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Fighters' Edge, Apr 26-27 2014, DuQuoin, IL Results


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Apr 25, 2014
I was not involved in this tournament. If you want more information about anything having to do with this event, you can ask the organizers at https://twitter.com/UGCevents.

Melee VODs are at https://www.youtube.com/user/UGCevents/videos. If you want to see the PM VODs, it can't hurt to tweet at the organizer and ask them to upload them.


1. CT EMP Mew2king
2. Darkatma
3. Pikachad
4. SS|S0ft
5. SS|Flow
5. CT|Zero
7. Shinobi
7. Bieber
9. Amazero
9. Rob_Gambino
9. Jiano
9. Hart
13. Magicman
13. Hyperdragon
13. M00nshoeze
13. Broverdose


1. CT EMP Mew2king (went 3-0, 3-0 in grand finals after losing to Zero)
2. CT|Zero
3. Metroid
4. Atomsk
5. Colum W
6. Oven
7. Small Squatch
8. Curry
9. Merza
10. Marku
11. Tzar Nikolas

The format was: 11 man round robin, then a four man bracket.

Get them MLG ranking points.
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