibly safe, Charby is also known for using pivot a lot to master his micro-spacing so you always stay in range of his tipper.
His consistency has always let Charby place high on all the tournaments he went to. With a strong 3rd place at SuperPharm 3 and a 4th place at ASE5, beating players like Fskin and Trucker Hat.
One thing is certain, if Charby traveled more and keeps perfecting his neutral, he easily has the potential to get even higher in the next EU ranking.


Timothej "Timi" Patocka is a well known name among European Smashers.

Coming from Vienna, Timi proudly holds the accolade for being the strongest Austrian Project M and Melee competitor, representing his home country on a well-deserved 6th place on the European PM PR.
Timi plays a wide array of characters but predominantly picks R.O.B. and occasionally Falco in tournament, both a rare sight to behold in PM. Complementary to his calm and collected playstyle, Timi excels at precise spacing and space control, showcasing a most intimidating neutral game in total. Top that off with ruthless offstage edgeguarding, be it with aerials or the precisest of laser snipes from across the stage, Timi ended many players' tournament runs.
Having been an avid PMthusiast since the early days, it is no surprise that Timi always places high in tournaments, especially in central Europe where he is most active and travels around a lot. Notably, he recently took 3rd place at Lighthouse in Spain, proving he performs just as well far outside of his turf. With no plans of stopping at 6th, Europe is eager to see where Austria's finest is showing up next.


Aaron "Ace" Cromer has been Netherlands' #1 for as long as a lot of people here can remember; which, being the largest and most active PM scene in Europe, is no easy feat.
On top of that, he easily claims a 5th place in the European Rankings.
While his place of residence, Amsterdam, is one of Europe's largest cities, its PM scene isn't as large as others, so Ace resorts to dominating the many tournaments all around his country.
With a defensive and patient Wario, never letting a hole appear in his fortress-like walling, Ace wears down any opponent who dares to approach.
Coupled with great DI, Wario's naturally strong punish game and a sweet tooth for surprise attacks, playing against Ace is a test of patience, precision and quick reflexes like no other.
If that is somehow not enough, Ace actually dual mains Ganondorf as well, and he pulls it out almost just as often as Wario.
While Ace trades lots of sets in the very explosive Dutch scene, he always is their best performer when foreign players come to The Netherlands.
Very recently taking 15 out of 16 stocks off the Austrian team as well as claiming 5th place at SuperPharm 3, he is, pun intended or not, the ace of the orange nation.
So much so, that the Dutch mourn over his success claiming he, like Wario, keeps all his earnings in a treasure closet whose wealth keeps increasing to date.
Even though Europe wishes Ace would travel to the other countries more often, Ace is still a big symbol of European Project M, whether it is commentating or playing, he sure does his job well.


Hailing from Mannheim in Southwestern Germany, Mike "Fskin" Konsorke convincingly takes the 4th place on the EU PM power ranking while also being considered the best German PM Player.

Maining squirtle, Fskin excels at playing a very patient game, utilizing his great sense of the neutral game to weave in and out of combat and eventually wear the opponent down. With the resurrection of German Project M in early 2017, he set out on a path of rapid improvement. His break-out performance was at Awakening 3, where he notably managed to take a set off Professor Pro to reset the Grand Finals match.
As is expected from finest German engineering, Fskin has since performed consistently on a high level and gained lots of notoriety in the EU, which he backs up with admirable placings at the various tournaments he travels to.


Despite being caught up by the competition, Aaron "Professor Pro" Thomas proves that he can still match with the best European competitors.
Well known for his stylish gameplay, Professor Pro utilises Snake's kit for creative kill setups and traps, always keeping his opponent on their toes. He is undoubtedly the best player in the UK, winning all of the events he attended within the region, most notably Schism 2, but also pushed his gameplay far when challenged in the largest European majors; earning 1st place at Syndicate 2017 and Awakening 3, as well as a very respectable 4th place at Awakening 4. He has racked up many notable wins over the course of the year, including Ace, Overtriforce and Fskin, as well as exhibiting close sets with both Poilu and *Zen, showing that he can keep up with his fellow Top 10 members. Although now more famous for his Melee gameplay, Professor Pro is still a serious contender to be the best PM player in Europe if he is able to keep up his skill level over the next year.


Second in the ranking, Yannis "*Zen" Samba bursts in straight out of Paris with his famous Charizard.

The former netplay warrior who inspires many with his flashy moves and unorthodox combo game managed to climb up the ranking to be amongst the best. Always ready to learn new tricks to mix up his moves, the French player is also known for his explosive combo game. Famous for using tricky hitboxes like the reverse Bair as a combo extender, be ready to appear in a combo video if you one day have to play against that beast in tournament... as the poor defenceless victim.
His astonishing first place at ASE5, losing only two games the whole tournament and his constant placing to be top 3 at every tournament he has been to in Europe since in the last 3 years shows his incredible concistency and his willpower to go no matter what event he attends. In the last two years, *Zen has lost against only 4 different players which are all French top players he encounters regularly in tournaments and has beaten big names like Professor Pro, Ace or Poilu.
With his flexible playstyle, you can always expect him to show you something new with Charizard that you are going to see far in the bracket, no matter how stacked a tournament may be. *Zen never hesitates to find new challenges so stay on the lookout as he might get to the very top of the European scene, next ranking!


From his city of residence, Paris, Dimitri "Poilu" Poitiers organizes locals, rallies the French to any and all foreign tournaments and dominates Europe in his free time.
Specializing in vast technical knowledge of his character Lucario, Poilu is always innovating and creating new strategies out of thin air.
Known for never missing a walltech and crazy wall climbs, Poilu is certainly the biggest challenge any edgeguarding player faces here.
Along with an excellent combo game and great SDI, Poilu fits all that's necessary to succeed in a perfect offense-defense package.
Prone to teaching weaker players and always smiling, Poilu is probably the most dedicated player to improvement in Europe.
He has traveled multiple times to the US seaking higher level practice, and after two years under the shadow of the English giant Professor Pro, Poilu can finally claim the throne.
With an outstanding record that has seen him conquer all but one tournament in the last two years he has proven that while Zen may be the bane of the dutch, there is no one in Europe able to take Poilu down for now.
With his hard work and positive attitude, Poilu embodies a very healthy mindset towards improvement that has inspired many of the players in this list.
He might struggle in the US for the moment, but there is no doubt you will find Europe behind its rightful champion's back when he travels to the western lands.
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Smash Ace
Mar 18, 2009
Few things:

1. Your avatar is perfect. Yuga is one of my favorites in MHA. Captures his personality well.

2. Thanks to all of you in Europe for keeping the game alive.

3. Professor Pro, I gotta give a huge shoutout to you. I found you during the 2.5 days of PM on YouTube. Your flash got me playing PM. Coming back to it now after some years of inactivity, but have plans to stay now. I’d love to meet you some day and learn from you, but living here in the U.S. sucks. :/ You’ll always be one of my favorite PM players out there. Cheers.

4. Hahahaha. Lucario player top ranked in Europe. Love it. I can’t wait for some years to go by and see his meta develop more.
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